(1938-01-11) Heart Returned
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Summary: Gabrielle finds Jackson to talk about his treatment of Ophelia, with a horrible outcome.
Date: Jan, 11,193
Location: Armour Gallery

Unnerving - that's the atmosphere that permeates this room. Empty suits of armor stand guard along every wall here, to either side of every door, across small islands in the middle of the room. All eras and nations are represented, including many that would definitely be unfamiliar to any muggle history book. From the shiny metal of Medieval knights to bamboo spikes of the warriors of the Chinese Dynasties, it's all here. Some of it is practical, some of it is ceremonial, some of it is downright silly-looking to some … but all the empty shells that once housed long-gone protectors silently stand watch around you on every side.

Escaping the freezing weather and flurrying snow, most of the students in attendance at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry have sequestered themselves indoors to stave off the ill-effects of a runny nose and hypothermia. Jackson Jacob Potter, Junior, or Quad-J as he's known as in the hood, has taken up room in the Armor Gallery to also escape the chatter of the Gryffindor Common Room. He is currently squaring off with a bamboo spiked warrior from the Chinese Dynasties, his voice menacing as he taunts his opponent, "Sure… You have your spears and your swords and your vaunted kung-fu. But you, my spikey friend, are lacking the one key component that ensures your victory against a wizard of my caliber. Were you to possess this mighty weapon, you would stand to rule the world. But one thing exists between you and that most ultimate goal…" With a whip like crack, Jackson draws his wand and points it towards the suit of armor, "This little stick!"

Gabrielle walks in, hear a commotion, but not realizing it's not Cillian and Gab. She has her head down, with a Transfiguration book open on top of the stack she's carrying. Gabby doesn't usually read and walk, so she's moving slower than most Ravenclaws that do. Her hairs loose, and she looks….tired.

Jackson continues to stare down the suit of armor, "With this mere wand, I can… Create little birds and shit. Hell, I can make little birds shit." He tilts his head, "And guess where they're —" He stops suddenly, stowing his wand as Gabrielle rounds the corner. He frowns, shaking his head, "Long week, gorgeous?"

Gabrielle blinks as she looks up, surprise clear on her face. She heard could have sworn she heard a soliloquy…and the the surprise melts away to anger. She'll snap the book shut and bring the stack up to her chest, almost like a shied. And she'll just stand there, glaring at Jackson.

Jackson raises his eyebrows, peering towards Gabrielle for a long moment before he face falls, "I'm guessing that, right now, you're wishing I wasn't here." He begins backing away slowly, right into the armored figure from the Chinese Dynasties. The bump startles Jack, who looks around quickly, but is ultimately left with no escape.

It takes Gabby a few moments to answer, but her voice is steady,controlled, "No.I'm glad you're here. I've been looking for you. We need to talk." She makes no move forward, just stands there, gripping her books, almost like a lifeline.

Jackson peers towards Gabby, his eyebrows furrowing together. He then nods his head, "Sure." He then glances around, "You want to talk here or do you want to go somewhere else?"

"Here is fine."She'll look down to her books, and her voice cracks some, "Why did you do that? To Ophelia?" Gabby won't look up, but she does hug her books a bit tighter to herself.

Jackson nods his head, "Alright." He makes himself comfortable, throwing an arm around the spiked bamboo warrior from the Chinese Dynasties as if they were old mates. He blinks once, "Ophelia? Oh, that…" He shrugs his shoulders, "I don't know. I got a wild across my… err… nose, and it got out of hand. It's not like I don't support the cause or anything, but they can have every student at Hogwarts sign that petition and it won't mean anything because its Darmstrang."

Gabrielle 's head snaps up, "You don't know?" Her eyes flash a bit, "You made her cry!…and you don't even have a real reason for being so…mean?" Her lower lip trembles slightly as she takes a deep breathe, "She's trying to do something, and all you did was try to pull it down. It doesn't matter if it works or not, what matters is she's trying. I've had to defend you for the past 3 days, telling everyone that you're not like that…but apparently you are.And stop acting like this is a joke!" She'll actually stomp her foot at him and the suit of armor he's leaning against. "I don't have a rock big enough to throw at you to explain how angry I am at you!"

Jackson blinks, "I didn't know I made her cry." He then sighs, "Sure. Go ahead and tell them. Tell them I have bad days, when I don't want to deal with anyone else's crap. For fuck's sake, Gabby, tell them I'm human. Maybe they'll remember that human beings change on a day-to-day basis. That they aren't the same all the time." He then shakes his head, "I've dealt with the bad moods of plenty of other people with little or no apology."

Gabrielle clenches her jaw, and will lift her chin up some, almost in defiance, "Well then. I guess that gives you the right to be mean. If others have been mean to you." She's shaking some, but it's hard to tell if it's from being upset, anger, or both. "You didn't have to deal with it. You walked into the conversation and purposefully was mean and awful. It's like you were trying to…" And she'll trail off, eyes going big, "Oh…Merlin…." She'll look down,voice going soft, "Ok…you should have just said so.." She looks a bit ill now.

Jackson shrugs his shoulders, throwing his arms out wide, "It's moods, Gabrielle. Everyone has them. Some on a timely basis." He then nods his head, "You're right about that. I walked into that conversation and I wish I never had. We should work out some kind of signal. Like when I'm walking towards you because I want to see my girlfriend (who I have missed all day) and you know this is a conversation that I shouldn't involve myself in, just extend your middle finger towards me. Okay? Not only will this make you insanely popular with everyone, it'll also let me know to stay out of trouble. What do you think?" He blinks, "Erm, should have told you what?"

When Jackson says her full name, he can feel his necklace, if he has it on, pulsating rather quickly."Being mean isn't a mood!"Gabby actually snaps that back. She'll just roll her eyes at his hand signal idea, considering trying it right now. She'll straighten up some and look him in the eye, "You should have told me if you didn't want to date me." She still looks ill, but is trying to get through this without breaking down too badly.

Jackson blinks, his head turning to the side as Gabrielle comes out with him breaking up with her. His jaw moves not oncely, not twicely, but thricely with no sound coming out. Finally, he asks in a shaky voice, "What?"

Gabrielle blinks, trying to clear her eyes of the tears that are forming, and for a brief moment has the horrible image of Cillian walking in on this. She'll lower her voice a bit, "You didn't have to be mean to Ophelia . You should have just said you were done with me. You shouldn't have hurt anyone else." Her left hand is already tugging at her right sleeve cuff, and her lower lip is quivering from the effort of not crying.

Realization crosses Jackson's face as the full force of the situation seems to slug him in the jaw. His head drops, his eyes looking down to the floor as if he seems to just need a little time to process. He looks back up towards Gabrielle, "So… You think… that what happened with Ophelia… is because I want to break up with you?" He frowns, blinking as another realization comes to him, "Maybe Cillian is right. Girls are weird." He then shakes his head, "That can't be any further from the truth."

In the time it takes Jackson to gather his thoughts, Gabby's tears start to escape, despite her best efforts fro them not to. She'll just close her eyes and nod to his question. and then frown at teh statement on girls weirdness. Cause, it's his fault they're in this situation. If he had just been truthful with her. She'll open her eyes , look at him and ask softly, "What?"

Jackson shakes his head again, quickly, "Not true." He then continues, "The whole thing with Ophelia… I was in a bad mood and I'm an outspoken person. Things that are on my mind are usually put to the air whether they ought to be or not. Those together are a recipe for rampant assholeness. Sometimes it means I'm the good guy, sometimes it means I'm the bad guy. This I know." He then frowns, "And at the same time, that same outspokeness, means I would never try some underhanded bullocks like that in some effort to get rid of you. It's the furthest thing from my mind."

Gabrielle just looks at him, not sure how to respond, "If that's not ….I.." She'll take a deep breathe and try to get herself under control, "I don't want my boyfriend to be mean.I can't do that…" It's not so much a demand, as a plea.

Jackson sighs, a frown settling on his face as he shakes his head, "That's not it. It's not like I set out to be mean. I'm a human-being. Subject to all that it implies." He then adds, "Gabrielle Evans, you are a beautiful person. You're charming, artistic, and so giving and willing to take the entire world on your shoulders. I love you very much for all of these things and more." He reaches up, sliding the simple leather cord he carries her heart on. He wraps it up, then offers it to her to take, "I will not censor myself. I can't do that. Take this, and give it to someone more deserving."

Gabrielle starts to respond, but then he's taking of her necklace, and she can't seem to bring her eyes up from the offered necklace. "Y-you…."She'll close her eyes and turn her head slightly, "You are not some special person, who is being repressed . Not any more than anyone else. We ALL want to tell people to fuck off. But we don't , because it won't do any good. And in the long run, makes us worse people. I thought you were a better person than this. I hoped you were. I put /faith/ in you that you were. " She'll reach out and snag the necklace away from him, trying to not touch him if possible. "You are right though, people are horrible. Thank you for reminding me of that." She'll take a few steps backwards, "I can't believe I told you everything." She'll then laugh, a bit hollow, "You didn't want to break up with me? You sure jumped at the chance to." She's pretty much sneering and crying(if possible) at the same time.

Jackson nods his head, "I know, but I can't change who I am. If I misrepresented myself, by somehow jumping off a cliff in a classier way than I intended, I apologize. It was not my meaning to do so." His hand flexes reflexively as the necklace is snatched away. It remained hanging, so contact was not needed. The frown is permanently on his face now, and his voice is dark and equally hollow, "If I've reminded that people are horrible, I hope there's a caveat that horrible people are not horrible all the time. That's up to you to see for yourself." He drops his arm, "No, I didn't want to break up with you, but you keep expecting me to change and I just keep disappointing you. Why should I continue to put you and I through that?"

Gabrielle will just stare at him, face twisted in a half snarl. once he's done talking, "I guess you're right. I'm not willing to date someone who's cruel and doesn't care that he is, and you clearly don't care. So, yes. I guess you're saving us a lot of time and heart ache…Thanks." The last word is said with a venom that Gabby never uses.

Jackson shakes his head, "You haven't seen me be cruel. Cruel would have been crossing my name off the petition after stating my opinion of the whole thing." He turns, taking a step to the side and dropping to a seated position. Precariously close to the bamboo spikes of the chinese armor, Jackson none-the-less finds a place to settle his back, his left shoulder to Gabby. Pulling his feet up, he rests his arms on his knees and hunches forward.

Gabrielle starts to say something, but he's not even looking at her now, and has basically, in her mind, dismissed her. She'll stand awkwardly for another moment, then turn and start to make her way out. She doesn't care anymore if she's running way. This hurts too much.

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