(1938-01-12) Kaiden and Briar Break-Up
Details for Kaiden and Briar Break-Up
Summary: Kaiden reveals to Brair that she's always been his second choice. She dumps him.
Date: January 12th, 1938
Location: Hufflepuff Common Room
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It's the a while after "The Event" and Kaiden sits quietly in the Common Room flipping through a textbook. It's the weekend so most everyone is out and about having a good time. Kaiden, however finds himself on a couch with a textbook from which he occasionally looks up and darts his eyes around as if he's looking for someone.

Briar is all bundled up an looking like she's headed out, Prefect Patrol duties probably. "Hey." She greets with a smile as she does the finger squirming ritual to get her gloves on.

Kaiden almost falls off of the couch as he hears Briar's voice and looks up, gulping a bit before he says, "Oh, hey Briar." He does his best to put his eyes anywhere but on her and says, "How…are you?"

Briar gives him a very odd look. "Fine, was heading out to Patrol…what's…going on with you?" Her dark brows are puckered together and her head is tilted. She knows, probably better than most her boyfriends 'I've stepped in it' face.

Kaiden clears his throat and says, "NOH-thing." Oh, great, his voice cracked. He clears his throat again and looks up at her, "We…should have a talk." He pats the couch and scoots over to give her more room.

Briar crosses her arms and frowns when he lies to her rather blatantly. She just leans back against a table and looks at him expectantly. "What did you do?"

Kaiden turns to sit with a leg on the couch, looking up at her and says, "I kinda sorta maybe told Ophelia that I…still care about her." He quirks his lips and his eyes drop from her face.

Briar shakes her head, "Don't do that. Be a man and look me in the face when you're telling me you're cheating on me." She's gone stoney, not her usual outburst of anger. Just cold, the only show of how this news is affecting her is a single tear running down her cheek. She doesn't move to wipe the tear away. She's ignoring it.

Kaiden looks up at her and stands, straightening out his sweater. Once more, he clears his throat and he looks over at her, "Fair enough. I do still care for Ophelia. I don't know why, but I do."

Briar at least looks like she's able to respect him a bit more now, but another tear tumbles out of the other eye, "So much for being a one woman kind of man, huh?" The scarf around her neck is messed with and she stands up from her lean. "You two going to try again?" Her voice is flat, but occasionally quivers.

Kaiden quirks his lips and says, "I don't really know if she wants to try again. I don't know what's going to happen. What I /do/ know is that I don't want to treat you like my second choice." At this point, his own eyes are starting to well up.

Briar sniffs and finally wipes at her face, "Until a minute ago…I never felt that way. Of course maybe it's because I was an idiot and fell for everything you said. I trusted you. I don't give a shit if she wants to try again or not. The fact seems to be that you do. So good luck. I hope she breaks your heart." The stone coldness is melting away and the fuse making it's way closer to the Briar Bomb could almost be heard. Using her scarf to wipe at her face she makes for the door.

Kaiden just clasps his hands and sits down on the edge of the bar. He's messed up and he knows it. He takes in a deep breath and watches Briar as she walks off, "I-Just…don't *mutter* me."

Briar whirls about and blinks, "What?!" She stares at him like he was just speaking Japanese at her. Confused and hurt.

His head is hanging, but his eyes look up to her. "Don't…hate me. Please." He raises an eyebrow and raises his head, keeping his chin up as he prepares to be punched in it.

Briar chokes up, "I'm numb right now. You made me love you and then you cheat on me. Won't your sisters be proud. You don't even have spine enough to break up with me, so you can go try and be with your dream girl. That's going to break your cousin's heart and you're right back to the miserable existence you were in at the start of the year. But guess what, you're not going to have me to pull you out of it this time. I love you Kaiden. But yeah, I really hate you right now. So leave me alone."

Kaiden nods to her, not looking like the beat dog that he usually does, but instead just taking the beating like he's supposed to. He sniffs a bit and says, a bit under his breath, "I love you, too, Briar." He huffs out a breath.

Briar shakes her head and the fuse has reached her, she shakes her head and points at him like she had a wand in her hand and is cursing him to oblivion. "You never get to say those words again. It's a lie. You lied to me. So you don't get the honor of claiming that you do. I was your second choice, remember. Ophelia is the one you love. Cause you're willing to ruin lives and break hearts so you can be together. You've never meant those words so don't you fucking dare use them."

Kaiden stands up and says, "I /do/ love you, Briar. Do I care about you more than the majority of the other people in my life? Yes. Do I want to put you through a relationship with me when I don't even know what I want? No. So don't you dare propose to tell me how I feel about you."

Briar points up to her puffy tear stained face, "This isn't love Kaiden, being in tears over you more often than not is not love. It's torture. You don't have a clue what love is. You're a little boy that doesn't know what he wants, or care who he hurts as he tries to figure it out. So I will dare to tell you to stop spewing lies and bullshit attached to my name. You don't have a right to say those words. Go get the jacket and medicine bag."

Kaiden holds his tongue, which is a pretty new things for him, aswell and just disappears into the dorm for a few moments before he returns with the requested items. He folds the jacket over his arm as he walks back in and offers it and the bag over to Briar, staying quiet, but looking angry.

Briar takes the bag and shoves it into the jacket pocket irreverently. She then takes the jacket and actually puts it on. "I hope you get what you deserve Kaiden." The collar is flipped up and her face is cleaned up again and the entrance of a few housemates has her just quietly leaving hiding her face from everyone she passes with the veil of her hair.

Kaiden sits back down on the arm of the chair and nods to her, saying, "I hope you do, too. And it's not me." He wrings his hands and looks at the newcomers for a moment before standing back up and heading towards the dorms, "Goodbye, Briar."

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