(1938-01-20) But What About The Penguins?!
Details for But What About The Penguins?!
Summary: A chance meeting at the zoo between Graham and Annie soon begins to expand company.
Date: 20 January 1938
Location: Regent's Park Zoo

The zoo isn't very busy between the Sunday shorter hours and during the winter shorter days and it's cold today with a bit of wind kicking up to make things worse. It seems many muggles dont feel it's worth it, there are a few people out in the late afternoon sun however heavily bundled up and looking at animals in each exhibit. It's hear that Graham stands bundled up though quite warm due to a charm he's placed on his coat today. He moves through the gates trying to decide what to see first and looking at a small map he was given.

Near to the gate, a young woman stands, apparently alone. She holds no map of the zoo, so perhaps she is familiar with the space, and she's bundled in a wool coat that reaches nearly to her knees. Dark woolen tights cover what little can be seen of her legs before they disappear into low heeled boots. As a gust of wind blows, Annie turns into it, letting nature do the work of brushing her hair back from her face, already tousled curls tangling just a measure more. Her eyes scan the area but she doesn't appear to be looking for anything or anyone in particular. Her gaze passes over Graham, but comes back along with a slight frown. That look of someone thinking That bloke looks a bit familiar.

The young man folds the map back up though doesn't seem completely sure if he knows where he'll start. It's then that he happens to glance back towards the gate catching a glance of the woman who walks in. Graham searches his brain a moment he seems to have a lightbulb moment turning fully back and taking a few steps towards the other "Ah, unless my brain has reacted badly to the cold. It was Miss Taylor?" he half asks when he's close enough.

It's not until he nears and speaks that Annie places him, and her smile blossoms at once, warm and friendly. "Graham Cohen. Who would have thought I'd run into yeh at the zoo? Of all people in all places." Of course she remembers her older ex-housemate, he was a prefect and the subject of many late night conversations in the girl's dormitories during his time at school. Her hand comes out automatically in greeting, offered to him as she looks up, being rather shorter than him. "Alright?"

Graham accepts the offered hand shaking it lightly as they remember one another from school. He looks back towards the inside of the zoo thinking about the map and where he should go from here for a moment. "I only came here once before and didn't get to stay long, though not really sure where best to start." The initiate answers the rest after only the briefest pause "Yeah, not bad have a place in London and am working, how about yourself?"

"I'm workin' at the Library of London," Annie answers easily, smile taking something of an impish cast. "Surprise job for a Ravenclaw, don't yeh think?" As the wind blows she moves her head, again taking advantage of it's icy fingers to shift her hair. "I come here a lot. What d'yeh want t' see? I could show yeh around some," she offers. It's then she thinks to glance around, adding hastily, "If yer not meetin' someone, I'll not barge in."

The the young man grins a bit at the others words though he's impressed really with so many looking for such fields it's hard to come out on top sometimes "Quite a respectable job, for one i'd say. Unlike myself joining the auror's." He chuckles a moment though looking back to the zoo. "I had heard that they have a fairly impressive collection of big cats?" Graham asks having over heard this at the pub while speaking to some old friends. "No it's fine, no plans for company I dont think."

There's pleasant surprise in Annie's eyes, "So yer makin' good of all that dueling yeh did? Good on yeh." One arm lifts, motioning vaguely toward the right. "The cat house is over that way,"she says, in that rather oblivious way she's always had when she says something that could be taken more than one way. "I'm not meetin' anyone either, so would yeh like the company?"

"More or less. A lot more to learn then they can teach us up at school." Graham says about using his dueling club past though looking the way she points before back to his old schoolmate. "Yes please, I would be glad for the company." He says and is definitely glad he hadn't tried to just push on without his own way to go with his map. "I hope the holidays found you well?" he asks as he waits to walk alongside her though letting her lead as to not get turned around to much.

Annie moves to step along with Graham companionably, walking close enough to tug his sleeve if she needs to direct them anywhere. The pair step away from the front gate, heading toward the big cat house, moving easily in the sparse afternoon crowd. "It must be rather difficult, the training? I can't imagine how yeh'd be prepared for everythin' yeh might need." She looks sideways at him, with her usual warm smile, "They did, ta. An' how were yer holidays?"

Graham nods "It can be challenging, but yeah like you said kind has to be to try and be prepared." He is watching where he is going glad for the company as he sees the few muggles here walking about with family and such. "It was good, got settled in and even went to a party or two." he was always offering a helping hand in school but probably spent more time studying sometimes when he should have been relaxing. "So what other exhibits would you suggest, or should we try and see them all?" he grins.

A day off, as it were. At least one spent outside the Cauldron. Tucked into his wool coat, a hat on his head and scarf wrapped about his neck, Jack presses his gloved hands together, rubbing them before he pauses his 'warming' actions and raises his brows.. and blows into his hands. A broad, lopsided smile appears on his face, and he drops his hands into deep pockets before setting on a path in the zoo. Comes to be one of his more favourite spots in the middle of a day, even if he does give the monkeys a miss. Whistling an off-key tune, he keeps dark eyes set to the path before him, and spots .. what could be a familiar form?

There is feigned surprise in Annie's tone, mirrored in her expression as she looks to Graham theatrically. "Yeh went t' parties? Cor, the world's endin'." As she recalls, he was prone to either be studying or practicing dueling. "Did yeh see anyone from school then?" she asks, sidestepping to miss a puddle and then falling in easily again next to Graham. A few steps pass as she thinks on the exhibits, but she really doesn't need to think much on her favorites. "Well, the elephants are a must. An' the penguins. We can at least try t' see most."

Graham chuckles a bit at the surprise. "I think many would think so." He says still smiling a bit as they walk though he's listening intently and answers quickly enough. "I've met a few from years near back or a head "Not at the parties mind you though just here and there found some near grade level or remember from dueling club. Most recently got re-acquainted with Sorcha O'Shea grade below me but was a friend in school. Same house as us." he reminds it's the animals that steal his attention and he nods as each one is ticked off "Sounds like a plan." liking the list

Jack takes his step a little quicker, dark eyes on the figure still just ahead, and dances around puddles passed by the pair before him. After a few good strides, his hands still deep in pockets, his hat firmly on his head, he comes into step right beside Annie, looking first at her then at Graham, his smile plastered on his face. "Oi.. fancy a three-some?" He nods in the path before him, before them, "Penguins is it first?"

Annie nods at Graham's words, then her brows lift a bit. "Sorcha O'Shea? I remember her. Know her brother an' OH!" Jack's sudden appearance clearly surprises the young witch, and she steps sideways reflexively, bumping into Graham lightly, stopping her forward progress as her hand comes up and rests lightly high up on her chest. "Jack," she says, attempting to recover composure, her smile wavering with something of uncertainty. "Jack." She repeats his name a bit more firmly, then nods, "Alright?" She still looks a bit startled, and doesn't think to immediately introduce the men.

The initiate is taken back by the sudden appearance perhaps due to his focus on the conversation and future animal viewings. The bump is a good thing however as he reaches out hands to steady the other should she need it. He has time to understand that they know each other to some degree and common sense returns quickly enough. The young man looks between the two before breaking his silence "Graham Cohen." he introduces reaching out his hand.

"'Aight.." Jack responds, his Cockney accent certainly does shine through. He looks back at Annie and gives her a long look before he looks back to the bloke. A hand is pulled from his coat pocket, a hand clothed in fingerless gloves, and he extends.. "Jack.. Jack 'Awksworf.." Now that introductions are done, he retrieves his hand, and drops it back into his pocket, ready to walk. "Well? Did't answer m'question," and his attention comes to land directly back on Annie.

The men making their own introductions gives Annie a moment to find her smile, and it resurfaces pleasantly. "Forgive my bad manners," she says looking first at Graham, then to Jack. Her eyes hold his a moment before she swings them away to peer down the walkway. "There's always room for one more," she says lightly. "We just bumped into each other at the gate. We were heading t' see the big cats, but we could do the penguins after." She looks questioningly to Graham to see if that suits him as well, before moving to walk again.

"Good to meet you Mr Dodderidge." Graham recognizes the last name if nothing else from the introduction though it's hard to say if he's seen the other before. He looks back towards Annie as she seems to regain herself. The initiate is of course curious of the reaction but it's not his place and so he returns to his calm and smile returns " It's not a problem. That's perfectly fine the order doesn't matter to me as much as not becoming lost."

Annie's answer earns her a broad, lopsided, cheeky grin as he turns rather theatrically forward, having thus invited himself. "Fair bit of good luck, den.." Jack hasn't missed Annie's response, to be sure. It's in the look of her eyes, and there's that heartbeat that passes before he's ready to actually move now. "Big cats an' no' pen-guines? Oh, cor.. c'm'offit. You can' tell me you ain't gonna go an' take a peek.."
Jack certainly doesn't sound daunted, his tones rising thickly in his low class accent. "Jack.. Ain't been a 'Mister 'Awkworf' for a fair bit. Just a name, 'aight?" He looks between the pair before, "Frien's from school, den?"

Once they're on they way back down the path, the leisurely pace set by Annie's smaller stride, she stuffs her hands into her coat pockets. She hunches down a bit into her coat collar at first, then seems to realize and her back straightens, chin lifting. "Penguins second stop," she promises, eyes ahead and cast down to the path. "Graham was… two years ahead, wasn't it?" she directs toward the Auror Initiate. "Same house." Her chattiness seems to have tamed somewhat for the moment.

He looking between the both of them but does speak quickly having been paying attention "Jack my apologies." Graham corrects himself as he moves along keeping pace with both of the strides he is still listening as he's also people watching the other zoo go'ers as they move past on their way out or two other animals. "Yep, seems a bit ago now though doesn't it?" The young man says trying to keep things light if possible.

Jack seems oblivious to the manner of the woman beside him, and he keeps pace now with Annie's strides. "'Aight. Second den. Like dessert." His eyes flicker back towards Graham as she recounts how they know each other, and he nods slowly. "Bit ago? Was whut.. a gran' total of a coupla years?" He exhales a puff of air, before he pulls a hand out to grab a cigarette from another pocket, a quick offer to the pair. It's a silver cigarette case with something scrawled on the back, as seen through his fingers. "'Ow was she den? Shy? Cu'e as a button?"

If they weren't in polite company, Jack would have gotten at least a couple slaps on the arm by now for being cheeky, so he's lucky. Instead Annie's cheeks pink a bit, but perhaps that's just caused by the cold breeze that blows now and then. "Almost four years," she offers, "Since Graham left school. It does seem longer, doesn't it?" Her hand comes up automatically, in denial of the offer, with a light "Ta, no." and the gleam of the silver catches her eye. Her eyes drop to the path again, and she laughs softly, "I've never been exactly memorable, an' less so back in Hogwarts days." Girls remember the older boys, seldom the other way around.

Graham is brought short again twice in so many minutes by the question of the school days he is thinking about this a bit so he can give a proper response though is brought out of it as, he shakes his head at the offer before turning back to Annie still unsure how to answer. "I do remember you from school, though perhaps shy or at least we each had our own group of friends and mostly passed in the common room with a greeting. Perhaps study group." he seems to remember.

May be odd, but this particular 'Awksworf' wasn't seen at Hogwart's, though to be fair, he's a year younger than Annie. Just. Jack shrugs at the refusals of a cigarette and lights one of his own, tapping the end before it's lit. Cupping his hands against any breeze, the match's flame is there.. and once lit, is extinguished after he's got the cigarette burning. Now, he's got something to do with one hand, at the least. At Graham's 'confession' of sorts, he barks a laugh and grins, his tones.. singsong, "Ah ha, Annie-bells.. 'e do remember ye.." Blowing smoke from his nose, he's got something of a hop to his step. "Li' ships in da nigh'.."

Annie wasn't much of a social butterfly at school, to be sure, and rarely dated, so was never really one of the 'popular girls' as such. She's not shy to say as much, either. "I usually had my head in a book, or was with the other girls. But everyone remembers Prefect Cohen," she says lightly, with a good natured smile to Graham. The memories of Hogwarts days, when things were seldom more complicated for her than keeping her grades decent, bring her smile on a bit stronger. She looks to Jack, wrinkling her nose at him. "Only barely, Jackanape," she counters lightly. "Ships on a night of heavy fog, no less." Her regard stays on him for a moment as the trio nears the big cat building.

The initiate looks ahead as well as they near the building for the big cats and is excited to see them no doubt but showing restraint. Graham returns the same sort of smile in thanks at her words about his prefect days. "I tried to be fair is all." he says to break his silence letting the two speak as he doesn't want to interrupt and be rude if he can help it.

"Prefect?" Jack's brows rise and he looks back over towards Graham now, pulling his cigarette from his lips and exhaling more smoke, this time through his nose. "Everyone remembers you? What'cha do den?" He almost has a challenging tone, if not juuuuust this side of.. teasing, though it's more directed at Annie, even if he is talking to Graham. "Fair? In dat sorta position? Fair?" He exhales in a snort, and pulls on his cigarette again, and removes it to cast the ashes to the wind and blow the smoke once it's seared his lungs. "'Eavy fog.. perfect for all manner o'mischief."

Annie catches the tone and knows well enough that Jack makes a vocation out of being challenging at times. Her eyes narrow a bare measure at him, and she looks to Graham, face clearing. "Not all the prefects were, but I think ours were the best." The warmth is back in her voice, and the smile that goes to Graham, but her attention shifts back to Jack after a moment. Not to address his words, however. "An' now that we've run into each other, Jack, I can tell yeh in person how happy I am for Elly an' yeh. Happy engagement to yeh."

The young man is not lost on the tone of the words but he shakes his head with a chuckle of his own as he answers. "I cant say if all remember me well perhaps in dueling club, but I tried to be fair in my prefect duties yes. I am of course partial to Ravenclaw prefects myself." Graham says the last part jokingly though he quiets again as the two speak to each other he cant help but notice a few of the outdoor pens which have some animals in them as well.

"Dueling club?" Jack makes a little 'swishy' gesture with the hand that holds his cigarette before he takes the final pull on it.. and after a moment's breath held, sends the smoke out and pulls his case out. He stubs out the burn and puts the little bit back into the case for later. (Well, to make a new cigarette..) "Any good?" Shrugging, he catches Annie's.. inquiry, and his brows rise, giving something of a cough. Touche. For a moment, he gives Annie that long and lingering look before the smile that had faltered for a second is pulled back into place. "'Aight'. Fanks.. 'er da was a bi' iffy on da whole fing.. but 'e'd said 'aight on my seein' 'er, so.." He pushes the cigarette case back into his pocket and turns his attention towards the big cats.. their cages close.

Annie's blue eyes hold Jack's dark gaze for that moment that he pauses, and when his smile returns she looks away, reaching for the door they've arrived at to go into the building where the big cats are housed for the winter months. She doesn't wait for either of her companions to open it, as she typically would, but reaches and gives it a forceful pull herself, putting some of her slight muscle into it. Thankfully it's not a light door, so it doesn't swing out of her grasp and break against the building with the excessive force the little witch uses. She does step into the building before the pair, letting them talk about manly things like dueling as she enters and immediately reaches to loosen her coat in the warmer air away from the cold Sunday afternoon outside.

Graham shrugs at the question at first before he actually gives a proper answer about the dueling club. "I guess i'm not dreadful though, if anything from the club experience i learned not to boast, it seems when you do is when your disarmed or turned into something slimy." He chuckles at this moving to the door and entering not long after Annie does unable to wait to see the big cats though hardly in a natural environment it still will be excellent.

"Slimy's no' good, no." Jack decides upon setting up to be the last to enter the Great Cat's area, and as Annie moves through, followed by Graham, he looks as if he's going to follow but doesn't. Instead, he takes hold of the door, waits the couple of seconds, then spins out and heads into another direction quickly, allowing the door to close behind the pair.

Inside the Big Cats house is a man with disheveled sandy colored hair, dressed in comfortable, neat muggle winter clothes. His muffler has been loosened a little, and his coat unbuttoned as he stands in front of the tiger enclosure with a smaller, brunette woman. He murmurs something about the origin from the card, then asks his companion if she happened to see any when she passed through India a couple years back.

Annie turns back, catching just the swing shut of the door with no Jack on the inside of the building. She stands still, looking at the door for a moment, before turning away. Her hands, now out of her pockets, clench lightly into fists before relaxing again. Her smile goes to Graham, with a light shrug. "He's a flighty sort." Which is only too true. She gestures expansively to the interior cages, "Since I've been here so many times before, I'll follow yeh t' what yeh want t' look at." She sounds more than willing to happily trail at Graham's side.

The young man steps further in as he follows Annie into the big cat housing area. Graham moves to catch up stopping at the sight of the door closing a small frown coming to him at first before she speaks and it turns back to a small smile "Ah, well hope I didnt cause annoyance to either of you. If I can do anything to help?" he isn't really sure but he decides to proceed for the moment moving further in to reach the actually displays.

The woman, also dressed in muggle clothes with her unruly curls trailing down her back from under her woolen beret keeps her hand in her pockets. and leans closer to the gentleman, murmuring something quietly in his ear to answer his question. Whatever it was, it had the magical words to make what can be see of his cheeks over the top of his well trimmed beard to turn bright red. He clears his throat, and lifts a hand to scratch at the side of his temple. "I see…"

Annie shakes her head at Graham's words, her manner a bit more eased with the absence of their third, "Yer not a bit of annoyance. He's just an odd sort." Since the lions are nearest that's where they head first, to see one male with a full mane, and two females lounging in a rather sparse area. Her head tilts, and she looks a little sad. "They always look so much happier in the summer, when they're at least outside."

On the upside, Miranda can't lose her glasses on her head with this silly hat on. Basking in the warm glow of red victory coming from Michais' cheeks, Miranda reaches for his hand. "If you're very interested in tigers, Sherlock, we could put up the Havarti in the shop for you to stare at for awhile."

Graham reaches the lions enclosure and his eyes widen slightly and he takes in their detail. He turns back though and nods seeing how this could be. "I imagine this cold weather doesn't agree with them much considering there usual wild home's." He looks back at all of them "I'll have to see them in the summer next time. I bet the male lounges in the sun most of the time." he comments off handedly also chuckling again. He turns towards the sound of voices now trying to see who else is here.

Annie considers the lions for a moment before speaking. "I went on a trip t' Africa not long ago, an' we saw the lions there, out in freedom." She pauses, looking at the animals. "Somehow, it's not s'much fun t'see them now, all caged up." With 1938 not being the most 'animal aware' time, the young witch had never really thought before about where the animals might come from and how different their natural homes likely are from their homes in captivity. Unexpectedly, it's putting quite the damper on her usual enjoyment of the zoo.

"Shall we look at the lions?" Michais asks, giving a slight tug at the hand that reaches for his. "That would separate him from his harem. I have the distinct feeling that he would not appreciate that. He might scowl and curse the customers into running away." His voice falls quiet as the come closer to the other people at the zoo.

"Sounds about right," remarks Miranda in response to Graham. "The man lounges about while the woman does all the work." She winks up at Michais. "Oh, let the Raja scream." She nods to Annie, at least recognizing her from the library (being a frequent visitor, she knows just about everyone at the wizarding library.

"Guess I didn't think of it that way." He hefts a sigh at the thought but recovers quickly "When I can get time off I will do some traveling." Graham grins at the thought a moment before turning at another voice "Well especially true with the lions here." he motions towards the animals he doesn't believe he's met either of those approaching he looks to Annie to see if she knows them before he says anything else though.

Michais raises his eyebrows to Miranda when she talks about men being lazy while the women do all the work. "Hmmm." Is all he has to say on that one as he glances towards the two other occupants before his attention goes to the lions.

Annie looks over at the man and woman that approach, but she doesn't seem to recognize either, and for all she knows they could be muggles. Having been born of muggles, she's got no problem if they are, and a smile goes to them as they exchange words with Graham. A little chime goes off and she reaches up, pulling on a little timepiece that is clipped to the lapel of her coat. "Cor," she says softly, "It's so late already." An apologetic smile goes to those around, but it settles on Graham. "I'm afraid I've promised to stop at a friend's flat, an' I ought t' get over there. But, maybe we can talk again soon? I'd like t' hear more about what yeh've been doin' since school."

Miranda just grins at Michais in response. Oh, she knows he works very hard, but she can still be a brat. Graham is included in that wide, unrepentant grin. "I'm always pleased to offer a wider perspective of the world."

Graham shakes his head at the others words before he speaks "It's not a worry, and that would be great to catch up. Thank you for your help with not getting lost at the zoo." He says the last part with a grin and a small bow of his head "Enjoy your visit and try and stay warm." he says in way of parting.

Annie's words are for Graham, as is her warm smile. "Have a lovely time. Come by the library sometime, there's a fantastic chippy nearby if yeh ever want t' have lunch." The couple again gets a friendly smile, and Annie turns away, buttoning her coat as she goes, nearly breaking into a trot as she reaches the door and exits the building.

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