(1938-01-22) Faust
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Summary: Alice and Julian muddle through trying to study, and then run into Claire. And Deven. From there, things just kind of spiral.
Date: Jan 22, 1938
Location: Library

Students file in and out of the library, talking in hushed whispers. The air is, of course, cold, as is to be expected of the season. Alice sits on a table in the centre of the library, of course, where everyone can see her. People have been giving her a fairly wide berth since she snapped at a couple of first years a few hours ago, and by the glare's she's giving out, a few people are still muttering about it. There are three neat piles in front of Alice, books of varying sizes organised by subject. Transfiguration, Magical Creatures, Herbology and Muggles. Two books are open by her right hand, and she has a couple of bits of parchment about her, decidedly less organised than the books themselves.

Tuesday afternoons bring about dirty hands and having to clean up before doing anything else, because two of the messiest subjects occur for Julian on this day: Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures. Having already cleaned himself up and apparently re-showering after class, he's packed up and looking for somewhere to go. Somewhere quiet. Someplace he can get down and relax… and not be looked at by a bunch of his housemates and whispered about because of various… situations.

He's got that just-showered look. Reddened face, mussed hair. It's at least dry. He just didn't take the time to properly comb it. Of course, not intending to run into Alice, he had just dressed casually. Sweater-vest, House-colored tie, white shirt… slacks. Of course, when he rounds a row of books, and he sees her, sitting… on -top- of one of the tables, he blinks.

"… Are we getting too big for chairs?" His question is asked quietly, but with a hint of amusement in his voice.

"Oh, very funny," Alice says, irritation shortening her temper. She's still in her robes, though they remained clean through herbology and Care of Magical Creatures. She refuses to touch the grubby things. There's always someone else she can bully into it. Her shoes, though, still have a bit of mud caked to them as she lifts one and pushes the two chairs nearest to her forward wordlessly. "There is a reason I've been skipping meals." She managed the joke only barely, the two chairs piled high with books. She's obviously planning a decent study session. "One must always watch their weight when they've my father's genetics. He is by no means a small man." She gives a sigh and pushes one of the books away, rubbing at her temples. "Do you have any idea what Kettleburn was talking about this afternoon? I spent the entire lesson dodging puddles of half-melted snow."

"… If you start complaining about getting fat, I may have to hex you."

Whether or not Julian is being serious is up for debate. It's rather -deadpan- and his face is set as if it were carved in stone. However… it melts away relatively quickly and he finds himself smiling. As she pushes out the chair, he looks toward it and the books for a moment, before sliding to pick the books up and put them aside… sliding into the chair.

"Your guess is as good as mine," he grumbles lightly, shaking his head. "I'm to the point of that class where I think I'm just gonna take an Acceptable and opt out of the NEWT-level," he grumbles quietly. His head rests on a bit of the table beside her, and he just sighs a little. Eventually, though, he begins to sit up and he begins to take things out of his bag. THICK tomes. Advanced-level Transfiguration books, and one of them is also a Charms book…

"I've got to look up Twindle's Theory on Metamorphasis," he remarks without even thinking about the fact it could be something that goes completely over Alice's head…

"I don't care what you do as long as you're quiet. Having you next to me makes me look even better by comparison, anyway. She looks at his pile of books momentarily, noting the titles with a sweep of her eyes that isn't quite as smooth as it could be. Whether it's because of the rest of them or because it merely catches her eye, her eyes linger on the Charms book. "I do believe you mean metamorphosis," she corrects him with a little smirk. How she loves proving to people she's better than them. "Unless Twindle has coined a new word and a completely new theory in the past few months."

She shifts a few pieces of parchment littered with notes that are neatly written despite the haste with which they were scribbled down, piling them into a small sheaf and placing them between two herbology books. "If I read one more line about how to prepare a mandragora, I believe I shall set fire to the nearest flammable object." She might be joking, but there's a set to her jaw as she places the book down that makes her seem at least slighty serious. Thank God she's got a page on vampires open.

There's a sort of glance up toward Alice as she makes the offhanded comment about looking good by comparision, and Julian huffs slightly. "Considering the fact Twindle is -dead and buried,-" Julian replies through clenched teeth, placing the book in front of him and opening it… glancing up toward her for a moment and tilting his head over the correction in the pronounciation of metamorphosis… Well. No, she's not rubbed him the wrong way. Perhaps it was just the lack of his tongue working correctly that got to him. Otherwise, he just lets it drop.

And he begins to read. That is, until she starts ranting on mandragora. "For the love of God," he grumbles. "This is getting ridiculous." And he does the unthinkable of a conventional Ravenclaw… he pushes his book back.

"If I keep studying, I'm going to vomit."

"I said quietly," Alice mumbles, her brow furrowed before she, too, pushes her book away with a sigh. The stress of studying had finally got to her. She takes her wand in her left hand, shoves one of the herbology books aside and, her wand levelled at the little pile of notes, she says, "Depulso." A white light flies from the end of the wand, disappearing without a sound as it hits the papers, sending them up into the air. The information was useless, anyway, even if Alice doesn't want to admit it. It was things she already knew, every single letter.

"Come, Julian," she says, more a command than a request, and begins to head toward the door, her notes scattered across the table and about the floor, discussing the finer points of a number of charms in excruciating detail and sketched anatomical diagrams of a number of creatures they'd seen this year in class. "For all this, all pleasure am I foregoing; I do not pretend to aught worth knowing." With the quote from Faust, she exits the library, Julian in tow or not.

There's a small huff as Julian just shakes his head, and he moves to close his own book, rubbing his tempels for a moment. As she outs with her wand quite suddenly, though, and uses the charm to send her papers flying, he looks up toward her, raising an eyebrow.

And then, she's off. Without any warning! As she begins to slide away, he stands steadily, turning to watch her and rubbing the back of his neck as she begins to quote… Faust. Of all things.

"Oh, most pernicious woman," he simply sighs, shaking his head a little. Perhaps, despite his better judgement… he begins to follow her. He leaves his things there, for now, as well.

"Honestly, why do they have classes that demand we get so filthy?" Alice gripes as she leaves the library, shaking her head, though she doesn't turn to look at the fifth year following her as she talks, her feet making determined taptaptapping quickly down the hall, her frustration making her steps quicker, though considering her considerable lack of height, she's still not all that quick. "It's no wonder father refused me a pony when I was younger, saying I could not take care of it. The thought of such an act is enough to make me cringe."

"It could be worse, you know."

Julian is moving to walk astride the girl as they move along, shaking his head a little. He's recently showered - out of proper uniform, and left in a white shirt, sweater-vest, and blue-and-bronze colored tie, signifying his tie to the Ravenclaw House. His voice is even-keeled, movements steady and not at all flustered like Alice's. At the mention of a pony, he snickers a little bit, lips twitching.

"As much as you moan and groan about Care of Magical Creatures? Nah. The poor thing'd starve in a week or eat itself out of it's stable. Like, literally, eat through the wood. It'd be -that- determined to get it's revenge on you. Or make you food."

His quirky sense of humor is -always- there. Always. "… Where're we even going, anyway?" They'd left all of their study materials in the library…

"Hmph. Any creature ought to be honoured if I even consider owning them," Alice huffs. She really is in quite a bad mood. A couple of lowerclassmen hastily move out of her way as she continues her stormy steps down the hallway. "Ponies, toads, boys; they all should." It's not quite clear if she's joking or not, but after the comment, her steps slow a little and she regains her usual haughty decorum, her chin held high, her wand held horizontally in both hands before her lap, her thighs bouncing them as she moves with exaggeratedly graceful steps despite the mud on her shoes.

Deven enters the library, he is dressed in his normal Hogwarts robes. " Alice, I see you are up to your usual arrogance." Deven looks at the boy, and realizes its one of his friends from the Duelling Club. " Hey there Julian. Doing well I hope?" He asks, his black eyes glistening inquisitively as to what the two are up too.

"… Alice."

Julian's first call of her voice is a bit of a light one. But he continues to walk along with her, not quite sure what the Hell she's got in her mind. She was quoting Faust. Then they were suddenly leaving the library after sending notes flying. "Alice."

Time number two. And as they continue to walk on… he just kind of listens to her rant and sort of rave about pets and ownership. And … boys. He kind of gives her a bit of a dour look as he considers her, shaking his head. But finally… he says her name a third time.

"Alice. Where -the hell- are we going?"

It's at that point that they round a corner… and there's Deven. The sight of the sixth year boy kind of causes him to pause in his stride for a moment and his eyebrows furrow. "Lewis." He isn't long in pausing his stride, though, intent on keeping up with Alice, should she keep moving. "You and I need to have a chat next club meetin'."

"To the great hall," Alice says. "Dinner ought to be soon, and though I tend to study better on an empty stomach, that is obviously not working for me presently." She walks a few steps and eyes Deven, her steps slowing as she approaches him and eventually halting before the older boy. "And I see you are up to your usual hobby of standing in the way of women," she counters, her chin held high as her eyes tilt up to look at him. She refuses to crane her neck despite the difference in their height. "You really must find other things to do, Deven."

Her eyes flick back and forth between the two boys at the mention of a 'chat', but she leaves it at a simple glance. No doubt the rumours would circulate soon enough, or… "Why wait?" she asks Julian, her brows arching curiously. "Carpe diem, Julian." At the sound of Claire's voice, Alice can't help but smirk a little. The muggle-born who would be a pure-blood. At least she knows her place. The smirk turns into a charming smile as she looks at the other girl. "Good evening, dear," she says pleasantly, if with a patronising note to her voice. "I believe the boys were about to have a talk, but that aside, how are you?"

"Y'sure you want me to embarass you here in front of them? A'right, then."

Julian glances toward Alice for a moment, having come to a halt with her and Claire… and he looks toward Claire, giving her a small smile. It wasn't that he was looking to her or Claire for confidence, but rather for the fact she had mentioned 'carpe diem.' She probably -is- right, after all.

Looking back toward Deven, he squares himself and simply -stares- at him with the best solid expression he's got. His voice is deadpan the next time he speaks, too: "Drawing your wand on a First Year. Very classy. Very much the upperclassman thing to do. I hear about you doing it again, and we may have t'find out just how well a Jelly-Legs Curse treats you, mate." He pauses, breathing in.

"The Duelling Club comes under enough scrutiny without dim-witted idiots like yourself, who happen to be upperclassmen and members of the club, drawing wands on people who don't even know how to defend themselves yet."

With that, he breathes in one more time. Then, he claps his hands together, smiling. "Good talk? Good talk."

He then looks toward Alice. "You mentioned dinner?" And with that, without even another word, he begins to walk.

Claire's hand drifts to where her wand it stowed while Julian talks. It's not a subtle threat, but Claire is not renowned for subtlety. She's up on her toes, tense and ready. Begging for something to break. Though the majority of her attention is on Julian, in case he needs backup, she maintains a facade of polite conversation with Alice. "As well as one can be this time of year, with all the extra OWL work. It's like they don't trust us to study the material on our own."

Deven doesn't seem to have thought it was a good talk, and when the boy tries to move away, his hand goes out and grips the boy's shoulder. " Where do you think your going? This isn't over. Whats the crime if I pull my wand out to scare someone? There's no rule against it. And I didn't use any magic."

Alice's smile darkens a little as the chaos begins to unfold before her. Pulling a wand on a first year? Really? She arches an eyebrow at Deven in disbelief. She knows he's stupid, but really now… And then there was Julian. She gives a mental shrug at his behaviour, putting it down to his rejection. This was much more interesting than dinner.

"Yes, quite," she replies to Claire absent-mindedly, far more focused on the two boys. "Julian and I have just finished some study. Charms and that sort of thing…" Not that Alice really needed any extra study put into her charms. As Deven reaches out for Julian, she chances a glance at Claire's hand, noting her wand. Her own wand is clasped in her hands still, and she doesn't move to ready it at all. She figures that the barbarians from the duellign club can take care of themselves, after all.

And take care of it, Julian will.

Once he's grabbed by the shoulder, it's an odd sequence of events that take place. First, Julian doesn't turn immediately. Instead, his hand slips into his pocket, and out comes his wand, in a quick and fluid motion. Not even turning toward Deven, he keeps his face turned toward the girls. There's no pride or even any sort of remotely happy expression on his face as he draws his wand… pointing it squarely at Deven's face. All twelve and a half inches of maple.

"Respect my personal space and remove your hand from my body before I make you remove it. Move your other hand to go for your wand or do something else equally stupid, and I'll make you regret it."

A pause. Julian doesn't make good on any threats yet, of course. But he keeps his wand steady. "This is when you draw a wand. When you feel threatened. When you feel the true need to defend yourself or others."

He begins to turn, then, wand still levelled. "Pulling out your wand just to scare someone or to make a statement of power makes you no better than some of the scum out on the streets now that try to draw on fear and power to make themselves feel better. It makes you the lowest common denominator."

He would drop his wand down the moment that Deven oblidged his request, of course. But it wouldn't be put away.

Claire's face goes dark when Deven puts his hand on Julian and she gives up all pretense of being a civil human being. With a quick step she's flanking Julian, behind and to his right. She can hardly hex the Gryffindor while Julian is making a point (Claire can make points too, hers just usually end with someone in the hospital wing). Her wand is out, pointed in the vicinty of Deven's knees. Her face is hard and her whole body is rigid with tension. She's slipped into an offensive dueling stance. Drawing wands on first years is one thing, laying hands upon -her- -friends- is another altogether.

Deven laughs, " Oh great fifth year you scare me so!" He says, and in a theatrical fashion he takes away his hand from the shoulder. " And I can do what I want with my wand. Now why dont you run off, go study for the OWLs or whatever fifth years do." Deven's frame is larger than the boy, but Julian's magical prowess is talk of the whole school. He then turns to Claire, and laughs, a loud obnoxious laugh. " Put your Wand away."

Alice rolls her eyes. Men and their wands. She'd found out what she wanted to, though. Now to work out just what she'd do with it. "I shall see you all at dinner," she says with haughty cheer, flashing them all a lovely smile. She'd rather not be here when the faculty find a handful of students bickering with their wands out. Detention is such a waste of time. "Do take care not to hurt yourselves too much, hmm?"

As Julian looks toward Alice, he actually gives her a bit of a smile. "I'll see you at supper, yes." Chipper and quite happy sounding.

Then… back to Deven. His eyes grow dim. He looks toward Claire for a moment, and he breathes in, shaking his head toward her.

"You know, Lewis. I only wanted to talk. To draw a line. To establish a behavior and etiquette that really… -really- makes sense. Even to the most simple of people." A pause.

"Yet you write me off. Write -this- off, you pompous ass."

With that, Julian raises his wand, and in a quick motion-jab forward, he yells out: "Densaugeo!"

A jet of light erupts from the tip of Julian's wand - a brilliant white light - as he points the wand at Deven's face.

The effects would be noticable to Deven almost a second or two after the curse hits. Even if Deven -were- to draw his wand at this point, the fact that several of his shiny front teeth have begun to grow at an alarming rate would probably impede his speech a bit. Yes, it's the Tooth Growing Spell.

"That is for the first year. If you ever touch me again or threaten someone with your wand outside of Club and I hear about it, I will do worse next time."

With that, he lowers his wand. And this time, pockets it. And he turns, looking toward Claire, before turning to begin walking.

Claire does not come down from the adrenaline of confrontation easily. Julian's look doesn't keep her from chomping at the bit, but she does not advance and further. When he hexes the other boy, however, she lets out a bark of laughter, and though her face is still hard, she's smiling. Well, her lips are arranged in the shape of a smile. It's more of a grimace. She does not stow her wand, or turn her back completely on Deven when she leaves in step with her friend. But she does leave with him. "Julian," she says, her voice warm with affection. "That was magnificent."

Deven tries to raise his wand in time, but the hex hits him first. He quickly tries to mutter his own, but the teeth impede him. He then lowers his wand, perhaps he realised he hasn't a chance against Julian. He leaves the two to walk off, before he makes his own exit. Towards the hospital wing that is. It seems for now, the Issue has been settled. If Deven will seek retaliation, is to be seen.

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