(1938-01-11) The Fox Finds Mouse's Trouble
Details for The Fox Finds Mouse's Trouble
Summary: Rhyeline responds to Keenan's owl request to come to Mungo's for a test to pin point the source of her affliction.
Date: 11 January, 1938
Location: Spell Damage Ward, St Mungos
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The room Keenan is currently inspecting is different from most of the other rooms in the Spell Damage ward. It's not exactly a patient room as one is used to seeing them, with a bed and table, and such. There is a bed, but no table beside it, and no chairs. There are large lamps over the top of the bed, with big reflective dishes that are all aimed down to illuminate every inch of the resting place. The Healer ducks his head to look at the reflectors, and takes a moment to scrub at the curve of one with the sleeve of his green robe, before he nods with satisfaction.

Going out into the hall, he grabs a couple of chairs, and brings them back to the room. He sets them to either side of the head of the bed, and then reaches inside his robes to pull out the pocket watch with an Irish penny on the cover, and checks the time. Giving a nod, he heads out of the room, and to the front desk to see who is first patien of the day shall be.

Having gotten an owl in Hogsmeade the night before, Annie arrives at Mungo's as per instructions from Rhyeline. The young witch doesn't look at all in her element as she stands off to a side in the waiting room, looking around for her miniscule friend. Her woolen coat is unbuttoned, and a fur muff hangs from a string that loops up over her neck. While her hands are not in said muff, they do clutch the fur as if it's a lifeline.

Clover isn't a patient! She works here! However this is not her ward, but she figures that she should check in with Keenan, just in case she is needed for something. So she doesn't come through the waiting room, but instead sneaks up behind him, and crosses her arms. "Do you need me for something." She says as she leans against the wall. "/Someone/ upstairs has decided to lower my work load, because of my 'condition', so I'm looking for something to do."

The moment that Rhyeline catches sight of Annie waiting for her in the appropriate room of waiting, the anxious little mouse dashes to her size to hug her arm. Clinging tight, she peeks up at Annie and murmurs, "Hello."

Alis has accompanied Rhyeline, and is keeping close to the younger woman, keeping a sharp eye out for anyone or anything that might be considered a threat. The redhead is in full-on guard dog mode, but she hasn't actually snapped at any of the nurses or healers. Yet.

Giving a slight jump, Keenan rounds on Clover, "hmmm, I wonder why. If ye're bein' this pleasant tae tha rest o'yer ward," he grumps, and then gives her a nudge with his elbow and a grin as he turns to walk towards the front waiting area. "Got any ideas fer me?" he asks. "I was actually goin' tae come find ye. Miss Diderot sent me an owl that she'd be here first thing this mornin'. I imagine she's already in tha waitin' area with her guardians angels." Being a bit taller than Clover, he's able to start scanning over the heads as the come around the corner to the waiting area.

Annie gathers Rhyeline up in a hug as soon as she's close enough, but the presence of Alis gets a curious lift of brows. It's a momentary aberration, and immediately her attention focuses solely on Rhyeline. "Mornin' poppet. Got yer owl, so I wanted t' get here a bit early an' be waitin'." Her voice is soft and affectionate, not meant to carry much farther than the immediate vicinity. Then her attention goes back to the small red haired witch, and she nods a greeting. "Miss Orpington. It's nice t' see yeh." It takes her a moment to notice the tall ginger healer, but when she does her manner eases, and she murmurs to Rhye, "There's Healer O'Shea."

"Darling, I am always pleasant." Clover responds, back away from his elbow and reaching forward to prod him in the stomach. "Oh? Is she? Fantastic. I had one or two ideas, however until we can see everything that is going on inside, I fear that they don't have much merit." When Keenan starts looking over her head she'll turn and look toward the waiting room herself, but not knowing what the woman looks like, she just waits for the moment.

Rhyeline closes her eyes and nuzzles close against her dear friend, Annie. Hearing Annie's voice, the girl peeks up at her once more. With a warm smile, the girl murmurs just as softly, "Thank you, my love. Was hoping very much you would already be here." Then the little one follows Annie's gaze to Alis to whom she offers a soft, shy smile. Realizing the healer is here, the little one's heart sinks into her belly which has filled with subtle dread. Though the ginger haired healer has been nothing but kind to her, the little one's eyes are still full of apprehension as she watches him.

"Alis," the woman corrects, with the habit of one who's resigned herself to doing it repeatedly. She steps up to rest a hand on Rhyeline's shoulder, though her head turns to pick out the approaching Healers.

"There are boggarts that are more pleasant than ye are before ye have yer tea in tha mornin'," Keenan murmurs under his breath to Clover, then he catches sight of the trio of women, one red headed and two dark heads with her. He gives a nod of his head. "They're over there. Perhaps ye should stay here. I'm goin' tae take her ta regular room, first, so we can prepare her fer what tae expect." After outlining his plan, he makes his way through the crowd to approach his patient. "Good morning, Miss Diderot.. Miss Taylor and Alis," he greets them. "Thank ye for being so prompt in yer reply. Shall we?" he asks, turning towards the rooms to guide them along.

Annie nods at the correction, "Alis." The familiarity with her hand on Rhyeline's shoulder gets a glance, but then the Healer is upon them, and she has a smile ready for him. "Healer O'Shea," she murmurs in greeting to the man, but defers to let Rhyeline more properly greet her healer. Annie's blue eyes slip past Healer Dreamy McGinger, to the blond witch that seemed to have been standing with him.

"Watch your words O'Shea." Clover says quietly. "I am dining with your Miss Max soon." She says with a wicked grin, and as he peels off to greet the patient she nods. "Very well, call me when you need me." For now, she'll hang out, waiting to be called on. She has been told that overwhelming the patient isn't going to solve the issue.

There's a good chance that Keenan may be the form of Rhyeline's boggart, so tight does Rhyeline cling to Annie's arm as the man approaches. Feeling Alis' hand upon her shoulder, the girl peeks over at her a moment before looking up at the looming healer. Nodding just a bit, she murmurs, "Good morning, Healer O'Shea." Then with a nod, she looks to Annie, intending to stick close to her as they follow him.

Since Rhyeline is clinging to Annie, Alis falls in just behind her, and slightly to one side. She gives a nod to the Healer, her attention shifting as they move toward the rooms, keeping alert for any dangers.

As they approach Clover, Keenan slows, and the stops once they reach her. "Miss Diderot, this is Healer MacCurry that I've spoken of. She's a colleague in the Plant and Potions Poisoning Ward, and has been consulting with me on yer case. Clover, this is Miss Diderot, an' her friends, Miss Taylor and Alis." He pauses to let everyone make acquaintances before he continues on to take them to a regular room of the nature that Rhyeline is used to, even though she doesn't really like them.

To her credit, Annie doesn't wince even though, at times like these, Rhyeline is every bit as dangerous as a scared kitten. And for such a little thing, there are times Rhye has a fierce grip. Dutifully following the healer, leading the little band of witches, Annie brings them to a stop again as introductions to a new healer are made. She nods a greeting to the woman, and adds to both healers, "Just Annie is fine, if yeh like." She's never one to stand on formalities for herself, although her repeated tendency to call even Alis by her surname shows her upbringing in respecting the formalities for others. That's all she'll offer, letting Rhyeline get to know this new woman, but keeping her moral support there for her small friend.

"Miss Diderot, Annie, Alis, a pleasure to meet all of you." Clover says with a bright smile on her face. She's way shorter than Keenan, so it's easy for her to not be imposing in the least bit. "Healer O'Shea and I have been working together for years, and he has already made me aware of your condition. Please follow us this way." She says letting Keenan take the lad, and is fine with following behind the small group of women.

"Begging your pardon, Healer MacCurry, I'd be more comfortable if you kept pace with Healer O'Shea," Alis says, her tone polite and mild even though the words are more of a demand than a request.

Rhyeline gazes up at Clover cautiously, but she doesn't seem quite as intimidated by this woman as she is of Keenan. Offering a silent nod in greeting, she glances up at Annie, then briefly to Alis, making sure she is still close before she moves to follow the man. Hearing Alis' request that Clover not bring up the rear, the little one blinks and glances hesitantly at them.

Keenan doesn't make a fuss of who brings up the rear, letting Clover sort that out on her own. There was a light grin when their years working together were mentioned, and his eyes do glance in Rhyeline's direction to guage her reaction to his colleague. Once in the room, he holds the door open until all have filed in. He hasn't brought extra chairs here, so he chooses to stand and let them array themselves as they will.

Annie's only concern right now is pacing Rhyeline, letting her friend take the lead now and following the pace she sets. She will only step it up a measure if Rhye seems to be dragging her feet. Content to hold her place at Rhyeline's side until she is either released or ordered away, Annie lets her eyes settle on the back of Keenan's head with a bemused smile until they are in the room. Then she will follow Rhye's lead on how she is needed.

"Very well." Clover responds as she walks next to Keenan and files into the exam room with the others. Once inside, she'll hover by one of the counters, letting Keenan take lead with the procedure that they're going to attempt this morning. She does however fold her hands behind her back and keep that same pleasant smile on her face.

Bringing up the rear by design, Alis takes up a position at the door, her hands clasped loosely in front of her. She's really just here for moral support and muscle in case something goes wrong.

With Keenan still around, Rhyeline seems 'keen on' keeping Annie close. (Sorry, I had to.) As the girl follows along after Keenan, she lowers her gaze and drops her left hand to her side while her other arm remains loose around Annie's arm. A touch of pink warms her cheeks, embarrassed as she realized what a scared little child she must have seemed. Once inside the examining room, she looks around with a cautious, guarded manner. Her dark gaze lingers a moment on Clover, watchful, not yet certain of the woman. Then at last she looks to Keenan, waiting for instructions.

Waiting one more moment after he closes the door, Keenan looks over the women, then goes to lean against the counter next to Clover, loosely crossing his arms over his chest. "It occurred to me, Miss Diderot," he opens quietly, "that we've been thinkin'g about yer case all wrong. We've been looking at this curse as if it's been made te kill ye. It is doing it's best to do so, aye, but it wasn't meant fer ye, was it? It was made to kill another person. Am I right?" He looks towards Rhyeline, his eyes gleaming a little brighter than they have in the past when he's been working with her.

Rhyeline bites her lower lip before nodding slowly. "Yes, sir," she murmurs. "It was the fifth attempt on Ambassador Troy's life. It caught me by mistake." The girl's dark gaze flickers just a moment to the other healer before she peeks back up at Keenan.

Clover nodding to Keenan, Clover speaks up for just a moment. "It was that train of thought that lead us down this new path, and hopfully the one that will allow us to rid you of this affliction." She'll let Keenan continue on with that thought, since he was the one that figured it all out on his own. Well, with help. Maybe he should get a cookie.

Annie stands quietly by Rhyeline's side, arm in arm since she's not been banished away by either healer yet. Her eyes are intent, taking in every word said by each healer in turn, absently chewing lightly on her lower lip.

Keenan's eyebrows raise at the revelation of this being the fifth attempt on Magnus, but he uses it to press his point. "Just so, and if I were making a fifth attempt, I would make sure there was back up in the spell, since he seemed to have a way of surviving. Now, spells can latch onto emotions as well as actual physical parts of the body." His eyes are now focused on Rhyeline's. "Ambassador Troy can be quite an angry man when crossed, from what I've seen, aye? And if ye hit someone like that with a spell meant to kill, it'd likely trigger an angry response, causing the backup of the spell to kick in, and finish the job. But ye, Miss Diderot," he pauses meaningfully as he pushes away from the counter to come closer and lay gentle hands on her shoulders. "Anger is something of a foreign emotion to ye… with ye, the anger is buried deep an' kept away. Am I right?" his voice is gently probing as he looks down to her.

Rhyeline's dark, cautious eyes flicker back and forth between Keenan and Clover. Turning her head a bit to the side, she tilts it slightly, watching them as she listens. As Keenan approaches and places his hands upon her shoulders, the girl bows her head slightly as she peeks up at him, looking rather hesitant and vulnerable. "Anger? No, it- it isn't something that- that I feel much," she murmurs in a soft tone. When it comes to choosing fight or flight, this little one does indeed seem more likely to be scared than angry.

Keenan seems to be doing a good job at getting through to her at this point, and she slowly nods her head. "Which has probably saved your life. A person who felt more anger may not have lasted as long as you have in this situation." Clover says quietly as she turns around to pull out a quill and scribble a few things on a piece of parchment.

Those gears are turning inside Annie's head again as her eyes shift from ginger to blonde to mouse as each adds something to the conversation of Rhye's health. She finally speaks up, somewhat meekly given the obvious knowledge of the healers, but something has knocked on her brain and wants to be said. "The… episodes," for lack of a better term, "that Rhye has had then… well… I wonder if they weren't brought on by something like that? Maybe not anger as such…" She lets the words trail off, already feeling a bit awkward at having spoken up.

Keenan gives a grin, a friendly dimple creasing one cheek. "That's right. Which is why we've been unable, until now, to figure out where yer attacks are coming from." He lets her shoulders go, and shakes his head to Annie. "Not exactly. It's always trying to get out, and it just strikes when it can. There's any number of reasons it may have been able to get through. But, we do need to be sure that our theory is correct. I'm certain that's it, but I think it would be more reassuring for all involved to have that proof, aye?"

He backs up a step or two, and sits in one of the chairs, since it isn't being used. He leans his elbows on the arms, his hand loose in front of him. "So, we're going to go into an exam room in a moment. It's different from this one. I've put chairs in there for Alis and Annie, next to the bed that ye'll be laying on. In this case, ye do need to lay flat so that the lamps can scan ye and locate the source. The good news is that once we've done this test, and taken a blood sample for Master Healer MacCurry to study, we can most likely continue yer treatments at home."

He looks to Rhyeline, then holds out a hand to her. "Are ye ready for this, Miss Diderot?"

Rhyeline's dark, watchful stare remains fixed upon Keenan's features as he explains things to her. She keeps close to Annie's side, looking cautious as he tells her that she will need to lay down for the procedure. However, knowing Annie and Alis will remain by her side, the girl remains calm and nods with acceptance. The mention of taking a blood sample only causes her to glance briefly in Clover's direction, but she doesn't seem particularly frightened. And when Keenan mentions that after that, she won't need to come into St. Mungo's anymore, her eyes widen and her heart swoops up out of her belly and high up into her chest with hope and relief.

His offered hand draws a cautious, shy little look from the girl. Leaning a bit into Annie, her gaze flickers briefly in Alis' direction, but then at last, she peeks back up at him and tentatively places her hand in his. Nodding, she murmurs, "Yes, sir. Thank you."

Alis rouses from her pretending-to-relax pose by the door when Rhyeline looks at her, and she gives a nod. She's also paying more attention to the Healers than it appears, though she still moves toward Rhyeline when the Healer offers his arm. So as to be close at hand in the next room, of course.

It seems to be it is settled and they are ready to move on to the next room, so Clover decides to lead the way, taking her notes with her. Once inside of the room she'll hover toward the back, leaving the chairs for the patient and her guest.

Annie stares at Keenan intently as he explains further. She steps back as he offers his hand to Rhyeline, not far from her, but enough to be out of the way. She'll follow along to the next room, looking curiously at the equipment, holding her tongue.

Keenan's hand is warm and gently firm when she takes it, and his fingers wrap briefly around hers without squeezing. "Right this way, then." He stands, and lets go when the reach to door, but he gives an encouraging smile to Rhyeline, a full smile with both dimples, and follows Clover. When the reach the room in question, Keenan gestures to the bed as he closes the door. "Ye can hold Annie's hand until the scan starts, Miss Diderot. But I need to test ye, and ye alone. Alis and Annie will be right here, but they can not touch the bed during the test."

Rhyeline eyes the bed as if it might gobble her up. Told she will need to let go of her friend while she lays in it, the nervousness in her eyes deepens even more, but steeling her courage, she nods. Taking Annie's hand in her own, she glances up at her before making her way over to the bed, lifting her chin high, though her other hand is clenched at her side. Upon reaching it, she peeks over at Alis before taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, she eases herself down into the bed. On her back, she stares up at the ceiling, trying to keep calm, but clinging rather tight to Annie's hand.

Moving to take a protective position beside the bed, Alis pauses to set a hand against the small of Rhyeline's back. She leans in just close enough to murmur a reassurance, "I'm here." Then she withdraws her hand and goes back to playing guard-dog.

Once everyone is situated inside, and the door is closed, Clover will wait by the back of the room. Once everyone is settled in, she'll nod her head to Keenan. "Just do your best to relax, and stay very still when the scan begins." Clover says quietly as she waits for Keenan to get started. These are not devices she uses very often up in her department.

Annie gives Rhyeline's hand a squeeze, letting her get settled. She's about to lean over and say something, stopping short of knocking heads with Alis as the other witch leans over first. A light frown creases her face and she straightens fully, saying nothing, and takes a step backwards. She lets Rhyeline's hand slowly slip from her own, stepping off to get out of the way.

Rhyeline peeks up at Alis and biting her lower lip, she gives the petite woman a small nod of appreciation. Feeling Annie withdraw though, her hand tightens around hers and a soft, scared little whimper escapes her. Though she knows she will be alright, that all of this is to help her, a powerful irrational fear has seized her as she lays upon this bed. Her free hand clings tight to the sheets at her side. Hearing Clover's instructions to stay still, Rhyeline nods, but looks up at the lamps as a child might view an anaesthesia mask before surgery. Despite her best efforts to be brave, she looks to Annie with a pleading, frightened look.

"If it helps ye can close yer eyes," Keenan tells Rhyeline, moving towards the head of the table. He exchanges a look with Clover, and pauses, taking a breath. "Ye won't actually feel anything, the lamps will hum a bit, and the light will be a little different, but ye won't feel anything," he repeats.

Clover looks to Keenan catching his glance and nodding her head. Reaching into a small satchel at her side she pulls it out and sets it on a side table, looking over several vials. Pulling out the one she wants, she quietly walks over to and holds it out to her. "If you'd prefer, we can sedate you. I can give you just enough to be out for the scan, and you'd be awake with in twenty minutes." Clover can see how nervous the girl is as she holds out the small glass tube to her.

Annie makes sure to position herself where Rhyeline will be able to easily see her at least, though the frown on her face holds steady for another minute. As the smaller witch looks over Annie's face eases, taking a more reassuring cast. Her eyes hold Rhyeline's, unwavering.

Rhyeline stares back up into Annie's reassuring, unwavering eyes. However when Clover approaches with a vial, her eyes shine with fear at the thought of being put to sleep. Clinging tight to Annie's hand, she shakes her head and says, "No sleep. I don't want to sleep. Not here. Please." Something to calm her would probably help, but it seems that the thought of falling asleep, never to wake up again here is the very root of her fear.

Talk of sedation has Alis bristling; for half a second, it looks as though she might actually growl at Clover, but instead she gets out, "Over my dead body. Or yours." She takes a step closer to the bed, though she's careful not to touch it. "Easy, Rhye," she murmurs.

"We can reduce the dose a little Miss Diderot, and ye won't sleep. But ye need to be a bit calmer-" Keenan breaks off and straightens to his full height when Alis makes her threat. His eyes flash a sharp green and he turns his attention completely to her.

"Miss Orpington," he clips out, and for the first time his voice is not calm and soothing, but a lower, more commanding tone that brooks very little nonsense. "I have kept ye here for Miss Diderot's comfort. If ye are going to abuse that courtesy by threatening a pregnant woman who is a well qualified Healer, then I will have security remove you from the premises. Master Healer MacCurry and I are fully qualified Healers who have spent our lives /healing/ people, not just because we took an oath to do so, but because it's what we truly believe in doing. In doing no harm." He stares at her another minute. His tone lets up slightly as he continues. "If ye're really here for Miss Diderot's good as you claim to be, then I suggest you sit down, let us do what we've been trained to do, and not make this more difficult on yer friend by adding to her fear with your antics." If he's got them, he holds Alis's eyes for another moment, before turning back to Rhyeline.

His breath expels slowly, and his voice returns to his normal tones that he's always used with her. "Miss Diderot, I did say that I would never keep ye here for more than an hour or two, and I am a man of my word. I am here to take care of ye, and I am giving ye my word that ye will not be here longer than two hours, if ye are even here that long."

Annie steps forward now, glaring at Alis, reaching to touch Rhyeline lightly. "What is wrong with yeh?" she spits out at the older witch, seconds before Keenan speaks, not caring about potential consequences. Her attention drops immediately to Rhyeline, voice gentling and lowering as the healer has his say with Alis, "They're healers, they'll not try t' hurt yeh, an' I'm right here. Yeh know I won't let nothin' happen t' yeh, don't yeh, poppet?" Years of affection is in Annie's tone and her eyes, pleading for trust. She only looks away when the ginger healer addresses Rhyeline once more, but there's only a glance for him and her eyes are back on her small friend, her hand lifting to gently smooth Rhye's dark hair.

Perhaps it is best that Keenan spoke first before Clover could get a chance to. Her words would not have been so kind. Needless to say, the death glare she gives Alis should convey her feelings instead. "Well, I do not want you to be more afraid than you already are. As healer O'Shae said, I could give you half the dose, and it would put you in a relaxed state. You would still be fully aware and awake, but relaxed." She'll take her wand out and tap her wand to the vial, causing a black line to spread over the surface of it, to show where she should stop drinking.

Rhyeline bites her lower lip, looking ashamed of herself for having gotten so scared when she knows that the healers mean her no harm. The girl looks to Alis a bit hesitantly as the woman reacts so intensely to the fear she had showed. "A-Alis. I- I'm alright." Peeking up at Annie, the little one meets her the affection in her eyes with the deepest trust and appreciation. Nodding, she says, "I know, my love. I do. I'm sorry." As Annie smooths out her dark hair, the little one calms even more and the shame in her eyes deepens. Looking up at Keenan, she nods and murmurs, "Yes, sir. I remember you promised that. Please forgive me." Then to Clover, she adds, "A half dose would be very helpful, thank you." Glancing hesitantly at Alis, the girl reaches out a hand to accept the vial.

"My concern is for Rhyeline's safety." Alis makes no apology for her behavior, nor does she bat an eye that she's caused offense. "I'm predisposed to react strongly to things that cause fear in those I've chosen to protect." She nods briefly at Rhyeline, then eases back a step and folds her arms.

Keenan's attention to Rhyeline is unwavering. "That's a good lass," he encourages when she takes the vial. "There's no forgiveness needed, Miss Diderot. I had neglected tae inform Clover of yer concern of being trapped here again. Now…" he gives looks all round, and even a half wink for Annie. "If ye'd like to take yer seats, and take a deep breath and relax. If ye just lay completely still, Miss Diderot, we'll make this go as quickly as possible for ye." He steps back and then around to the head of the bed letting Clover take the vial when Rhyeline is through with it.

"Perhaps a little more care in thoroughly considering the situation before acting would help yer friend better than a predisposition to react in a manner that can inrease her fear," Keenan tells Alis quietly as he passes by her to his place.

Annie's attention remains on Rhyeline, ignoring Alis speaking up, continuing to stroke dark hair softly. "There's nothin' t' be ashamed of, poppet," she coos softly. "An' it's alright t' be afraid. Yeh know I get afraid sometimes as well." Blue eyes raise now, landing beseechingly on Keenan, "Can I sit as close as possible, please? I won't touch her, I promise yeh. But I want t' be as near as I can." Her eyes shift to Clover, looking for any affirmation from either of them, for a moment. She allows herself to be just a little hopeful as she sees the bare wink of a green eye, and looks away, leaning to press a kiss to Rhyeline's forehead, whispering, "I promise, I'll not move a step farther than they let me, poppet."

Clover nods her head to Annie, she has decided for now just to focus on her job and not worry about the other woman in the room. "Yes, you may sit as close as the chair will allow, but please do not touch." She'll remove the cork from the vial and smile at Rhy before she passes it over. "It will take a moment or two for it to hit your system, but once it does you should feel relaxed. The dose is low enough that you won't spend the rest of your day in a haze." With that she'll back away and let Keenan get to work.

Rhyeline calms even more at Annie's gentle strokes and her reassuring words ease the subtle flush of shame in her cheeks. Peeking up at Keenan, she gives a small nod of thanks for his understanding as he remembers the source of her irrational fear. Holding the vial, she examines the line carefully and takes small sips, checking bit by bit until she finds that she has finally taken the recommended dose. Handing the vial back over, she nods to Clover and murmurs, "Thank you very much. And- and congratulations." Peeking up at Annie, the little one waits for the mild sedative to take effect before she lets Annie go.

Keenan gives a nod of his own to Annie to affirm what Clover tells her. Then he waits for Rhyeline to lay back. "All right, lass," he says quietly. "I'm going to turn the lamps on first, then they'll hum a little when the charm starts to take effect. When ye hear the hum, remember ta lie quietly an' don' move." He lifts his wand, and there's a soft spoken charm to light them all at once. Then he moves around the table, starting with the lamps over her head, then the two over her mid section, and the last two down at her legs. As the hum starts to take effect those watching will begin to see Rhyeline as more of a being of shifting shades of white, gray, and black. Standing at her feet, Keenan's sharp green gaze follows the different paths, looking for the darkest shade of black he can find.

The look from Annie to each of the healers is pure gratitude, and she keeps stroking Rhyeline's hair until the girl releases her of her own accord. Annie turns, and gets one of the chairs and puts it near the examination space. Then she scoots forward. And again. She settles there, eyes on Rhyeline as Keenan goes about starting the lights and the charms. As the light shifts shades Annie watches her friend's face, looking anxious now that Rhyeline does not, but having unshakeable faith in the healers, the wizard in particular.

"Thank you." Clover says with a faint smile down to Rhy as she steps away and lets the lamps do the work. At this point, she is just a spare pair of eyes, looking for those dark spots as the light washes over the patient. She'll give a half smile to Annie, as she behaves, but remains close to her friend.

Rhyeline watches Annie in silence, waiting for the sedative to take effect. With each touch of Annie's hand through her hair, the girl seems to calm more and more, at last looking almost sleepy. With a soft sigh, the girl curls up just a bit, nuzzling against Annie's hand before she lets her other one go. Peeking over at Clover and Keenan, she murmurs, "Thank you. I feel much better. I don't mean to cause such problems. I just- I get so scared. Thank you- thank you for being so patient." Remembering that she is supposed to lay on her back and hold still, the little one shifts onto her back once more and folding her hands over her belly, she grows perfectly still, her breathing slow and peaceful.

And under the bright lights shining overhead, the dark and light energy of her body is exposed to those who look on. In the shifting shades of silver, at her heart, the contrast shines brightest. The light of the little one's innocence shines bright, but coiled around it is a darkness like a snake, waiting and watching. From this darkness, subtle threads spread throughout her entire system.

The sharp green gaze follows the lines, and then looks around Rhyeline's heart. Wordlessly Keenan looks to Clover, and then back down to the coil of darkness, and the threads that shimmer with another lustre to them, one that isn't altogether healthy. It carries more of a sickly iridescence, like oil on water, and doesn't seem to be a part of the light to dark spectrum. Glaring thoughtfully at that tangling coil, he crosses his arms, one thumb brushing along the outside of his elbow as he thinks. Finally, with a considering sigh, he gives a tap to the lamps, and the hum slows and ceases, leaving the room silent again. The ginger healer extinguishes the top and bottom pairs of lights, lessening the glare without plunging them back into relative darkness.

Although Annie hasn't the slightest idea what the dark and light means, she watches intently until she happens to look up to Keenan. Now her sharp eyes focus on him as if taking his measure as his attention is firmly elsewhere. Her thoughts, while primarily of Rhyeline at this moment, are not entirely of Rhyeline, as she considers what she knows of this man. As he sighs and then begins to go about shutting down the lamps she looks back to Rhyeline, unconsciously echoing his sigh softly. She waits for permission before moving, resisting the urge to reach out to her dear friend.

Clover Easily sees what Keenan sees, though again she is stumped as to what it means, and how to fix it. Leaning back she'll lightly tap her finger over her lips as she thinks and when it is all over she frowns and steps back. Once the lights are off however, Clover gives any a soft nod before walking next to Keenan and raising her brows. As if to ask, what the hell is that.

Every heart has a touch of light and dark, but the contrast in Rhyeline's heart seems greater than most. And the dark serpent is unusual, as if the curse has taken hold and uses her shadows to assume such a metaphoric shape. Once the light fades, Rhyeline slowly opens her eyes and peeks over at the others. Watching Keenan, she tilts her head to the side just a bit.

Keenan gives a nod to Annie, indicating that she can hold Rhyeline's hand if she wishes. As for Clover he gives a level stare for a moment that tells her it's a big problem before he turns to his patient. Walking over he hitches his hip on the side of the bed, and lifts one foot slightly from the floor. "The good news is that we were right," he tells Rhyeline. "The bad news is that the reason it's affecting ye're heart so readily is because that is where it is. I'll need to do another charm on yer heart before ye go today. It's not going to be easy, and it will take a while." He pauses to think for a moment.

"Have ye ever seen a ball of yarn after a cat's been playing with it? And how tangled it is? Ye have to be careful when ye're pulling it apart, because if ye aren't ye could pull part of it so tight that ye can't get the rest of it undone? That's kind of like what we're dealing with here. We're going to have to be careful every step of the way that when we untangle one thread, we don't tighten another one."

Given the ok, Annie all but dives forward, taking Rhyeline's hand in both of her own, squeezing lightly and letting her thumbs caress the smaller witch's skin softly. As the healer pauses to think Annie is quickly to lean close and softly reassure, "I'll be here with yeh every second, poppet, an' when Healer O'Shea is done, I'll see yeh home. We can have a quiet day t'gether, an' maybe Tim'll bring us over somethin' t' eat later on. I can send him an owl." Or, if Rhyeline needs to sleep, that's alright too. But Annie will be there. There's a pinched look on her face as she looks up to Keenan, paying attention as he goes on. She understands the gist of what he says well enough to not look very happy, but she certainly doesn't look bleak. One hand releases the hold on Rhyeline's, drifting up without thought to stroke dark hair once more.

Healing is not an interest of Alis', but she observes the proceedings with some evident curiosity due to other interests that she has. The diganosis of the Healers has her attention shifting back to the younger witch, but her features are carefully schooled; she might make no apologies for her transgressions of behavior, but Alis does learn from her mistakes.

Clover purses her lips as Keenan explains what he sees, and she shakes her head slowly. "I knew this wasn't going to be an easy task, but now I can see for real that it is not an easy task." Clover knows what she wants after this ordeal, a bottle of something delicious. "Perhaps we should see what we can find in her blood. If she will permit us to take a sample." She does not want to do it with out permission of course.

Rhyeline smiles up at Annie and pulls her hand close to her cheek and nuzzles it as she curls up on her side. Looking to Keenan, she takes in his words and then lowers her gaze to consider them. With the sedative keeping her so calm, she is able to look back up at him and with a soft, shy smile and murmur, "I trust you will be careful and untangle the threads. You won't let this curse take me. Should not rush, I will be as patient as you have been with me while you replace the charm on my heart. Thank you." Without her fear of healers, the girl is a very well-behaved patient.

Hearing Clover mention the need to take blood, the girl holds out her arm for her. Feeling Annie's hand stroking gently through her hair once more, Rhyeline sighs peacefully, letting her eyes drift shut. But then she hesitates and peeks over at Alis. In a soft, voice, she murmurs in a dreamlike state, "Don't worry. I'm not afraid of cuts or blood. I can take pain. It was just- you see- when I was here the first time, I would fall asleep and days and days, weeks, almost a month would have passed when I woke. Each time I felt myself fading into sleep, I wondered if I would wake up again. And then- after what happened when- when the vials got loose here, I- well- I just get scared here now. But. I'm feeling better now."

Keenan resists the urge to give Rhyeline a pat on the hand himself, but he does answer her smile with one of his own that even crinkles the corners of his eyes. "I will be very careful, Miss Diderot," he assures her calmly. "And I'm glad ye understand that it will take time and patience. But ye're not going to be fading out on us. We'll see to that." He's there a moment more, then he looks to Clover and moves out of the way to give her room to work. "I'll wait until after Healer MacCurry is all set. It's not a good thing to collect blood right after a regulator charm has been done."

Little by little, as the healers have talked, Annie's chair has managed to scoot right up next to where Rhyeline lays. As the little witch herself finally speaks of trusting the healers Annie leans forward, turning her head to lay it next to Rhye's. She is relieved to hear those words and then Keenan's reassurances, so much so that, for a moment as her head rests near to her friend's, tears threaten. But she dams them back, they can wait until later when she's alone. She straightens again as Rhyeline directs her next words to Alis, blue eyes shifting and resting on the redheaded witch as she calmly continues to pet raven hair. Her expression melts into blandness, no feelings of any sort showing, although her eyes remain sharp. She shifts her body so as not to be in Clover's way, but otherwise remains where she is.

Clover goes to a cabinet and grabs all of the various little needles and things that she needs. Once Keenan is out of the way she gets set up. Her hands are very soft, and she only lightly touches Rhy's skin only where she needs to. "You will feel a small pinch, but nothing more." She says quietly. Thankfully, the art of drawing blood is ingrained on these poor healers from a young age, and no matter how long it's been since she's done it, she is able to get in, and get it done quickly, and once she is finished, she'll take the few vials of blood that she took and slip them into that same satchel she pulled the other potions out of. "There, all set. She's all yours O'Shea.

Rhyeline nuzzles her head against Annie's as she rests it down next to hers for a moment. Her dark gaze lingers upon Annie's face as her friend strokes her hand through her loose curls. The little one is thus distracted as Clover approaches to take blood. The girl is unafraid and simply continues to gaze up at Annie. Once it is over though, she looks up to the woman and murmurs, "Thank you. For helping to make sure that the curse doesn't take me."

Once Clover has what she needs, Keenan staps forward again, giving his colleague a grin. "All right, then, ladies. I'm sorry, Annie, but I'll need ye to sit up and away again. The boost could go through her and to ye instead, which would not help Miss Diderot. But after the two of ye can help her from the bed. She made need a little steadying at first, but there shouldn't be any continuing trouble with light headedness."

He turns his attention down to Rhyeline, and then gently touches her shoulder. "Miss Diderot, please lay on your back again. I'm not going to do anything different than I did the first time ye had this charm done, so ye know what to expect, aye? I'll send ye an owl in a couple days and we'll work out a treatment plan." He gives her a faint grin, and then he sobers with concentration to enact the charm again, giving a jolt that smoothes out into a regular heart beat.

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