(1938-01-13) Conall's Unbirthday
Details for Conall's Unbirthday
Summary: It's Conall's secret birthday and Morgana dusts off her Violin and helps him with some lyrics he has been stuck on followed by a little lunch in the Great Hall.
Date: 1938-01-13
Location: Club Room

Club Room, Hogwarts Castle

This large room has a variety of uses, and can be setup differently for each club that uses it. Large storage doors around the room each hold a different club's equipment, to be setup with the wave of a wand. When the Athletics Club is here, for example, the room is full of gymnastics, weight, and other sports equipment. When the Domestics Club is here, however, stoves and cauldrons and workstations are more likely to be found here.

((OOC Note, I am missing the first part of this log that was between Kalyx and Conall, and an earlier scene between Morgana and Conall playing music else hwere. This picks up right after those scenes.))

Kalyx sits on the floor, near his feet. The dancer, a participant in Art Club, regularly, has her legs crossed and leans back on her hands, biting her lip. "Thanks, Conall. Did you see Lexi yet today?"

Morgana got some things done in those few hours since she had her musical warm up with Conall. She sent off a few overdue owls that she's been sitting on since school started back up. However she said she would meet back up with the Hufflepuff later on, and in a room with better acoustics, so here she is with her violin case in hand and a small satchel over her shoulder. "Hey, I'm not interrupting official club business am I?" She still dressed in the dark sweater and grey skirt, but she has fixed her hair from earlier this morning.

Conall smiles as Kalyx thanks him. Shaking his head about Alexei, "Not that I know, unless I perhaps saw him when I woke up, without remembering it." He shrugs. "But I haven't talked to him today." Then Morgana is coming in and his eyes shifts to her. "Nope, just sitting and taking it easy. We were singing and playing early." Giving Kalyx a glance as to not go into things too much. Since they came here mostly since it is his birthday. Not really one to share so he has kept it quiet through the years with a few knowing it only. "Come on in and join us." He tells Morgana and will play that haunting song they had been playing earlier in the morning. Grinning a bit at that.

Morgana slips into the room and finds herself a stool to sit on and sets her things down. Reaching into the satchel she fishes out a piece looses pieces of parchment and passes them over. "This is what my grandfather has written out for me on that song." The paper is old and the edges are a little worn, but the music is still easy enough to read, however it is missing a title. Seeing that he's already started on the song, she shakes her head just a touch, before she fishes her instrument out of its case, and quietly tunes the strings on her violin. "I thought you might have gone down for lunch already, that was going to be my next stop."

Conall ahs and smiles. Stopping his playing and reaching to take the paper. Being gentle with it. "Nah, just been taking it easy mostly." He explains, "Though I should probably find food soon." Shrugging at that. Watching her as she tunes the instrument.

Since it hasn't been that long since she played, the instrument is still mostly in tune. "It sounds like you're having a nice lazy day. Did you finish your translations for Runes?" She asks casually as she warms up her fingers by playing a few scales. "I was debating on going down to Hogsmeade, but I figured I should probably save my coin and just eat here today."

Conall nods, "Yup, rather lazy today." He admits. Though at the translation, he nods. "Most of it. Got most of it done yesterday and on Friday evening. Got a bit more to do this evening though." He explains. As for eating, he shrugs. "I'll eat here." A smile at that.

"It's good to have those now and again. I am sure by the end of this year we'll have forgotten how to be lazy." With that she starts up her song again, keeping the tempo slow like she did before, so he can join in whenever. "Besides, I would not enjoy the walk down to the village, I prefer warmer weather." With that she'll relax just a touch, letting her eyes slip close as she recalls the song from memory.

Conall nods, "I suppose that you are right." Joining in as she starts playing. A chuckle about the weather, "That's true." With the paper and having played part of the song it is easy enough to keep up. "It is quite a nice song."

"It is, but he's never told me what it's about, or who it was written for." Morganna says as she continues to play. "I've always thought it was some former woman he had feelings for, but that could just be my imagination running away from me." She would shrug, but it would throw off her playing, so instead she just continues.

Conall listens and nods. "Perhaps. OR it is for your grandmother. Or perhaps the passing of his parents?" He smiles a bit to her though. "Whatever it is, I can make a nice lyric to it perhaps." He suggest, glancing to see what she thinks.

Morgana shakes her head. "I don't think think it's about my grandmother, but it could easily be over the loss of some family member." As she plays on, she thinks it over for a moment. Should she put words to someone elses song? "Yeah, I think that would be nice. I am sure it would be a good exercise for your own songs."

Conall shrugs a bit, "Perhaps so. I can not say what he was thinking. Although I am sure it has a deep meaning." He tells her. Nodding about adding text. "Ok. I will make one for you at some point then." He offers with a bright smile.

"Neither can I, but I think the emotion he wanted to show is easy to feel." Morgana admits, as the song once again comes to the end and she sets the instrument on her lap. Once again she works out a cramp she has in her hand, shaking her head as she does. "I am way to out of practice, I haven't felt a cramp like this since I started playing." Returning his smile she nods her head. "Take your time, I'm not going anywhere Quinn."

Conall nods to her words. Agreeing with what she says. Though a bit of worry at her cramp. "If you want we can rest a bit." He suggests. As for not going anywhere makes him smile a bit. "Well, good. Are you joining us to Hogsmeade next weekend?"

Morgana shakes her hand out for a moment and smirks. "No, it's fine. I've got to get my hand used to playing again if you want me to keep showing up to unofficial club meetings. Although, you can always play me one of your songs, since you've heard the only original one that I know." When he mentions Hogsmeade she'll raise her brow. "Who all are you going with?"

Conall chuckles and nods, "Fine. But don't overdo it." He tells her and offers a weak smile. "And sure, I can do that. Want me to do so now?" He asks and will try to prepare something. In his mind that is. "Not sure yet. Me, Kalyx, Alexei, Eibhlin I believe. PErhaps more."

"It would be a good excuse for a break." Morgana says lightly as she leaves her violin on her lap, and reaches down to wipe a smudge off of the finish. "Sure, I can come along, I am sure it will be more fun than going on my own. What time are all of you heading out?" Aka, how much can she sleep in that day?

Conall nods and then starts playing a half slow song. It has a bit of tempo in the playing but the singing is a bit slower, "Hold me down, don't let me slip away. Put your hand, across my beating heart." Then not sure how he should continue the text.

Morgana listens as Conall plays the song, but it's the words that cause her to quirk a brow. When she waits to hear more, but there is not any yet, she nods. "Is.. this one of the songs you're having trouble with?" She asks quietly.

Conall nods, "Something like that. I suppose I have yet to find inspiration for it. Though I have several songs. It was just the one that came to mind right now." He explains, giving her an apologetic look. "No need to offer if you can not think of any." He assures her.

Morgana purses her lips as she thinks, and reaches down in her satchel to grab a spare piece of paper and a quill. "Play it again, let me see what I can come up with." She says quietly. "It might be nothing but doodles, but we'll see where it goes. It can't hurt to try right?" She says in a slightly hopeful tone.

Conall smiles and nods. Starting the song again. Slightly upbeat and stringing on each string in the begining before beginning with chords. "Hold me down, don't let me slip away. Put your hand, across my beating heart. Let me stay, if just for a moment." Having put on the last sentence just now.

"Let the world fade around us." Morgana chimes in, mostly talking in key than she is singing. "Leaving.." She trails off, scribbling on the parchment paper as she loses her train of thought. "No, leave, our sorrows behind as we… something." She frowns for a second before she looks up, trying to see if any of those half lines are helping.

"…Walk, for the new horizon. So let me gaze, into the sun. Let me with you, once more." Ending a verse or a chorus it sounds like as Conall falls down a bit in his voice at that. Then smiles over to her. "How about that?" Having added on her words as if they sang like a duo.

Morgana writes as he finishes off her lines, scrawling across the paper in her girlish handwriting. "I like that. I think it's off to a great start." She says holding up the parchment with the lyrics written on it. "I can guess where the song is going, and I am sure more will come with time." She says as she passes the paper over.

Conall smiles, and nods. "I think so too." Smiling and taking the offered paper. "Thanks. And I am sure it will write itself from here." He suggests. A warm and thankful smile given to her. "I appreciate your help. Thank you."

"I am sure it will, you have to promise to let me hear it once it does though. Consider it payment for my services." Morgana says lightly as she puts the quill back into her satchel. "Oh don't think anything of it Quinn." She says quietly. "You've inspired me to start playing again, and not just in drafty empty classrooms."

Conall nods, "I promise." He says and smiles. Nodding to her words. "I am glad that you did. You're good at it. And it has been fun." He tells her. Turning so that the guitar rests on his back. Offering a bow to her. "I am sure we will be able to make good songs. If you want to help out more."

"I enjoy playing, and I"ve forgotten how nice it is to play with others." Morganna says as she sets her violin back in the case, leaving it open for the moment. At his bow, she laughs and nods her head. "Very well, so long as you find my lyrics appropriate, I will write with you." Clearing her throat for a moment, she looks away. "I'm.. sorry I've been a little distant these last few years, there's just been a lot going on outside of school and I did not handle it well."

"I enjoyed playing with you as well." Conall admits. "Of course, sounds like a fair trade." Grinning a bit. Though as she looks away and speaks, he puts a hand on her shoulder. "It's fine. Don't worry about it."

"Maybe we can work on some pre-written songs next time, to help work out the rest of my months of neglect." When his hand touches her shoulder, raises a brow and looks at him. "I try not to, just make sure I pull myself out of the tower or library now and again. We have the most classes together, so I figure you're the one that can pester me the best."

"Sounds good. we can play a lot of written songs and so on." He suggests. Smiling at her and nodding. "Sounds good that as well. I will pester you as often as I can." Said rather lightly though.

"I am sure you will." Morgana responds as she reaches up to pat his hand gently. For a moment she isn't sure what to say, so instead goes back to the default. "Did you want to go and grab lunch? I don't want to keep you waiting if you're hungry." She says lightly.

Conall smiles and nods. As for lunch, he nods. "Sounds good. Not overly hungry, but best to get something in us at least." He says and smiles. "Perhaps should put away the guitar first though. Meet you at lunch?" Of course he will still walk with her to the entry hall before they need to go different ways.

So Morgna and Conall parted ways at the entry hall so they can drop off their instruments in their respective houses and planned to meet back up for lunch. She does have a long walk there, and a long walk back, but she makes it there in decent time. All the while she's been humming the song they've been writing and she has a feeling it might be stuck in her head for a few days. She hasn't changed her clothes, but now that she isn't planning on using her violin for a while she's let her hair down. Once she is in the Great Hall, she scans the Hufflepuff table, to see if she can spot Conall.

Mabel seems to have arrived a bit earlier, perhaps: a rather large Great Horned Owl sitting on her shoulder receives a stiff-looking envelope she hands up for him to take in his beak, and gets a slight affectionate nudge, while she says, "Send Mummy love, Earhart, try not to bend it excessively. Happy landings." The owl makes what seems to be a well-practiced maneuver of lofting off into the air and out whatever owl egress is up in the rafters.

Since she does not see her friend, Morgana takes a seat at the end of the Ravenclaw table so she can spot him if he comes in. She's about to dig into food when she spots the owl, and she nods to Mabel. "That's a nice owl. Our is much smaller, but he still gets the job done."

Soon enough Conall does arrive. Seeing as Morgana arrived before him he is moving towards the Ravenclaw table. Glancing over to Mabel as well. "Hello, Hawker." He offers to her with a smile and then looking to Morgana. "Sorry that it took awhile. I got caught up." He explains.

Mabel glances up, and smiles to Morgana. "Oh, good evening, Rashley. Yes, he's a good fellow, very dear. American, originally, you see," she says, as though it explains the size, which to ornithologists, it happens to. "Quinn. Good evening to you, too." She has a glance back toward the table just in case the expected dinner has appeared just yet. It can't be long, though. "What's news?"

Morgana slides down the bench a little so Conall has room to sit, and she shakes her head. "I haven't been waiting very long. I figured something held you up. My common room was empty, so I was lucky to be able to run in, drop my stuff off and run out." Nodding her head to Mable she greets her. "Afternoon Hawker." She says, "I'm afraid I don't have much in way of news. At least not exciting news."

Conall nods to Mabel, "Afternoon." He offers and smiles a bit. Having arrived a bit late perhaps, but luckily before food had come. But it does come soon enough. Taking up a seat next to Morgana. "Yeah, I ran into a few things on the way." He explains. Shrugging though. Listening to the talk between them. "Not much." He agrees with Morgana. A faint grin does appear though, "How about you, Hawker? Anything new?"

Mabel smiles, "Oh, not much since the holiday, I suppose." Thinks. "Just supposing I may as well sign onto this other duelling tournament Proudmore's putting on. Seems like it's all a bit of a snit, and there's Quidditch and classes, but I suppose it's just the sporting thing to do under the circumstances. Show the whole thing wasn't a frame-up or whatnot, one way or another." She smirks apologetically. "Apart from that, here we are."

It's lunchtime on a Sunday afternoon, and there is a small gathering of people at the end of the Ravenclaw table. Conall and Morgana are seated on the bench and talking to Mabel. "You didn't happen to meet a troll in the hallway did you?" Morgana jokes to Conall, about his dely in arriving for lunch. "Yeah I saw the sign up for that, but I am not fantastic at dueling, so I thought of maybe just going and watching. I think we're up next for Quiddich though." She asks Conall.

Mabel nods. "Oh, it's not like it's not a bit of fun, just being left as the 'winner' cause Proudmore quit the semifinals over something else is.. . A dashed awkward position to leave me in. Could have been any number of us, really, though." She adds, "The Club's always fun, though, whatever level it is you're on. It's for learning and such, even if you've not been at it since your first year. Don't let that last bit spoil it. " She changes the subject, though. "As for Quidditch, it's time to see what the other two teams have got, I do suppose. Could possibly be an interesting season."

Conall listens and nods, "I haven't really gotten much into dueling. Though it is interesting at times." Nodding to her words with a smile. Then glancing over to Morgana as well. Chuckling to her words. "Fortunately not. Just students." He says and shakes his head a little. Nodding about quidditch. "Yeah, you're rigt." "I am sure that it might be better this time." He suggests to mabel about the dueling.

"Hmm, it seems that everyone is in a club these days." Morgana responds with a faint smile. "I figure by the time next year hits, I am going to be too busy for anything outside of eating, sleeping and studying." Which is one reason she hasn't joined up in the many clubs that are available. "It does sound more organized this time around, good luck with it." Reponding to the quidditch comment, she smirks. "Don't think ill of me for wanting to see your team lose Quinn." She says playfully.

Mabel nods, and smiles. "Actually, the last one was fine but for the one snag that offended Proudmore. WOuldn't have affected the outcome, even. Do rather just wish he'd seen it through, is all. He was still favored to win and all. But in similar vein, well, I'll just have to be neutral on the Eagles-Badgers match. Friends on both teams, you see." She does nod to Morgana. "How many NEWTs are you taking, then, all up? I do suppose next year will be next year, but some of these extracurriculars do rather help more to clear the head."

Conall grins and nods. "I suppose the clubs are entertaining. I thought of joining the dueling club, but I think between returning to quidditch and study I will be busy. And art club of course." Sighing a bit, having been quite busy after all. He chuckles at the quidditch comment, "And here I was hoping you would secretly hope that we win." He replies playfully along with a wink. Nodding to Mabel as she wants to stay neutral. "I suppose that sounds reasonable. Hopefully it will be an interesting game."

Morgana nods to Mabel in reply to her NEWTs question. "I took as many as I could. I figure if I have good grades in a good mix of things, getting a Ministry job should't be too hard." Smirking at Conall she shakes her head at him, and reaches up to pat his shoulder. "I like you Quinn, just not enough to stop cheering for my home team. How about this.. I promise to not cheer if you get knocked off your broom." She replies in an equally playful tone. "It should be a good game regardless." It's about this time that food finally appears on the table. The normal assortment of food is there, but the main dish today seems to be a nice warm stew.

Mabel laughs quietly, with a slight appreciative look as lunch comes on. "Speaking of good Quidditch food, eh?" She smiles, and nods. "I just thought I'd take the classes I do best in, really, and see where that goes. Didn't seem to be any other scheme that made sense as yet. And it's what you might know when you're done as well, of course."

There is nods about the classes, "Same here." Conall offers about taking as many as possible. As for the pat, he laughs a bit. "I just have to convince Hawker to cheer for us then." Said playfully with a wink to the Gryffindor. As the food does arrive, his eyes goes there. Though letting others go before him in getting food. Nodding to Mabel's words. "I think that can be quite wise as well. And I agree a bit."

"I had trouble choosing between Potions and Transfig, I liked them both, but in the end it was more pratical to continue with potions, since I help out at the local apothecary over the summer." Morgana responds, and when she spots the food, she dishes some out for herself and digs in. "Surely there are enough squealing girls in Hufflepuff to to cheer for you, that you won't need any help from the other houses."

Mabel nods. "Still not sure what I'll really do. I thought I might do some internship and see something of how things work in commerce. Something like Daddy's business, only in shipping. Still, with all that's been going on, and might do, I might see if I can do my bit through the Ministry. King and country and all that," she smiles, offering to ladel out some of the stew for the 'guests' at the table.

There is a bit of a nod but nothing added about the classes. Not really one to share too much without being directly asked. As for the cheering, Conall grins. "Perhaps. I just thought the more the merrier." Getting some of the stew as well then. Nodding to them. Thanking perhaps.

"I mostly know that I want to work for the Ministry, maybe as a Cursebreaker, but there are other things that i think I would enjoy as well." Morgana says with a shrug. "I am sure by the time I am finished with my NEWTs I'll have it together." Nodding to Conall she shrugs. "I suppose it doesn't hurt to be cheered for. Ether way good luck." She says before using her stew as an excuse to go silent for a moment.

Mabel nods. "Think they'll put you in this year, do you mean, Quinn? You do seem fit enough." She nods. "Cursebreaking, though, there's some puzzles for the daring, wouldn't you say?"

There is a shrug to Mabel. "I suppose. I wouldn't want to take the spot from Phoebe though." Conall says and smiles a bit weakly at that. As for cursebreaking, he nods as he agrees with Mabel. "It does sound quite interesting though. I am sure that you could manage it."

"Yeah, and I am sure they would be challenging to say the least. I don't want to be an Auror or anything, but I also don't want to be behind a desk, filing my life away." Morgana responds with a shrug. "I'm sure they'll let you in sometime Quinn. "

Mabel nods, considering over her dinner, "Of course, who knows just what we may find the state of things is upon graduation, and all."

Conall nods as well, "I am sure that we will just have to wait until the last semester, next year, to be more certain about what will happen." He suggests. At Morgana's words, he nods. "Yeah, that I know. I just, don't want to steal someone else's spot I suppose." Typical Hufflepuff. Continuing to eat then and being rather silent. Trying to finish his food before he will move on perhaps.

"That's why I don't want to plan to far ahead.. well aside from my after school trip." Because Morgana is determined for that to happen. "I can understand you not wanting to take her spot, but maybe she'll get sick on a game day and you can fill in?" WIth that she'll finish her stew, but she notices his silence, and she lowers her voice to question him. "Lost in thought?"

Conall nods, "I do hope that your trip will be quite nice." He offers. As for the quidditch, he shrugs. "I suppose. We'll see." Finishing his own stew as well and nodding to her words. "Yeah, something like that." Not being the most open if there is something that disturbs him.

"I hope so as well, I like England and all, but I really just want to see some other places." Morgana knows that he isn't one to share, so her knee jerk reaction is to change the subject. However, instead she says something else. "I'm willing to listen, if you're wanting to talk. If not, I can go on and on about Italy until you grow bored and fall asleep."

Conall nods, "I suppose so." Being from Northern Ireland he has at least seen a bit of a different part of things. Nodding to her words. "Thank you. I'll remember that." He says, though doesn't seem to want to share much right now. She does earn a warm smile though. "I think listening to you could be fun for now."

Morgana respects his wishes and doesn't pry, instead she'll reach for a glass of water and take a large drink from it. "Very well." She says as she turns on the bench to face him, and leans against the table. That is when she starts painting a verbal picture of Venice. Granted all she knows has come from books and brochures, but it seems that she has really thought this over. "You travel by boat through out the whole city, someone just pushes out along the canals and you get to sit back with a nice bottle of wine, proper wine, something local that we can't even get here, some delicious little snacks, and if the driver is nice enough, he sings for you. It's all very romantic.. it's not why I chose it, but it's a nice thought at least." Her eyes light up as she talks, and she is unable to hide the excitement in her voice. It's obvious that this is what she thinks about when she herself is feeling down.

Thankful for her not wanting to pry. Conall just listening as she describes Venice. "Sounds lovely. If I am not able to make it big perhaps I can sing there." He says a bit lightly. Glad to see her in a happy mood as she speaks about this. "I am sure you will have quite a lot of fun there."

"Perhaps you can, but I think you'll have to learn Italian and Opera." Though it is an amusing thought to think of Conall singing opera. "I will, that's the whole plan. I'll go, have my week or so of fun, than come home and start my job. Than I can save up to go other places, like India, France, Egypt, Japan.. those sort of places."

Conall chuckles, "I suppose I might be able to do so." He says rather playfully. Nodding as she goes on. "That does sound nice. If I am in the ministry as well, perhaps we could meet and talk a bit about the trips each has been on." He suggests. Glancing around a bit. Seeing most are starting to leave.

"You suppose huh? It might just sound odd to have an Irishman steering a gondola siting traditional Irish songs." Pushing her plate away, because she's finished with her meal, she nods her head. "We could meet over lunch, and discuss what we've seen, and work if we're able to." When she notices him glancing around, she turns to sit properly on the bench again. "I think I've kept you long enough, didn't you say you still had some homework to finish?"

Conall chuckles. "Yeah, but perhaps it is the twist that makes it interesting." He suggests. Nodding about sharing things over lunch. "That does sound interesting." As for her last words, he shakes his head. "I have some, but thought I will finish it before sleeping." He explains. "I can walk out with you if you want though. Before the great hall is completely empty."

"Well the only way to make it more interesting is to dye your hair ginger. Than you would be truly unique in Venice." Morgana says with a laugh, trying to imagine replacing one of those little gondola drivers on her many brochures, with a ginger Conall. "I'd like that." She says when he offers to walk her out, and she'll reach down to gather her things and push herself off of the bench, waiting for Conall before moving.

There is a laugh from Conall as well as he shakes his head. "That would be sight to see. But if I do that you will have to promise to take my ride each day and say how could it is, so I get more customers." He says, continuing to be silly. He gather his satchel, that he always seem to carry. Moving over to Morgana, "Shall we go?" He asks and smiles to her, walking beside her. He does walk with his hands clasped behind his back and therefore, if she wants, she can hook an arm to his. Though if he thought of that or not one can't really tell.

"Very well, if we don't make it in London, we'll go to Venice and I'll be the one praising your music to all the tourists." When he stands and gathers his things, Morgana will fall into step beside him. She isn't sure if he's offering his arm, and for a moment she hesitates. However, she figures he's just being a gentleman, so she does hook her arm in his and follows him out of the Great Hall.

"Perfect!" He says and beams at that. As for the arm, as she hooks her arm in his he does shift to have his hands in front of him. Continuing to lead her. Offering a kind smile at that. "Any subjects you're having trouble with?" He asks. In case he can help.

Morgana notices as he adjusts his arm and continues to follow him though the hall. "Me? History mostly. I do alright in the subject, but I just find it so dull that studying for it gets difficult. I've gotten lucky on a few tests, and I don't mind doing research and writing reports, it's just all those.. dates… you have to remember that get me. I just don't have room for them in my brain."

Conall ahs and nods, "Yeah, I know what you mean. I need to study most in that as well. It is quite dull sometimes. Professor Binns can make it a bit slow and one almost falls asleep." He shakes his head at that. "Perhaps we can help each other out with it. Perhaps tomorrow? Or now?" He suggests.

"It's /very/ dull." Morgana admits. "There's just something about his voice.. if I ever have trouble sleeping, I just think of him talking about goblins and trolls." When he makes his proposition, she pauses just for a moment and looks over to him. "Now?" She asks. "Careful there Quinn, you might have me believing that you actually enjoy my company. I could get an hour or so of studying in, if you'd like."

"I think some things are interesting, but yes. His voice makes one quite sleepy. And the way he speaks as well." Conall chuckles and shakes his head. As for enjoying his company, he looks shocked. "No! We can't have that!" He says before grinning wide and trying to push down the laughter that is threatening. "Sounds good. So… An empty classroom then?"

"I do as well, unfortunately the things I find interesting, he glosses over the topic." Morgana will join in with his laughter and shake her head. "It'd be improper if you did, what would the neighbor's think!" She says, quoting her grandmother. "Uh.. yeah that sounds fine, do you want to use the one I was in earlier?"

Conall smiles and nods, "Sounds good." He tells her and will just continue with her out of there. Being rather silent perhaps. Though there was a grin about the improper part. After a long time goes the word, "Scandal!"

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