(1938-01-13) Keep 'em Coming
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Summary: Jocunda get some time to get to know her coach, over some drinks.
Date: Jan 13, 1938
Location: Farin Braw Restuarant
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Farin Braw Restaurant, Diagon Alley


The Farin Braw Restaurant has every appearance of a pub that someone scooped up from a small Scottish village and plopped down in Diagon Alley. The entry door lets into a large room, crowded with wooden tables that are a bit scarred but are kept clean and well tended. Wooden chairs are surprisingly comfortable, because if you don't keep 'em in the seats, their money leaves with 'em. One wall is dominated by a long oak bar, polished to gleaming, lined with high stools for patrons who would prefer to be closer to the 'action'.


Sunday evening. Many people have started to make their way home to prepare for a bright, early, and cold Monday morning of work. Others are still enjoying the weekend. It's in the latter crowd that Jocunda fits. The latest member of the elite Quidditch team is settled at a table somewhere halfway into the Farin Braw, sitting back with a mug of something or another and her feet kicked up onto the table itself. Her toe bounces in time to the music being played by a few scraggly-looking musicians off in a corner, but she otherwise seems to just be staring off into thin air.

Even so Clavin has at least gotten the time to meet the members once or twice at least. The short one walks in as well. Glancing around and having spent time having fun and resting mostly. Wandering a bit until he spots the flyer from the corner of the eye. Looking over to nod to her. Not sure if he should walk over or not.

There's a sound at the bar and Jocunda is broken from her reverie. Fortunately, Clavin is far enough off that she doesn't overlook him (haha, short joke). The blonde woman gestures with her mug in his direction, "Coach."

"Jocunda." Clavin offers in return. Starting to move over to her. "Coach works, of course, but if you want you can be more casual when out on weekends." He says a bit lightly. "One last night out?" He asks. Leaning against the table. Though luckily today it seems his temper isn't short.

"Coach is easiest. If I ever change teams, I've no need to try to remember a new name." Jocunda's tone is light and teasing, allievating any insult that might be gained from the comment. She takes a long drink of her ale, watching the man from over the mug. After a swallow: "One last night out? You speak as if I'm to ever stop."

Clavin chuckles and joins her and get into a seat. "What makes you think you want to leave?" He asks with a smirk. He chuckles at her words though. "Don't think you should be flying drunk though." He offers in a half jest. "As long as you are able to get sober until next practice." He goes on with a wink before leaning against the table.

"Never said I was leaving. I just like to keep my options open." Because transfers do happen! Jocunda shifts and lets her feet fall to the floor with a couple of thumps. "It's still fairly early," she says, shrugging. There's a gesture towards the bar and two fingers held up. "I'm always sober when I fly." There's an emphasis on the last word- sure she's gone home drunk, but never for anything official.

Clavin grins, "Sure. Though I am sure you would not want to. With so charming teammates and staff. And I doubt we want to let you go yet." He smiles a bit at that. He chuckles and shakes his head. "Just don't get injured." Worrying for the players of course. "I do believe I should take you to learn to better your aim perhaps. Not that it is bad. But I think with your speed it is either that or if you will be a rougher. To steal the ball." He shrugs. "But enough of work for now."

"Mmm…" Jocunda listens with a mildly bored expression, but then he's talking of her aim. There's a small shrug, "I -was- a Seeker during school. I'm more used to just capturing something small than I am having to get something through a loop." She does smirk a bit though. "But stealing the ball… -That- I'd like to work on, yes." Soon a waitress shows up at the table and sets down two shots of an amber liquid before Jocunda. She slides one over to Clavin.

Clavin grins and ndos, "True enough. Although we can talk about something else if you want." He offers a bit lightly. "And yes, we can train you to steal the ball. It means a lot of fighting, so perhaps going up against Linc." He suggests with a smirk. At the offered shot he nods, "Though now is the time to relax, right? So… What else have you been up to?" He asks. Taking the shot and lifting it to her in thanks.

Fighting is something that's not new to Jocunda. She may not be great at it, but she doesn't shy from it. The woman ponders this and shrugs, "So long as he can resist my good looks and charms, sure." There's a smirk as she raises her own shot in return before downing it. "Ahh. Not much, not much. Preparing to move house, but it's an easy thing, so it won't affect my attendance at all."

Clavin chuckles, "Well, don't flirt too much then." He teases her. Downing his shot then. "Well, good then." Gesturing to get another round of shots as well as getting an ale for himself. "I suppose it is good then. Just some calm time while preparing and soon enough you you will feel at home." He suggests.

There's a wave of hand from Jocunda, smirk coming easily to her lips. "Oh, we had our fun back in school." Yep, former sweethearts at Hogwarts on the team. -That- should be fun for the coaching staff. "Are we able to use brooms made by the guy over at Flights of Fancy? I'd ordered one months back and he finally delivered it. I can't remember the league rulings on custom brooms like that."

Clavin probably believe that he can take care of it himself. So not really seeming too worried about the whole situation. "I think we are, but I will check it more in detail to be completely sure." He tells her and will shrug a bit before he down the new drink that comes and slides the other one to her before drinking from his ale.

"Let me know. I can always buy one of the latest models off the main lines if need be." The perk of being from one of those old-blood families with money. And being the pride and joy of said family. Jocunda reaches for the shot, nodding appreciation.

As for being the joy of a family, Clavin can not say much. Being a muggle-born with two squib parents. Where of his father comes from one of the more influential families in Romania. "Will do." He offers about the broom and nodding in return to her about the shot. Continuing to drink from his ale.

"So, we know our next opponent yet?" Jocunda flips up the shot glass and sets it along with the others. "I'm really looking forward to my first time out officially." And being back in the limelight as an athlete. She's happy to be back in her 'calling' as it were.

Clavin shakes his head. "Think they are still establishing that. Should be up to see soon. So probably don't have to wait long for it." Downing the rest of his ale then gesturing for two more shots and two more ale. "Just say stop if you can't keep up. You youngsters always are so weak with liqour." He teases her. And using youngster as usual, despite that some of them are in his age.

There's a snort from Jocunda, forgetting the thoughts of upcoming games already. "Is that a challenge?" She waves to the bartender again, this time holding up four fingers. "No one's called me weak with liquor and gone home in a straight line."

Clavin chuckles and grins wide, "I suppose I will be the firs then." Feeling in a rather cheerful mood today. Waiting for the liquour to come. Drinking from his ale while waiting. Having gotten another shot before the four she ordered so he downs it as well. "You're behind one shot." He teases with a wink.

Eyebrows arch somewhat, "Am I? Or are -you- behind? I had a couple before you got here, but… if you're so worried about it, I'll take three of the four I ordered." Jocunda doesn't seem concerned, finishing her ale in preparation for the new shots.

Clavin chuckles and downs his ale and does take three for himself. Draining one after the other. "Been awhile since I've been drinking much though." Not that he is drunk yet, but perhaps feeling a little.

Jocunda is one of those sorts that isn't always obviously drunk, she's so loose and fluid with herself in general. She may become a bit more liberal with personal feelings and details, mind. Physically, well, there's a reason she tends to stay seated. It helps the image. As the waitress brings the shots, she gestures to her, "Just keep 'em coming. You'll know when to stop." She knocks back a couple herself in short order.

Clavin grins and just keeps up with her. Relaxing a bit. "You're a good flyer. As you probably know. Though I still think that if you are able to steal the ball then we can get you to get it and get the ball to Nova or Bobbie for the score." He suggests. Then shaking his head again. "Sorry, I keep getting into work. How about you tell something about yourself? Favorite food?"

"Work's what we got in common," Jocunda says, intonation a bit lazier than usual. A sign that the liquor is beginning to get to her. She turns a shot slowly in her hand, studying the liquid within. "Favorite food? Bollocks. I don't know I've ever picked one. What about you?" She drinks the shot.

Clavin grins, "True. I am sure there are more to talk about as well. If we need to travel far it will be boring trips otherwise." He says, though a bit lightly. "Well, I would think that it might be salmon or a steak." He shrugs, not having given it too much thought either. "How about music? Or colour? Perhaps hobby?"

"Favorite color is green," of course. "Hobby? Ah, well." Jocunda seems to be a bit cagey there. She stares off across the bar, does a shot, and shrugs. "Drinking, I guess."

Clavin grins and nods, "Well, ain't that nice." He syas a bit playfully. Getting a bit affected as well and as more shots comes, he downs them. "So I should be bringing you green shots then?" A grin at that and shaking his head a bit. "So, I at least know where to go when I need a drinking companion."

"I'm generally somewhere around Diagon, aye," Jocunda says, laughing a bit. "Really, I'm not sure what my hobby is beyond brooms and drinking. Kinda makes me sound rather dull, doesn't it?"

Clavin chuckles and shrugs, "I am sure that there is a lot moe to you than that. If perhaps not as clear. I think you are still quite fun though." He admits and shrugs one shoulder.

There's another sudden laugh from Jocunda and she holds up her shot, saluting Clavin after a fashion. "Well, I'm glad you think so. Always nice to know that your superiors like you. Makes it easier when you inevitably fuck something up."

Clavin laughs as well and does the same with a shot of his own. "Well, I'm not the the only one on the staff though. So you can't expect me to help you out every time." Said rather lightly, and as if she will screw up several times.

There's a shrug from Jocunda as she knocks back that shot. "True, true. But one champion is better than none."

Clavin grins, "Perhaps so." Continuing the take another one. The effects from the alcohol seen on him but he is keeping decently sane. "I take it that you usually don't have someoen then?" He suggests, raising a brow to her. "A champion or whatever." He explains a bit clearer.

Another shot and another shrug. Jocunda's fairly loose-lipped at this point. To an extent. She answers easily, without much thought, but it's still fairly pointed responses. "Before I joined the team, as you know, I worked at the Ministry. It's rare to have someone in management on your side there, it seems. All about covering your own ass."

Clavin smiles and nods, "Well, as long as you behave and do as I say on practice, then I will try to have your ass covered at least." He tells her. Taking yet another shot. Trying to keep himself in check as he is getting affected as well.

"Hm." Jocunda seems to consider this, then snorts in amusement. "I do my job. My only issues at the Ministry were paperwork related and I really doubt you'll give me any rubbish like that."

"Actually…" Clavin starts before chuckling and shaking his head. "Not much. Only to know what we will do against the different teams. Probably won't be a lot of paperwork though."

Another shot, another glass upturned on the table. Jocunda leans heavily on her arm and snorts somewhat. "If you don't give me paperwork, I'll be the model Chaser. I promise."

Much the same it goes for Clavin, downing another one and downing the rest of his ale as well and now can focus on the shots. "Well, I'll try to keep it on a minimum then." He says and leans on his forearms. Leaned a bit over the table.

Jocunda rubs at her face briefly, running hands through her hair. She's run out of shots and reaches for a fresh — but sitting there a bit, so the mug is sweating — ale. She downs most of this. "Good, good. I'd… really like to work on this stealing idea next practice."

Clavin nods, "That sounds good. I will see to it that it will work out. I think perhaps work with Linc a bit, if that is fine? As well as letting the three chasers rotate in stealing and shooting." He suggests. Getting another ale now. Having it put before him but not drinking from it yet.

"Ha! I'd work with Linc all day long." Yeah, it's apparently time for those jokes. Jocunda lifts her ale and finishes it off, clumsily setting the mug back down.

There is a bit of a chuckle. "Do I need to be keeping an eye on the both of you?" He asks. Raising a brow to her. Drinking from his and studies her at the same time.

"No, no," Jocunda says with a soft laugh. "We dated once, but that's over. I'm seeing someone." She does grin, perhaps at fond memories. "It'll just be fun to mess with him." She draws in a breath and braces herself on the table. "You, sir, are to be commended as a drinking partner."

"Well, good then. And congratulations." Clavin replies. Grinning about messing with Linc. At her compliment, of sorts, he bows his head. "Thank you. Although I am getting a bit old I think." He laughs a bit at that. Being quite drunk perhaps.

"You're not old," Jocunda points out with a slight snort. She does drop a few coins across the table. Enough to cover most of the drinks. "Maybe you just need more practice." She struggles to her feet, a bit wobbly. "I'll see you at practice tomorrow," she decides.

Clavin chuckles, "Well, I'm still got about ten years on you." He tells her with a grin and a shake of his head. "Alright. And thank for today." Offering some coins as well and then will move a bit as well. As he jump down, he does seem a bit lost. Stumbling a bit. Then he will look to Jocunda to see if she need help out. So she doesn't fall. Keeping close.

Despite being a bit unsteady on her feet, this seems to be par for the course for Jocunda. The woman has bundled up and seems set for movement on foot. She does notice Clavin sticking close at hand and lets out a laugh, "Don't worry. Not gonna fly or apparate. If need be, I'll flag down the nightbus."

Clavin chuckles and ndos, "Well, let's get out of here first at least." The people walking around and blocking the way perhaps a bit unsettling as it can be easy to lose balance. "You will have to show me the way though." He grins at that and looks up to her. Perhaps a bit of a jest on his own expense.

"Ahh, just follow the flow," Jocunda decides, moving with a measured pace. It's almost a dance, really. The grace and flow of her steps. It keeps her from stumbling too much. "Most of it leads back to the Cauldron anyway."

Clavin chuckles at that and moves along with her. Getting a bit of a push from someone that didn't see him and tries to hold his own not to fall. Luckily, he doesn't fall but he does stumble and one hand landing on Jocunda's back unfortunately the other one went a bit lower, and right on her ass. Hopefully she doesn't notice though and Clavin will just try and ignore it and continue out of there. Once on the street he will move with her for a bit until their ways part. Offering a bow to her. "Thanks for today." Then starting off, once he is certain that she can make her way home. Need to worry about the players after all.

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