(1938-01-11) How to Train a Captain
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Summary: After a rather miserable first game against the Gryffindors Soleil decides that her captain needs a bit of training.
Date: January 11th, 1938
Location: Quidditch Stands
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Quidditch Stands Hogwarts
Fri Jan 11, 1938 ((Wed Dec 12 05:33:26 2012))

It is a winter morning. The weather is cold and overcast.

The wide wooden slats of the stands form a nice geometric patterns that plays in the lights and makes all sorts of amazing shapes. It looks to have enough seating in it's five tiered sections that go up almost as tall as Hogwart's itself, could hold the whole school and then some. During matches, pennants and all manner of decorations could be seen flowing in the wind and snapping about. The cheers of the patrons of the pitch rise and fall in volume from soft whispers to roars to wake those all in London.

Ripley is seated on the stands and looking down at the pitch. He rubs at his face pretty furiously and shakes his head as a deep sigh comes from his lips. He stares, for a very long time and then slams a fist down on the stands nearby.

Soleil was down at the pitch working on the very basics of broomflying down close to the sand and grass. But when she hears the bang she floats up and slowly peeks over the edge. Unsure of what might be banging around she looks relieved to find Ripley. "Oh it's you." She comes over to land on the bench. "Tantrum hmm?" She chides him with a sisterly sort of adoring. "Much to old now for those. First year maybe, but now we're much too grown."

Ripley looks to Sol, "We should not have lost that." He sighs out slowly. "We…" He shakes his head and looks to her, "Just felt wrong, you know? Theo leave and we all look like we didn't know what we were doing."

Soleil wraps her arms in a hug around his arm to give him a comforting squeeze. "Well I know I'm horrid. I'm sorry. I've asked Donovan to help me with Quidditch, in exchange for Potions lessons. We won't be so bad the next time. Just need to practice more. Did you hear that Donovan confronted Theo? Called him a coward for ditching us like he did. I wish I was there to see that. First he makes us watch that horrid film and think that that is supposed to bring us together? Ridiculous. You'll do fine. Just less punching of the bleachers and more planning tactics and what not. You were amazing at that. They couldn't get the drop on us at least."

Ripley sighs softly and just sits there with that hug around his neck, "I didn't have enough time before we started." He shakes his head, "I let you all down." He looks to the pitch again and bites on his lip a bit, "None of us will make it to a pro team with losses like that."

Soleil tugs at her knitted mittened finger cup so that her fingers are out of it and it's a floppy thing. She then whappapapapats at the side of his head. "The first game is always the worst. Stop your moping. Stop your fit take a deep breath and move on. You were voted Captain because you can do this. Now do it. Reserve the pitch for practice as much as you can get it. Train us Ripley, you're the only one really on the team that wants to go pro. So of course we are horrid."

Ripley blows out a low breath and winces as he is Gibb's slapped. "Ow!" he remarks and peers at her for slapping at him. "What the hell?" He comments and then looks back to the pitch a bit, "Stupid Theo." He mutters under his breath and scrubs his hands across his face again, "I let you all down, Sol. I did." He smirks a little and nods, "Practice. Yes. We need a lot of it. We lost Theo and he was a corner of it all."

Soleil rolls her eyes and then drones, "Yes, fine. You let us all down. Now shut up and fix it. That was mistake number one. Allowing Theo to think and act like he was the end all be all of Quidditch. The lesser players were ignored because why bother training them if Theo made their presence worthless? No more prima donna Ripley. You are free to turn this Team into whatever you may. No excuses, no whining, no self sabotage."

Ripley wrinkles his nose as he looks to Sol. "I didn't try any tricks this time. That may be why we lost." He looks to her, "Ever think of that? I figured since I was the captain now I had to be serious."

Soleil shakes her head, "I think it had very little to do with your lack of tricks and more the lack of training the rest of the team but you and Theo have. We're all relatively new to this, remember? I joined the team mostly for wishing to help out the team because there was a shortage of players. All your tricks in all the world won't help besides get you boxed for fouls. Leaving us that still don't know what we are doing stranded with less guidance. We get good, then we can all start pulling tricks that the other team will never see coming.

Ripley gives a bit of a nod, "I set out owls to people to get together and talk some strategy and nobody came back to me." He frowns and looks back to the pitch, "Not even you." He remarks and shakes his head, "I guess I have to stop being nice and start being captain."

Soleil lofts an eyebrow up at Ripley, not looking amused. She could be Queen Victoria incarnate for her 'We are not amused' face. "We live in the same house Ripley. Perhaps your owl is senile and took my letter to my home. Or ate it because you treat it ill, because I never received any sort of letter. It's not a matter of nice versus captain. It's a matter of everyone feeling neglected over the years so our moral is rather low."

Ripley lifts a brow, "Or you looked the wrong way when the owl delivered it." He says with a look to her, "I sent out owls. I promise. I tried and it felt like I got ignored." He says and then just shakes his head, "Look. The matter is that now people see that we need to and this won't happen again. Agreed?"

Soleil gestures between the two of them. "Could try to oh, talk to your team. It is OWLs as well for a few of us. Namely me." She puts her feet up on the bench so she can rest her chin on her knees and wrap her arms around her legs. She stares off out over the pitch and that jaded bit of ennui that's always lingering around the girl starts to rise to the surface again.

Ripley gives a look to Sol, "Okay. I talk. What do you want from me?" He turns and looks at her and smiles a bit. "The past is the past and we have the future to plan." He holds out a hand, "Yes?"

Soleil nods her head and reaches to give his hand a little shake before she turns back to face the Pitch. "I would like it if you promised not to go into melt down mode every time we lose. Because we just might lose again. It really is quite unbecoming of a Captain."

Ripley looks to her, "I think that if we tried our best and lost I wouldn't be this way. But we didn't." He looks to her and shakes his head, "We were a fragment of what we could be and all. Yes?"

Soleil nods her head slowly, chin digging into her knees, "Mmhmm. We can always do better. At least that's what the faculty keeps going on and on about."

Ripley thinks for a bit, "But this is the one thing that the faculty does nothing really with. It is all us." He shakes his head, "And if one more smug Griffindor sparks off at me I will punch them." He shakes his head. "We have so much potential."

Soleil tilts her head and looks over at him, she looks rather bored with his threat of violence. "Because that really solves our problems. You being suspended from Quidditch. Bravo. Get it together Ripley. You're starting to come unhinged. Gryffindor's will win the moment you throw a punch. It's what they want. Don't be a complete moron. Please, for the Team at the very least. Or for your future if you give a damn."

Ripley lifts a brow, "Sol. The want to punch someone and the actual act of it are two different things. I may be an asshole sometimes but I wouldn't harm another student." He blows out a sigh and a though rushes through his mind, "I'm not like some other Slytherins."

Soleil looks at him like she really doesn't believe what he's saying and really doesn't care either way. "Shall I quote? 'And if one more smug Gryffindor sparks off at me I will punch them.' There were no ifs ands or butts about it. You said if this happens I will. Not, I wish I could haul off and sock a lion. Don't play word games Ripley," (with me.) "..you'll lose. Worse than we lost at Quidditch. Right then. So other than Quidditch, how are you? Sounds like you're still having trouble with a fellow Slytherin?"

Ripley gives a little laugh, "It was meant as a… Oh, nevermind." As he laughs a little bit and then shakes his head, "No. No trouble with anyone. Been to myself a bit after we lost. Just getting my thoughts together some." He looks to her, "I really don't wish anyone else harm." He says seriously. "I can say that I /WANT/ to punch someone. It doesn't mean I will."

Soleil primly states, "It was ridiculous and unnecessary. A bunch of hot air. A waste of time. Do you enjoy wasting time? We could have been practicing all this time instead of going over what sort of behavior a Captain should be exhibiting." With that she gets on her broom and takes off before veering back to face him once more, looking expectantly.

Ripley gives her a little look and laughs a bit, "Well, if you would fly better than a first year maybe I would." He pulls his wand out and points it at three cones on the ground to lift them up and into the air. "Don't hit a cone." He says and places them about with the words he needs.

Soleil gives him a bored look. "Really, you're going to try and insult me now? My, I'm so very glad I voted for you." She flips her broom about and soars rather well around the cones, she even does a few tricks. Such as a barrel roll around one and then a back flip around the other. "The question isn't my ability, it's my knowledge on how to use my ability. I can't do very well at knowing what you want me to do when you are waving you hands around like some flight director, in China."

Ripley nods and watches, "Okay. If you are so darn good… Do it again." As he sends his wand up and sends the cones to moving back and forth across the pitch in erratic movements. As she flies, he points his wand up and throws in one of the bludgers as well.

Soleil zips, rolls, dives and soars about, her face in a rather zen like state as she does. One of the cones is intentionally pierced on her broomstick and then removed so it's in her hand and when the bludger comes at her she actually manages to put the bludger right into the cone and keep it down inside of the cone. When she finally brakes she looks back to her Captain with a rather straight almost bored look.

His broom was resting against the bottom of the stands and he runs down and almost hops on it as it leaps up under him. He's up and into the skies and looking at her as everything falls to the ground below except for the bludger and the cone. He flies over and takes it from her. "All right. Next time I give you a hand signal, remember it." He scolds and gets to it. "If we have them in the air and the chaser is coming at you from the front. I need you to block his view so he can't see the bludger coming. It will take timing it so you move at just the right time." He moves out in the pitch and tosses the bludger out of the cone.

Soleil gets a look of relief and of a touch of pride, it's a 'now there is a Captain' sort of expression. "Yes Captain. She watches very closely and watches his hands, with the big Russian style fur cap on her head when her head tilts as she watches it looks almost like her head might snap right off at the neck. "So I am the decoy and the smoke screen all at once. Yes, timing will have to be perfect or we will be down a chaser ourselves."

Ripley takes the cone and gives the bludger a good slap. As he does so, he takes off around the side of it all and speaks as he comes past her. "If it all works out right, it will slap them in the front and I can make it there in time to pick the bludger off again and keep the other beater free with the other bludger. We always want to make sure we have control of the damn things." He speaks.

Soleil nods as she listens. Still taking in his mentoring carefully. Now that he's put on the mantle, she's showing him the respect she usually gives an faculty member. "Maintaining control of a bludger is like trying to keep a crup from attacking a muggle. Nigh impossible. Perhaps a good tactic Captain would be to just knock one of the bludgers out of play entirely? Knock it straight up into the air. You'll probably have what? 30 seconds of peace and quiet, with one of the other teams beaters chasing after it, getting altitude sickness. If you knock it high enough, they won't be able to follow it on the more shody brooms." She gives a wave to indicate she's very ready to try this new fake out strategy.

Ripley gives this some thought and looks to her, "We could. But there is nothing that says it won't come down right in front of someone we don't want it in front of. If it is under my control, I know where it is and where I have to go." He shakes his head, "Too risky of a move to knock it out of my control."

Soleil practices maintaining herself in front of the bludger pretending some of the cones flying about are the opposing Chasers, then. It's not exactly pretty but it is getting the job done. At the last moment she dives and with a crack the bludger crashes against the cone and not her!

Ripley watches and grins at the display. "Now. Can you do that instead of just staring at me in the next match?" He asks and gives a bit of a grin. "And no waving to the crowd unless we just scored. Yes?"

Soleil crosses her arms, looking a touch on the unamused side when he gets 'funny' again. "Yes Captain, I appreciate you actually teaching me, instead of wiggling your fingers and expecting me to magically understand, I'm no Leglimens." She gives her head a bob in farewell to him and then flies down to go into the locker room and freshen up before the Dinner Bell rings.

Ripley chuckles a little bit and then heads for the lockers himself.

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