(1938-01-27) Beautiful Face Hexes and Leaky Roofs
Details for Beautiful Face Hexes and Leaky Roofs
Summary: Gabby has a rather threatening run in with Deven and Conall shows up for the aftermath
Date: Jan 27th, 1938
Location: Disused Classroom

This classroom appears to be currently out-of-use. More often than not, though, the area proves to be an out of the way gathering place for groups that might disturb the sanctity of the library. Desks here are rarely in any kind of uniform order, having usually been rearranged by the last group to occupy the premesis. Random copies of old and perhaps out-of-date textbooks are stacked haphazardly on the shelves around the room. Littered here and there are also old work books, charts, the occasional love note hidden here in secret and even a few Marvin the Mad Muggle comics thrown in for amusements sake.

Gabrielle is just looking for a quiet place to draw. It's sunday, most students are outside throwing snow at each other, or holed up somewhere studying. Gabby is laying on her belly, ankles crossed in the air, sketchbook laid in front of her. She has several transfig books to the side, but they seem to be being ignored. She's smiling softly, head tilted as she works on something. Her hair is loose, hanging into her eyes.

Deven is looking for something to do, definetly drawing is not on that list, but as he sees the girl he hopes in. He sneaks up from behind, and then shouts. " BOOO."

Gabrielle has been hounded by Peeves, so luckily, she's about to keep her yell to a small squeal, and not destroy the portrait she's working on. She'll swing to her side, eye flashing angry, "What is wrong with you?" If he looks, the portrait is of a young boy with an eyepatch. It's quiet good.

Deven puts his hands in the air, " Just making a boring day more interesting. What are you doing?" He asks, but then spots the portrait. " Not bad, but he's not as good looking as I am."

Gabrielle will push herself up the rest of the way into a sitting position. Her legs dangle of the edge of the table, "More interesting? You prat, I could have destroyed it…"She'll look down to the drawing for a moment, "He is one of the most handsome men i know, "She'll look up eyes narrowing, "And if I ever hear about you drawing your wand on him, or any of my firsts again, you won't have teeth to hex." some of the threat is ruin by the fact that she has hair falling into her face.

Deven laughs, " Oh, im so scared. The great and mighty Gabrielle, wants to hit me! Oh noooo." Deven acts this out in a performance worthy for a Shakespeare play, clearly his acting skills aren't overrated. He moves closer to her, and pushes the hair out of her face. " Thats better."

Gabrielle reacts the way anyone would, when someone is mocking them and then touches them, she pulls her head back. She'll scrunch up her nose, "Don't touch me!" She'll drop her drawing stuff, which was still in her hands, next to the sketch pad, and bring her hands up to block on further attempts to touch her hair or face. "Seriously, you drew your wand on a first year?What's wrong with you?"

" I drew it to make him scared. I didn't use it, perhaps you should get the facts before you open your large mouth." Deven face gets red, and his voice gets loud at this attack.

"My Large mouth?!?! You drew your wand! You don't do that! It didn't scare him, it made everyone think you're a jerk!" Gabby's voice raises as well, and she'll hop off the table, to have her feet planted on the ground, unfortunately, that puts her closer to Deven, but she's more stable standing than sitting. Her cheeks are also flushing from anger, "You've been positively awful this year!"

" Does it look like I care what people think about me?" Deven is really shouting now. " No. I dont give one fuck. And I have been great this year, you just dont understand it."

Something in what Deven say…or maybe it's the way he said it…there's a flash of dismay that goes across Gabby's face, " No…I guess you don't. Do you?" She'll try to push the hair out from her eyes, trying to cover up being upset, "Is that a Griffindor quality, or did your house just get lucky to have all the selfish prats sorted into it?" She'll sneer the last bit, before turning to try to grab her sketchbook and pencils. They're spread everywhere, so she's having to reaching and try to grab at them. Being angry, her hands are shaking some.

Deven looks at her, his black eyes piercing hers. " Dont you dare insult Gryffindor. Your out of line!" Deven screams, his deep voice echoing through the room. " Why dont you go back to your shitty little ravenclaw house."

Gabrielle flinches but doesn't back down, she'll turn back, not having actually gathered any pencils, "You started this, Lewis.You pulled your wand on a first year of your own house. You're the one behaving out of line." She'll glance at the door once, before turning towards him, lowering her voice, "You're the one who's freaking out. I wouldn't say you've been great this year, I'd say you're out of control." She'll tilt her chin some in defiance, "You are right though, I do know enough Griffindors to know that it's not a house thing. It's you, not your house."

Deven's muscles tense up. " I started nothing. Your perceptions of my actions started this. And you foolish little girl should shut your mouth, or else maybe an accidental charm will hit your beautiful face."

"Good to know you can threaten girls along with first years." Gabby tenses as well, almost like she's expecting him to do something right then. Her eyes are still flashing, and her right hand twitches a bit, almost unconsciously.

Deven steps nearer to the girl, and looks from her toes to her face. " I will threaten everyone who accuses me of dishonor. Even pretty little girls like yourself. Do you understand?"

Gabrielle stands her ground, but is starting to shake some.Maybe from fear…maybe from anger.Maybe from both? "Do you even know what honor is?You don't behave like you do. Men with honor don't talk to girls the way you do. They don't draw their wands on children, no matter what was said." Again, her right hand twitches, but this time, it's clearly nerves, not a jump to grab her wand.But she does stand there, chin up.

Deven hears her rant out, and then suprisingly stays silent. All he does is sit on the floor, and wave to Gabrielle to do the same

Gabrielle stands there a moment shocked at his sudden switch in behavior…She actually seems more nervous now, than when he was yelling. She'll look to the door, almost like she's debating on bolting or not.

" There's a muggle saying. Make love not war. I think I like that idea." That is all he says, still waiting for her to sit down next to him.

Gabrielle narrows her eyes, "What the hell does that mean?" She's even more nervous now, and will glance to her sketchbook, her hand twitching again. After a moment, she'll take the few steps closer , but doesn't sit, she'll reach out and start gathering up her drawing stuff, "I don't understand you…"

Deven jumps up, " Few people do." And with that he walks out the room, without wavering another moment, without sparing a glance at Gabby.

Gabrielle stands there, now even more confused.What. the. Heck.she'll turn and watch him go.
_mere minutes later___

Having had nothing to do Conall has been moving towards one of the classrooms to be able to do some studying. Carrying his satchel over his shoulder and humming low to himself as he is going to open the door.

Gabrielle is standing at the table, back to the door. Her knuckles are white from gripping the edge of the table.

Soon enough Conall opens the door and steps inside. Spotting Gabrielle standing at the table. Closing the door and watching her as he moves a bit closer. "Gabby? Everything alright?" He asks, perhaps noticing the white knuckles as he comes closer.

Gabrielle will take a moment to loosen her hands from the table, before turning towards Conall. she's flushed, like she's been yelling…or angry, or something. Her hair is loose, and she'll quickly try to push it behind her ears, "Umm…yeah. I'm ok. Just…" She'll motion towards the door, "…had to deal with Deven." She'll give Conall a weak smile.

Conall furrows his brows at her words. "He really do need to control himself. What happened?" He asks and does look worried for her. "Anything I can do to help?" Moving to put his satchel on a table and then look to her again. Seeing the flush and her fixing her hair.

Gabrielle shakes her head, "Nothing to do, unless you have a spell that will make him stopping being a pig." She'll take a deep breathe, trying to calm down. "He claims to be honorable…but the way he acts and talks…"She'll just shake her head again. "Anyway, how are you?" she'll actually glance behind him, almost like she's surprised there isn't someone following him.

Conall chuckles, "Unfortunately not. But I could talk to him." Her words does make him curious though, "Did he come on to you? I thought he liked Alice." He shrugs a bit at that. Still a bit worried for Gabby. "I understand." AS for her looking past him it does make him raise a brow. Glancing over his own shoulder. "I am alright. Though what were you looking at?"

Gabrielle rolls her eyes, "He tries with anything that he thinks may be female….alice?Really? The way he spoke of Slytherin, that surprises me." She just sakes her head, and then smiles at Conall, "I haven't seen you alone for a long time. I figured your shadow would be with you." She'll keep her voice light, not trying to offend.

Conall nods, "Perhaps he did try to lie. Perhaps he changed the name, but I don't know." Perhaps meaning that he would be wanting Gabby and not Alice. "I don't know really. I think he talks more than he should." At her last words, he tilts his head a bit. "Oh?" Though he does seem to get another thought in his mind. "How come you two can never get along?" He asks rather bluntly.

Gabrielle just shrugs her shoulders, not even trying to understand Deven. She will nod in agreement that he talks too much. She'll blink and then lower her head, "Eibhlin doesn't like me. We had a…fight.And when I tried to talk to her about it, she didn't want to…"she'll shrug, "and then got mad at me for not talking to her about it…and then got mad at me for trying to talk to her…"She'll look up to Conall, "I"m sure she's very nice to be around when she likes a person, so….I'm glad for you…." and Gabby stops with that. It won't do any good to say anything else. She's trying to sound glad for him…but it's not particularly ringing true.

Conall furrows his brows at her words. Tilting his head. "You two should talk and work it out. I don't understand why she would be so upset about it all. Please… Tell me. Why do you keep arguing about? Has either of you said or done something? Please…" He says and does seem a bit saddened that they can't get along. Trying to persuade her with his pleading look and by placing a hand on her shoulder would she allow it.

Gabrielle raises an eyebrow, "It's just not meant to be. It's started , and has snow balled."She'll shrug, and smile sadly, "I don't want to cause problems …So, I'm keeping quiet…."she'll look down at her hands, and rotate her wrist some,frowning, "I don't think she wanted to ever be friends. People don't say things like she did, if they wanted to." Her lower lip trembles a bit, then she'll shake herself, like she's trying to snap herself outta something.She'll give him a smile and pat his hand on her shoulder, "It's ok, really. She has enough drama, she doesn't need any Gabby drama too. So..I've been trying to stay away."

Conall frowns, "I would rather want to know than knowing that you are hiding something about it all. Please." The frown getting wider as she mentions Eibhlin having done something. "What did she say? You are still a friend. I don't want her to speak ill of you for no reason." He sighs a bit at that even. "Please, trust me? And tell me something? I don't like seeing you hurt. Or anyone at that."

Gabrielle rolls her eyes, "Look, I can't just tell you, i don't need you running to her , getting into a fight with her. She's mad enough. the more reasons she has to be mad, the worst it is for me. I don't want to fight with her. She just can't ever let anything go. so…I stay away.It has nothing to do with you. We're still friends, just…I'm not going to have her get mad, because I'm tell you stuff to get you mad at her….She'll eventually get over it.OR not. I really don't care." She'll start messing with the cuff of her right wrist, she'll not look up at him.

Conall sees her messing with the cuff and nods to her, "Fine. I won't ask. But apparantly there is something so I will ask her about it. It has to do with me as I am with her and the fact that you are a friend. I don't want her continuing to hurt people I care for." He sighs and shakes his head. "I won't mention that you told me something." Dropping it for now. "Need any help with anything else?" Trying to change the topic a bit.

Gabrielle just shakes her head, this is going to end badly, for her, she just knows it."Look, I'll try to just not be around, then there won't be any tension, ok?…she'll know you talked to me, if you haven't asked her already what's going on." she'll sigh, almost resigned, "I'm trying really hard to not be mean…which she thinks I am. So, please, don't make this worse."

Conall frowns still, "I have asked her. She didn't tell me all of it and I will ask her again. She shouldn't be upset with you. Why do there have to be tension. I just… don't understand what is up between you." Scratching his head a bit. Looking to her right arm. "There are many things I worry for you about. You keep seeming sad."

Gabrielle not believing that Evie told him much, laughs softly, "You should really just drop it…it's not that important. She's your girlfriend, just be happy." She'll glance over to her sketchbook, "I'm alright, things are actually better than they have been,besides the Jackson stuff, so…no complaints." She'll try to give him a reassuring smile. "Promise."

Conall looks to her and sighs, "I wish I could. But I don't want to. I don't like that she is causing issues with people." He smiles back, weakly. "We'll see how it all turns out. I heard some rumors as well. You alright? I heard something about you and Theodore, did you have a falling out? Or just an accident?" Since they seemed like good friends.

Gabrielle may not be the brightest Ravenclaw in the house, but she does catch his plural verbage. Her smile kinda freezes and she'll tilt her head, "What? What about Teddy? We're ok, as far as I know.." She sounds kinda confused…

Conall shrugs, "I suppose it was jus that you fought or something." He explains and just hoping she would explain things to him. "I am sorry if I am prying. It is just that you have had a harsh time and I just hope it isn't getting worse."

Gabrielle makes an honestly confused face, "No…we're not fighting….honest." She'll tilt her head and then her eyes go big, "Oh merlin…wait, what did the rumor say?"

Conall shrugs, "Something about someone getting hit. I don't know exactly." He explains and nods. Her quick answer does make him believe it to be true. "Do tell what happened though."

Gabrielle visibly winces, "I…Teddy's been…"And she'll sigh, leaning against a table, "A few months ago, I had some..issues with a guy…He scared me enough that I wanted to be able to protect myself…so, Teddy's been teaching me to box." She'll look up, a bit nervous, "I've been working on a bag, but Teddy decided he wanted me to try sparring with him…and I snuck one past." She'll give a small smile, a combination or mortification, and slight proudness.

Conall chuckles then. "That is good then." Though he does look concerned about the man that scared her. "I hope he isn't doing so still." A small and weak smile offered. Not really sure what else to say or do at the moment.

Gabrielle looks back down, and will finger her sketchbook slightly, "He's…not.Not really. I think he realized what he did…but the damage was already done." She'll look up and shrug, "I don't really ever see him, so, it's not a huge deal. He's not in my house, or even year. I just didn't even want to be in a position like that again. Even if someone's bigger than me, I want to have a fighting chance, ya know?"

Conall nods to her words, "I think I might need to do much the same. Not for the same reason perhaps. I think I might need to be able to ruffle a bit of I have to while playing quidditch. Or the fact that I wish to be able to protect those I care for." He explains in return

Gabrielle nods, "Well, Teddy's been an amazing teacher.I can't tell you how great. He's very patient, especially since I know nothing about any of that kind of thing." She'll smile, clearly happy with Theo, "I bet, if you asked, he would help you."

Conall nods and smiles, "Think I should then. Perhaps in return for the help in the talkie." Just trying to jest a bit as it is said lightly. "I don't really ask of help though so… It feels odd to do so." He admits.

Gabrielle nods, "Yeah…I hear you on that." She'll laugh then, "Builds character, or something ."

Conall grins a bit, "I suppose. He seems like a good guy though. I just don't want to take up his time." He sighs a bit at that. "We'll see. I did have thoughts of joining the dueling club but I think I have too little time for it."

Gabrielle nods, "I thought about that too….especially with Ivy's rude comments about me not being able to. But, I'm not sure if I really should be in a club with Chris and JAck and stupid boys." She's laughing as she says this.

Conall raises a brow, "Should I be offended?" He asks about stupid boys, rather lightly though. The fact that even more people seems to dislike Gabby makes him slightly worried. Then again, perhaps Gabby is just over dramatic. Though he won't ask her more for now. Even though a slight worry might be seen. "I am glad that you are doing well though."

Gabrielle laughs, "You tell me, are you being a stupid boy?" She seems to relax some, and will actually hop up on to the table to sit, so her legs are swinging slightly.

Conall chuckles and shakes his head, "I hope not." He offers and smiles to her. Watching her relax and does make him smile and is quite happy at that. "That's better." He tells her.

Gabrielle laughs again, "Well, I'll let you know if you start, ok?" She'll tilt her head, "What's better?"

Conall chuckles and nods again, "Good." As for her second question, he just smiles. "To see you relaxing and being happy." He tells her before shrugging a bit. "How has the sketching been going?"

Gabrielle shrugs, "well, before Mister Charm himself Deven came in, i was working on a portrait. "She'll flip the book open to a picture of Cillian. "I've got another one to do, before starting on Gab's." She'll smile slightly,looking down at the drawing. "He wants to send them to his family, so I"m trying to get them done soon." She'll sigh…"I just am running out of time, between this, and classes and work and tutoring…"

There is a slow nod as Conall is considering her words. Tilting his head a bit. "Anything I can do to help? Wouldn't want them to be without a drawing to send to his family after all." He offers. "Perhaps… I could see to it that you will not be disturbed?" He suggests and smiles.

Gabrielle laughs, "what I really need is a Timeturner…."she'll shake her head, "Once I get to a point in Transfig that I feel comfortable with, I'm going to see if you have time to help me with DADA. I'd die in two seconds if anything ever really came up and I was alone…"She'll smile again, and will start flipping through her sketch book.there's all kinds of drawing, mostly of people. If he's looking, he'd even catch one of Jackson, and one of one of the Fox twins, both near the back. She'll quickly turn past those.

Conall grins and nods. "Oh, I can help you with that easily enough. I'm better with that then with transfig actually." He tells her and smiles. Watching the drawings and raising a brow at the pages she passes quickly, he won't ask though. "You are great at drawing." He admits and smiles at that, enjoying all of the pictures.

Gabrielle laughs softly, "Well, I need to be. It's going to be my ticket out." She'll shrug, "that is, unless I go read fortunes with the gypsies…"

Conall furrows his brows, "You leaving after this year then?" He asks a bit worried perhaps. Or at least wondering why she wouldn't want to stay for two more years. "Whatever happens I am sure you will be good at it. PErhaps you could help me even. If I do go with my music. I might need someone to draw for me." He suggests.

Gabrielle smile wavers, and she'll shrug, "I don't know yet. Maybe?It's not like I need to be in school for either of those professions."

Conall tilts his head and nods, "Perhaps. Though I am sure you could be able to continue to perhaps find a good job withing the ministry? Or perhaps just to make it easier to find work at all if they know how good you are." He suggests and seems to want to persuade her into considering it.

Gabrielle shrugs, "The ministry doesn't really need artists, do they?… And as for divinations, they only take people with the Sight….which is definitely not me." She'll chuckle some. "I'm not 16 yet, I've got time to figure it out."

Conall nods to her, "Do consider it at least. I am sure that there are a lot of things you could do. PErhaps join some kind of group or something to make pictures. Or if you have something else to offer. I don't need to train for musician, but I do just in case." He offers and smiles brightly, looking rather sweet and charming.

Gabrielle shakes her head, but is smiling, "What else could i offer?I got nothing.I'm not really fit to be Ravenclaw, it's not like I'm super smart or anything.And there are plenty of potion masters. I'm not gonna be better than anyone else."she'll swing her legs some, "It's ok. "she'll shrug, "Whatever i end up doing, I just want to make sure I can help my aunts." she'll look down, and blush some, "We need a new roof so badly…I've been considering trying to find out how much, and seeing what I could earn at Madame Lunaris's…maybe even over the summer…"She'll sigh…and then throw Conall a smile. she's not trying to be downer.

Conall nods at her words, "Perhaps. And as for potion masters, I have my doubts. Perhaps you could do alchemy? OR perhaps when my parents can get the store open again, then you could work there. Creating potions?" Wanting to help out. "I am sure that there is more you could offer than you think." He suggests and smiles to her, not seeming to mind her mood as she speaks of the roof. "Oh? If I can help do tell."

Gabrielle ,still blushing, nods, "Maybe. I do like potions." she'll shrug, "Not unless you're wanting to buy a piece of art worth the cost of a roof…"she'll laugh at that and scratch the back of her head, "I don't even know if my aunts will take the money from me to help, much less if someone else helped…."

Conall grins and nods, "Good." He offers about the potions. As for the roof, he shrugs. "Well, I could offer to try and help in any way. Perhaps to gather some coin by playing music." He suggests and smiles. "There might be something I could do at least." He shrugs.

Gabrielle laughs, "That's sweet. really. But my aunts have more pride than I do.It's where I get it from…" She'll blush again, sighing, "You really are good with music though. It's nice to hear you do it."

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