(1938-01-15) More Than Stirring The Pot
Details for More Than Stirring The Pot
Summary: A time to try making a potion turns to stirr more than just the pot, as Conall reveals his feelings.
Date: January 15, 1938
Location: Workshop
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Workshop Hogwarts Castle


Long, heavily shielded windows lining one side of the workshop are designed to guard against even the more forceful projectiles that often spiral out of control from heavy tables that serve as work surfaces. The walls are scarred with burn-marks of many a project gone awry, and even the ceiling is scorched here and there by past misfires. Those familiar with the history of this room might even know that some of those "accidents" were anything but a mishap, and were even sometimes carefully planned. Shelves line the far wall from the entryway, stacked with models and manuals of wizarding innovations, as well as the students' current attempts-in-progress to duplicate those innovations.


It's not too long after Eibhlin had left the Great Hall. She spent time gathering some supplies and now finds herself setting up in the workspace. There's an area just for potions work, even. Small burners, cauldrons, and the like. The Prefect has her hair pulled back and tied loosely at the nape of her neck with a bronze ribbon. Sleeves are rolled up a bit towards her elbows. At the moment, she's humming absently as she lays out ingredients, vials, and the like.

That was not the case for Conall though, as he had been out to the lake with Morgana. Having spent some time there and finally made his way back to meet up with Eibhlin in the afternoon, as they had talked about. So already having eaten lunch as he comes into the workshop. Being a bit silent perhaps and just listening to the humming while making his way inside. Smiling as he wathes her. Finally a knock comes to the side of the door frame. "Hi." He says and moves inside.

There's a slight startlement at the knock on the frame. A couple empty vials clink together as she knocks them about on the table's surface a bit. Eibhlin glances up and gives a lopsided smile in Conall's direction. "I wasn't sure you'd be able to make it." Maybe she expected Prefect duties to get in his way? She ate lunch on the fly, stuffing a few rolls with meat and cheese between her gathering of supplies and heading for the workspace to start securing her area. "Glad you were," the Ravenclaw adds.

"Now why would I not make it? It's always fun to spend time with you. Well… Except the part where I have made it awkward." Conall offers and sighs. Though looking a bit amused still. At her last words, his smile grows. "So am I." He then moves inside a bit more. His satchel over his shoulder as usual. Moving over towards her. "So… Potions?" He offers and will join her."

Eibhlin bites her lip a bit at the mention of things being awkward. Uncertain how to approach that part of what he says. Fortunately, he changes the subject and she's able to just go with a flow. There's a small nod as she continues to arrange the various ingredients she's gotten. Many basics, it seems. There's also other tools of the trade: cutting surfaces, knives, mortar and pestle… "I got enough to make a few different potions. Most of them from the fifth year, because I don't have any of the sixth year texts…" She glances to the Hufflepuff. "Was there any one in particular you wanted to work on?"

Conall probably notices the bite and it does make him offer an apologetic look. "Let us have some fun." He offers, both to the first part about awkwardness, wanting to assure her that he will stay away from such. If possible. As well as to them working with potions. "Not really. I think it is mostly to learn a bit about the different ones to at least know a bit about it. Though I wouldn't recommend doing it all in gaelic. At least not until you have helped me with that as well." Said playfully to lighten the mood between them. He doesn't have sixth grade books on potions either, as he doesn't have that class.

"Oh!" Eibhlin turns to dig in her satchel, left on a chair next to the table. "That reminds me." She surfaces with a notebook, extending it out to Conall. "I've not found an official phrasebook yet, but I wrote out some common phrases and words for you. We can add anything else we come across as you practice." She does glance to the ingredients on the table, pondering. "Let's see… The Draught of Peace and Strengthening Solution are some of the trickier ones we've worked on this year."

There is a raised brow given to the Ravenclaw girl as she starts digging in her satchel. When Conall sees what it is, he takes it and smiles. "Sounds good. I do think you will have to keep around so that I can train on pronouncing it correctly." He tells her. Nodding about the potions as well. "I do think that I remember that. I didn't do too well, but I passed. I don't really remember all about how to do them. But I think it seems like a good spot to go from."

From the bag is also brought a battered potions textbook and Eibhlin flips through it until she comes across the pages detailing the Draught of Peace. "I suspect this one will come in handy for exams time, so let's give it a go?" She sets it on the table and turns it so Conall can see. "How do you want to do this? I can go through the process and you watch. Or you can go through and I can help. Or I could set up a second cauldron and we can both work on it." She gives a small shrug, leaning a hip against the worn table as she waits for his response.

"Well, since I don't technically have this course any longer perhaps I should watch. So that you get more time to prepare for your OWLs." Despite him wanting to learn a bit Conall will of course help her first. "I can watch and help you out through the books and I am sure that some will stick." Just smiling back at her and watching her a bit with studying eyes.

"Alright," Eibhlin says, casting a bit of a smile towards the Hufflepuff. She turns the book back towards her, glancing over the recipe for a moment. "I do feel sorry for anyone who is colorblind," she muses softly, "since so many potions require being able to see what color the liquid is." She checks some of her ingredients and nods slightly, "Draught of Peace, especially. It's also an interesting potion because there's not many exact measurements to it…" Which may be why she gravitated towards it. She could use the practice also. "So first… we add powdered moonstone until the liquid is green, then stir until blue. If the recipe doesn't specify a direction, I usually go clockwise. It's… the path of the sun and moon and seems to have magical properties because of that." She shrugs a bit- there's often no explaining magic, just understanding the results.

Conall smiles back at her and nods. Moving a bit closer to get a better look. "Sounds quite good." He offers. Watching as she is starting. Moving to be able to help her, with handing her the right ingredients and so on. To be able to pick them out easily from a crowd. "Yeah, I understand. It follows a certain pattern. Though depending on the nature of magic it can at times be a bit different. Not sure if the same applies to potions though."

Per the instructions, more moonstone is added until the potion is purple. "Now to set it to simmer until it's pink," she murmurs, vaguely distracted with getting the fire just right to achieve a simmer, without risking a boil. This does spark a comment of: "that's something a lot of people who struggle with potions miss. They want to rush the heating process or they just get a flame going… Too much too fast can scorch the cauldron and the potion, making it go bad." She glances up, over the steam rising from the liquid in the cauldron to smile at Conall. "It applies to everything in our world," our with a certain intonation, "it's just a matter of finding out how. Runes don't involve wands or special ingredients, but they still follow the same standard rules of everything else."

Conall listens and nods quite interested in what she says. And explains. "I suppose I can be a bit uncertain with the timing. At least when it is on somethin else and not coming from myself." Which makes it different from other magic. As for following the same rules, he nods. Knowing that well enough. "Everything follows certain rules and patterns. Everything binds together in certain ways and has their opposites." He goes on before shrugging. Then paying more attention to the potion again.

"Some potions have wait times, yeah," Eibhlin says with a glance up to Conall once again. "but those usually have some… wiggle room in the time. If it's a day's wait, you don't need to time the hours exactly. In fact, it seems.. again to have more to do with the sun or moon. Look for them to be in the same general position." She arranges more of the ingredients as the potion simmers. Once the liquid sworls into pink, she grabs up the syrup of hellebore and slowly adds it. "Just a drop at a time," she says to Conall, glancing to the book. "Again, no… set amount. You're just adding until the potion is a turquoise," and just in case he's one of those guys who doesn't know colors well, she adds: "kind of a blue-green." Like her eyes. "Then we let it simmer until it's purple again."

Conall continues to listen to her. Letting her have her space and making sure not to get too close. "Yeah, so far I understand." He offers and smiles. Nodding about the hellebore.As she mentions the colors, he nods. When she seems to doubt that he knows what turquoise is, he answers, "Like your eyes." Confident and without hesitating. For that matter, did he even look away from the potion to look at her eyes or did he just remember it?

Did she just drop that jar? Luckily, the stopper is still in place and the powered porcupine quills don't spill everywhere. It still falls to the floor and rolls a bit. Eibhlin is quick to crouch and snatch it up. When she surfaces, her cheeks are dashed with color. "Y-yes," she says briefly. There's a clearing of throat, "Well, ah. That… gets us started on shaking these." She jiggles the jar around, staring intently at the simmering potion. Must remain focused! "I, ah, haven't figured out why some potions call for you to shake the powdered quills and some don't… They aren't magical in nature themselves." Once the potion has simmered to a point of being purple, she adds the freshly-shaken quills a bit at a time until the potion is red. The jar is shoved in Conall's direction to hold as she picks up the wooden spoon and slowly stirs. "This one is tricky," she says, voice a bit tinny, "since we just want it to be orange."

Conall blinks as she drops the jar. Not having realized what he did. Or if he did something. "Are you alright?" He asks with a slight concern as he is about to check on her and the jar. Though as she comes up and has color on her cheeks, he does take a step back. "Apologies, I'm sorry if I did something." He tells her and then nodding as she tries to focus. "I suppose perhaps it changes something in the quills?" He suggests. Nodding as she goes on. Stepping closer again to get a better look at things.

There's a piece of unicorn horn as well as the mortar and pestle slid towards Conall with one hand, Eibhlin shaking her head as she does so. Still focused on the potion. Keeping an eye as the color begins to lighten. "It's alright," she murmurs. Once the potion is orange, she adds more of the quills until the color is back to being that one he likened to her eyes. Spoon and the jar are set aside. "Now we wait until it's purple… I've, ah… found this tends to be the longest wait."

Conall watches and does take whatever is given to him. Or pushed if that is the case. Focusing on the potion until she says it is time for a longer wait. "I see. Well…" He then looks to her and takes a step back. "Is it me?" He asks. "I mean, I don't mean to make you uncomfortable." Perhaps a bit worried.

"Just, ah… get that crushed down. Slughorn didn't have any already in a powder." Unicorn horn being as rare as it is. Like as not, the potions professor would rather give the pieces of horn — which are sometimes used un-ground — than keep both around. Eibhlin doesn't notice him step back until the question. She turns slightly then and blinks at the Hufflepuff. "You… you aren't," she lies. She notices it's a fairly obvious lie and flinches a bit. "That is… not in a -bad- way. You're… nice and flattering and…" she takes a long, deep breath, closing her eyes for a moment. "I don't know quite how to handle myself around you."

Conall nods and will do as he is told. Starting to crush it. Listening to her. Looking at her a bit with furrowed brows, "Please, don't lie." Then she does change and explain and he smile a little. "I'm sorry. I don't mean to try and get between you and O'Hara or anything. I like spending time with you as friends." Perhaps wanting to tell her how much he wants her, he doesn't. He'd rather she'd be happy than please himself.

There's a small huff of air in exhale, Eibhlin crouching to check the flame for the cauldron. Making sure it's just right, so as to avoid scorching or under-heating the cauldron and the potion within. "It's… just a little overwhelming lately," she admits softly, glancing sidelong at the Hufflepuff. "Not… not just you. I… guess I expected things to be a bit strange between us. I'm just… finding myself in this situation a lot." She leans on the table a bit, bracing herself. "It's… nice and it makes me feel good, but at the same time, I feel terrible. I don't want anyone to be sad… or hurt. I just don't know how to make that happen."

Conall nods, and let her go on and explain things. "I suppose I thought so as well. And I am sorry. I don't mean to confuse things. You made it clear before though and I do not wish to make you sad." He tells her and smiles a bit. A soft one. Showing concern for her. "I could leave. I mean. We could talk in the halls. But if you think it to be too much, then. Perhaps it is better if I stay away?" He suggests, though uncertain and also not really wanting it. But he tries to hide it.

Soon the potion turns to purple and Eibhlin retrieves the powdered unicorn horn from Conall, using the potion as an excuse to remain focused. To think. The horn is added slowly until the potion is pink again. "Now… we stir until it's red," she says in an even voice, "then let simmer until it's purple." She stirs slowly and once the potion shifts from pink into red, she sets the spoon aside and adjusts the flame. "I… I don't want you to stay away," she admits finally, slouching against the table. "You're fun to be around. I trust you. We do well tutoring each other, but…" there's a glance up to the Hufflepuff. "I… don't want to risk doing anything that would hurt Dale." And that, perhaps, is her biggest admission.

Conall nods as he listens. Following the instructions as best as he can. Smiling a bit when she admits that she wants him around. "I find it fun as well." Though as she adds Dale, he nods. "You told me that. And I won't make you do something you regret. You told me that you wouldn't leave him for me anyhow. I will just try to move on. Don't worry about it." He tells her. Not wanting either of them to be sad or hurt. "Do what you feel inside an what you feel is right." He tells her. Smiling encouraging.

"It's… difficult," Eibhlin admits softly, turning to face the cauldron. She taps her fingers softly against the mottled wood of the table. "My mind and my heart are often at war. The things I want sometimes… they aren't proper. I'm scared. Scared I'll mess something up with Dale… and scared that if I do, you won't be there." She bites at her lip, staring into the liquid in the cauldron, watching the surface shift and bubble faintly. "But my mind tells me that's wrong. It's selfish. I know I want you to be happy and I can't expect you to be waiting around for me… especially since you'd be waiting around for me if something goes wrong where I already am." She falls silent a moment, drawing in a long breath. Once she releases it, she adds: "I should be happy and content where I am, with Dale. Instead I'm just confused and scared."

Conall listens and nods. "Then do what you feel that you want. I know that you probably feel wrong about keeping me as a security in case it breaks with Dale. And yes, it does feel a bit bad that I am second to him." He says and shrugs. "But it is up to you. As you said, I should find someone else. And that I am waiting. But it is up to you. I don't want to force you in either way. If it would be easier for you…" He doesn't finish it. He does care for her quite a bit still and not able to just go out and tell her that he will never see her again. And he don't want that, and apparantly neither does she. "Be where you think you will feel hapy and safe. And also where you feel like you belong." He tells her and smiles.

"I… wouldn't say you're second," Eibhlin says with a frown, glancing to Conall. "It… doesn't work like that. I don't… rank people. You and I… we had gone our separate ways." As awkward as they were, a year ago. Neither quite able to share and open up with another person yet. "I… I thought that was that. Dale came my way and…" she shrugs faintly, exhaling slowly. "How I feel is up to me, but how you feel is up to you. If… you want to wait and see, that's your choice. But if you want to find someone, that's also your choice. I'd never hold that against you." The potion sifts in color at last to purple and she starts adding the moonstone again until it becomes grey. Heat adjusted once more, she starts gathering things to pack away. All save the porcupine quills. "Once… once it turns orange," she says after a moment, glancing to the textbook, "add porcupine quills until it's white and… that should be it."

Conall listens and nods, "I understand. And… As I said. I don't know why we broke up. Other than that we couldn't share. But I realized that if I can't share with you then there might not be any other. You probably know my feelings even better than Kalyx. And she has been with me since I was a little kid." He shakes his head. "And you know that I want to wait for you. But if me waiting will make you this uncertain and sad. Then I can't do it. I never want you to be sad." PErhaps one of the true reasons for their break up. Even if it is known to her or not. A nod as she shift topic back to the potion. Listening and nodding. "Ok. Sounds like quite the potion."

The tincture simmers along and gets closer to a shade of orange. Eibhlin observes it, using her task as a focus to keep from getting too emotional over the conversation. "We couldn't share and… I, at least, was terrified of opening up too much. I'm… I'm getting over that now. But I always see… attempts at getting back together with someone fail." When you don't have experience to base things on, you go with what you see around you. Examples set by others. "It…" she bites into her lip for a moment, taking time to sort out her words. "It… would make me sad for you, because I want to see you happy. I care very much about you. But at the same time… I would be happy, because I… I'm selfish. If you found happiness in someone else, I… I'd be afraid you'd forget about me." She shrugs slightly, staring at the potion. Which shifts to the proper color. The porcupine quills are taken and carefully — slowly — tipped in to add a small bit at a time. Steadily, the potion becomes white. That's when she stops. "I… I think that's it."

"That is up to you. I won't ask you to choose. I can't. But just because others fail does not mean that all does." Conall shrugs. "I won't forget you." Keeping something from her though. Trying hard not to say it. "I care for you as well. And I want you to be happy." Seeing the potion change to the right color. He nods. "Good."

And then, as she gets the cauldron off the flame, a light silver wisp of smoke curls up and away. The redhead's shoulders relax and she tilts her head in a small, satisfied nod. "That's it. That's what I was waiting for. It's done." Eibhlin looks to Conall, tidying up the space. She lets the potion sit while she cleans things up and gets out small bottles to put it in. If she realizes he's keeping something from her, she doesn't say it. "I suppose that's true… I was just… too afraid to take the risk… It took a lot of convincing," and self-searching, "myself to give Dale a chance."

Conall nods, "I understand." He offers and gives her a faint smile. "I just believe in that if you feel that something is right, you will just offer yourself. All of you." He will move to help with getting rid of things and cleaning up, if she let him. Still holding back something. And it shows on his face still.

There's a glance, Eibhlin pausing in filling those bottles. Stoppers all in a row in front of their respective vessel. She looks at Conall. Her brow furrows slightly. "Then… maybe we're not right. We… didn't offer ourselves up when we dated. We… stayed closed off."

Conall tries to bite his tongue, but he can't. "I won't do that with you again. It was the biggest mistake I have made. I love you." Feeling a shiver run through him and he closes his eyes almost in regret. But more because he shouldn't have said it rather than not meaning it. "I mean…" He sighs and shakes his head. "PErhaps you are right. I shouldn't have."

There's a tremor in Eibhlin's hand when he says those three words. Words she herself has uttered to no one except perhaps her mother. Thankfully, she doesn't drop the bottle she holds, full of potion as it is. Instead, she draws in a slow, calming breath, and puts the stopper in. The redhead is silent as she repeats the process. Fill bottle. Insert stopper. Move to the next. Once the cauldron is empty, she sets to digging in her satchel for tags she prepared. When you're practicing as much as she has been, it's good to label things. This, however, is where she fails and after a moment of digging, she gives up and moves the bag to sink into the chair. "Why?" The word is faint.

Conall watches her and he moves to find somewhere to lean against as well. "I don't know, exactly. I just know that I would do anything for you. For you to be happy and smiling. I didn't want to tell you this. Because I knew you were happy with Dale. But I couldn't stay away. I always liked having you around. I just… It is the way you make me feel. The way you can make me glad and always makes me interested. Even my heart beats faster." He tells her, letting out it all. Like a sinking ship perhaps, with the water quickly feeling it up.

Hands tangle up in the fabric of skirt. Eibhlin can't trust them at the moment. She doesn't turn to face Conall. She just stares at the table before her, vision blurred slightly. "How-" Her voice breaks and she swallows, before trying again. "How… can you feel that way… when I'm with someone else? You… you can't have what you want and here I am, spending time with you. Doesn't… doesn't it seem like I'm mocking you?"

Conall shakes his head, "I don't know. I just. I know that I could never hurt you." He shakes his head. He hasn't been looking at her either. Then he does. "Are you?" He asks about her mocking him. Not thinking so. And now he wants to see what she has to say.

The question brings about a flinch. Like there's a fear that maybe he -does- believe she is. Eibhlin sniffs, closing her eyes tightly. "No," she says, voice faint still. "I… I would -never- mock you."

"Exactly. It is too bad if you do not feel the same. But there is nothing I can do about it." Conall says. Watchin her still. Oh, he just wish to move over to her. He just clenches his fist and keeps away. For a bit longer. Wanting to hold her.

"I… I suppose that's true," Eibhlin says slowly, drawing in a long breath. She grabs her satchel and searches around again. Soon she pulls out those small tags, along with a quill and ink. Labels are soon written up and applied to the bottles. She puts everything away, but leaves the cauldron out. House elves will get it cleaned. She picks up one of the bottles and takes it over to Conall, holding it out. "You should have one. For helping me."

Conall nods, "Ok." He does reach for it. His hand does touch hers, but he tries to ignore it as he takes the bottle. "The only thing I can ask is for you to be certain of what you wish for. If you still can't choose… Kiss me. If you still don't think that you will change your mind. Then I won't bring it up again." He suggests. "I know that it is corny, but," Not having actually kissed anyone still. Which perhaps is odd for someone that just turned 17. "I might not have known it before. But I want my first to be with you." He admits and closes his eyes. "I understand if you can't."

Standing there before him, Eibhlin lifts her chin to study Conall for a moment. "I… can't kiss you right now." There's something underlining the tone she speaks in. "That… wouldn't be fair to Dale." Her voice is on an edge, balancing. It betrays what lies underneath.

There is a strong wish for her to kiss him. But Conall doesn't want to persuade her into doing so. He wants her to do so because she wants it. Hearing the voice being on an edge. Swallowing and nodding. "I understand. If you are sure. I just wished to do what I never dared when we were together. I'm sorry." He does calm himself a bit as he moves and a hand is placed on her cheek. "I'm sorry for hurting you."

Eyes close, warding off the tears that threaten to fall. Eibhlin swallows slowly and eventually steps away. "Don't," she says, a warble in her voice. "Don't apologize. You haven't done anything wrong." She moves to her back and carefully packs the other bottles of potion into it. There's still that tremble in her hands as she does so.

Conall nods, "I won't. It is up to you." He tells her. He does move to offer his help. Seeing the trembling of her hands. Reaching to give it a squeeze. "I did. I shouldn't have told you. I was selfish." He then pulls back the hand and is starting to move back a bit.

"I want to know how you feel," Eibhlin says softly. Even if it may hurt. Or confuse. She looks to their hands, as he squeezes hers. She flexes her fingers gently once he steps back. Carefully hefting her satchel as she stands, Eibhlin lifts her chin to regard Conall again. Studying him intently for a moment. "I… I like that you felt you could tell me."

Conall smiles, if softly, to her. "Now you know. I love you and I will probably always keep these feelings." He tells her. Nodding to her. "I always wanted to. But I was scared. And also that… I don't want to burden others with my issues or thougts. I realize I was wrong." He admits. Watching her in return as she studies him. He studies her in return. His body just showing how he is trying to restrain himself. Not wanting to do something she does not. Or something that she will regret.

"Funny," Eibhlin says softly as she situates her bag over her shoulder. "It took… all of this for us to learn how to be better about opening up." It's not Conall, specifically, that's teaching it to Evie. It's -all- of this. All the confusion of being wanted or desired and having to balance it. The redhead draws in a long breath, "I… wish I could make everything better."

Conall nods, "I suppose. One doesn't know what he had until he has lost it." He does offer a small smile to her as he step closer. "Just be happy. Do what you think will make you happy. I will be here for you. Be it as a friend or more." He tells her and will again touch her cheek, if she allows. Then a gentle, almost scared, kiss to her cheek.

Did she tilt her head into his hand? Perhaps slightly. Eibhlin's eyes close at that hesitant kiss and she lifts a hand to catch his before he pulls away. A small squeeze there. "I… I think we'll figure this out." A bit of a smile flits across her lips. "Perhaps this is good. We're… getting a chance to learn how to open up to others. And ourselves. I think… they call that growing up."

Which instead makes Conall forced to move a little closer as to not lose balance. She can probably feel that he is his inches away from her. "I am sure that we will." He tells her. Keeping her there as well. Feeling her hand on his cheek and keeping his on hers. "Perhaps. I wish I did it earlier though." He tells her and if she allows then he will use his free hand to wrap around her. To hold her close for a moment.

She's not going to resist. She knows she should, but she can't help it. Not right now. Eibhlin shifts and slowly puts her arms around Conall, drawing him into a hug. She doesn't try any more than that now, no. "That's… that's life, I think," she says softly. "It's how we learn. If we did it right the first time… what need would we have to change?"

Conall holds her. Hugging her in return. His heart does pound quite a bit. If she notices might perhaps not be able to guess. "True. But when you lose someone. I hurts." He tells her. Admitting it. "Be happy Evie. That is all I ask for."

"It does," Eibhlin agrees softly. She exhales in a small sigh, releasing the Hufflepuff as she steps back. Sleeves get rolled down and she uses one to rub at her eyes a bit. "I need to get these ingredients returned," she says, straightening and adjusting the strap of her bag. "I'll… I'll see you soon."

Conall sees her tears and knowing he is involved in it. "Please. Don't cry." He offers and smiles a small smile. Nodding as she is going to leave. "Okay." Not sure what he should do then. Opening the door and will leave as well. But he doesn't know where to go or what to do. Lost.

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