(1938-01-21) WWN: David's Time - A Valiant Return
Details for A Valiant Return
Summary: After a long hiatus, David Thomas Smith Jr. returns to the airwaves.
Date: 21st January 1938
Location: WWN, Hogsmeade

Theme Song

After the patriotic fanfare, a familiar Southern-tinged voice cuts through into your speakers.

David:"Hello hello and to a lesser extent 'hello' ladies and gentlemen. No, you aren't hearing things, it is actually David Thomas Smith Jr. crawling around in your earhole today."

"Now, as I'm sure many of you know, I was attacked in my studio a little while ago and that prompted me to…I guess run away is the operative word. I know there's no excuse for leaving the adamant listeners out in the cold like I did, but, y'know, I did it anyway. I guess I just needed a little time to recuperate and try to…blaze past the events that almost culminated in my death."

"I know I'm coming off a little bit as a martyr right now, but I can assure you that that's the last thing I want to be. I mean hell, martyrs don't get the women. Heroes get the women. That's what I want to be, I guess. A hero. A hero to all of you out there who are looking for that brief ray of sunshine to burst through the clouds hanging over your head and shine a little light on ya. That's what I want to be, people. I'm done crying myself to sleep tonight and running a hand over my scar every time I shave. Done. I'm back, and I'm not back for me and I'm not back for you. I'm back to fight the good fight."

"So, if you don't quite think you're ready to be slapped across the face with the truth, I suggest you flip on over to Horace P. Cumberbatch's 'Best of the Oldies' station, because this place ain't for you anymore."

"Well, I guess I'm done venting three months of pent-up frustration, but I do want to say a very special thank you to a couple of people. Not going to use your actual names, of course. After all, I wouldn't want you getting rushed in the streets or anything. But first of all, thank you to a very sweet red-head that came by the office one day and snatched me up out of my gutter and slapped me around until I started acting right again. And secondly, thank you to a very special girl at Hogwarts. I think that without your kind words and support…and cake, that I wouldn't be sitting down and doing what I'm doing right now."

"Alright beautiful people, that's it for me today. Go out and be excellent to one another. I love you all."

"All of Me" by Louis Armstrong

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