(1938-01-13) Burn Victims Club
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Summary: Lucian takes a chance on Gabrielle, and the two discover they have more in common than they ever realized.
Date: January 13, 1938
Location: Workshop
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Gabrielle has been scarce from…everywhere lately. She's not been in the Great Halls for meals,although many students skip or bribe house elves for food. she's not been to the Club Room either. In fact, she's tucked away in the Workshop, in a corner, on the ground, with a transfig book open and her wand out. She look exhausted, hair's thrown back in a messy pony tale, and she has puffy eyes from most likely crying. She's got a pencil laying on the ground next to her, but she's not casting at this point.

The workshop door opens to a a somewhat familiar scene, at least to Lucian. Lingering in the doorway, he recalls his words from their last meeting. "You know, you really should have a Prefect around if you're going to be casting outside of study hall." He smirks, leaning up against the archway.

Gabrielle looks up as the door opens, sighs when she sees who it is and then looks back down to the pencil. "Then dock Ravenclaw points." And she'll try to cast…and nothing happens…

Lucian chuckles, wandering further in. "I can't. I can only dock Slytherin. Hey…you never came around yesterday. Did I drive you off completely?"

Gabrielle makes a face, but it's at her wand, not him. She'll rotate her wrist and look like she's going to try again, "No…yesterday was just…bad." Her voice is rather quiet.

Lucian finds a perch on a bench nearby, leaning his elbows on his knees. "Bad how?" He takes his wand out, but just fiddles idly with it.

Gabrielle closes her eyes for a moment, then just says in the same voice, "Bad." She'll then open her eyes,and cast again, the pencil this time turning into the quill. she'll not even smile at the correct transfiguration.

Lucian, however, does smile. His tutoring paid off! "Heeey! Plumafors! Well done, Evans." He gestures indicatively with his wand. "You did that effortlessly. See, you can get this. So…do you still want my help?"

Gabrielle looks down at her wand, or maybe it's her hand, hard to tell."I told you, it's like it's…a roll of the dice. Sometimes it is fine, and other times…."She'll shrug. "I need to understand it enough to pass the apparition test…." she'll scoot on the floor some, she looks stiff, like maybe she's been there for a bit.

"Apparition?" Lucian lifts his brow. "Well, that's another ball of wax entirely. I'd offer to help with that, but…you know…Anti-Apparition Jinxes, and all that." He gestures generally around. "Look, I want to help you. But there's only so much I can do as long you're not telling me what's really going on." He lifts his hands as if to stop her before she bolts. "I'm not pushing. You obviously have secrets. That's fine. I'm just saying this will be harder if you keep them from me."

Gabrielle nods, "I know, but I know all this is…"and she'll motion at the book, "foundation." She doesn't like like she's going to bolt, she looks to tired to. "Why should things be easy now?" It's an honest question, but she's not expecting an answer. "I need to know this….No questions. If you touch my arm." She'll watch him, to see if he agrees.

"It's your call," Lucian nods. "Fine, no questions. But I'll answer yours. It should be easier because everyone deserves a break now and then. Even human punching bags like us."

Gabrielle huffs, but it's still quiet. She'll nod and close the book in front of her, and will start to get to her feet. As she moves, it's obvious she's been here awhile, in that position.As she stands she'll twist her foot around, like maybe it's asleep. "What time is it?"

Lucian shrugs, "I dunno. Eight o'clock? Why, got somewhere to be? I figured we could breeze through a chapter or two of your book."

Gabrielle shakes her head no, "No…I don't have anywhere to be…" She'll warble a bit before she gets her land legs and will walk over to a table. Both her shirt and skirt are wrinkled. She'll look down and attempt to smooth out her skirt, to no avail. A soft, not really happy chuckle escapes her, "I don't see how Ria can always be so not wrinkled…" She knows why, but doesn't know the charm to do it…and really doesn't care that much.

Lucian chuckles. "It's because she hunts down wrinkles with an unholy vengeance." He rises and moves toward her. "Do you want to try some more transfigurations?"

Gabrielle gives a yeah look and nods. She's seen Ria do it. Hell, she's had Ria do it to her clothes. She'll shrug, "Sure..not like I have anything else to do." There's a touch of bitter, directed at …something. Doesn't feel like it's at Lucian though. She'll lay her book down, and bend her right wrist, stretching it out.

Every time Lucian notices her tending to her right arm, he becomes even more acutely aware of his left. His hand goes to his forearm, rubbing it distractedly. "Um…right. Okay, so, you get the basic idea, right? The closer the final form is to the original, the easier the transfiguration. That doesn't mean just looking the same. It's about what the thing really is. Even turning a stone mouse into a real mouse is very hard, because the difference between stone and living flesh is huge."

Gabrielle nods, "The material is more important than the shape.Size is relative." She'll then stop fussing with her wrist and look at him rubbing his arm. She'll frown, glancing up at him, not sure what he's doing.

"Sort of. It's less about the material, and more about the essence of the thing. Living. Dead. Inanimate. Element. That sort of thing." Then he notices the frown, and frowns right back at her. "What?"

"So…it's not as complicated as one metal to another, just one inanimate object to another?" And then Gabby'll narrow her eyes, and pointedly look to where he's rubbing his arm.This is starting to feel like a set up.

Lucian follows her gaze to his arm, and immediately snaps his own hand away, tucking his left arm a bit behind him, out of view. "It's…um…no…well, sort of," he stumbles over his words, trying to get back on track. "One bronze thing to another bronze thing will..uh…it'll be easier than, say, bronze to tin. Though, don't even try to turn anything to precious metals. Especially gold."

Gabrielle blinks…ok maybe that wasn't him mocking her….but it was weird. "But bronze to tin is easier than bronze to wood, right?" ok, she'll give him an out. She'll roll her eyes, "Well, yeah. No gold." Even someone without any knowledge knows that. "What do you want me to do?"

Lucian nods in affirmation to her question about tin and wood. "Well, you seem to have gotten the quill spell down. Want to try something a little harder?"

Does he not listen, it only works half the time…"Sure…like what?" She'll pull out her wand, tilting her head some. As she does so, a loose lock of hair escapes her messy pony tale, falling into her eyes. She doesn't move it.

"You have a quill. Let's see if you can transfigure it into a bird. The spells is 'Avifors.'" Lucian then gestures with his wand, showing her the twirling motion.

Gabrielle watches the hand motion, trying to memorize it. She lift her wand, and not cast, but try to copy the motion. She has the basics, but it's still a bit jerky in places. She seems to know too, as she watches her hand, with almost a glare.

Lucian opens his mouth, then snaps it shut, remembering his promise. He steps up beside her, lifting a hand, but not touching her arm. "Can I?"

For a brief moment, Gabby looks like she's going to run, but then she'll nod her head and stare at her own hand. When Lucian does, he can immediately feel a few things. First is, she's trembling slightly. Second is, assuming he's touching her near her wrist, it feels like there's a bandage of some kind underneath her shirt.It's thick, almost canvasy feeling, through her blouse. And he can tell that her blouse is old, been washed many times, it has that soft worn feel to it.

It's obvious that he's noticed something. There's just no way around it, with the way he pauses once he has a grip on her wrist. "Ah…so…um…it's a motion like a 'J.' You dip low, then swish upward, like you're telling the target to take flight. But it's got to be in the wrist, not the elbow." He tries to manipulate her wrist to make the motion smoothly. It's slow at first, then he repeats it several times, getting faster each time.

She's nervous, Gabby can't hide that. But she does try, and will focus on the motion. The trembling doesn't ever stop, but it subsides quite a bit. She'll try to not wince a few times, it's only really noticeable if Lucian's looking at her face,around her eyes…a tightening. After he's done showing her she'll nod, and take a deep breathe, "Avifors."

Lucian stands back to watch, and smirks proudly as the feather shifts into a little dove and takes flight around the room. "Well done, Evans. See? You've got this. We'll have you up to Fifth Year Transfiguration within a month or two, I'll bet."

Gabrielle watches the bird for a moment then let's the breathe she was holding out. She doesn't quite smile, but it's not a frown. She'll look to Lucian, against studying him for a moment. She'll nod, "One month. That's my goal….Or I'll never get caught up on the rest." She'll rub her wrist lightly.

Lucian nods. "Alright. One month. But that's going to mean really buckling down. Every day. Even Hogsmeade weekends. I'll do it with you, but you have to promise me you'll stick with it, and put up with me if I push you harder." His eyes flicker to her wrist, but quickly back up to her face.

Gabrielle nods, figuring all of this, till Lucian says Hogsmeade weekend, "No…I can't on Hogsmeade weekends. I work…. I can in the evenings though when I'm through." She'll blink, "I'm not afraid of hard work." She'll finally move that lock of hair out of her eyes, "And I can work through this." She'll raise up her wrist, trying to placate him some.

Lucian stares at her silently for several uncomfortable moments, wearing a look of uncertainty. Finally he nods, "I know you're not. It's the only reason I'm agreeing to this." He lets out a heavy sigh, and mumbles something incoherent as he shakes back the left sleeve of his robe, and starts unbuttoning the cuff of his shirt.

Gabrielle furrows her brow as he starts to unbutton his sleeve. She looks extremely uncomfortable, "What are you doing?" She'll actually take a half step back.

Lucian ignores her, and once the cuff is undone, he pushes his shirt sleeve back, all the way to the elbow. Starting below the wrist, all the way along his forearm are scars. The nasty kind of twisted, stretched flesh left behind by severe burns. "I'm putting my trust in you. That's what. Because you're going to hate me by the end of this month, but maybe this will make you think twice about ending your training with me."

There's a bunch of different emotions that cross Gabby's face. Fear, Panic, Horror, understanding, nervousness. She's instinctively brought her right arm up to her chest, wand still in her hand. She'll stare for almost a full minute, before she brings her eyes up, "I hate fire….more than anything in the world. I don't understand why everyone things it's this great tool, when all it does is destroy everything. It's never controlled…not really." She'll look down at her arm and then shutter, "When I was 3, I lost everything to the fire….including my parents."

Lucian blinks, his lips parting with…what? Shock? Compassion? It's hard to tell until he nods and speaks. "I'm sorry. I…didn't know it was fire. I…um…I was trapped in the carriage house when it burned down. I was ten. My arm caught fire and…well…my father took me out of St. Mungo's before the scars could fully heal." He swallows, slowly pulling his sleeve back up to cover his arm. "I hate fire, too. Is that what happened, then? To your arm? Like me?" He suddenly shakes his head. "Sorry…you said no questions. Nevermind."

Gabrielle still a little shaken about sharing even that with Lucian, files away what he's said, but doesn't respond to the carriage house/St. Mungo's information besides a nod. Gabby will nod, but it's not clear if it's to his question or his apology for asking them. She'll then give a small laugh, "Merlin….I thought I was going to die when I put my name in the cup…"

Lucian lifts his brow, chuckling softly in response to her laugh. "You too? I had to drag Ria along with me at night so nobody would see me. I thought she'd laugh at me and break up with me on the spot."

Gabrielle shakes her head, "Ria wouldn't do that. She likes you a lot."She'll give a half smile, "I ended up throwing up in the bathroom for an hour, and the a first year found me and took care of me. " there's actually a bit of warmth to her voice as she talks about this first year.

Lucian blinks his surprise. "A Firstie? Huh. Go figure." He buttons up his cuff, then rubs his arm, now all too aware of the tension in his skin. "So…wow. Never figured we'd have something like that in common. Um…so you're not going to say anything to anyone, right?"

"Well, my house isn't filled with the most compassionate people." She'll shrug, "I seriously doubt any of them even noticed but Gabe." Gabby kinda gives him this 'duh' look. "Not unless you do."

Lucian shakes his head. "Of course not. Um…Ria noticed something was up with your arm. Did you ever tell her? I won't tell her your business, but she'll know I know something. We just know each other too well."

Gabrielle looks down a little sad and mutters "Must be nice," And then she'll take a deep breathe, "Yeah, Ria knows." She'll smile some. "It was a really weird conversation, but yeah. I told her."

Lucian nods. "Good. That's good. I hate keeping anything from her." He tilts his head at her, smirking. "We're not so bad, eh? Rough starts, and all that. But we're not evil." Not yet. They're still growing.

Gabrielle not sure if he's referring to him and Ria, Gabby and him, or Slytherins in general, will smirk softly, "Yeah…not so bad."

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