(1938-01-19) Finding A Voice
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Summary: Cassius and Alis meet with Jocunda to try to recruit her as a spokeswoman for the Unity Movement.
Date: January 19, 1938
Location: Cafe Tasseo

Though it's a Saturday afternoon, that doesn't prevent Cassius Malfoy from working. Though, these days, Saturdays are usually devoted exclusively to his efforts within the Unity Movement. Even his present lunch at Café Tasseo is just such an effort. Nodding gratefully to the hostess as they are seated, he glances to Alis with a smile, "I understand they have a new coffee here now. Some sort of honey and hazelnut blend." His eyes shift to the door. "I expect Miss Sykes will be along shortly."

When one is on a sports team, one's schedule becomes a bit more erratic. Jocunda isn't on the rigid timeframe that she was with the Ministry and the woman rather likes it that way. With no practice scheduled for this day and no other team meetings or the like, she's free to make her own schedule. Thus, the blonde is largely on time as she steps through the door. Attired as one usually sees her — in slacks and a coat; optimal flight gear — she seems comfortable in herself as she heads for the table Cassius has taken up. "Malfoy," she offers as a greeting upon approach. Her gaze does drift to Alis, with some curiousity. "And… I'm afraid I'm not quite familiar?"

"Do they?" Alis settles into her chair, her hands folding on the table's surface. She, too, is dressed in slacks, though her attire is more professional than casual. Her feet swing briefly beneath the chair, but then she stills them; her attention is more on the room than on Cassius, blue eyes alert as she notes the handful of patrons present. "I shall have to give it a try." At Jocunda's approach, the redhead straightens a bit more, offering a polite smile and a hand. "I'm Alis. It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Sykes."

Cassius rises at Jocunda's approach, reaching his arm out to greet her with a squeeze of the hands and air-kisses to the cheeks. "Miss Sykes, thank you so much for joining us." At Alis' introduction of herself, he adds, "Ah yes, my associate, Alis Orpington. Alis, may I introduce the famous Jocunda Sykes." He takes out a chair for Jocunda to see her seated, and a server is momentarily placing menus before each of them.

Though she may not always act it, Jocunda knows the various levels of niceties. She cleans up well, attends balls, and recalls names and achievements. The blonde just simply -prefers- to be lounging at some bar, laughing with a crowd and drinking whiskey. Her clasp of each of their hands in turn is firm, but not too much so. Just a simply put statement of self. She nods appreciation to Cassius for the assistance with her seat, lowering into it even as she takes in the introductions. "The pleasure is all mine, Miss Orpington." The menu, once placed, is taken up and glanced over. A mild perusal, likely for any new items that may have been added.

"Alis," the redheaded woman insists, glancing sidelong at Cassius for a moment as she makes the correction. Eventually, she's going to curb everyone of addressing her by her last name. "I'm one of four Misses Orpington in my immediate family, and I much prefer the first-name address."

Cassius gives Alis a brief raised eyebrow, but he'll keep his tongue on the matter for now. "Please, order anything you like Miss Sykes. Now, I hope you don't mind if I get right down to matters. I'm sure you have some idea why I invited you here today?"

A single eyebrow quirks in response to Alis' insistence. Jocunda gives a slow shrug of her shoulders. "I'll try to remember that," she offers simply. It's Cassius and yes, the meat of the matter that has her primary focus. The menu is flipped through, mild consideration given to this or that. She does glance up to the man, giving a small incline of her head. Lips curl slightly: "I'm sure for the same reason I received a plea to speak on the behalf of those against the Repealment." There's a deep edge of humor there. "Though this is a meeting I am much more interested in, to be certain."

Once Cassius starts talking business, Alis falls silent. When the server returns, she places an order for the new coffee, but otherwise isn't going to interject unless she's addressed.

Cassius's soft smile broadens into a grin of deep satisfaction. "I am delighted to hear that. I suppose it isn't entirely necessary to ask now, but I would still like to hear your thoughts on the matter of repealment and unity."

A slice of cake and coffee seem to be the order of the day for Jocunda. The decision made just in time for the waitress' arrival. Menu is handed over and the aviatrix folds her hands before her. Her brow furrows slightly as Cassius expresses his desire to hear her thoughts. The woman mulls over it for a time before exhaling slowly. "I've not thought about it to the extent some have," she admits, one shoulder rising and falling in a mild shrug. "But I do see more good than harm done from it. I feel as if the statute is used like a shield and people resist repealment out of fear. The Muggles may outnumber us, yes, but they do follow strong leaders so easily. The great war showed that, did it not? Give them strong, charismatic leaders and most of them will do whatever asked. There are many strong, pure-blooded individuals who could fit such a role so easily."

Cassius takes a moment to order a cup of earl grey with lemon, and a bit of toast. "You're dead on about fear. Fear was the motivation behind the Statue in the first place, and it is the reason we hide behind it now. Just listening to the rhetoric of the Segregationists, and you can hear how fear continues to motivate them. But we must rise above that. Still, I'm not sure that placing wizards into roles of leadership over the Muggles is the wisest course. That sort of thing would inflame them, I believe. But we can guide them, and show them better ways of living that will make this a better world for all of us to live in."

"That's why Unity," Alis adds, when Cassius has finished speaking. "Working together for the good of everyone, not just so one group can rule over the other. It's so Muggles and wizards can make informed decisions with respect to each other, rather than allowing ignorance and fear to dictate those decisions."

"Isn't guiding about the same?" Jocunda inquires, lips twitching a bit. Mild amusement showing itself. "It isn't parliament, certainly, but it's a form of leadership. We watch them go to war with one another, mistreat one another for the most… ridiculous of reasons. And so many assume they would just be the same with us…" There's another shrug, this one more expansive. "It is possible, but we do not know. I think it better we take the chance at improving life for all, rather than hiding just to ensure our own." She nods to Alis, chuckling softly. "Precisely. Do we not work with the upper echelons of their government already?"

"There is some communication with their governments, yes," Cassius agrees with a nod. "But it is handled only by the highest echelons of our own government, kept secret from the rest of us. Hardly a balance of power. Unity is about cooperation, mutual learning, and taking our role as the custodians of this world, as we are clearly meant to be."

"It's very little communication, from what I understand, on both sides. It's certainly not what one would call cooperation." Alis has run into this much all over the world, and it's the one aspect of the Unity movement she's relatively well-informed about.

"Well. There is also communication for the…" and this phrase seems to get to Jocunda a bit, but still. It must be considered. "Muggle-borns or those unfortunately raised as such. To bring their magical children properly into our world. I, myself, have never encountered or heard of a violent response by those families. Most seem to take it as a measure of pride…" She shifts slightly in her seat. "If the highest of powers and the lowest in the Muggle world can learn of us and there has been no hysteria, no threats, no… breeches of security or privacy to a major degree… Why are we still afraid?" Sure there's cases of having to obliviate one here or there, but Jocunda sees no point in bringing that up. "Really, the only thing in favor of the statute I've seen is the case made for such creatures that the Muggles may try to hunt… but I do believe the Muggles have gotten better about protecting species of animal that are at risk."

Cassius gives a light clap. "Very well put, Miss Sykes. Indeed, I would venture to say that both our peoples have come a long way since the days of the Statute's inception. The time is right, and to wait longer only puts the entire world at risk. But not everyone is convinced, and we have the likes of these so-called Informed Citizens for Secrecy spreading blatant lies and fear. We need spokespeople that can spread our message. People like you, who are heroes to many."

The way to Jocunda's heart? Flattery. Clearly. The woman likes it when people acknowledge the things she's done. And when they acknowledge them in such a grandiose way? Even better. The blonde even sits up slightly, lips quirking in another of those cat-got-the-canary smiles. "I can understand the need. As I said, those that support the statute already attempted to do so. Mind, they wanted me to speak on behalf of my family…" Which was also likely a point against them. Lumping the woman who flew across the Atlantic on a broom in with her entire family. "I had wondered if I could hear from you. I'm very glad I did."

Cassius sighs, but his smile remains. "The opposition does seem rather fixated on family ties, don't they? They try to do the same with me, as if my being a Malfoy has the slightest bearing upon such an important matter. No, I do not want you to speak for the Sykes. I want you to speak for the movement, if it is something you believe in. Obviously, I value your celebrity status. It gives you a voice most of us lack. Through you, the justness of our cause can reach so many more."

Hands unfold and refold. Jocunda's grin remains now and she inclines her head. "It is something I believe in." Though perhaps not purely for unity as she certainly has some of those superiority beliefs going on. But one can lead to another. "I feel the repealment of the statute is in our best interests to move forward as a people."

"That is excellent news." Cassius beams happily at both ladies. "Then I can count on your support? I intend to hold a rally soon. A fund-raiser, really. But another chance to spread the word. My plan is to speak only a little this time around. I had rather hoped I might be able to introduce you at that time. What do you say? Do you feel up to giving a speech to rally support?"

"You certainly can," Jocunda says of the support. She does cast a glance at Alis, perhaps gauging the more quiet woman's reaction to it all. Attention does soon return fully to Cassius at his question. "A fund-raiser? Sounds like a good way to get the message out." Rather than just a strangely one-sided 'debate' in the alley. "I… am not very familiar with giving speeches, but I will certainly do what I can."

"Don't look at me," Alis murmurs to Jocunda when the woman looks her way. "I'm just the muscle." She flashes a toothy grin, then demurely sips her coffee.

Cassius reaches a hand toward Jocunda to seal their new alliance. "Spectacular. I can offer some advice on public speaking, but it should be your words up there. Just think of it like you are addressing your fans, and rousing them for an upcoming match." He gives Alis an amused chuckle. "Muscle, and most excellent company."

There's a chuckle at Alis' words, but it's not impolite. More of a mild amusement than anything else. Jocunda takes Cassius' hand for a firm clasp. "Advice would be wonderful. People write their speeches often, yes?" This is a bit more than some adrenaline-fueled words before a match. No one cares if the wrong tense is used or a word is mispronounced. The Sykes woman is well enough aware that such things will be important here. "I may have a few questions on that, as well. If that's alright?"

"Of course. Ask anything you like." Cassius spreads his hands in a welcoming gesture. "You are part of the team now. I am at your disposal."

"I'll send an owl once I have a few thoughts in place… Do you have a date or at least a timeframe for this fund-raiser?" Jocunda is able to be focused and organized as needed. She wouldn't have done so well at the Ministry were she not. She just -prefers- the lifestyle she gets to live now as a Chaser. But, a bit of variety towards a desired goal is more than reason enough to let Responsible Jocunda Sykes out for a little while.

"We are still hammering out the details," Cassius explains. "But I expect to hold something in the next week or so. I'll let you know as soon as we have a date set."

"I'll look for your owl," Jocunda says with a small nod. From there, as food and drink arrive, the woman turns to inquiring about other details. Potential locations, attire, and things of that nature.

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