(1938-01-11) The Art of Running
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Summary: Theodore checks on Gabrielle's progress on the poster for his talkie, and Lucian gets a glimpse of Gabby's pain.
Date: January 11, 1938
Location: Club Room

Club Room, Hogwarts Castle

This large room has a variety of uses, and can be setup differently for each club that uses it. Large storage doors around the room each hold a different club's equipment, to be setup with the wave of a wand. When the Athletics Club is here, for example, the room is full of gymnastics, weight, and other sports equipment. When the Domestics Club is here, however, stoves and cauldrons and workstations are more likely to be found here.

Fri night should be time to spend with boyfriends, or hell, even friends. But Gabby is choosing to hopefully be alone, in the Club Room. She's getting to confused lately, and needs to clear her head. the punching bag has been pulled out, but Gabby decided to work on her Transfigurations first. She has her wand drawn, and is trying and failing to do something to a pencil sitting on the desk. Her ever present sketchbook is off to the side, along with an open 1st level transfig book.

When Lucian wanders in, he notes the familiar sight of an elementary Transfiguration book with curiosity. "You know, you really should have a Prefect around if you're practicing magic outside of study hall." He gives her a smirk and heads toward the…punching bag? It's like she knew he was coming. He takes off his robe, revealing that he's wearing Slytherin sweats underneath, apparently ready for a little physical training.

Gabrielle opens her mouth, like she's going to say something, and then snaps it shut. She'll sigh, "It's not like I was actually doing anything." She'll more mutter it than anything, and it's pretty clear she's being self deprecating with the statement. She says a silent thank you to Merlin that she decided to wait on going at the bag herself.

"It was a joke," Lucian sighs. "I'm a Prefect, Evans. Go ahead and do whatever you were doing." Then he furrows his brow a little. "Why are you studying First Year Transfiguration?" He's got the tape to wrap his hands, but doesn't start wrapping just yet.

The door swings open and Theodore steps in, laughing, as he carries his ferret on his shoulders. He's wearing his Slytherin sweats and a wife beater, his robe slung loosely over it. "Artie, you ready to hit—" And then he looks over at Lucian, noticing the other boy. "Oh."

Gabrielle freezes. This is possible the worst position she can think of…then Theo walks in….She'll look between the two Slytherin boys, not exactly sure what to do. "Hey Teddy….I needed to talk to you about the poster." Her eyes will briefly go to the ferret on his shoulder, but will log the info of the cute critter for later.

Lucian is too curious not to investigate. He nods to Theo, gestures to the bag. "You can have it." He meanders closer to Gabrielle to look at what she's doing. "Do you need help in Transfiguration? Does Professor Dumbledore know?"

Theodore looks back and forth between the two other students, and then reaches to his shoulder, scratching the ferret's head. "I was um… You can…" He furrows his brow, and then walks over to Gabrielle. "Sure, lemme see."

Gabrielle will look down at the book, cheeks starting to turn pink, "I got a D. I'm sure he knows." She'll quickly grab her sketchbook and start flipping through it. She turns, the pages till she gets near the back and will motion to Theo, It's the last 3 pages. It's just different variations. I wasn't sure exactly what you'd want. And I need to know how big you want it…and on what."

Lucian blinks in surprise. "Wow…you're really good." Clearly he isn't in the know about Gabrielle's talent. "What's the poster for?" He glances between Gabby and Theo, a little lost.

Theodore nods, "I like this one," and he points to the one that looks more mysterious than scary. "I'd rather the motion picture be scarier than the poster, not the other way around." He looks at Lucian, "I'm making a talkie."

Gabrielle responds back with just as much surprise in her voice to Lucian, "Thanks?" She'll quickly go back to Theo, "I agree…I like that one best too, but I wanted you to make the call." She'll smile suddenly, "Oh! I almost forgot!I found someone to act for you! It's Conall Quinn, I mentioned it to him, and he seemed interested."

Lucian stares at Theo like he just started speaking in tongues. "A what?" Lucian is getting rather far out of his depth in this conversation.

Theodore looks at Lucian like the other kid is perhaps dumb. "A motion picture. A talkie," he repeats, as if that explains it all. To Gabrielle, he nods, "Great! I'll add him to the list I'm making. Blue plays piano, too, so that will help I think with music." He looks at Lucian, "My mum got me an 8mm camera for Christmas. So instead of wasting my time with Quidditch, I'm going to make a horror flick." He smiles, proudly, then looks at Gabrielle once more. "Thanks, Artie!" He takes his ferret from his shoulders, holding it across his forearm as he pets him. "I think big. You know, like, poster sized."

Gabrielle lets Theo explain. "Julian also plays piano.He's pretty good."She'll tilt her head and frown slightly, "Teddy…That doesn't help. I need to know what you want this on, and exactly how big poster size is?…I've got a lot of studying to do, I can remake it if it's not right."

Lucian nods slowly, something clicking in his mind. "Right…that Muggle picture thing you got for the Quidditch team." He's still wearing an expression of confusion, though. "Well…you two have fun with that, I suppose." A bit baffled, he turns to head back toward the punching bag.

Theodore shrugs, "I dunnow. You know, like… THIS." He extends his arms, showing her the size of a movie poster. "Do it on whatever. You're the artist. I don't know what you use." He smiles, he's not trying to be difficult. He just IS. He looks at Lucian walking away, and shakes his head. "Anyway," turning back to Gabby, "I gotta run. That looks aces, Artie!" And he abruptly heads for the door.

Gabrielle stands there, not having any of her answers, answered.She'll sigh. "Ok , Teddy." She'll turn back to her sketchbook and close it,and then glance at Lucian, not sure if she should pack up, or what….and then after a moment, or what seems best. Maybe this will be the nicest encounter they've had, if she leaves fast enough.

Since the other conversation seems to have ended abruptly, Lucian pipes up again. "If you need help with Transfiguration, you should get a tutor. It's hard stuff to teach yourself. There's a reason it's classified as its own whole branch of magic." He leans up against the punching bag, looking over at Gabrielle. "I tutor some Slytherins."

Gabrielle will be at her book, ready to close it. she'll nod. She /knows/ all that and after a moment, she'll sigh, "I know. I'll ask around the Ravenclaw Common room."

Lucian sighs, and draws his wand from his waistband, pointing it at a medicine ball sitting amongst the workout equipment. "Lapifors!" An arc of light, and suddenly the ball sprouts fur and starts hopping about, twitching it's long, newly-formed ears. Yep, it's a rabbit. "I'm just saying that I'm pretty good at it. I'm trying to make peace, Evans. You were right. If Ria can forgive you, so can I."

Wait…he was offering? Gabby will blink for a moment, "Oh…I thought you meant I should find…" she'll trail off as she watches the bunny.She'll chew on her lip for a moment, and then nod softly, "I'm not every good. I've had some…wand issues.It's getting better, but…"She'll shrug.

Lucian transfigures the bunny back into a medicine ball before it can hop away. "Wand issues? No wonder you're having trouble. What kind of wand issues?" He strolls back toward her, apparently feeling more Prefectly and helpful.

"It's nothing now, my wand is fine." She'll even smile, "It's mostly now I have to relearn things the right way. I figured starting over at the beginning was the best place…it's what I did with Charms." Gabby pulls out her wand and lays it on the table, so Lucian can see it if he wishes to.

Lucian shrugs, dismissing the wand issue. Clearly, she has it under control. "So, do you want help, or not? I can get you through that level one material in a few weeks, assuming you've paid attention in your classes the last four years."

Internal battle…raging. Eh, Jackson says She needs to take more chances. "Yes…please." Her cheeks are still pink, and she'll look down at her wand.

Lucian nods. "Alright, then sit down and show me where you are now." He gestures to the table, resting his hands on his hips with an expectant look.

Gabrielle blinks, "You mean, what I can do? Or where I am reading in the book?…" she honestly sounds like they're two different things. "I've reread the book this past week. It's just…some of the practical things …" she'll trail off to let him respond.

Lucian shrugs. "To hell with the book. What can you do? Show me."

Gabrielle sighs, not that she doesn't appreciate none book teaching…it's just been a life line lately. She'll pick up her wand and weirdly, she stretches her wrist out some, like it's stiff. She'll then point at the pencil on the table that she'd been trying to do something with when he walks in. And the pencil grows a pair of wooden wings and legs, almost like a dragonfly.

Lucian nods, "Not bad, actually. Tell me what's going through your mind when you cast the spell. I don't care how silly or unrelated it might seem to be. Just tell me everything."

"Uh…I thought about the pattern on it's wings….How sunlight would hit it…How it would move….if it's structure was like an owl's… how nice it would be to fly away" She'll cringe slightly at that last part, still half expecting Lucian to yell surprise and zap her.

Lucian nods, listening carefully. "Alright, well, the first thing I'll say is that you're attempting a difficult transfiguration. Changing an inanimate object into a living thing is hard. Remember, the more different the new form is from the old one, the harder the spell will be to pull off, and the more focus it will take." Speaking of changes, one comes over Lucian as he speaks. He shifts into a very patient and clearly-spoken manner, entirely unlike his usual demeanor. "Second, it's that focus that you don't have. Your mind is all over the place. If you start comparing it to an owl, you'll never turn it into a dragonfly. You've got to think of a dragonfly, and only a dragonfly, as a complete thing. Not its individual parts…that's how Medusa Malfoy transfigured the legs right off of her cat once."

As Lucian talks, and it's clear he's seriously trying to help, Gabby will visibly relax. Although, as she does , she'll start unconsciously rotating and stretching out her right wrist. She'll nod to what he's saying, it's just hard to turn off that much in a Ravenclaw brain. She'll give a slight look of mortification at the mention of the poor cat, "Was someone able to help it?"

"Huh? Oh, the cat." Lucian nods. "It happened in class. Dumbledore fixed it. It wasn't hurt. Just really confused. Anyhow, if we're starting at the beginning, let's work our way up to dragonflys. We'll start with something simpler. Instead of a dragonfly, try transfiguring the pencil into a quill. I've even got an incantation for you: Plumafors."

Gabrielle nods, "Oh, good. I'm glad it was ok. " She'll then look back at the pencil and hold her wand up, "Plumafors." She says it correctly, but there's something off on her wand hand, she twitches a bit at the end…and nothing happens. She'll sigh, looking down at the pencil, "It's like, sometimes it works…and sometimes it just doesn't." She sounds frustrated, like she's been at this point for awhile.

Lucian nods, remaining silent for a few pensive moments as his hand rubs over his left forearm. Ria's voice echoes in his head, and his eyes drift to Gabby's hand. "Evans…you seem to be having some issues with wand movement. A lot of it is in the wrist. If you'll let me, I can guide you in a few basic movements. But…I'll need to touch your arm." There is caution in his voice, a touch of hesitance.

Crap. Gabby's eyes widen for a moment before she says, "Oh…I fell the other day, in the snow….my wrist is just sore, is all."

Lucian nods, frowning a bit. "Didn't Madam Spleen give you something for it?"

Gabrielle nods, "She did. And I have it wrapped. It's not bad…like I said, just sore." She'll smile quickly, and will stretch out her writs a bit.

Lucian smirks and shakes his head. "I've taken plenty of falls, Evans. Look, I know you've got no reason to trust me. But I am a Prefect. Maybe that counts for something, I don't know. Just…I can't help you with this stuff if you're not straight with me."

Gabrielle stands a little straighter, "I did fall. Ask Conall." Hopefully he won't. "You know….this is a bad idea…I shouldn't be wasting your time." She'll turn to grab her books.As she does so, she knocks her drawing pencil onto the ground. It rolls underneath the table. "Merlin!"And she'll start to bend down to try to reach it.

Lucian steps around to pick up the pencil from the other side of the table. "What are you so afraid of? Every time I see you, you're trying to run away from someone."

Gabrielle laughs, but there is no humor to it, "You know what? You're right. I'm afraid. But I can't to do anything, because every time I do, it's the wrong thing. Then everything backfires worse. So, running away, my best option. I may not be Ravenclaw smart, but I'm smart enough to learn that." She'll gather up her books in her arms, and hold out her left hand for the pencil. She looks a bit like she's going to bolt.

Lucian puts the pencil into her hand, but doesn't let go right away. "I get it. People are pretty wretched. Who would even want to deal with all of that?" He finally releases the pencil, hoping he has her attention. "But if you run, they'll see you as prey, and they will keep coming after you."

When he doesn't let go of the pencil, she'll look up at him.It's hard to tell if she's getting ready to yell, or cry.She'll settle on a snarl, if he's angry at her, maybe he'll just go back to ignoring her, "I've been dealing with this for 4 1/2 years. If I were truly running, I'd be gone by now. If Kaiden didn't make me run, then you certainly won't. I'm out of here in April, and I'll never have to deal with any of you again." She'll turn and start to stomp out, Merlin, please let him just get mad!

Maybe he just doesn't get it, or maybe he senses something about her. Either way, anger doesn't rise. His voice is mellow, "You don't even have to deal with me now. I just figured you might want the help. Look…I know how you feel. I hate this place. I hate dealing with a school full of self-important jerks who have no bloody idea what real pain is like."

Gabrielle turns back, "You don't know how I feel. You're like…the golden boy of Slytherin. The best duelist, should have been our champion. People are still talking like they think the Fox twins rigged it! You rode around on a damn hippogriff to save a first year student! Everyone either adores you, or is terrified of you! Me? I'm not even in the right house. Don't act like you understand me. You're the furthest thing from me." At this point, there are tears…but maybe they're angry tears?

Lucian rolls his eyes. "Oh, please. One person adores me, Evans. One, and she's all I need. But don't think for a second that I have it easy. I've worked my knuckles to the bone to get where I am, and I did it just to prove to myself that I could." He shakes his head in disappointment. "All I know is I see you hurting. You're afraid and angry, and I do get that."

Gabrielle looks up for a moment, over to the door, as she turns back the tears start to fall, but maybe it's from the motion of her turning he head. She's not sobbing. "I'm glad for you then….but I'm not that strong. I tried and I can't do it. Every time I do anything to make it better, something worse happens. I can't handle anything worse than this." she's clutching her books up to her chest, almost like they're a shield…or lifeline.

Lucian furrows his brow, trying to figure her out. "Worse than what, though? That's the part I don't get." It's a rare moment to see Lucian so concerned about someone other than Ria. Maybe this is what Slughorn saw in him when he made him a Prefect?

Gabrielle , closes her eyes, trying to get herself calmed down enough to not blurt anything else out, "Just….life. Here. I can't take here anymore." She'll open her eyes, and glance at Lucian. She'll pull her books a bit tighter.

Lucian sighs and nods, glancing aside. "Yeah…well…I can't argue with that," he admits. "I just hope I'm not one of those things you can't deal with. At least not anymore. I don't want to be like them."

Gabrielle just stands there for a moment, just looking at Lucian. She'll swallow once, trying to get her crying under control. and then she'll nod. It's a little jerky, but it's an affirmative. "I…need to go." And after a pause, she'll turn and walk to the door.

Lucian breathes a little easier at the affirmation. He nods when she announces her departure, adding as she goes, "I'll see you tomorrow for more tutoring."

Gabrielle pause at the door, and then steps out, neither confirming nor denying if he will or not.

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