(1938-01-12) Studies Over Breakfast
Details for Studies Over Breakfast
Summary: Evie tries to hide away for breakfast, but instead of finding a new hiding spot for herself… she finds Conall's.
Date: January 12th, 1938
Location: Empty Classroom

It's right in the midst of the breakfast hour on a crisp, cold Saturday morning. Eibhlin might have been witnessed within the Great Hall, briefly. In and back out, having grabbed a plateful of food and a cup full of hot tea. With satchel across her body, she made her way out. Some quip about needing to study made to a housemate. Up and up and up the stairs she went until she came across a classroom that -ought- to be empty. She's settled in at one of the tiny tables, Ancient Runes book propped up. The redhead eats as she reads, fairly intent on her task.

Unfortunately, it's not. As in the far back, with satchel on a table, sits Conall. Reading from his own History of Magic book. Having been in the great hall only long enough to eat bread before he had left. Though he seems to have gotten little sleep as his attention isn't as good as usual and Evie is able to slip in without him noticing anything.

That tendency to be absentminded? It's very obvious in the here and now. Eibhlin's chin was kept down and she's zeroed in on her task. The teen reaches out with spoon in hand to turn the page of her book. The table rattles and a crystal ball balanced on it falls and rolls away, heading towards Conall's table. The redhead gets up to retrieve it, but stops halfway. "Oh. Ah. WHen did you come in?"

Conall hears the crystal ball fall and therefore looks up from his book. Spotting her and smiling a bit. "Well, hi. Not so long ago, perhaps ten minutes or so. You? I'm sorry that I didn't notice you." Looking a little awkward now. Though at the same time glad to see her.

"Just before me," Eibhlin admits in a quiet voice, flushing in embarassment. She finally catches up to the crystal ball, picking it up and tossing it about in her hands a bit. "I… guess I was thinking about my paper in Runes too much." She bites at her lip, glancing down at the divination tool in her hands. "Guess we both had the same idea."

Conall smiles, "Seem so." He offers about having come before her. Putting his book aside. "Yeah, I was rather caught up in my own book as well. I have been doing quite a bit of transfiguration lately with studying it and helping others. Ancient runes has been fairly easy. But thought that I might need to know a bit more about the magical history." He explains. Watching the tool as well. "I guess so. Is that a bad thing?" He asks. He could leave if she wants, after all.

"I needed to give my mind a break from Transfiguration for a bit," Eibhlin says with a small smile. She turns the crystal ball in her hands, looking it over. Not meeting his gaze at the moment. "I enjoy Runes, so I figured I'd get an early start on my paper. It's… refreshing in a way." She does glance up at the end, rolling her shoulder in a shrug. "I don't think it's a bad thing, no."

Conall smiles still, watching her a bit. "Anything bother you? Other than the obvious, perhaps?" He asks. Smiling a bit at her last. "I can leave if you'd rather be alone? Or I can change over to runes to help you, if you want. I still need to study it a bit as well after all."

"N-no," Eibhlin says at length, moving back to her table to carefully replace the crystal ball. She sets the tool on its stand, moving the entire thing off to the side a bit to avoid a repeat. Once she's sat down, the Prefect picks up her tea to take a long drink. "What… ah, what are you studying in Transfiguration? Maybe I can get a head start on next year." Change of subject anyone?

Conall blinks and shrugs at the question. "Well, we have been using more of the more advanced things in transfiguration. A lot of learning to use the different types more efficiently. What had you thought of taking for your sixth year?" He asks with a small smile. Staying in the far back for now. Since she seem a bit nervous. So is he after all.

"I haven't decided yet," Eibhlin admits with a bit of a shrug. She flips a page in her Ancient Runes text with one hand, dipping spoon into porridge with the other. She takes the spoonful and swallows, glancing over towards Conall. "Runes, certainly. Maybe Potions and Herbology if I score well enough."

Conall nods, "Well, I can at least help with runes out of those." He offers with a bit of a smile. "Perhaps you can help me with further study on potions. I will have to see though. I probably won't study anything about it,. But thought that maybe I should know a bit of it. At least a bit more." He shrugs. IT's not one of his NEWT-classes but he sometimes find it interesting. But it isn't really his strong point. "And… I'm sorry about yesterday." Not saying more about it but at least wanting to apologize for it. Sure, they only danced. But he did seem to make her uncomfortable and she does have a boyfriend. Or so he was told at least.

"Unfortunately, Runes is one of the few I never need help with." Unfortunate for their tutoring sessions then. "Arithmancy is likely what I'll end up dropping first," Eibhlin adds as she turns another page. "I find it interesting, but I don't see the divinatory merit in it. Potions, I can go over things when you'd like. I find the logic of it soothing." She looks over to Conall, spoon in mouth. She doesn't move for a moment, but soon she lets it go and sets the untensil on the plate in front of her. "Oh… no, it's fine, faolchu. Your singing is just as good as ever."

Conall nods, "Well, if you ever want I could still study with you." He says with a shrug. Nodding about the rest. At least the potions part. "I dropped arithmancy and divinations." Still trying to share something about himself to her. Even though what he shared she might have found out easily enough. Smiling at the compliment. "Thanks."

"I never picked up divinations," Eibhlin admits, glancing around the room. "It's all too… amorphous for me." She looks back to her plate, pushing food around a bit before taking up a scone to bite into. She's quiet a moment, before looking over. "Thank you for the help in transfiguration… I'm doing better in class already."

Shifting in his chair a bit as Conall studies her for a moment, nodding to her words, "I understand. I picked them both up and compared them a bit. I think both was decently interesting. But other things were more interesting." Seeing her look over to find him looking her way makes him glance aside and perhaps getting a little pink colored. Although that can also be because of him thinking back to the rose that was found, as she mentioned the help he gave her. "Happy to help." He tells her and looks back to her with a smile.

"Let's see if I can still get it right," Eibhlin decides, figuring a more focused topic might be best. Whether it is or not, well, she doesn't quite know. At the very least, it will keep her from those furtive glances for a few moments. She finishes the scone and moves a plain roll to the center of her plate. "Lessee… a small cake, perhaps?" She gets out her wand and pushes back her sleeves, taking a deep breath as she closes her eyes to start the visualization.

Conall watches her, nodding at her words. Watching as she is trying to do the transfiguration. Looking quite curious in what she will make, and if she will be able to do it.

The fates are not with Eibhlin today. Maybe it's the fact that she's put herself on the spot. Or the inherit difficulties in transfiguring one food to another. Either way, when she opens her eyes and waves her wand, the roll simply ends up with a pink and white coloration to its surface. Otherwise, it's remained a simple bread roll. Her cheeks flush with embarassment once more. "Damn," she murmurs.

Conall slips off and over towards her. "Ease your mind a bit." He tells her. Moving to her. "Let me help again. Calm yourself and trust on me." He offers. If she agrees to it then he will help her to stand and slip in behind her. "Try and do it slowly, there is no need to stress the process."

"Shame I won't be able to bring you in on the exam," Eibhlin says as she gets to her feet. Her cheeks still burn, though it could be the embarassment or the fact that he's close to her again. Talking about studies is easy. It doesn't reveal anything deep, but it's something important to them both. She takes a deep breath and stares at the roll. "A small cake. Chocolate. White icing. Keep it simple, right?" She tries to focus on the object itself, rather than the Hufflepuff so near to her.

Conall chuckles, "Yeah, a shame." Trying not to pay attention to her burning cheeks. Not able to fully reach her arm wrist makes him shift a bit. Focusing on the roll as well. Which causes him to push his chest so that it is against her back. As she is busy she might not notice the pounding of his heart. "Exactly. Start with breaking it together and builiding it up. And when you can imagine the visual and perhaps even the taste and the details of cake itself, cast the spell."

Thankfully, Eibhlin does not notice the pounding of his heart. Perhaps because of her own. Or more likely because she is prone to being unobservant. The redhead's free hand comes up and she pushes her hair back behind her ear. "The taste, right," she says faintly, drawing in a deep breath as she works on that visualization again. Upon exhaling, she moves her wand and the roll changes fluidly into a small cake, with peaked frosting.

Conall smiles and nods, "Perhaps smell as well. If there is one." He explains. Trying to get her to imagine the actual item and not just the picture of it. And it seems to work as it becomes a nice small caked. "Nicely done." He offers, staying perhaps a little too long, but soon enough he does break the body contact. "See? You just have to be calm. Collect your mind. I am sure that after a few times you will be able to do it perfectly." His smile being rather wide now.

Though she's a little quick to move forward once Conall moves back, perhaps it's just to see the results of her work. She is known to have quite the sweet-tooth. Eibhlin puts her wand away and picks up the cake, separating it into two pieces. She extends one to Conall, giving him a half-smile. "Or I'll find myself begging Professor Dumbledore to allow me to have a sixth year at hand during class and exams."

Conall smiles and nods, "Thanks." He offers about the cake and will take the offered piece. As for begging the professor, he chuckles. "I don't think he would agree to it, unfortunately. He would probably just think that I am helping you cheat. You can always try if you want though." A bit amused at the thought.

"I'd rather not have to hunt you down every time I need to transfigure something," Eibhlin says with a brief smirk. She retakes her seat, finishing off the half of the cake she retained for herself. It must have come out alright because she licks her fingers clean of any remaining frosting. "I guess I just need more practice before I go showing off to anyone else."

Conall grins and shrugs, "Perhaps not. You just have to hope that I am around for the time being." He teases her a bit in that perhaps. Finishing his own piece. Nodding a bit and moving around some. "So… What have you been reading about the ancient runes?" He asks. Trying to keep casual conversation.

The book is shifted so that Conall may see the cover. 'Magical Hieroglyphs and Logograms.' Eibhlin sets it back in place and picks up her tea to finish it in a couple of gulps. Food things are stacked off to the side for a house elf to find at some point. Hopefully prior to the next class. "We're supposed to select a charm and write a short essay on the comparisons of the modern-day usage and the symbols that are connected to it and how they evolved."

The book is shifted so that Conall may see the cover. 'Magical Hieroglyphs and Logograms.' Eibhlin sets it back in place and picks up her tea to finish it in a couple of gulps. Food things are stacked off to the side for a house elf to find at some point. Hopefully prior to the next class. "We're supposed to select a charm and write a short essay on the comparisons of the modern-day usage and the symbols that are connected to it and how they evolved."

Conall watches the cover for a moment. Studying it beforelooking back to Eibhlin. "Ah. Well that is nice. I believe I remember that from last year." He tells her and smiles. Finding a spot to sit down with her. "History of Magic and Ancient Runes are rather similar at times. At least in that they both can use the same thing but studying different things in it. Such as a city. History will tell about the magic and the city in itself while the ancient runes can go into the symbols of it and so forth." He offers his piece and then smiles to her before remembering to gather his own things and returns to sit next to her. Putting his books in his satchel for now.

"I don't know how you can stand Professor Binns," Eibhlin says once Conall has returned. There's a vague hint of teasing to her tone, lips quirked in a grin. "I love reading up on the history, but he puts even me to sleep. I'd rather just read and learn what I need to on my own." She looks to her text again, turning a few pages until she comes to one with some in-depth study of hieroglyphics. "I like the deeper things the symbols represent. They can contain so much in one little image."

Conall grins at her words. "Well, it isn't easy. Though the things he speak of can be interesting at times. Then again it is one of the subjects I had more trouble with because of it." He will chuckle at that and then look at her boon again. "I agree. I enjoy it as well as artifact lore. They are interesting things." He does however take a glance from the book and to her face as she studies it.

Her features are fairly smooth. Eibhlin dissembles well, but it's more of an inborn trait than a practiced one. When focused, she shows little outwardly. It's a large part of why she's generally unobservant. There's a small sound made as her eyes trace the page. She glances up, across the table to Conall. "I've not gotten much into artifact lore. There's… little in our studies for it."

How could Conall not admire her at times then. Perhaps not openly said so. The furthest probably having been when tutoring her in transfiguration. The rose and all that. Occasionally he will look to the ancient rune book. Soon picking up his own. Having a bit of other runes. And perhaps slightly more advanced in the uses and more about the runes in particular. "I think magical history will have more of it in the sixth year. The ancient runes I do believe will touch at it as well." He explains. "And father of course."

"Magical History is a bit low on my list of what I wish to continue in," Eibhlin admits with the air of secrecy, underlined by humor. "I can just pick up books from the library as needed." She lowers her book to look across to his, expression brightening: "Is that Advanced Rune Translation? I've heard it really goes into depth, covering the runes with multiple meanings. We've started using Spellman's Syllabary for translating longer texts, but someone mentioned that the poetry doesn't really translate until you get to the sixth year studies." Runes might well be her favorite class, by the way she talks about it.

Conall smiles and nods to her. Having enjoyed runes as well. He just didn't do too well with it to a start. But as he got into it he thought that it was fun. Although things concerning magic just comes naturally to him. Which explains his skills with charms and defense against the dark arts. Even transfiguration, even if he is a bit slower there. There is a bright smile in return to her. Perhaps because of her smile. "I still need to know a bit of potions to make my mother proud as well. Since she does know a bit of it." Explaining the reason why he wants to learn it a little at least. Evie could probably know him best, or at least second best, in the school.

For Eibhlin, it's the theory that comes easily for most things. She can get the pronounciation of a charm, the recipe for a potion, or the math behind arithmancy. In practice, however, she finds herself struggling somewhat more. Too literal at times… but Conall has been helping her past that, it seems. Unlocking her potential. "Well, we can set up in the workroom sometime and practice a few. I need to work on some of the trickier recipes anyway."

Nods. He does know enough to pass with an A on the OWLs. "Sounds good." He answers her. He then opens his book. Moving to the part he is at. Starting to read a bit. Studying each rune and so forth. "This is nice."

It will also enable Eibhlin to practice some alternate methods of things like crushing, chopping, and adding that she's read of. Ways to alter recipes without ruining the end result. The workroom is the best place for such risky tactics. She gets into her studies as well, flipping pages every so often. When Conall speaks up again, she looks up. "What is?"

Conall continues to be occupied by his own work. Watching and flipping the pages. At her words he smiles at her. Trying to decide if she should explain or not. A long silence then before he finally says, "Hanging out and studying. It makes it a bit easier." Not wanting to give her the whole truth but not wanting to hide it all from her. But he can't really be too selfish. He already has been quite selfish in telling her all he has. Despite her having a boyfried. That does pain him a bit. But as usual he keeps it to himself.

Poor Eibhlin. A part of her knows, of course, this effect she has on him. What he wants, what he feels. Yet she enjoys the comfortable closeness and the friendship. She's too selfish to give that up, even if a small part of her knows it'd save his feelings in the long run. She bites at her lip a moment after his response, staring at her book. Finally, she adds: "You're right… it is nice."

Conall smiles and nods. Doing his best to respect her relations. Occupying his mind with his book instead. Relaxing a bit. "Which reminds me, you still owe me some practice with the language." He tells her and winks. "You heading to Hogsmeade next week?" He asks her and glances up from his book.

"I do," Eibhlin says, glancing up again. A bit of amusement shining in her eyes, creasing them at the corners. "I've not forgotten. I've just been trying to find a phrase book around…" Unlike some of her other languages, she hasn't needed one for the Irish Gaelic. "I'll just start writing some things up for you if I don't find one." She lowers her book, leaning against the table. "Always," she offers in response to the question. "I'll be about run out of candy by then."

There is a hint of amusement in Conall's eyes as well. Nodding to her words. "Well, I do know a bit of it. I just need to continue to actually learn to get it fluently. Probably shouldn't be too hard." He offers before shrugging. There is a tug at the corner of his mouth towards a grin as she speaks about running out of candy. "Ah, okay. Heading there with O'Hara?" Not wanting to force himself on them if they want some time alone.

"Well, I'll think of good conversations to practice then. Stuff like where's the loo and how much for that butterbeer." Eibhlin grins and looks back to her book. The last question does bring pause and she leans back, letting gaze drift to the ceiling. "Ahh… I don't know. We haven't discussed it yet."

Conall nods, "Sounds good. I think I will learn quick enough." He says and smiles a little bit. As for her reaction to the last question he tilts his head a bit and looks thoughtful. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry. Just thought that I would perhaps stay away if you wanted some privacy. Else perhaps we could gather some friends and have a fun time?"

"No, no, it's alright," Eibhlin says, lowering her chin to study Conall for a moment. "I was just making sure I wasn't forgetting anything." It happens sometimes. Have a conversation, go to read… forget the conversation. "I think it'd be fun. Maybe get a group together at the Broomsticks one evening? We've got a few musicians around."

There is a nod and Conall will smile a bit at her reaction. As for her forgetting, he grins. "I remember that." He admits a bit playfully. "Sounds good. And we indeed do. I am sure that Kalyx will be coming along as well. She can offer some dancing and I am guessing at a couple more that will probably want to join, Alexei, Kaiden, Briar perhaps." A pause then before he adds, "Gabrielle. I know you don't get along, but I think she needs it." Not sure if Eibhlin has heard about it yet or not. That she and Jackson had broken up. A small smile to see Eibhlin's reaction.

"I try to get along with Gabrielle," Eibhlin says, exhaling in a long sigh. "But I never say the right thing… and I think she believes the rumors about what happened to Julian." That Evie supposedly pushed him. She shifts a bit in her chair, fussing with the edge of a page in her book. "Do… you know what's going on with Kaiden? Hephaesta… thinks Ophelia might leave her to start dating him again."

Conall nods, "What did happen to Julian? I mean, I heard he fell down the stairs. I know you. I don't think you would do it. But you might know what happened?" He asks. Smiling weakly. As for Kaiden, he sighs. "No. I saw their reaction to meeting each other. Either they are just glad to spend time together again, or there is more. I don't want to see Briar or Hephaesta hurt though." He sighs. Then perhaps thinking about their own situation. Though he just shake that thought out of his mind. For now.

"We were… talking and it's been a bit awkward…" Eibhlin hasn't really talked to anyone about what happened, but if she were to… well, Conall is one of the only choices there. Ophelia is another, but she suspects her housemate has other issues right now. "The stairway began to shift before he stepped over to the landing and he wasn't paying attention. I was too far ahead to catch him or…" She gives a shrug, slouching and staring at her hands. "It was my fault, but not in the way people are saying."

Conall listens and nods, "Well, Julian could explain, couldn't he?" Though as she blames herself, he shakes his head. "You can't keep an eye on everything. It was an accident. One has to be careful when moving on the stairs." He worries for her. Since she is staring at her hands he lifts his hand to her cheek to try and turn her to look at him. "I mean it. You can't blame yourself for it. Things happen. It was just an accident. Can you trust me when I say that?"

There's a slight shiver that runs through Eibhlin when Conall touches her cheek. Eyes close and she draws in a long breath. "I'm not sure if you know him, but he's… not always clear about things." Like his interest in her, before it was too late. Eyes open and she focuses on the Hufflepuff for the time. "I… I want to, but… I still feel responsible."

Conall listens and is clearly worried. "I don't know him too well, no. But I take your word for it. How have things been weird between you?" He asks. Perhaps dvelving into things more than he should. The closed eyes and deep breath makes him uncertain as to what to do. Wishing he could hold her. Perhaps like he has in the past. But able to resist. "You are kind, as you always have been. Why would they doubt you? And I know that you feel responsible." A tiny smile as he is trying to resist. Not pulling away his hand yet though. Just slightly, letting his hand hover right next to her cheek.

Shoulders round in and Eibhlin slumps a bit. She's not prone to opening up, oh no, but this is something that needs to find its way out. And slowly, it does… "Because I spurned him," she says in a voice barely above a whisper. "He told me he loves me. The day before New Years Eve. I… I was already seeing Dale at that point. I'd already turned down Donovan." Arms fold across chest, hands clasping at her sides. "I can't even imagine what some people think of me."

Conall listens and nods, "I see. Well… I suppose I understand. Though it isn't your fault that you didn't feel the same as he did. Nor as Donovan." For now not mentioning himself, even though he believes it to be true. "Dale is lucky." He will force his hand away from him then and closing his hand. The warmth from her cheek still felt in his hand. "They shouldn't think much bad about you. People fell for you. That isn't your fault." Himself probably having had some liking him as well, but perhaps stayed away from most in that sort of fashion. "Well, I will always be here fo you at least." He says and offers a comforting smile. Warm.

"Donovan's just a flirt," Eibhlin points out, features scrunching up. "At least people don't feel bad for him." Especially not with how he's treated Theodore as of late. She glances towards Conall as he pulls his hand back. "Apparently Julian's liked me for a while… maybe even before you and I dated. I… never knew. But other people did, so…" She shrugs, exhaling at length. There's a small smile at his offer, "I… I know you will. I'm glad. I… kind of wish-" she cuts herself off, falling quiet and looking back to her book.

Conall nods, "I suppose I can believe you on that. And I have to agree with Gabrielle a bit. Donovan acted a bit rude against Theodore. Though he shouldn't be provocative. He should get to do as he wish though. I still wonder why he quit. But if he has no wish to return, it is too bad. But it is his choice. He seems like a nice guy though. If perhaps with a temper." He shrugs. Smiling still, if faintly. Nodding, "Well, you know that I liked you early as well. Although I was probably a lot different from now." Though as she cut herself off he furrows his brows. "I am guessing what you were going to say, but please. Tell me." He says and studies her.

"Theodore and Donovan both have the same kind of temper… I think they're both in the wrong, for different reasons." It's easy to see when you're on the outside. Not so much when you're caught up in things. Like she is with her own troubles. Eibhlin leans back in her chair, slouching somewhat. She does glance up towards Conall, lips turning upwards slightly. "You told me. Julian… never said anything to me." She picks a bit of fuzz off of her robe, falling quiet. As if she might choose to ignore his request. She does, however, speak again: "I kind of wish we were back when we were dating… Everything was much easier to deal with."

Conall shrugs, "True, I suppose. I think they are more alike than they wnat to admit though." He grins a bit at that. Though as she goes on, he smiles. If just faintly. The last words get mixed feelings though. A long moment of silence. Perhaps even a few minutes. "I do too. But I had my chance. I can't ask you to break up. I can only ask that you are happy." Smiling to her then, wanting to encourage her. "I'm sorry if I am being pushy. I don't mean to."

"I wouldn't even if you did ask," Eibhlin says softly. She looks to her lap again, picking at more bits of fuzz. All the kittens in Ravenclaw mean fur -everywhere-. Peony must be miserable. "I am happy, Conall." She gets to her feet, gathering up her book. She leans over to place a light kiss on his cheek, should he allow. "If I'm ever not… I'll let you know. I promise."

Conall listens and nods. "I will just have to try and move on, right?" He offers and forces a smile. Perhaps a bit much to melt at once, but he had guessed that it would be like this. "I think Julian still had more guts than me. I showed you that I cared. But I never…" He shakes his head. "Well, never mind that now." Rising to his feet as well and feeling her kiss to his cheek which makes him close his eyes, and return it with a kiss to her cheek. Nodding slowly. "I think I would have to wait a long time for that." He says and tries at a bit of a light hearted joke. "I think I just got too much time to think between no more OWLs to study for and my injury." Another sigh leaving him. "I'll see you around." He says and gathers his own things.

Eibhlin exhales slowly as Conall gathers his things. She shoves her book into her satchel, getting to her feet. "I… hope you don't wait long at all. It'd be great to see you happy." At the risk of making matters worse, she shuffles out of the classroom before she says something she'd surely end up regretting.

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