(1938-01-28) Forgetfulness
Details for Forgetfulness
Summary: After returning from a work trip, Tim seems a little more foggy than usual.
Date: 28 January 1938
Location: Moody Residence

Tim is down in the basement, door open up above. The sounds of boxes shifting, being pried open, ruffled through and then closed. "Bowie!? Where's Da's box o journal's gone?" Bowie's standing at the open door way with his fingers in his mouth, eyes shut. "Bowie?!"

The poor little house elf is the sight that greets Annie as she walks in the door, home from work. She's frowning lightly even as she swings her coat off and hangs it hastily, moving immediately to the elf and stooping down next to him. "What's wrong, little love?" she asks softly, one hand moving to settle on his back if he'll allow it. "Tim?" she calls out, hearing the noises from below.

Bowie looks so relieved to see Annie and he immediately clings to her arm and draws her down to whisper to her tiny voice filled with concern, "Master doesn't remember the fire. Master Tim burned all of Master Connor's things. After Master Connor was slain."
Things calm down in noise and crashing about when he hears his Annie's voice. "Aye m'Annie. Down 'ere." He calls in an 'everything is alright' voice.

The concern in the little elf's manner is obvious, and Annie takes a moment to give him a little reassuring cuddle. "It's all gone then?" she asks softly, frowning. She doesn't know Tim to be particularly forgetful, and burning all of his father's things after his death isn't exactly something easily lost from one's mind. A warm kiss is planted on Bowie's cheek. "I'll go see to him. Will yeh get a drink and a cigarette for him, darlin'? I'll see if he'll come up an' sit." One more warm squeeze to the elf is given before Annie straightens and regains her feet, then moves to descend, still in her wet boots. "Alright, love?" she asks as she gets low enough to have a look around.

Tim comes up to the stairs to meet her, he's covered in dust and cobwebs and pretends to make a zombie like mrrrns as he comes up the last few stairs. "Tell me I've never looked better." He winks and leans way forward and really puckers up for a kiss.

"Cor, Tim," Annie says with a soft laugh, reaching out to lightly ruffle his hair and then brush dust from his shoulders. "Yeh look like yeh've been crawlin' around under the bed." She leans to meet him, lips pressing to his although she keeps her dress as away from his dusty self as she can. "What're yeh up to down here then?"

Tim slides off his shirt seeing her concern for her dress and leaves it hanging on the railing and him in an undershirt. "Just something of me da's. Feel like I'm going mad. I know 'e 'ad a huge box of all of his journals down 'ere somewhere, and I cannae find them to save meh life. Been over the lot three times now. Found somethin else, just when ye came in, tink it's a bit of fate weaving about. But it doesn't matter. Must have chucked the lot. That time is a bit of a blurr. But doesn't matter. Have what I want right here." He smiles and now moves to wrap her up in a more proper embrace.

Annie leans back a bit as Tim strips his shirt off, her eyes lingering on the angles of warm skin revealed. "Yeh may have got rid of 'em an just forgot?" she asks, finally pulling her eyes up to his face with some slight effort. "An' what did yeh find when I came in?" Without the worry of dust on her nice work frock, Annie leans in again, sliding her arms around his neck, letting her fingers tangle lightly in his hair

Tim smiles and shakes his head, "That yee will find out in a couple of weeks. I don't like to talk bout it much, but no secrets from m'Annie, I was a verah different person when my parents died. I 'ad no one, sept Bowie. No job, no family, no friends, no life. Just a bunch o time sittin' around thinkin'. Thinkin' often went to dark tings. Used to do tings tha would knock me out, black out full. Just to escape the loneliness for a bit. Then one passout I woke up an' remembered the dream I 'ad for once. It gave me the idea of the Banshee. Started training and got back on track to the man happily in yer arms. But dinnae surprise me too much tha I've forgotten iffin I tossed it or nae."

One hand is withdrawn from Tim's hair as he speaks, drifting to stroke his cheek lightly and then travel in a slow path down his neck and over the expanse of shoulder. Annie's fingers trip lightly over the fabric of his undershirt, back to skin at his arm. "I can't even imagine what yeh must have gone through, love," she says softly, leaning to nuzzle his neck.

Tim wraps her in his arms and kisses her face softly. Her touch giving him little goosebumps and a boyish little smile. "Went through hell, to get to heaven I like to think these days." He looks to her pointedly before kissing her nose.

At the kiss, Annie wrinkles her nose playfully, then jerks her head, motioning upward, "I've asked Bowie t' get yeh a glass an' a fag. Why don't we go up? We can relax a bit and yeh can tell me some about the trip t' Durmstrang." She pulls away, making to turn and lead Tim up to the main floor.

Tim nods to her suggestion and he moves to steady her as she turns around heads up, he remembers his shirt and takes a step back down but is soon right there with her once more. "There's nothing really exciting to tell really. Mostly all I did at Durmstrang was take a couple of pictures of the man and then went around taking pictures of the campus. The only thing noteworthy was he is a very handsome man. Invited me to a pub for drinks. He said he was interested in things here in Britain. I didn't go though, no one went, the Fire in the Sky Happened and he canceled the rest of the tours and such. The interview was done. By that point it was mostly just fluff to add. Just something…off about it all. Something had him and a couple of his teachers leave the campus on the 26th. I stayed as long as I can under the Prophet guise, but here I am."

As Annie leads Tim to the living room and the comfortable sofa her hand nestles warmly in his, and she turns to sit without releasing him. Bowie is there, of course, with not only Tim's requirements, but a nice cuppa for Annie. Finally, she gives his hand a squeeze and lets him go to enjoy his drink and smoke. "I have t' admit," she says, "That I was a bit worried when the sky was all red like that. Never seen anythin' like it. Have yeh ever, love?"

Tim takes a drag of his fag and then a good swallow of his whiskey. "Never, though there's just something about it…like I should know what it is. But I just can't wrap my brain around it. Gotten a headache from trying to remember… the box falling on me didn't help either." He smirks and slides an arm around her to cuddle her close as can be while drinking tea, whiskey and smoking.

Annie casts a curious look at Tim as he says trying to remember what's eluding him gave him a headache. "Maybe it's just from the trip, love," she offers, not sounding very sure about it. She doesn't make mention of it, but she did have that initial concern, however irrational, that somehow the red sky had something to do with where Tim was. She presses to him comfortably, holding her tea so it won't spill, and settles in for a cuddle before dinner, dismissing her misgivings.

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