(1938-01-30) Standing One's Ground
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Summary: Gabby tries to clear her head and get some advice from Mabel, but the conversation goes to a dark, dangerous topic.
Date: Jan 30,1938
Location: Club Room

This large room has a variety of uses, and can be setup differently for each club that uses it. Large storage doors around the room each hold a different club's equipment, to be setup with the wave of a wand. When the Athletics Club is here, for example, the room is full of gymnastics, weight, and other sports equipment. When the Domestics Club is here, however, stoves and cauldrons and workstations are more likely to be found here.

Mabel has, having found the Club room unoccupied, set a number of heavy bags and tether-balls swinging erratically at one area of the floor, while a pair of the duelling club's enchanted practice dummies move about in one area like the magical automatons they are. Mabel's in white athletic robes, dodging among the swinging obstacles and practicing with her wand, though instead of spell incantations, she's occasionally calling out a few 'take that!' and 'Have at you' comments, perhaps to keep herself from inadvertently loosing spells.

Gabrielle opens the door and just stands there watching.She has books in her arms and as at breakfast the other day, that nervousness is back.

Mabel ducks and weaves, in shades of a Renaissance fencing style of wand-duelling, such as she seems to show on the much-more-confined space of the duelling stage, at least so much as Gabby's been able to uncover her eyes to have seen any of her bouts. This bit of practice seems to allow more room to play about, as well as of course, things to be alternately buffeted by or use for cover. This form of practice being more in-the round, she does glance back to Gabby, after ducking between a pair of heavy bags, batting aside one swinging ball to wave, and having another catch her about knee level. "Well, dash it. That could have been a bit of a knock." she smiles, and steps out of her little gauntlet, "Do come in, Gabby, it's quite safe for bystanders."

Gabrielle steps in, and tilts her head, "Getting ready for the duel?…seems like that's on everyone's minds…"she sounds almost sad when she says this.

Mabel tilts her head a bit, and says, "Oh, I suppose it is. Really, though, it's just a bit of the usual. Come to a real fight, one can't expect one's opponent to just stand still, and on the Quidditch pitch, well, Bludgers can come from nearly anywhere, of course. " She dabs at her brow a bit, in case there's perspiration there, though it's unlikely enough in a castle in wintertime that there's any need there." She tucks away her wand, the reddishness that gives rowan its name standing out against the training togs. "But, really, I haven't cared so much about this new tournament, just hope it'll cheer everyone up, really. Still a bit miffed about Lucian being all in a huff about the last one, honestly. It's not my bloody fault he didn't think Jones was treated harshly enough."

Gabrielle nods, "It's a complicated mess." She'll shuffle her feet some, "Can I…ask you something?" She'll not look up, instead just study's the books in her arms.

Mabel hrms, and nods. A little pent-up indignance shows. "Well, it ought to be simple enough, really. Be a sport, carry on. I was really on Lucian's side in this till he had to get all petulant. I still don't appreciate the implied aspersions on myself over a silly tournament. I'm fair sure he's got Seamus convinced he was robbed somehow. " She sighs. "But, nothing for it, never mind that. You'd had something to ask?"

Gabrielle sighs, she's really caught in the middle with this whole thing. She sees both sides. So, other topic, "It's just…I talked to Jackson yesterday. And well….any hope I had of us maybe fixing things is well….gone now. It's not what he wants….I'm…not what he wants" She'll shift the books in her arms,trying to not get too upset. "Everyone keeps telling me to just move on, but…I've never done anything like this before." She'll take a chance and look up, "There's another boy who said he's interested in me….but I don't know what to do."

Mabel sighs, more sympathetically, this time. She makes her way closer. Puts a hand on Gabby's shoulder, and says, "Well, I was rather surprised you'd gotten together in the first place, but if our Potter is wanting something besides 'Going to the Devil' as he used to say, then you've done your bit for him, and, hopefully, had some times that'll be happier to remember later." Her lips fret slightly, and she says, "I really ought to have listened to Lois about MacCaille, as well. Boys that age are trying enough when you're in their class, and perhaps especially Gryffindors. Though I may be biased there. But that's just why there's convention about these sorts of things. I never thought I'd be the one to say it, but being modern doesn't mean tossing away all of that. Mummy always says that if you indulge impatience, you miss out on the fun and end up in a mess and possibly a spoiled reputation besides." A pause. "So, the question is, who is it who's hoping to suitably court you?"

Gabrielle gives a small sad smile about Jack. It's pretty clear she's still hurt by the whole thing.She'll look back down, "It's…complicated. He's in a situation too…." She'll take a deep breath, "He asked me to not say anything to anyone till he gets it worked out…"

Mabel nods, firmly, and says, "Then wait." The undertone is one where, 'You have this power.' "If you can't say it, don't do it. And it's dashed presumptuous of whoever it is to ask more of you than knowing his intentions if he's not ready to be respectable, or at least courtly about it himself. To my mind, all this upset we've been seeing around comes of people being in such a dashed hurry they think just taking a gentleman's arm means you're betrothed. It's obviously quite an issue when the gentleman in question's the one who thinks so. Really, I suppose there's something to the notion that the chaps simply don't grow up as quickly." She glances off a moment, thinking her own thoughts a bit, it seems. "But you're not an al-terr-nate situation, Gabby. You're a lady Witch and you're entitled to let the boys find their own feet and treat you as one."

Gabrielle sighs, but it's not clear if it's an agreeing or upset sigh. "I told him he needed to be out of his…situation. And he agreed."she'll nod softly, still not looking at Mabel. "I just wasn't sure if there was etiquette for time, or…anything like that. I'd rather not have anyone else mad at me…or him….or anyone…."She'll sigh again, closing her eyes, "Jackson actually said he was afraid of someone "taking advantage" of me…I just wanted to punch him. I feel like the only person taking advantage of me was him. " she'll open her eyes with a humorless chuckle, "And then there's Deven…he's turned into the biggest pig in the school. Be careful around him." She'll unconsciously rub her right wrist.

Mabel nods, particularly on the last one. "Lewis is a right cad, when he takes a mood to let it show. But the trick with his sort is to simply not accomodate his… appetites as though they were somehow social expectations, which they're not. And it's the same with many boys. He only makes it more obvious. If he resorts to being a brute when one's back is turned, he'd be dangerous, but he's as slow with that wand as he can be with social subtleties. One can only hope he's simply learning to be a Gryffindor the roundabout way. For now, though, you're just better than he, and he'll either figure that out and better himself, or I'll hex his ankles into his shirtwaist." She casts a look toward Gabby's problematic wrist. "I suppose Jacks is right to worry you'll be taken advantage of, because advantage is what you give everyone. You'd sooner hurt yourself than stand your ground. And you have more ground than you know."

Gabrielle rolls her eyes, "Lewis is not like any of the boys in the school. Even when Kaiden threatened me, he wasn't like that." She'll shake her head, "I'm just trying to stay away, but he seems to keep stumbling into me…literally." She'll frown at the girl, "I do not give anyone the advantage. I choose which battles are worth fighting, is all."

Mabel hrms. Pauses, decides to press the matter a bit. "You act like boys' internal ..complications are on yourself before you have a say in your own life, or how your'e treated. You've just said as much about three of them!" Small exasperation shows, if without raised tones. More mildly, "If not four, really." Another pause. "The commonality in these matters is how you allow yourself to be to be treated, or treat yourself over it. Gryffindors, certainly, find it hard to resist a damsel in distress, even if Deven Lewis's way of it makes me want to Applicate him to a barrel vault for a while. " She pauses, again. "As for Jackson Potter, I suspect he knows a thing or three about self-destructive atitudes. " She sighs. "You know I'm not a model of social popularity myself, right now, but I'm good enough at wandwork to know you wear your heart on your sleeve when your sleeve is a bandage, Gabby. Sometimes, you know, trusting too few people is even worse than trusting too many."

Gabrielle freezes and will close her eyes, "I shouldn't have said anything." Her voice is a bit hollow.

Mabel sighs a little to Gabby and takes her by the hands. "Why? Cause some boys don't know how to behave? You say a great deal, actually, you know, my friend: you just never seem to ever quite speak it to those who care." A pause. "Or forget what you say, perhaps, when you're finally overwrought on someone else's account." She takes a breath slowly. Speaks very quietly, and says, "Tell me the truth. You've actually sent away that wand of your Mummy's that was hurting you? You've been making great progress, but if you've stopped using that, playing too hard at fisticuffs or not, that should be on the mend, unless Dark magic was involved all along, don'tyouknow. And that's not about your social prospects, that's about your wand arm."

Gabrielle lower lip trembles, "I haven't used it! It's just…I'm trying to do so much….It's just tied, my wrist. that's all."She'll yank her hands away, "and don't you dare ever imply my mother was involved with Dark Magic!" There a look of anger of Gabby's face that's not there often. She'll take a step away, "How Dare you!You don't know anything you're talking about! She wouldn't!"And she'll take another step away.

Mabel's eyebrow rises there, and she herself looks away. This is one place where Mabel's sense of propriety isn't leaning toward confrontation, despite her apparent aptitudes. She says, sharply, if not at first in Gabby's direction. "Is everything you're involved with right now of your choosing, Gabby? You speak of lesser things as though it's otherwise?!" Presses her hands to her face a moment. "Filthy business, I know, all of that rot, Gabby, but one thing I know about what makes Dark magic dark is that it *hurts* people. And it keeps hurting. And, Confund it! Makes people afraid and mistrustful. Over more than how boys act when they're feeling their oatmeal." She sighs. "It doesn't have to be me, you know, but you should see someone about it, by now. It's nothing against your mother. It's for you. Gabby.”

Gabrielle snarls back, quick, without thought, "Nothing against my mother?!?! It's all I have of her. It's everything!"and another step towards the door. "You'll not say anything. You gave your word. In April I'll be gone. And you can tell everyone what you think you know. But I’m holding you to your word till then." Again, another step and she's at the door, "I don't care what she was. She was my mother. And nothing changes that. " and unless stopped, she turn and flee, tears in her eyes.

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