(1938-01-12) Look Both Ways
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Summary: Eden stops in at Mungo's over a little thing memory troubles, and Keenan works his magic.
OOC note - Keenan player isn't really insane… we used a muggle test developed in the '70's to test memory and brain function associated with such. Since this is the '30's, it just goes to show how much more advanced wizard healing is than muggle medicine.
Date: 12 January, 1938
Location: St Mungos
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Unlike many of those that arrive at Mungo's, Eden does so with an appointment. AN excuse to leave work to do a follow up appointment after her work site accident, she taps her hands together, shifting uncomfortably in the sterile environment. Not once has she had to come in for anything in her life. This brings a tad bit of nervousness to the way she begins to head for the front desk, a wary smile on her lips. She clears her throat, lifting a hand to push her hair back behind her head and hands over the piece of paper with the expected appointment time. "Eden Eibon. I am here for a follow up memory charm appointment." She says as her dark eyes flit nervously about.

With his hair slightly rumpled, and one hand trying to push it back in order, Keenan brings the case from his last patient to the front desk, as Eden hands over her appointment slip to the receptionist. "Aye, Miss Eibon," he greets, overhearing the exchange. "I believe your appointment is with me," leaning over to verify, he lifts her chart from the pile, and nods. He gives it a little wave. "This way, please," and he waves the parchment to indicate the direction of the exam room. "It looks like ye had a problem with a broken wand?" he prompts as they walk, taking a glance over the parchment.

Eyes lift to Keenan, as if worried over the fact she is being seen so fast, "Yes..a broken wand." She steps away from the desk, thanking the receptionist and looking to the file he used to indicate her way. She follows after, perhaps a bit slowly before realizing she is doing such. The click of her pumps sound as she picks up the pace for a few seconds to catch up with him. "It was in the middle of working at a muggle site…in the process of oblivating when a stray flying gravy dish slammed into my hand and split my wand." She admits, a faint flush of color to her cheeks. She clears her throat and looks a tad uncomfortable.

Keenan nods. "Ye have to watch for those flying gravy dishes," he warns good naturedly. "Always look left and right before ye cast, they'll get ye every time." He holds a door open for her and lets her step through first. "Obliviate charm… have ye noticed that ye're forgetting anything, lately? Any troubles remembering things?"

A soft laugh and Eden flushes with a bright color, "Right, I will have to do just that. Next time." She amends and tilts her head, glancing into the room before taking her time upon entering. Turning on her heel, she offers him a faint smile. "My partner at the MAC did what he could and I have been here once already..but yes. I have to say I am..now its more short term stuff, recent things that I am being plagued with not remembering."

Keenan nods slowly, setting the chart aside for a moment as he motions towards a chair for her to take a seat. "All right, then. I'm going to start with a basic memory test. I'll ask ye some questions, they may seem very basic, and then we'll go one from there, aye? But before we begin, I'm going to give ye three words I want ye to try and remember." He pauses to make sure he has eye contact, then he say the following three words slowly. "Wand, Stone, Dog."

Taking a seat on the edge of the exam table, her ankles cross as her hands lower to grasp the edge of the table. Eden offers him a faint smile, "Alright, I will do my best to follow along." She promises, there is a that quirk of a smile. "I am not being graded, am I?" Its her turn at levity as she repeats the words to herself and then nods to him to conitnue.

"It's a test ye're going to want to pass," Keenan grins back. "All right. Shall we, then? What is today's date?"

"Well then I will hope for an outstanding." Eden lifts a brow at the first question and easily answers, "January the twelth of the year ninteen thirty-eight."

Keenan nods. "What year are we in?"

Pause. "I just answered that…nineteen thirty-eight." There is a quirk of a smile. "Trick question?"

Keenan gives an almost wink. "Something like that. What day of the week is it?" he asks, as he watches her with a slightly tilted head.

Eden actually has to think about that a moment and she parts her lips. "Uhhh..Saturday." SHe blinks and then looks a bit sheepish.

"And what season is it?" Keenan asks, his arms crossing loosely in front of him.

"Winter," Simple easy answer given back as a finger curls at the cot.

Keenan nods. "And what is the name of this building?"

Eden blinks at him and actually seems lost. "I am not sure actually ..wait Mungo's." Mungos for short. She would be hard pressed to repeat the entirety of it.

Keenan looks at Eden. "Can you give me the full name of this building?"

Looking about the room, she flushes with color and clears her throat, shaking her head. "No…" This seems to draw her brows into a deep furrow.

Keenan nods once and leans over, uncrossing one arm to tap a mark on his parchment with his wand. "What city are we in?" he asks lightly, continueing the questioning.

"London…" Eden sounds like she's beginning to doubt herself, voice trailing off as she looks to the parchement and his wand and then back up to him. The test is suddenly seeming a lot more hard.

Keenan nods. "Miss Eibon, ye're doing fine," he says quietly. "Just answer the questions and try not to think about it too much. What district are we in?"

"Okay, that one I do not know." She offers him a tentative smile and lifts her hand slowly, pushing at her dark hair so it falls behind her ear. Eden draws a breath and sets her hands back to her lap.

"We're in Holburn," Keenan tells her quietly. "What is this object?" he asks, pointing to the chair across from her.

"That is a chair." Eden is glad for one she can answer. "I lost memories, not my mind." She tells him with a fair amount of humor.

Keenan chuckles. "And this?" he asks, lifting his foot and pointing to his shoe.

There is a playful smirk as she says, "A very bad choice of footwear." Dark eyes lift to his and she adds quickly. "A shoe."

Keenan studies his shoe for a moment. "If you can find a pair of shoes that will still feel good at the end of the day, /and/ look good, I'll take my hat off to you," he proposes before putting his foot back down. "Can you spell the word 'world' backwards for me, please?"

"I will endeavor to do so, though I hope we will likely meet to see you take off your hat for other reasons than a damaged memory." Eden says and then lifts a brow at his request. "Dee el ar oh duboyou." She says with just a tinge of her scottish brogue coming out. She bites her lip.

Keenan nods. "Are ye right handed or left handed, Miss Eibon?"

"Right handed..yes." She says, lifting her hand. "Tis my wand hand." Eden replies and wiggles her fingers.

Keenan nods, and takes a blank piece of parchment which he hands over. "Please take this with your right hand, fold it in half, and set it on the bed behind you."

Its obvious by the expression on her face she is both curious and confused. Taking the paper with her right hand, she uses her left to fold it in half and then turns slightly to set it behind her, making sure it stands on the legs made with the point upward. She then turns forward, looking to him expectantly

Keenan grins as she makes the piece of paper stand up like a little tent. "Repeat after me.. 'No ifs, ands or buts'." He walks over to take the piece of paper from the bed behind her, and straightens it out again.

Following his movement with her head, she repeats. "No ifs, ands or buts." Her head tilts and she catches him working with the paper. She has not stopped being curious.

Keenan nods. "What were the three words I asked you to remember?"

Oh drat. Words. Eden hesitates and then parts her lips, closes her mouth. Parts her lips and once more closes it, looking dumbstruck. "I don't know.."

Keenan takes a quill and writes on the paper. "And the three words I gave you earlier?"

"You just asked that….I think. Right? You gave me three words…" Eden sounds like she's unsure of herself. "I don't know." Her hand lifts, rubbing at her jaw.

Holding up the piece of parchment, on which is written 'Close your eyes,' Keenan nods. "That's all right, just follow the directions on the paper, please."

Gazing at the wording and then back up at him, her lashes close and she lifts her chin, as if trying to be able to sense what she can not see. Hands curls at the edge of the table, tightening her grip.

Keenan walks over to stand in front of Eden. "Ye can open your eyes, Miss Eibon," he says quietly. He pulls out his wand, and does a circular motion around her head, then taps it lightly to each temple with the incantation. Giving a nod of satisfaction, it seems the spell has confirmed his suspicions. "I know it seemed odd that I was asking so many questions, but the brain quite complicated, and the funtions it performs are interconnected. I wanted to make sure that your recognition and problem solving skills hadn't been effected as well. It would do little good to fix your memories if other part of your brain weren't functioning properly." He sits down in front of her in the chair. "The brain is too delicate an instrument to not make sure I'm doing a thorough job."

She can hear him moving but it is not until he bids her to open her eyes that she does so. Lashes lift and her gaze focuses on him as he moves his wand. Following the motion briefly, Eden draws a breath expectantly - waiting for him to explain what is exactly wrong with her. Well she knows what it is to some extent. Looking down to him as he sits, herself a bit raised up due to the cot. "I understand. I appreciate the thoroughness…but is everything going to be fine then?" A hopeful tinge sounds in her voice.

Keenan gives a brief smile. "Yes, it's only been ye're short term memory that has been affected, which is a fairly simple fix. Ye will have some troubles the next few days, since ye have been forgetting things already, and remembering those things may be a problem. However, after I perform the proper sequence of charms, ye should find that ye can remember a Wand, Stone and Dog for more than the few seconds it takes to repeat them." He pauses. "I can give ye a potion that helps concentration to take for the next few days, as well. It will give you a boost in catching up."

A look of utter relief floods across her face and a smile blossoms, eating through her earier apprenhension to show the confident woman beneath. Eden lets out a soft laugh, "Excellent, that is just good news." Her shoulders lower and the tension drains from her. A nod is given in regards to the potion. "I will gladly take the potion, yes." She says and her smile curls further. "I am going to need it, would hate to forget what I am doing while on the job one day. Wouldn't Regulus just love that."

Keenan grins and nods, standing up again. "All right, then. Shall we?" he asks. "Close your eyes again, please Miss Eibon. I don't want any distractions for ye as I work." He holds his wand up, preparing himself for the charm.

Eden draws a breath, a bit of tension seeping ack to her shoulders as he readies his wand. Her eyes slide shut and her chin lifts as she adjusts the way she sits. Her smile crooks and she nods her head. "At your mark." Again, a bit of humor and then she lifts her brows, as if waiting to feel the woven charmwork descend upon her.

She can hear a short chuckle from the healer before he steps up to her again. The weaving of the charms doesn't take too long at all, and seems to have very little physical effect that can be felt. It is, in fact, almost anticlimatic in a way. But then it is done, and he's requesting that she open in her eyes. "Now, as I tell my patients, don't 'try it out' so to speak. Don't get up and start trying to actively remember things just to prove to yourself that ye have your memory back. Just let things happen as they will, and like I said, don't be alarmed if ye still have some problems the next couple of days. And…" he takes the sheet of parchment from earlier, rips the bottom half, and writes down a quick note. "If ye take this to the Plant and Potions Poisoning floor, they will give ye the potion I spoke of."

Her chin lifts and eyes slide open, expecting something to be immediately different - but then doesn't everyone? Eden can not help but smile lopsidedly at him and look a bit foolish. "Ah yes, I won't go exercising my memory…thank you." She admits and then watches him write out that script. Slowly, she slides down from the cot and gets to her feet, reaching out to take that offered bit for the potion. "You have been decidedly easy to deal with, thank you for that. I will do my best to do as you say and then some. I would hate to have to come back." She says, "Not that I minded speaking with you…I just am not a fan of being ill in any fashion that requires medical assistance." But she folds the prescription over and then starts to make for the door, but pauses, "I am..cleared then?"

Once he was finished with the charms, and handed over the script, Keenan pulled over Eden's information to update. "Ye've been one of my easier patients for the day, Miss Eibon. It was a pleasure, as far as it can be, to be of assistance," he looks up with a pleasant grin, although there's still some kind of distance in the eyes, perhaps the professional barrier that keeps the amiability from being too familiar. "Ye are free to go, yes. Have a good afternoon. And don't forget to look both ways."

There is a short cut laugh at his last and a sparkle enters those dark eyes for a brief moment. "Yes, sir. Of course. I will do so, always." Eden salutes him with two fingers and as she reaches the door, pauses and for dramatic effect, leans out and looks both ways in and overdone fashion before her heeled feet take her out safely. She shoots him a grin and winks before heading to get her potion.

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