(1938-01-21) Finding A Safe Subject
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Summary: It's rather unfortunate that Morgana and Eibhlin have a similar spot to go study…
Date: Jan 21st, 1938
Location: Ravenclaw Tower
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Since all of this mess started, Morgana has been scarce. She's only seen in passing in the common room, which is either at the beginning of the day, or right before curfew, which means she goes right back into the sixth year dorm and closes the curtains on her bed. So of course, she needed a place to study, so there is an old classroom that she favors when she really needs to study, and wants to not be disturbed. Currently she is settled in on the floor, having summoned up a pile of pillows and blanket and is scribbling on some parchment as she looks at a book she is studying from. At her feet sits a black and white tuxedo cat, who has impeccable posture for a cat, and is staring at the door, as if trying to guard his young mistress while she studies.

When your life is in such public turmoil, finding a quiet place to work is difficult. Especially in the winter months when everyone is kept indoors. Eibhlin holds a number of things for Ancient Runes in her arms as she uses a hip to push through the door. A parchment dangles precariously, only held by a pair of books flanking it. She does have her satchel, but seems to not have had time to pack everything into it. "Can't study with all that noise," she's muttering and from another room down the hall comes hoots and hollers of laughter. Likely some game or other going on.

The cat hears the disturbance before Morgana does. He pads over to the new comer to sniff out the new arrival. Morgana turns when she spots someone coming in, and when she sees who it is, she turns back to her book. "Shine." She says in some sort of greeting as she continues writing what she was writing. "That is why I chose this location, everywhere else is too loud." She says impassively as she continues to write.

There's a glance down to the cat and Eibhlin gives the creature a kind of half-smile. She's unable to offer a hand to sniff, so she just waits a moment to allow the inspection before moving in towards a table. "I find myself looking forward to spring all the more," she offers in return, setting her things down. "When they'll be out on the grounds, rather than taking up valuable space."

"Indeed." Morgana responds flatly as she continues to write, and as it seems like Evie isn't going to turn to leave, she decides to focus harder on her work. "Is there something you needed Shine?" She says, continuing to write, and switching hands when her dominant one becomes sore. The cat, does take a moment to nuzzle against Evie's offered hand, but that's all he does before returning to Morgana's feet and settling in again.

"Just space to work." Eibhlin may be unobservant much of the time, but she's familiar enough with how people are around her right now to realize she's not quite wanted. "I'm not here to chat, so don't worry about noise." And she does settle her books down at a table a bit of a distance away, settling a chair behind it before starting to sort through the various texts.

"Very well." Morgana responds, reaching into her own satchel to pull out another scrap of parchment so she can continue working on her report. "That is good, I am not much in the mood for chatting. I am nearly complete with my work anyway." She says quietly and letting her hair fall back in her face. The cat, who is called Sebastian settles back in on the floor and keeps his bright blue eyes on Eibhlin.

There's a slight squeak of the old chair as Eibhlin shifts on it. She has an expression of being uncomfortable writ on her features, but opts not to respond. There's just a small, quick nod for Morgana's words. Not caring that the older Ravenclaw girl likely can't see the gesture, but also realizing that perhaps it's still better than trying to reply. From satchel is drawn ink and quill and various books are laid open for reference before she's soon writing away on the parchment.

The room is filed with that heavy silence, broken only by the sounds of quills scratching across the parchment paper. Sebastian occasionally purrs and has finally become bored of staring at the other student and settled in for a nap. After a few more moments, she sits up, pulling her hair back into a tie and getting it out of her face. She does spare a glance to the other girl as she slowly starts to gather her items.

There's a few glances from Eibhlin in turn. Blue-green eyes considering, but uncertain. Like she wants to say something, but has no clue -what- she could say. Nothing that'd make it better, she's aware of that much. The teen exhales slowly and sets the quill aside, picking up one of the texts to start flipping through. "Did you take Ancient Runes OWLs last year?"

Hearing the other girl speak, Morgana turns toward her and nods. "I did." She says quietly putting a few items away in her satchel. "There were worse OWLs to take, but I have always preferred runes so my opinion may be biased." She responds, trying to keep her conversation tone light, and on the obvious and easy subject.

Phew. Relief is evident in Eibhlin's features. She thought she recalled the older Ravenclaw had studied Runes, but she wasn't positive. There's a few more pages flipped before the book is set back down where she can see it. "Did the tests focus more on translating runes, interpreting the end result, or writing them? I'm… trying to figure out what best to focus on in my studies."

"How much would it hurt your brain if I told you all of the above." Morgana says dryly. "Just focus on your weakness, and the rest will just come naturally. At least that's what I told myself and it seemed to work." Though from what she's putting into her satchel, it seems that she was working on the same subject as Evie.

There's a wrinkling of the nose and Eibhlin looks over the books. "I don't mind studying it," she admits. It's one of her favorite subjects, really. "I just wish I could focus on one thing." There's a brief sigh and a shrug. She glances up at Morgana, managing a small smile. "Thanks."

"No, it's not a bad subject, there are far worse." History comes to Morgana's mind, but that's just because it's going to be her first Monday class, and she is not looking forward to it. "I think that they change the test every year, making it harder to cheat. So while mine might have had more translation, yours might not. Regardless you'll be so brain fried that it might not matter." Morgana says with a shrug, and when she is thanked, she just nods her head at the other girl. "You're welcome."

"I cannot wait for it to all be over," Eibhlin admits with a soft huff of breath. Likely dreading the tests in her less-favored subjects. The desire to learn and perform well may exist in many a Ravenclaw, but they can hate tests just as much as the next. "Especially with Apparation lessons beginning soon."

"Apparation lessons were a breath of fresh air honestly. There was less book work involved. It's nice now that it's over, but.. the NEWTs are coming soon and I'm a little worried about not being ready for those." Mostly, because there is a lot distracting Morgana from her studies, unlike in her fifth year.

Eibhlin blanches. "I hear the seventh years discuss NEWTs and I consider the logic of dropping out of school early." Not that she ever would, but the thought becomes rather tempting. "I hope Apparation isn't too tricky. I'm still struggling with Transfiguration."

"It will be hard, that I understand, but it is needed. As much as I do not want to be locked up in here, if I want the life style that I really want to have, I need a good job, and I need my NEWTs." Morgana says as she finishes gathering her items and flicks her wand a the pile of pillows and blankets to summon them away. "You just have to be relaxed and focus, that's how it all starts."

There's no comment on the use of magic. There is, after all, a Prefect present. And Eibhlin is still a bit wand shy on handling older students. This is what happens when people like Warren are prefect. The House goes amuck! "I haven't a clue even what I want to do when I graduate and I'm supposed to qualify for the proper NEWT classes…" Which explains why she's aiming to pass -everything- if at all possible. "Nurse Spleen has already told us some horror stories about splinching." The Wizard equivalent to the videos of car accidents.

It's one of those numerous abandoned classrooms that is filled with a pair of Ravenclaws. Morgana looks to be getting her belongings together and get out of the room, maybe to another hole in the wall or the common room, either way. Eibhlin is working away at a table, studying up on her Runes. There is a black and white tuxedo cat that is hovering around Morgana's feet.
"Oh I remember that 'conversation'. Honestly, I don't think it motivated me either way." Though at the career comment she shrugs. "I still don't either, I have an idea but I do not know if that is honestly what I want to do."

"I'm hoping that-" Eibhlin cuts herself off there, falling silent for a few beats. She focuses on her quill, checking the tip before dipping it into ink and scratching out a few more lines on the parchment. "I'm hoping my Transfiguration tutor has some good tips on apparating. I'd really like to pass the test before summer."

Morgana knows exactly who that tutor is, and at the non mention of said tutor causes her to frown. "Indeed, I am sure he does." She responds, her voice loosing that neutral tone as she speaks. Finally getting the rest of her belongings together, she'll put her satchel over her should and turning toward the younger girl. "I won't keep you from your studies any longer."

She tried. She really did. Eibhlin winces slightly at the shift in tone, looking down at her parchment. There's a soft swear as she realizes she's let some ink puddle and she's quick to get to trying to fix that. "Thank you," she offers once the worst of it is handled. "Hopefully you find a quiet spot."

"I am sure there is a spot somewhere." Morgana responds, giving a shrug. With that she'll snap her fingers at her cat, and he falls in step behind her. Quietly she'll slip out of the room and into the noisy hallway, unsure of where to go now that her favorite spot has been invaded.

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