(1938-01-14) Lyrics by the Lake
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Summary: After a very boring History of Magic class, Morgana and Conall decide to get some fresh air, with a small detour in the great hall.
Date: 1938-01-14
Location: Various around the castle
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History of Magic Classroom, Hogwarts Castle

Maps and charts cover every square inch of wallspace, making it impossible to tell the color of the walls beneath. Across the maps and charts, lines and graphs and figures slip into one pattern or another, articulating the tide of ancient battles, armies and territories - the walls themselves bleeding history into the minds of those who enter whether they wish it or not. Pictures of famous persons stand out in noble detal while infamous villains' seem to depict themselves as their faces come into view with sneers of contempt or the ambivalence of disdain. A particulary nasty-looking goblin cracks its knuckles in a gesture of open hostility for the unfortunate student who wanders too close to its depiction. Timelines cross over each other, blend together and tumble apart - they circle the room to the bottom of the clerestory window, close to the ceiling that lets in the ambient light. In the History of Magic classroom, the founders of the school were truly merciful - yes, even Salazaar Slytherin - sparing the students an actual view of the often more-appealing outside world during the tedium so many feel at journeying herre, the droning of seemingly-endless names and dates and facts and figures. Facing the large front teacher's desk, a rising semi-circle of study desks lay out a lecture style of seating, complete with excellent room acoustics to make sure everyone in the room experiences every detail of every fact and figure and name and date in perfect detail and little comfort. Not only can the History Professor be heard to the last row in this arrangement, of course .. but any snoring or the rustle of love notes can be heard by the Professor, and the entire class.

Someone must have been drunk when making the morning schedule as the sixth year students seem to have had history of magic in the morning. As the first class. Which has most sleeping through professor Binns lecture. Luckily for Conall he had decided to sleep in last night, knowing what the morning would bring. Having done his homework and then slept. So at least he managed to stay awake through class, but still getting sleepy at the end of class. Resting a bit as he let the others rush out from the room.

The book for the class is still open and soon enough he is sitting and reading a bit while the room is clearing out. Glancing around at those still staying. Trying to read a certain part of the book perhaps. Wanting some insight. His satchel on the floor under the table and sitting rather relaxed. Hair slightly messy as if having slept. A yawn does escape him now.

Morgana believes that this is some sort of bizarre torment that she is being punished for. Maybe because she stayed up a little to late last night, trying to finish the novel she was reading. Unfortunately, she fell asleep with the book still open, and a few pages to go. She'll have to wait a few more hours to read who actually did kill the Duke.

She may have fell asleep during class, it's hard to tell. If she did, she must have mastered the skill of sleeping with her eyes open. She has been very still toward the end of the lecture, but now that there is some other noise besides Binns' never ending dribble, she finally moves, by setting her head on her book and letting out a tired groan. "Do you think that if I lay her long enough, the information will seep out of the pages and into my brain?" She asks to anyone who is still in the room.

Conall chuckles at the words from Morgana, waiting until the room is more or less empty, except for the two of them. And perhaps some that just are studying or fell asleep. "You can try. Or at the very least perhaps you will hear the echo of professor Binns, making it finally stick." He says rather lightly. Glancing over to her.

Morgana turning toward the voice, Morgana gives a tired smile and starts to pack up her belongings. "Hey, as long as I don't have to be awake for it, I am more than happy to learn in my sleep." She says as she moves from her table a few rows up, and sets her items on his table. "Did I miss anything exciting, or is that a silly question?"

Conall grins. "I am sure we can learn some charm to do that." He teases her, continuing to read a bit while she makes her way to him. "Well, nothing too interesting. There was some." He explains. "Most things can be found between these pages." He explains and shows her. Letting her make her own decision. A smile to her.

"I am sure we can, but they might consider that to be cheating, and that's the last thing I want in my sixth year." Morgana seems to debate leaving or staying, and finally just checks her own watch to see how much time she has. Seeing that there are several hours before she has to be to the next class she sits down next to him. She'll flip her book open so she is on the same page and nods. "You look like you got some decent sleep last night."

"Afraid that they might. So… Just need to push through I suppose." Conall answers and gives her a friendly smile. "Yeah, got quite a bit of sleep. Knowing what class we had in the morning made me sleep a bit earlier, after the homework was done." He tells her and grins. "How about you? Looked a bit tired."

"Yeah, that's what I'll have to do, I will find some way to survive through it." Morgana says in a slightly dramatic tone. "See, that was the wise thing to do. Me, I had some sort of song stuck in my head all night, so I tried to read to help get to sleep. Than I just got so wrapped up in the story that I lost track of time. I couldn't tell you what time it was that I finally got to sleep. I woke up with the book still on my chest this morning." She says with a soft laugh.

"I recommend it. At least for this class." Conall agrees and has a slight grin across his face. "Song?" He asks as he raises one of his brows. Nodding about the book. Imagining the way she woke up perhaps. "Must have been quite the sight. Would probably look even funnier if there were several books." He says in a rather light mood.

"Just a year and a half left, and I will not longer have to listen to Binns' lectures." Morgana says with a hint of hope in her voice. "Yeah, some Hufflepuff boy wanted my help with some lyrics and I just could not get that song out of my head." She says with a light smirk, turning her pale blue eyes over to meet his. Shaking her head she scoffs at him. "Contrary to popular belief, Ravenclaws do not make a nest out of books to sleep in."

There is a grin and Conall sees the hope in her voice. "That sounds good. Although I am sure some will miss the part of the day where one hears half and sleeps the rest. And still able to pass." He says and shakes his head a bit. As for her slight teasing, he just shakes his head and tries not to chuckle. "Sounds like it was a good song then." He suggests and runs a hand through his hair and doing an overly proud pose. Then laughing a bit at himself before nodding, "Oh? Well that's too bad I would have wanted to see that." He tells her. Having let his own eyes meet her for a moment and he does smile a bit to her.

"Yeah, I am sure I will miss napping in class, since I am sure they look down on it when you nap at your work desk at the Ministry." Meaning she'll have to behave and not stay up all night reading in a few years. At his proud pose, she closes her eyes and shakes her head. Boys. "It was a good song, but it isn't finished yet. I'll let you know if it's any good when he's done with it." She continues to tease and actaully looks down at her book for a brief moment, to attempt to 'study'. "Well, you can just keep dreaming about it then, we sleep in normal beds like normal people."

Conall grins and nods, "I suppose that is true." At her closing her eyes and shaking her head, he just chuckles. Having gotten the reaction he wanted. Since his pose was a bit over the top to be a serious one. "Ah, okay. Well do tell me what you think of it then. Once it is done I mean." As she attempts to study, he watches her. Grinning just a bit. "Aww. And here I've been sleeping under my bed to try and make it feel like a burrow, with flowers. And we all sleep in a big group to make it more friendly" He teases in return. "Does that mean that Slytherin's don't sleep on rocks? Nor does the Gryffindors just keep watch all night long?" Mock shock upon his face before grinning and just trying not to laugh.

"Oh I am sure you will be the first to know my opinion of the song, and I will do my best to be as honest as possible." She says with a playful wink. Morgana opens her eyes back up and leans her head on her hand, thinking that her impromptu study session might be a bust, and not really care if it is. "Now I would believe you sleeping under your bed, with your hair as messy as it is this morning, that couldn't be from a normal night of sleep. I can't vouch for the Lions and the Snakes, but I am quite sure that they don't sleep on rocks.. they would be grumpier than they normal are if they did."

"Why thank you." He offers with a nod of is head. Trying to study a bit, though glancing over to her as well. Perhaps noticing that she didn't get much done. He laughs now though. "I suppose I just move a lot in bed. Or perhaps I like it messy? Mysteriously." He says in a rather playful voice. "I should probably get back to the Hufflepuffs though. THought of putting away the satchel for now and take a walk around outside. Want to go with? We could meet at the entry hall perhaps?"

"If I am one thing, it is honest… except when my dorm mates ask me if something makes them look fat. Than I lie." Because honestly, it's easier than telling the truth! "I tend to keep pretty still in bed, probably because my bed at home isn't as large as the one here." Nor does it have the awesome privacy curtains. Her attempts to study are again fruitless and when he looks over she gives him a soft smile. "As much as I should study, none of this is sinking in. I think a walk should help to wake me up. I'll just need a few extra minutes to put on another sweater or so, I hear it is cold out today." With that she'll put her items back in her satchel and stand to leave the room, and her most boring class.

Conall chuckles and nods. "Good." Then moving to leave with her. "Alright. Will probably do the same. Meet in the entry hall then? Or the courtyard?" He suggests. Putting away his books and places all in his satchel. Moving to hold the door for her and then slipping out with her. "See you in a bit then." He says, as she is to head up several stairs while he will just move towards the kitchen area.

As the morning goes on quite a bit after people having had their first classes. Or at least the history of magic class for the sixth year students had been. Having decided to meet up at the entry hall Conall is coming from the Hufflepuff dormitories. Wearing warm clothes, although it seems that he has no satchel on for once. Coming into the entry hall and looking around a bit. Not spotting Morgana, with whom he was to meet here. So for now he drifts off to the side and finds a wall to lean against.

If there is something Morgana can say about being up in the Ravenclaw tower, is that she defiantly gets her exercise in one day, going from as far up as they are, all the day down to her classes and other areas. She's left her books and satchel back in her room and has grabbed her thick dark wool cloak and her dark blue scarf. She's left the hood down for now, since her little jog down up and down the stairs has her feeling a little warm. "Hey!" She says as she spots Conall, stoping by where he is holding the wall up. "Sorry about that, I had no idea where my scarf went, so it took me a minute to find it."

Singing to himself, Donovan comes from the dungeons where the fifth year Gryffindors and Slytherin's share a potions class, the song is a silly one, but details the correct method of brewing a Draught of Peace. He pauses for a moment realzing that he got the rhyme wrong and closing his eyes reviews the last few words and then shakes his head, "Can't even do it proper with the song." He places the paper the song is written on in his book and sets off for the stairway. Yes… Donovan is studying and carrying a book with several more in his bookbag from the looks of it. The world must be ending.

Most Ravenclaws keep in shape by the distance they have to travel throughout the castle. Not like those darn Hufflepuffs, living so close to the kitchens -and- Great Hall. Eibhlin has to take her time some days, for as thin as she is… she is not in any form of proper shape. Scrawny is usually the term applied, but as she's a girl… isn't it some form of ideal? The redhead is descending the stairways herself, but pauses upon seeing Conall make his way into the entry hall. She slows her steps, head ducked as she digs around in her satchel. This puts her on a direct trajectory for colliding with Donovan.

There is a smile for Morgana as she is making her way towards him. Spotting her coming down the stairs. Though the second face to come down makes his gaze linger a bit. Perhaps fort the better as glances Donovan. "Careful!" He calls out. Which seems to have become the first words of greeting each time he is meeting Eibhlin. Glancing back to Morgana and giving an apologetic smile before pushing off the wall and looking back to Donovan and Eibhlin. Having been too far away to actually do anything, other than shout. "It's quite fine." He assures Morgana as well.

Morgana isn't sure what Conall was shouting about, so she looks over her shoulder to see the potential collision as well. Again, she is also too far to do anything so she just winces and hopes that her house mate doesn't end up injuring herself. "Should we wait and make sure they're okay?" She asks before looking toward the door, and the other two students.

The ravenclaw's complain about how far it is to /their/ class? Ha! Gryffindor has 2 additional flights of stairs, of course that's not why Donovan is in such good shape, but it certainly doesn't hurt. As he notes that Evie is going to run into him, Donovan stops ready to catch the girl if she doesn't notice him in time. He's been meaning to talk to the Ravenclaw for a bit now, the sixth years at the base of the stairs don't catch earn too much attention, that is until he shouts out careful. He'll look his way to see who needs to be careful.

The Gryffindor stopping and the Hufflepuff shouting do the trick and Eibhlin freezes in place, glancing up with her hand still stuffed into the satchel. She blinks a few times, pale eyes focusing on Donovan ultimately. "Oh! Sorry." She looks a bit sheepish. "I didn't want to miss Conall leaving before I could give this to him." The mystery of what 'this' might be is soon solved as she pulls out a pair of packages wrapped in golden paper with little charmed badgers dancing about in a basic pattern. She does lean around Donovan to peer towards Morgana and Conall. "If you've got a moment?"

Conall breathes out as she seems okay. Though nodding to Morgana as he starts towards the two a bit. Seeing as they seem fine he is about to stop and turn for now. Though then she pulls out the package. A grin and staring at her for a moment before sighing, "Fine." Looking back to Morgana, "I'll just be one moment, okay? It won't take long, I promise." Never having been one to want to make a big deal of things concerning himself. Be it good or bad. So it having been his birthday the day before is kept quiet and so he will move to see what she wished to give him. And not letting her do so in front of everyone, especially not in the entry hall. Or at least not where they have all the attention on them. Just moving along with Evie. "You will have to apologize to Morgana though." He teases. Glancing back over to the elder Ravenclaw with a bit of a smile. Perhaps feeling bad for moving away a bit, be it only for a short moment.

"Take your time." Morgana says with a shrug as she takes her turn at leaning on the wall, and putting her hands in her cloak pockets. She watches what is going on between her Housemate and Conall and raises her brow as she catches the flash of paper. She thinks quietly to herself, wondering if this is perhaps a late Christmas gift, or something else. For now though, she'll stay quiet and wait.

Glancing between Evie and Conell, Donovan chuckles and continues on up the stairs, "Quite alright Shine, hey… I was wondering if you could help me with the summoning charm later?" He's already walked past Evie, but Don asking for help with a specific charm is pretty unusual. "If you have some time after dinner maybe?"

"Sorry Rashley!" Eibhlin calls over to Morgana. There's a bit of a shrug to her housemate and a flash of a smile. She figures it likely isn't a big deal, but will pass on an apology of sorts either way. The Prefect descends a few steps and holds out the gifts towards Conall. "Happy birthday," she says to the Hufflepuff. "I had to special order part of it and it didn't arrive until this morning." There are two boxes, one smaller than the other. Neither very large overall. She does look towards Donovan with a touch of surprise. "Of course. What time works for you?"

"Oh… any time tonight, I'm gonna be in the library until they kick me out." Donovan says in response to Evie's question about the time. He'll smile again and then head on up the stairs to the Gryffindor common's.

Conall moves along with Eibhlin and nods. Smiling brightly to her. "Thank you. You didn't really have to though. But thank you. I appreciate it." He admits and will take the two boxes. Though there was a glance to Donovan as well. But for now he will let it all be as is. Paying attention to Evie and the gifts mostly.

"Don't worry about it Shine." Morgana replies holding her hand up in the air to show that there is no issue. She's trying to not pry, and peek at what ever is in those shiny packages, but it is interesting and there isn't much else to see in the Entry Hall right now. She does hum though, just a song that's been stuck in her head for a day or so.

Both boxes are wrapped in the same kind of paper. The gold with tiny dancing badgers. One is long and rectangular, about two inches wide and an inch deep. The other is a fair bit larger: maybe the dimensions of a large book, but very square. Eibhlin clasps her hands in front of her once the Hufflepuff has taken the boxes. "You thought I forgot," she states, lips twitching slightly in amusement.

Conall grins and shrugs, "Perhaps so. Or at least had better things to do." He says in a rather light tone. "Thanks though." If she let him he will offer a quick hug before trying open them. Starting with the smaller one. A bit curious as to what it is. Conall does grin to Morgana as well though, both at the peeking and the song.

For now, Morgana stays quiet, not wanting to interrupt the gift exchange, because that would be rude. She nods at the grin from Conall as she waits.

The smaller box, once unwrapped, is a plain black box. However, when the lid is lifted, it reveals a quill. Basic at first appearances, Eibhlin steps in and points to some notations in the lid. Primarily the words to enable the quill and disable it. "It's, ah… similar to a Quick-Notes Quill, except it records music." She glances briefly to Conall, to see how he's receiving it. "I know… ah, at one time, you were trying to write music… I thought, if you still were, this would make it easier."

And speaking of music, a certain tiny Gryffindor picks this very moment to come down the stairs, harp slung on her back. Maeve's bundled up to go outdoors, as she's been struggling to find a quiet place to practice both her harp and her singing, and not having much luck of late, since everyone seems to be using the usual quiet places, mainly for snogging.

Conall watches it and smiles to her, nodding. "I do, still. Thank you." He offers to her. "It was quite thoughtful, thanks." Perhaps glad for how well she still seem to know him. Shifting the small box a bit, for now, he starts on the larger one. Glancing to Morgana since she is still waiting on him. And that she has been humming on a song. At least it is still early in the day, so it isn't too bad that they are taking some time.

Morgana seems to be quite content on waiting for the time being. After all, she's in no rush to get anywhere, and she's still a little groggy after the latest Binns lecture. She does however noticed the Gryffindor with the Harp and gives her a small nod. She knows all about trying to find quiet places to play an instrument.

The other box is much more simple. It's one of the journals the shop in Hogsmeade sells, but its paged are of liner notes for music rather than for writing. Eibhlin gives a little shrug, "I… wanted to be sure you had something to use the quill on." It's a basic explanation, but at least a logical one. The teen glances towards Maeve, lifting a hand to greet the Gryffindor should she catch her eye.

Maeve raises her hand, waving to the two Ravenclaws and the Hufflepuff. While she doesn't know Morgana, yet, she's at least familiar with the other two irish students. She can't help a grin as she sets her harp down. "Hello all. How are you three doing this evening? Is everyone all right?"

Maeve raises her hand, waving to the two Ravenclaws and the Hufflepuff. While she doesn't know Morgana, yet, she's at least familiar with the other two irish students. She can't help a grin as she sets her harp down. "Hello all. How are you three doing this morning? Is everyone all right?"

"Thanks. It's, nice." Conall answers to Eibhlin. "I don't want to keep you though if you are going somewhere." Seeing as Donovan tried to catch a hold of her. "By the way, how goes the classes?" He asks, starting to move over towards Morgana again. Spotting Maeve now and waving back to her. "Hi there, O'Brian." He offers to her. "Quite fine." Putting the gifts away. Or at least shifting them over to one hand. The wrapping papers put away or disposed of as well. "How about you?" Rather cheerful tone in his voice.

There's a bright smile that forms on Eibhlin's features. "I'm so glad you like it," she says to Conall, shifting up onto the balls of her feet. Back to the heels, she gives a small nod. "I'll catch up with him soon. I was going to stop by the Potions supplies and grab a few for practice work. Maybe try to catch Slughorn to ask about that party… he's been so difficult to corner lately."

Morgana doesn't know Maeve, but the harp does catch her interest, she's about to ask about it when Conall turns back in her direction, and she moves meet up with him and her house mate. "I know what you mean about Slughorn, I feel like I only see him when I'm in his class. Thankfully I haven't had many questions about the potions we're working on right now."

Maeve grins. "I'm doing well. Speaking of Potions, I need to go talk to him myself. I've been having trouble with them again, but then again, I'm not exactly as scholastically inclined as most of you Ravenclaws." She can't help a sheepish smile.

Conall nods to her, "I do. You know me good enough still." He says with a bit of a grin. Nodding. "Please do. Perhaps we could try to get it in for the weekend after the Hogsmeade weekend?" He suggests. There is a bit of a reaction about potions, "That's right, Evie. If you do need help with potions I am sure Morgana could help." Glancing to see if she is willing to though. As for Maeve's words, he just chuckles.

"Potions are one of the few things I don't need help with," Eibhlin says with a soft laugh. "I guess it's the lack of wandwork or imagination." Rote memorization and following logical paths. She loves it. "But I am doing much better at transfiguration thanks to you, Conall." She descends the steps the rest of the way, to meet up with everyone proper and not block the flow of traffic. "Though I am interested in any tips or tricks you might have," this directed to Morgana, "since it seems everyone has their own ways of doing things."

At Maeve's Ravenclaw comment, Morgana smirks and looks to her house mate. "Do you know that Quinn here thought that Ravenclaws slept in nests made of books? He told me so this morning." She says in a teasing tone to Conall. "But sure, let me know when you have a bit of free time and I can show you what I've picked up. I dropped most of the classes I was not doing so well in, that was the nice thing about being able to pick my own classes."

Maeve nods to Morgana's words. "I wish I could do that. But being a first year, it's not really an option. Oh, I'm Maeve O'Brian," she says, as she offers her hand. She's standing at the base of the stairs, chatting with Morgana, Eib, and Conall.

A nod given to Eibhlin, "I am happy to help you." He tells her. "We still need to continue your tutoring to me as well." He says with a smirk to her. He chuckles at Morgana's teasing though. "But it was quite the picture to imagince you doing so." He offers playfully. Looking over to Maeve as well as she introducees herself. "I am sure that the time will pass fast enough for you to soon enough be able to do so." He offers. Shrugging though. Eyes going back to Evie. "So… Got time later today? Or perhaps tomorrow?" He asks about tutoring.

"Potions and Runes are the two I'm certain I want to continue in," Eibhlin tells Morgana with a small smile. "I enjoy them and I've fair excelled at them." But she's still, like many fifth years, obsessively studying those subjects to ensure a good OWL score. The teen glances back to Conall and grins a bit, "I'll be in the workspace this afternoon. Feel free to join me and we'll work on a few things?"

From the stairway, Kiefer descends, a satchel on his shoulder, gardening goggles on top of his head, and his eyes set up. A determined look is on his face as he eyes a sheet of parchment that is flapping overhead, fluttering juuust out of his reach. He jumps, trying to snatch it, and the pesky thing flaps an inch higher before making a flight down the steps. "Come here, you little bugger.." he says, clomping down the steps in its wake, jumping the last to make a lunge for it. GRAB! .. and miss! If charmed paper could laugh, it definitely would be doing so now as he stumbles and falls, the contents of his satchel spilling. Books, notes, a few quills, a plastic jar. Oops.

"Runes is one of my favorite classes." Morgana responds. "It's really the only thing that makes Monday bearable." Because History first thing in the morning is very brutal, at least for keeping productivity going on through the day. Like right now! "Very well, than I'll continue to believe you when you say you burrow under your bed to sleep." Morgana says to Conall. When Maeve offers her hand she'll give it a quick shake and a polite smile. "Morgana Rashley." She's about to say more, but Keifer and his charmed paper make their entrance, and she has to step back a few paces to keep from being attacked by his satchel contents. "That's something new." She says quietly.

Maeve can't help giggling at Kiefer's struggles with the paper, but immediately moves to try and help him to catch it, other contents of the satchel be cursed. "You need some help, Vaughn? It looks like your books are starting to get away from you." She kneels down, as she grins back to Morgana. "And it's nice to meet you too, Rashley. I've seen you about, but not talked to you, unfortunately."

"Runes are quite fun." Conall offers his opinion. As for the tutoring with Eibhlin, he grins and nods. "Well, I will meet you in the afternoon then." He answers and looks over to Morgana, "Well, it is a comfortable way to sleep. If it is true that is." A wink given at that. Then eyes goes to the sound of Kiefer. Seeing the younger Hufflepuff fall down. Moving over towards him, "You alright?" He asks and moves down to help with the things that spilled out. Glancing towards the paper as well. "Need any help?"

"I've seen some of the 6th year texts for Runes and I'm so excited," Eibhlin admits to Morgana with a small grin. "I don't know if I'll continue Herbology. It'd be helpful, but I could just make friends with someone who is good at it…" And enter one such person. The giggles that surface from the Ravenclaw are not at Kiefer, but at Morgana's comment about burrowing to sleep. "Must be warm in those little dirt hollows." She does, however, move to pick up the glass jar that had rolled away, lifting it to see if she can tell what it contains.

Darn it! There goes his chocolate frog! Ribbit, ribbit, hop! Kiefer gives the treat a withering glare, seemingly more concerned about its escape than any of his books or papers. But, those soon come to his attention too as he begins to pick himself up, looking up at the offered help from the familiar Hufflepuff prefect. "Ah, I'm fine. First fall of the day, in fact," he says as he moves to his knees and begins to grab at paperwork. The flying parchment is still around, hovering in flapping circles a few feet above. He glances to Maeve who is also helping to retrieve his things. "Careful," he says, gestring to one of those plastic jars. "One of them has slugs in 'em. Harmless. Just … fat and slimey."

"It's more intensive, and I am excited to see what they have planned for next year. I've always wanted to look into runes that are not native to our country, just to see how things are different between the two languages." Yep, there it is, Morgana's inner Ravenclaw peeks out for just a moment as she responds to her house mat. She looks back to the younger Gryffindor as she replies to her. "Yes, it is nice to meet you as well, that's a nice harp you have." She says gesturing to the instrument. Laughing at Conall she shakes her head. "I'll continue to sleep on my bed, with the comfortable matress." Raising her brow she smirks at Kiefer. "Did you have more falls scheduled for today?" She asks lightly.

Maeve smiles. "Thank you. My Ma and Da gave it to me some years ago, when she started teaching me to play." She finishes picking up at least some of Kiefer's belongings, looking dismayed at the escape of the frog, but not at all bothered by the slugs. "Oh, they don't bother me. I always used to have to deal with them in Ma's garden.

Conall nods agreeingly with Morgana's words about the runes. Then glancing to Eibbhlin as she seems to start giggling about sleeping in burrows. "Well, I still manage to stay fresh and healthy. And it's comfy in the cold." He says in playful counter. Eyes going to the Hufflepuff then. Seeing the chocolate frog's escape though not in position or time or anyhow able to help him on that, so he looks to Kiefer apologetically. Helping him to gather things. "Well, that's good. Hope it's the only one of the day." Said a bit lightly. Then looking up to the parchment with a slight grin.

The younger Ravenclaw goes a little doe-eyed as Morgana hints at what's to come in 7th year Runes. Eibhlin, the linguist-nut of Ravenclaw has just been informed that she'll get to study runes in -other languages- in a couple of years. Her hand, with the jar of slugs, shakes a bit in her barely-contained excitement. "That… sounds amazing," she admits softly. A slight shake of the head brings the girl back to the present and she goes to press the jar into Kiefer's hands. "Might want to latch your bag closed if you plan on falling like that often." She steps back, adjusting the satchel she has across her torso. "I'll see you later in the workspace, faolchu." This, apparently, directed to Conall. The rest receive a nod before she heads off.

"None scheduled," Kiefer says in anser to Morgana as he stuffs a book back into his bag, "but they tend to happen. I may have an inbalance in my inner ear, I think. That or the stairways hate me. I think the latter is just as probable." With all the help he's recieved, his things are retrieved in no time! All except that pesky overhead flapping parchment, that is. He stands, giving everyone a grateful smile. "Thank you," he says, stuffing that slug-filled jar from Eibhlin into his bag, making sure it's securely closed now. "I bet your mother has a lovely garden. Slugs are the worst of pests, but they know what's good. They only frequent the best of the best." He glances up, eyes narrowing a bit at that out of reach paper.

Morgana smirks as her housemate goes a little gaga over the future of her runes class, but she'll give her a wave as she leaves. "Well I am glad that sleeping in the cold dark burrows have not effected your health Quinn." She responds before nodding to Maeve. "It looks like it's a very well kept instrument, I occasionally play the violin myself." She says as she unwinds the scarf from around her neck, since they seem to be lingering inside, and she doesn't want to get too warm. "I think the stairways hate everyone." She says with a chuckle. "Well hopefully your falls and tumbles decide to take a vacation." Though looking up at the paper, she raises a brow. "The enchantment has to wear off eventually."

Maeve smiles to Morgana. "Perhaps we could play together sometime. I sing as well. My Ma gave me a love of music." As Kiefer talks about an inner ear imbalance, the girl turns to him. "Have you talked to Madam Spleen about it? I'm sure she'll be able to help if that's the reason.

Conall nods to Eibhlin, "See you later." Smiling a bit at the reaction she had about the runes class. Eyes shifting to the others as she leaves. Chuckling to Morgana. "So am I. I think I might even feel better." Continuing with the jesting. Glancing to the parchment again before the talk between Maeve and Morgana finally attracts his attention. "I think we could all play perhaps. I play the guitar. And sing as well." He explains. Then it is back to Kiefer, nodding at Maeve's suggestion. As for the flying parchment, it seems he is pondering on magic perhaps, to get it down. But for now he doesn't do so. "Soon enough I suppose." He says about the enchantment having to wear off eventually.

Kiefer nods in answer to Morgana. "It'll wear off, you're right. Hopefully before my next class as I'd hate to leave it behind. Those were my notes for Transfig." He tries another jump, though his efforts are in vain. He mutters something beneath his breath, but, deciding to shake off any forming negativity, he focuses on the conversation at hand. "Violin?" And guitar, and singers? His brows lift a bit. "It'd be a curious arrangement. Violin and guitar, but not necessarily bad. I'm…an awful, terrible, horrendous singer, but I do play violin decently," he says, grinning. "A few of us gather in the club room sometimes to practice together. Mostly strings, including piano."

"Perhaps, I've been a little out of practice lately so it might be a while before I feel comfortable playing in front of a larger group." Morgana says to Maeve, and she'll nod to Kiefer. "It's different, but honestly it works, at least with the songs we've tried so far." She says looking to Conall to confirm her thoughts. "Oh, well how is it that your transfig notes ended up flying?" She ask as she continues to watch the paper fly around.

Maeve nods. "I decided to start attending Arts club after we came back from Holiday. Mind you, I'm terribly busy now, as a result. But it gives me at least more practice, plus I get to find others to practice with…

Conall nods as he listens to Maeve. Having been in the arts club since his first year. "That's nice. It is quite refreshing, I think, to be in the arts club." As for the sound of violin and guitar together, he agrees. "Yup, quite different. Though it can be fitted in quite a bit. At times it sounds a little odd but I think with some more practice it will sound quite natural." Smiling to Morgana at that. She has been of some help after all, when it came to his songs and so on. "Well, it would be nice for all of us to perhaps play and sing at some point." The story of the flying paper seems to interest him as well though.

"Welcome aboard then!" congratulates Kiefer to Maeve, not at all surprised that he wasn't aware of any new members to the club that he's a part of as well. Being last to know is his usual. Brown eyes shift between Conall and Morgana as he listens to them both. "Oh, so the two of you have already played together? Grand, I'd love to hear someday. I'm keen on playing with you all." Music. The universal language! As for that paper. Sigh. He glances up at it. Is it just him, or is it starting to flutter a tad bit slower? "Well. There is a group of students who are in my Transfiguration class, who are also in my Herbology class. They don't fancy me much, I think. Or .. well, I know, as they've told me. If I'm to judge by their pointing and laughing, I'd assume they did it. Likely when I was up volunteering for a spell."

"I haven't decided if I should join yet or not, I figure I should see how heavy the work load is first." Morgana says using her favorite excuse for staying out of social situations. "Well give us a bit of time to work the songs out properly, they need some fine tuning. Than we can easily fit in other parts, a second violin would not be hard to add at all." When Kiefer says the story about his notes she shakes her head. "It sounds like you have a lovely bunch of classmates. Have you tried a Finite Incantatum?"

Maeve tilts her head, then goes over to get her harp, and settles down. She seems to be withdrawing from the conversation, but not from the group, as she closes her eyes, and starts to play, the music soft.

"You should." Conall tells Morgana with a bit of a smile. Tilting his head at the story of the classmates. "That seems quite annoying." Though that seems to be all he will offer on that, though he does nod about Morgana's suggestion. But then looking to Maeve as she starts playing. Smiling and moving to listen. If there is song, or one that he recognizes at least, he will sing along as well.

"I didn't wish to use magic in the halls," says Kiefer, usually a rulefollower. "And with it flapping about, I didn't want to miss. Especially when on the staircase. But.." He glances to Conall. "You're a Prefect. Shall I?" The sound of music tuns his attention though, and he watches the youngster play the harp that somehow he hadn't noticed before. "Oh, isn't that a lovely sound."

"We'll see." Morgana says to Conall about joining the club, and as it looks like they will be staying inside, she'll remove her heavy wool cloak, and drape it over her arm. "Surely a Prefect could get his notes down for him, am I right? It would be rude not to after all." She says with a sly smile, but she too is now distracted by the harp music. It's not a song that is immediately recognizable to her, but it is pretty.

Maeve continues to play the music, her fingers moving delicately over the strings of the harp. The notes rise softly, as she concentrates on her playing. She can't help smiling as she does.

Conall looks to Kiefer. "It's no worries. I wouldn't think at least." He explains. Adding, "I understand, though I think getting it down before your next class would be wise. I can get it for you." Finding this to be a necessary situation to use a spell perhaps. Nodding to Morgana's words. He will take up his wand and then casting the spell, "Finite." Casting it towards the flying paper and being sure enough that he will be able to cast it properly.

Ah, his paper! With Conall's successful spell, the flapping, fluttering paper soon jolts like an animal shot. It remains poised in the air for a second longer, then beging to fall to the ground. Beamin, Kiefer reaches up to snatch it mid fall, and he hurriedly examines the notes. They're still here! "Thank you" he says to the prefect before he folds the parchment and slides it into his bag. "I really appreciate it." He smiles to them both. To them all, once his eyes reach Maeve as well. "I should be going. We really should all play together though. And you, little miss, are really good." This is said to Maeve.

Morgana smiles as the paper is freed from the spell and as Kiefer is once again reunited with his notes. She'll nod her head to Kiefer and give him a wave. "I'll pop into the club room with my violin sometime and we can see what we come up with." She'll fold her hands in front of her and turn to listen to the music once again. "Nice job." She says to Conall and his spell work. "Did you still want to go for that walk or are you content to stay indoors today?:

Maeve blushes at the complement, as she finishes the song. "Thank you. I'm not all that good, though. I've just played this one repeatedly. It's my Ma and Da's favorite, and the first one my Ma taught me." She smiles, going silent, as Kiefer prepares to take his leave, and Morgana and Conall talk about a possible walk."

A smile and a nod is given from Conall to Kiefer. "Of course, it was no issues. Glad to help." He tells him and glad to see that it seems everything seemed to be as it should. He looks over to Maeve as well then. "Indeed. It sounds lovely. I am sure that you will be amazing with even more practice." Nodding to Kiefer as he moves to leave. "Until next time, Vaughn." His gaze then shifts to Morgana to offer an apologetic smile, seeing as she had stripped out of the top layer of the thick clothes. "Thank you, and I'm sorry. Though we can start heading out now if you want." Looking to Maeve. "You are free to join." He tells her, glancing over to see if Morgana is okay with it though. Though it seems Maeve wasn't in the mood to join, so he will just start to head out with Morgana. If she still wants to.

Kiefer waves to those who are left, though it does seem as if most are parting ways now. He does too, now that all of this things have been reclaimed other than that chocolate frog. Another Hogsmeade weekend can't come soon enough! He needs to replenish his supply. He heads off now, heading towards another hall, slightly whistling as he goes.

Morgana waves to those who are leaving, or have already left, and when Conall agrees to head outside, she nods. "Yes, I think the fresh air will do me good." She says swinging her cloak back over her shoulders and closing the clasp to keep it secured. Once they move out of the Entry Hall, she looks to him with a very faint smirk on her lips. "So, was that a belated Christmas gift?" She says about the gifts that Eibhlin gave him.

Conall nods as he will prepare to leave to go outside with Morgana. Though perhaps thinking of heading to put away the gifts. Though for now he just finds places upon his clothes to place them. "Something like that." He says, about it having been christmas gift. "Not christmas though." And that might explain things. But he didn't want it to sound like he was lying. Though the mention of the gifts does make him smile.

"Ah." Morgana responds as he mostly confirms what she was thinking. Folding her hands behind her back as she follows him out of the castle, she raises a brow. "So, by how many days have I missed your birthday?" She asks carefully, trying to place in her mind to if she even knew it at all. "They do seem like very nice gifts, and it sounded like they were unexpected."

Conall grins. "One." He offers about by how many days she missed his birthday. Continuing to smile and nod. "They are and it was. Well, I knew that I had told her before. I just… Didn't expect any. Or that she even remembered." He says and continues to have that smile on his face. Continuing out of the entry hall and not sure where to go. "I'll need to see her later." Since they are going to study. And that has to be the only reason, right?

Morgana takes in a breath of cool air, and looks around the courtyard. "Well, happy birthday then. I feel like a bit of a fool for seeing you yesterday and not saying anything. But if you wanted me to know you would have told me I suppose." She says in an even tone, as she slips her hands into her cloak pocket again. "For studying?" She asks carefully.

"It's fine. Now you know though. Although I am not one to celebrate too much." Conall tells her. Being cheerful. Able to wake up a bit more after that slow history class. By first meeting all of them in the entry hall and now heading out in the refreshing cold weather. "Yeah. We are helping each other out." He explains in his usual vague way.

"So I've noticed, consierding we were studying History yesterday. That is not how I will be spending my birthday, that much I know." Morgana plans on doing no homework that day. She as well does not know where to go from here, so Morgana will start a pace around the courtyard. She gets quiet for a moment, trying to choose her words carefully. "Are you sure that's all it is?"

A chuckle does escape Conall as she goes on about having studied. "Perhaps so." Moving with her and glancing over at the question. "I dunno. What else would there be?" That is all they have at the moment after all. Perhaps he often makes it awkward though. But still.

"It could.." Morgana says as starts a sentence, but she stops herself before she finishes it. "You know, it's actually not my business." She says quietly, as she keeps her eyes focused else where, looking at those that are passing by, and the few people who have decided to occupy the benches.

Conall raises a brow at her words, "Hmmm? What?" He asks. Perhaps a bit curious. Though he will add, "If you meant something more than study, as I suspect, then don't think so. She has a boyfriend." He clarifies. Letting his gaze go to those passing by as well. Looking around the area mostly.

"That I do know." Morgana responds, since they are both in her house it's sort of hard to miss. "I'm just talking with out thinking." To fight off the chill, she finally raises the hood of her cloak over her head. Have you made any further progress on your lyrics?" She says, trying to change to subject to something safer.

Conall still seem a bit curious about what she was going to say, but he won't ask. Just nodding instead. Though about the lyrics, he shakes his head. "Not yet. I suppose I just need some inspiration." He suggests with a smile given to her. "I think a walk might be enough to at least think of something."

"Nature does have a lot of inspiration, though.. your song sounded more summery, or spring like than winter. I am sure the walk will help." She says as her shoes crunch over the snow. "Shall we go to the lake? Or would you like to stay here in the courtyard?" She asks casually.

"I agree. And perhaps it does sound a bit more like a summer or spring song." Conall offers and shrugs. "Either way, I think it still needs some working with." As for where to go, he looks around a bit. "The lake sounds good. Might help the inspiration."

Morgana will turn and walk toward the lake, nodding her head as she does. "The music itself is set, at least what I've heard of it." And the part she can't get out of her head. "I like being around water, but I suppose that comes from living on an island. It will be one thing I miss once I properly move to London after I graduate."

"I suppose that it is. I'm glad you like it." Or perhaps it is just that it is an annoying song that easily get stuck in the head. There is a grateful smile on Conall's lips either way. "Water can be quite nice. I haven't thought about it too much though. And I think you are probably still going to head out somewhere where there is water even after you move to London. You did mention Venice after all." He teases.

It could just have a catchy tune to it, but for now Morgana will deal with it. "Possibly, though Venice is just supposed a quick vacation, I'd have to learn Italian if I ever planned on staying." As they continue to walk, she just continues on the thought of water. "I just love the sound of it, hearing the waves every night lull me to sleep, I don't care how cold it is outside when I am at home, I always crack my window so I can hear them. It's just so calming, and I feel the same way when I hear certain musical chords."

Conall nods, "I understand. And that sounds quite lovely." He offers about the whole lulling to sleep part. Smiling to her. Continuing to walk towards the lake. "I will have to play you one that will make you fall asleep then. As long as it stick in your mind as well." Said a bit lightly. Soon enough they are getting closer to the lake.

Morgana quickens her pace as they near the lake, glad to be by the water again, even if she wouldn't dare go into the freezing cold lake. "It is, I usually have trouble falling asleep when I get back to school, for about a week or so. Than exhaustion sets in and my brain gets over itself." Turning to him, she gives him a small smile. "Write in in C minor, or E flat major, and it just might work. It would be better than thinking of Binns.

Taking up the same pace as Morgana when hers quicken. Conall smiles at the reaction from her to be near water. "I'm sorry to hear that. Then I certainly must make you a song." He tells her. Pondering something for a moment. Once on the beach he stops and tries to get a hold of her wrist. "Perhaps something like this?" Starting to humm a song in the right tone. Good enough in singing to be able to place his voice in the right tone. "It might not be a guitar, but perhaps it will be enough." Then continuing the humming and he will offer to dance slowly with her as he pulls her closer. To fit with the pace of the song. Humming and turning it into words, "…And just let go of all, the rest, there is." Smiling to her. "Le me be able to give you a night. One full of happy thoughts and rest. Let me be there to make sure that you fall asleep now." Then the humming returns as he will continue to dance, unless she breaks away.

"You don't have to do that. Morgana says quietly, but he has already started one, and she quietly listens. However she is a bit surprised to be pulled into a dance, but she does not resist. She does however find a spot to look at over his shoulder, half afraid to look at him, in case cheeks are redder than they should be. "You have a talent for improv." She says quietly, carefully looking toward his face, but she doesn't break away, just yet.

Conall dances slowly and only glances to her when she looks to him. Smiling at her. "I do what I can. I suppose it is why I wanted to start writing songs. Now I just need to figure out how to better make a whole song." He says and grins. Though he keeps looking at her for another moment. If she is indeed a bit redder than she should then he doesn't say. Only smiling at her. "I hope that helps out a bit with the sleeping perhaps." Not breaking away either. Just having moved his head back a little to be able to look at her.

"I am sure you will, in your own time. Maybe you just really need something to inspire you to write?" Morgana holds his gaze for just a moment before she looks back down, focusing on his shirt or anything else. "It was beautiful." She admits quietly, "And I like it better than the one that's been in my head since yesterday." Either from the wind, or the chill in the air, Morgana shivers and moves just a touch closer. For warmth of course.

"Thanks. And I think you might be right." Conall agrees. Seeing her glancing down. "Sorry if I'm making you uncomfortable." He says and is about to break off when she moves closer. Feeling her shiver and keeps her close then. "That's good. I'm glad you liked it."

"You're not." Morgana replies, she's just a little out of her element. "Just.. keep humming." And Morgana will be content to dance, even if it is cold, until they have to start walking back to the castle, and on to their next class.

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