(1938-01-31) Bitch Practice!
Details for Bitch Practice!
Summary: Charlie and Cillian meet for the first time, out of pure happenstance. They whisk away captives and ladies to the Armor Room where a lot of people intrud-joined them for their picnic!
Date: January 31st, 1938
Location: Entry Hall, Armoury

Charlie bursts into the Entry Hall, sliding to a grinding halt. One, two snowballs follow her. She ducks. She's wearing a light cloak, some wellies, trousers, some mittens, and a layer of snow on her hair…along with a PLOP! She gets hit upside the head as she scrambles to close the large oak door behind her. She whirls around, leaning back against the door as if she half expects someone to try and force it open, breathing heavily.

There's a young man with an eyepatch who happily saunters from the direction of the kitchen passage, pausing as he notices the person who seems to be running from something and the little captain watches curiously before he quickly shoves his books into his satchel, resting a hand lightly on the burlap sack he always seems to have with him. There's a pause before he rushes for the doors, holding out his hand. "Come with me wee one iffen ye want to live!"

Charlie bounces up onto her toes at the sudden offer of the young boy's hand, an expression of cute theatrical flattery flushing her features as a dusting of snow comes off of her curls. She takes Cillian's offer, mitten in hand. "Oh but I do!" she says, eyes twinkling as she lifts her shoulders. "Take me to safety!…Or adventure!" She doesn't even ask his name! He's so dashing! He has an eye patch! She can't refuse.

"Of course me fair lady!" Cillian responds with a hint of a bow before he's tugging they young lady along with him towards the staircase, looking thoughtful and shaking his head as he laughs softly. "I'll take ye to me…armor boys. They will be protective of ye of course and then we'll 'ave a bit of supper…" He pauses. "M' Captain Cillian by the way."

"Oh lovely, but I dare say, I'm no lady," Charlie says as she prances along with Cillian towards the staircase. As they reach the stairs, she tugs Cillian to a stop to face her, trying to take his other hand in hers. "I have to confess my dear Captain. I'm-I'm a stowaway!" She confesses dramatically, her brown eyes expertly watering up into a glitter. "You won't make me walk the plank will you?" She looks into his eyes, since they are around the same diminutive height.

Cillian blinks as he turns to stare at Charlie for a moment, head tilting to the side as he listens and watches the new girl with a slow blink of his good eye and he allows his other hand to be taken and he just nods slowly. "Me wee one, dun worry about this…no ladies 'ave to walk the plank in me crew. Yer name will now be Curly and ye'll be safe with me crew, I promise it." He looks very sincere, that eye wide with sincerity.

Charlie's spirits bounce back as quickly as her curls. She giggles a bit at the new name. "Then I shall call you Captain! From now till evermore!" she declares with a flourish of her hand to the rest of the entry hall. "Where are your armor boys? Let us go eat together. I'm starved from fending off all your rats. Did you know you have rats on your ship?" She could go on forever. Right now, the two first years are at the foot of the staircase, hand in hand sort of, talking rather loudly. Then, with a dash of realism, she blushes and says, "I like your patch Captain."

"Rats? Ahh yes, they are there for the tigers and lions that be down there somewhere. They 'ave to be fed or they'll be eatin' yer toes when ye sleep, ye see." Cillian explains before squeezing the hands in his gently. "They are in the Armor Gallery, and they all 'ave their names but they dun talk much." He explains before blinking once. Then giggling, nose wrinkling as he shrugs sheepishly. "Thank ye kindly, Curly, I um. Well ye 'ave very nice…cheeks."

Soon enough Conall comes walking in from further up the stairs having been rather busy earlier in the day. Moving around rather calmy from up the stairs with his satchel over his shoulder. If he is upset then only a bit of it is showing, and even if ask those that know him might not ask. That is if he is upset. Looking at the two first years and raising a brow to them.

Up from the dungeons comes Ivy, her satchel filled with books over her shoulder. She pauses for a moment to take in those already in the hall, then moves toward the stairs, looking up to give Conall a nod before looking back at the firsties and addressing Cillian. "Good afternoon, Captain. Is this another member of your crew?"

Charlie is all eyes for Cillian right now. They could be drawing a crowd. She wouldn't care. She's having too much fun! "Just great big pussycats," she shrugs off, "I handled them," raising her chin half an inch. "Well, you must introduce me to them if they have names. They sound like proper gentlemen for sure!" She beams. At Cillian's comment about how she has nice cheeks, she arches her brow, still smiling and giggles. "You're odd. That's a good thing," she says decisively. "Oddly delightful." She's wearing a light cloak that falls just short of her wellies and some mittens. Some snow has melted into her hair it seems. At Ivy's interruption, she cocks her head to the side, then gives Cillian a sidelong glance, out of the side of her smile at a conspiratorial volume, "Friend or foe?"

"Oh aye, they may be tink its time for bed, but I 'ave delicious supper to 'ave a picnic with th-" Cillian cuts himself off as he hears the description of being odd. "…well aye, m' odd and yer downright whimsical, tell me wee Curly…why's it taken this long for us to be meetin'?" Then he jumps, peering over to Ivy and flashing a grin as he nods slowly. "Oh! Aye, me lady…this is Curly." He asides to Charlie. "She's a Lady, Lady Ivy I be tinkin'…she's a neutral party but one we protect."

Conall smiles and nods in return to Ivy before looking back to the first years. Continuing down the stairs more fully. Not saying much as he stays in the background. As well as trying to figure out what they are actually saying. Looking between them all and keeping a bright smile on his lips as usual. What to do or say? Since only Ivy has noticed him he will only wander a bit.

Ivy smiles graciously at Cillian and executes a sweeping, graceful curtsey. "We were not properly introduced, when first we met, but I'm glad that you remembered. Ivy Winterbourne." She straightens, inclining her head at the pair. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Curly. Were you headed into the Hall?"

Charlie's back is to Conall at this point, so she still hasn't seen him. She's easily distractable, so she bounces from topic to topic with expert ease. "Merlin's beard, I have no idea!" She keeps hold of one of Cillian's hands even as she turns to talk to Ivy. It's an absentminded gesture, not pre-planned, not thought over. He's just fun and she's not going to let him go have supper without her. "Pleasure to meet you Lady Ivy Winterbourne," she says with a little curtsey. "Oh, well he's my captain now, so I'm going where he's going." Purely logical right? She shrugs. "Curly, that's right. I was once known as Charlie the stowaway!"

Cillian pats Charlie's hand gently before he gives a small bounce and then notices Conall, pointing at him. "Oi! You! Ye look strong…enough, we need a prisoner so we can dine properly!" He gestures towards the young man before looking between Charlie and Ivy. "We were just headin' for supper with the suits of armor, yer welcome to come…I 'ave quite the spread today." Alice arrives from Labyrinthine Dungeon Hall.

Conall laughs a bit at Cillian's words. "Seems I will be a prisoner then." He agrees without arguing. Grinning at them all. "I'm usually the kidnapper so I am confused." He says in a playful voice. Trying to understand the situation. He somewhat understands the pirate aspect due to his earlier encounters with Cillian luckily enough.

"You need a prisoner to dine properly?" Ivy asks of Cillian. "I've never heard of this custom. You must tell me more of it, Captain." She glances Conall's way and smiles at the fact that he's playing along with the tiny pirates. She curtseys again, less deeply this time, adding, "I would be most honored to join you for supper, Captain."

Charlie loops her arm in Conall's. "It's okay Conall," she says as if talking to a younger cousin. Then she leans a little to Cillian, "Captain, I've got our prisoner." She flashes a smile to their honored 'guest.' "Follow us!" She starts to move up the stairs and lets go of Cillian's hand to point upwards. "Lead us to the booty Captain!"

Leading the way after Charlie, Cillian makes his way into the Armor Gallery, taking the time to look around carefully before nodding to himself. "'ello Bob!" He addresses a beat up set of medieval armor. "Are the rest of the boys asleep?" He laughs and shakes his head. "Oi, Bob…dinnae make me laugh too 'ard." He gestures for the others to follow as he makes his way further into the gallery, pausing to tug his white sheet from his burlap sack. "I'll 'ave it all laid out soon."

As soon as they get to the Armor Gallery, Charlie forgets her "captive" and bounces over to Bob after Cillian. She reaches out and takes his hand in her own. "Oh, he's so…charming," she says with a bat of her eyelashes. Conall should be able to note that in all of this year since he's probably known Charlie, she has never ever ever acted this…girly. Whimsical? Yes. Girly? No. There seems to be an air of elation about her, her charm effervescent. After meeting Bob, she moves back to grab Conall and points to a spot. "You should sit there. Because you are the prisoner, you have no choice," she explains to him carefully. "Lady Ivy…" She moves to lay out an invisible quilt or something for the girl as Cillian prepares the supper. They are like rogue homemakers.

Apparantly being pulled along Conall is just following to wherever they are going. Smiling to Charlie's behaviour as it is a new one. Nodding and moving to where Charlie is pointing. There is something new abut her but as he is a rather naive person he isn't really that fast at understanding what might be different.

The gallery might be unnerving to some, but Ivy doesn't appear to be one of them. She smiles at Charlie and moves to settle on the invisible 'quilt' with a regal grace, then tilts her head at Conall. "A prisoner in good faith, then? Shouldn't a prisoner be properly restrained?" She probably shouldn't be giving them ideas, or maybe it's just Charlie she shouldn't be giving ideas to.

Alice wanders into the gallery after everyone. Her appearance immaculate as usual despite having had a day of classes, though she's obviously more concerned about who's not in the oft deserted gallery than any possible company. A few pages of parchment in her right hand and her wand in her left, she peers into the hallway cautiously before she closes the door quietly behind her. She's clearly up to something. When she turns and sees the group of… Well, it's certainly quite a varied group to say the least. She draws herself up haughtily, deigning to give the other students a cool glance each. "I had no idea there was a babysitting club," she says in a cool, slow,
refined drawl as her eyes settle on Ivy. "I am sure you're doing all you can to teach the two little ones just how important it is to tell the truth." Alice arches an eyebrow as she crosses her right arm over her stomach, her left elbow resting on the hand grasping the parchment as she idly taps her wand at a silver crescent dangling from a chain about her neck.

That singular eye keeps an eye on things, even if he has to grin at Charlie and snort softly as he watches the 'guest' and the 'prisoner' are situated so he can spread out the sheet and then start unpacking things from his burlap sack, there's white bundles of food, one has fluffy rolls and another has chips and then there's half a shepherd's pie he's tugging out and then a bundle of strawberries that he lays out as well, everything organized around a small milk bottle filled with chocolate milk of some sort, its probably just saved up cocoa and a mismatch of little cups. "Hmm…aye, ye should tie him up a bit…" Then he stares at Alice when she enters, pausing in the process of taking out a bar of chocolate which he offers to Charlie. "Put this in his mouth." Then he just stares at Alice a little longer. "M' sorry, I couldn't hear ye, did ye say 'Hello all, how are you?'?"

Charlie moves to Conall to start tying up his hands with imaginary rope, but then thinks better of it, since he'll need to eat. "Naw, I don't want to feed him like a big baby." She waits patiently for Cillian and when he instructs her, she goes ahead and re-ties the captive. She's offering chocolate to Conall (gag by chocolate!) at Alice's entrance and her words. She narrows her sweet little eyes into glittering intrigue, "I had no idea it was bitch practice!" though her tone is so surprised…like really, it's bitch practice? Is this a part of the game? It's kind of like she doesn't understand the gravity of the word. So stooped in the fantasy, she shouts, "Harpy!" and points.

There is a raise of his brow as Alice comes in, "Nah, just entertaining them for a bit. The being captured thing it seems." Conall explains and smiles sweetly. Though a brow is raised about being tied up. Trying to keep up with the conversation at hand, unsuccessfully.

Without rising from her place on the floor, Ivy looks up at Alice, one delicate eyebrow arching, her expression utterly calm and composed. "Good afternoon, Alice. I see you've left your manners behind somewhere. Perhaps you should go look for them? We can wait." She offers a sweet smile to the Slytherin girl.

Alice gives Cillian a flat look. She recognised him, of course, and had heard of him. The Peele name was one she'd heard of a number of times back home, and Alice's ears are almost always open. The flat look continues to the little Hufflepuff. A crass little thing. And what in Merlin's name was she doing with that rope? And Conall… Really, a sixth year should know better to be playing with children. The Slytherin's lips quirk into a small smile whilst her eyes narrow slightly at Ivy's quip. "Oh, I'm afraid I've misplaced my manners. Perhaps they're with that lost heiress to the Russian throne?" she asks with a small tilt of her head and a rise of her eyebrows. "As for the harpy comment," she says, turning to Charie, "I do hope you will get your eyes checked, dear. Care of magical creatures will be ever so hard if you don't."

Rudeness! This will not do! Cillian opens his mouth before stopping and glancing towards Charlie, eyebrows shooting up with some amusement and some shock as he just stares with a slow blink before he clears his throat, moving to her side and lowering his voice. "We tend not to be callin' the ladies names iffen they are evil princesses and queens, we just use our wits to keep 'em from noticin' they are unloveable an' probably goin' to grow into a hag…" He then takes a deep breath and looks back to Alice. "Did ye plan on join' us for supper?"

Looks like Cillian's stowaway will just need some taming. By Alice's last zinger, she seems like she's about to boil over until she considers Cillian's words. She seems to mull it over and shrugs, "I just didn't think she was a lady with the way she acted," she points out, but she nods. "I'll have you know, I probably know way more about magical creatures than you," she says to Alice, her pride bristled from the girl's comments. She glances back to Connall, a familiar face for a moment.

Conall grins at Alice, "It's called gathering information. Do join." He says with a rather charming smile. Then looking to the others and nodding. Gesturing to Alice to come over to join him. He is a lonely sixth year as well. Though a grin is offered to Ivy as well. Smiling to Charlie as she looks over. Being restless but calm. Shifting in his seat.

This is how good an actress Ivy is: her smile doesn't falter. If anything, it gets even sweeter. "I realize that you're rather out of sorts, what with the pressure of approaching OWLs and your rather limited grasp of theory in most subjects, but that's really no excuse to behave so rudely to the children, is it? One might think you've been spending a little too long in Lewis's company."

"Pardon? I could not quite understand what you said through that atrocious accent." Apparently, Alice won't even spare first years from her sharp tongue. She gives the food a suspicious look. "Where did you pilfer this from? Honestly, did your parents neglect to inform you that stealing is immoral?" She gives Charlie a look as cold as winter. "Though it seems to be a trend in first years, this lack of education. Perhaps they should start offering more basic information to start the curriculum." Alice's glance warms a few degrees as she looks at Conall, but it's still pretty frigid. Of course, the cold front comes back in at Ivy's jab at her abilities. "You're projecting again, Ivy," Alice says, giving her a level look as she circles about and sits opposite the other fifth year. She couldn't simply walk out after that. It would look like she's running away. "Though I suppose you must know all about spending time in Lewis's company, non?"

"….yes, Curly, m' afraid…this one's a Lady, aye…but she's very broken." Cillian declares before turning his way before working on making his way back to his picnic spread. "Time for supper."

"What's wrong with you?" Charlie asks, her head cocked to the side. She sits back down next to Cillian. "I mean. What happened to make you so angry?" She is not used to girl sniping. It all goes too fast for her. She's like a shotgun blast, and she probably only has two rounds in her. Nonetheless, there's nothing left in the chamber here, unless provoked again.

Conall is just going along with it all. Smiling in return to Alice. Hearing her words. "You should be sweet." Wanting to be quite nice. While also making the Slythin nice. It is in his nature after all. Looking between them all but not sure what else to offer for now.

"Excuse me?" Ivy gives Alice an honestly confused look. "I prefer to avoid Lewis whenever possible, as I do most of the Quidditch players, save those of my own House." She can hardly avoid the Ravenclaw Quid players, since several of them are friends. "Gallagher is an exception, but only because I've been tutoring him in Transfiguration."

"Angry? Whatever gave you the impression that I'm angry?" Alice asks the first year calmly, giving her a curious, sidelong glance. She sits straight-backed, her legs folded beneath her in a kneeling position. She ignores the insipid comment from the Hufflepuff. Be sweet. Honestly. A Delacroix has many priorities, and being sweet is close to dead last on that list. "Is that so? I was under the impression that Deven was friends with everyone. He seems to think so, at the very least." Her tone's more curious than cutting now. As much as she loves to jab at people, gossip really does take a higher priority.

"I don't know. I can't figure out why you're acting like this," Charlie says with a shrug. "Maybe I'm too dumb?" She doesn't seem too bothered that she might not be the sharpest tool in the shed. She helps Cillian set out the food still, but she's paying attention. It doesn't show though. She seems completely engrossed in setting things just so.

Conall just keeps his smile and just shrugs to Alice. "I am friends with Deven, sort of." He tells them all and shrugs. Looking over to the others. Being his usual polite and sweet personality. Then he turns to wave good bye to Cillian and turns back to the others.

Ivy sighs, settling back a bit and sipping from the cup she's been given. Her manner is more conciliatory toward Alice now, if not entirely civil. "Lewis is deluded. It's worse than lying, really, the ridiculous idiot actually believes the drivel that comes out of his mouth." When Conall says he's friends with Deven, Ivy gives him a rather pitying look. "You have my condolences."

The look Alice gives Conall is almost a mirror-image of Ivy's. "My, you must be ever so patient. I believe I would rather leap from the Astronomy Tower than consider that young man my friend. He has absolutely no sense of decorum, and if his ego were any larger, I would fear for the structural integrity of this school." Lying. There's a topic Ivy would know about very well, but Alice decides let it slide for once. And people say she's a bitch. "I find most Gryffindors to be quite arrogant," she says piously, her eyes closed and brows arched. "Deven's merely arrogant to the point of delusion, it seems. It's a pity he is not as blessed mentally as he is physically.

Conall doesn't seem to know about Lewis. Raising his brows at Ivy's words, "Well… I don't see the harm. I do try to get along with everyone." He tries to explain. He grins a bit at Alice's words. Though soon enough feeling bad for Deven, "He can be nice at times." He tries to stand up for him before shrugging. With a glance to the first year old but as she is silent he look back to the others.

"Can he?" Ivy arches a brow at Conall, clearly disbelieving that Deven has a 'nice' bone in his entire body. "He drew his wand on a first year student, attempting to scare him," she says, rather bluntly, glancing sidelong toward where Cillian disappeared. "His arrogance knows no bounds, and the worst of it is that he's deluded himself into believing his own boasts." She shakes her head, glancing back at Alice. "It's a pity, but I fear a brain would be wasted on him, at this point."

"And I can be sweet at times," Alice says with a listless look at Conall, hopefully getting her point across. "Though I do not have the privilege of saying truthfully that I've suggestively offered to people of the opposite gender the chance inspect my teeth. It's quite clear I've not yet attained Deven's level of pleasantness." She ponders the use of the Imperius Curse… Only half-seriously, of course. She opens her mouth to vocalise the thoughts, but closes it. Better part of valor and everything.

Gabrielle comes in, looking for a certain one eyed pirate, and finds a ship load of people instead. She's got her sketchbook and drawing supplies in hand, and will stop and glance over at the odd grouping. Her forced smile turns into a genuine one when she sees Cillian and Charlie talking. She knew they'd be good friends. So, instead on interrupting, she'll walk over to the older students. "Hi everyone."

Conall shrugs, "He is too occupied to be confident to show it." He explains and smiles as if that is completely true, whether or not it is. Feeling a bit bad at their words, "Give him a break." He suggest. Though at Alice words he raises a brow and smiles. "Oh?" Not sure how to go on for a moment but then he just smiles sweetly. "I think people would be fine with anything of that Alice. " Sitting still for the time being.

Ivy just looks at Conall for a moment, still with that pitying expression when he suggests they give Deven Lewis a break. Then she rolls a shoulder, dismissing him from the conversation entirely and looking up to offer a polite smile to Gabrielle. "Good afternoon, Gabrielle. You're welcome to join us." She looks over at Alice. "You know, perhaps it might be worth the effort of convincing him that his skills are advanced enough that he doesn't require further education. If he could be convinced to leave school early, I doubt very much that anyone of consequence would miss him."

Charlie perks up at Gabrielle's voice. All this big people talk about people she doesn't know. So boring. She brandishes a smile and runs over to Gabby. "Hi! Come eat with our captive and lady!" She leaves it up to Gabrielle to figure out who is the lady and who is the capture, and who Charlie is ignoring. "I met Captain Cillian," she whispers to Gabrielle, her eyes glittering happily. She's acting girly.

After Potions, Eibhlin was quick to making her way out of the classroom and off to her own studies. She's been wandering the castle, avoiding the outdoors. The Armor Gallery has always been one of her secondary spots. After the Trophy Room. Unfortunately for her desire for a quiet spot today, she's chosen the Armor Gallery. The redhead slows to a stop at one end of the hall, hearing voices. A glance up from the book she's reading.

Gabrielle nods to Ivy's offer, trying to keep her face neutral on the whole Deven Lewis topic. She'll turn towards Charlie, offering a genuine smile and soft laugh, "Uh…ok? Now?" She'll lean over to Charlie, whispering back, "Told you you'd like him!"

"Good evening, Gabrielle," Alice says with a wonderfully affected smile. She's quite happy to let the Deven subject drop. All in all, talking of him left a bad taste in her mouth. She measures Gabrielle's reaction to her carefully. One can never be too careful around a group of Ravenclaw. Two is definitely enough to constitute a group. She resolves to watch her tongue a little more carefully. And then Evie shows up. A third. It's Alice's lucky day. "Eibhlin. How wonderful of you to join us. Welcome to the babysitting club."

Conall grinss at Ivy's roll of her shoulder. "I know. But still." He tells her. Knowing fully well how Deven can be and he has even talked with him about it. But tries to be friends with everyone. Glancing and use his usual look to Gabrielle, out of habit. Smiling as Evie joins but staying where he is. "IT is rather calm enjoyable here." Calm in his mind that is.

"Hello, Evie." Ivy is still playing the role of Lady Winterbourne, and is therefore gracious enough to let the matter of Deven Lewis no longer dominate the conversation. She shoots a glance at Alice, however, before looking back at Eibhlin. "You'll have to pardon Alice, she's forgotten her manners somewhere. It's not a babysitting club, the good Captain was kind enough to invite us to supper."

"Well, yeah, I guess I do," Charlie says with a little shrug. At this point more ignoring of Alice. She leans towards Gabrielle and says, "What does that girl put up her-" she trails off into a whisper. This is learning. Pure learning question! She wants to know! She is eying Alice as she says this. "I mean it's got to be uncomfortable right? For her to be so…" she can't find the word.

"Ivy," Eibhlin says to her housemate with a brief smile. There's something wavering there in her gaze, but she's able to work past that in this case. The redhead closes her book and makes her way towards Conall, stepping in near him. She looks towards the food: "Picnic?"

Gabrielle nods to Alice and Conall, not really paying either much attention as she has a curly firstie asking her….oh merlin. The smile freezes on her face, and it's hard to tell if she's mortified, or trying to not laugh….or both.She'll place a hand on Charlie's shoulder and start to walk her away, "Come here a moment…"

A little of this and a little of that… After his classes earlier in the day, Julian had slipped out of his last afternoon class to study. Care of Magical Creatures wouldn't completely suffer without him, after all. So, after having left the library, Julian is just kind of hanging out around the castle, wandering… Dinner was a contemplation, but he wasn't quite ready to go yet. Instead, he had headed toward the Armor Gallery. It's a nice little quiet hangout. At least, usually. Today, it's crammed. As he approaches and hears voices from the outside, he furrows his eyebrows, and slips toward the door, sticking his head in to take a peek at what's going on. "… Looks like a regular ol' party up in here," he comments. Dressed down, he's just got on his uniform shirt, a sweater vest, and his tie, along with his slacks. Slipping in through the door, he takes stock of who's here. The majority he knows… the little one, not so much.

At the first year's words, Alice narrows her eyes. And Ivy says that she lacks manners. The gallery had become decidedly crowded, and this talk of ships and captains entirely too fanciful for Alice to entertain any longer. She sets her sheets of parchment out on her lap with a quiet sigh and shake of her head. "Four Ravenclaws," she says aloud, looking at the parchment rather than anyone in particular. Well, at least one didn't utterly despise her. That was a start.

Conall smiles and nods to Evie and just studies the others. Trying to figure thing out. By some reason his brain shut down for a moment. Nut sure what to do. So he is just silent for a long moment.

Charlie just gets diverted by Gabrielle, looking quizzically up at her, her mouth settling into a little 'o' as her lips part in confusion. She wanders away from everyone with Gabrielle.

Gabrielle with her hand on Charlie's leads her away slightly and leans down, whispering to her.

"Four Ravenclaws, yes, from the looks of it. Ha. Ha. Ha."

Why did Julian do that? He wasn't quite sure himself. As he moves on into the Armor Gallery, he spots Conall and the others, smiling toward them and giving a little wave. "Oi, Quinn. You owe me them note on that music. Or did it already go all dust on you, since it was a doubling charm I used for the copies?" He then moves to settle in somewhere close enough that he can talk to everyone evenly… perching opposite-flank Ivy and the other Ravenclaws, so that it's a little even… beside, but not quite close to Alice.

Gabby whispers, "Look, i know she's…not the nicest, but stating things like that is just going to make her act more like that. Ask those things later, when she's not in the room, ok?" She'll give her a smile and a squeeze on the shoulder, "And yeah, I think she acts that way too."

"Three." Ivy gets to her feet, shouldering her bag and lifting her chin in a regal fashion. "Captain, Curly, thank you for the hospitality. Do have a good evening, all." With that, she turns toward one of the doors.

"Why?" Charlie says in a stage whisper to Gabrielle that likely everyone can hear. "I mean, I was just asking a question." She waves to Ivy. "It was nice to meet you!" She is currently off to the side with Gabrielle, apparently having a hushed conversation, but Charlie's pretty terrible at it on her end.

Deven moves down the hallway, towards the group of kids assembled. As he passes Ivy on her way out, he nods towards her. Then he enters the room filled with Ravenclaws, and one very special Ravenclaw, Julian. The boy gets a special mean look, before he goes towards the Slytherin girl. " Alice, whats up with all the Ravenclaws in one place?"

Gabrielle smiles and starts to whisper something back to Charlie, but her head snaps up, smile dropping from her face when she hears Deven. She'll maneuver herself between him and the two firsties. She'll glance to Charlie and quietly say, "I'll explain later, ok?"

Conall grins to Julian and will nod, "O"

There's a glance towards Deven and Eibhlin's eyebrow raises somewhat. "You have a problem with us, Gryffindor?" She's stepped up alongside Conall, so not quite mixed into the Ravenclaw contingent. She shifts the book tucked beneath her arm, looking towards Alice. Perhaps waiting for the response.

"I'm not a Ravenclaw!" Charlie says, proudly stepping out from behind Gabrielle. She clearly doesn't get it. Gabrielle makes a poor window and is totally upstaging her. She points a thumb at her chest as she steps forward, posture erect, chin up. She's not really as plucky as a Gryffindor…she's as dumb as a Huffle.

Conall grins to Julian and will nod, "Oh, I will get right on that." He tells Julian before glancing to the others. Raising a brow as well and smiling to Evie as she shifts closer. Though to Deven he will say, "I am not a Ravenclaw." He explains and shrugs. Looking to the others and something seem to have him lost in thoughts. Soon enough leaning to whisper to Evie.

Alice gives Julian a glance as way of greeting. "They must be attracted to my intelligence," she replies to Deven. "They do say birds of a feather tend to flock together, no? And to what do we owe the pleasure of your company, Dante?" she asks, purposefully getting his name wrong. "It is Dante, isn't it? Daniel?"

"Ah." As Ivy gets up, Julian tilts his head a little bit, shrugging. She's…been kind of off today. Space! Yes. Ah, well. He can corner her later in the Common Room and figure -that- one out. "Later, Ivy," he calls after the girl as she heads out… and he glances up toward Alice, giving her a small smile. He then nods toward Conall, thumbing up toward him. "Good," he comments, "'cause I'd like to get that piece ready for that thing we're doin' later in the Spring. Maybe even write an accompaniment for it." A new voice comes through the doorway, then, and Julian pauses… and crinkles his nose a bit. Alice would probably feel a bump against her own hand… but it's not him trying to hold hands. Instead, he's just performing an unconscious movement of going for his wand quietly. Subtle. When he hears Evie seem to bare her own claws for a moment, he raises an eyebrow. Well, that's unexpected.

"No problem at all, Ravenclaw. Just odd to see so many of you in one place." Deven replies. He then hears Alice out, " Still playing the name game are we?" He smiles at Charlie, but shuts his mouth, perhaps not wanting more trouble with the Ravenclaws.

Gabrielle will reach out and grasp charlie firmly on the shoulder, not enough to hurt, but enough to keep her from stepping any further away. She'll let the girl stay in front of her, to hopefully keep her happy being able to see, but is ready to push her down if anything happens.

One of the French-type medieval armors begins to move of its own accord, lifting its head and peering around. Reaching up to its helmet, the now animated suit of armor flips up its visor, revealing the blinking from of Jackson Jacob Potter, Junior. He looks around, a decided glare in his eye as he calls out, "Goddamnit, I'm trying to sleep. This is twice already!" Reaching up, the Jackson-filled suit of armor flips its visor closed and goes quiet once again.

Alice's face colours a bit when she feels Julian's hand brush hers, and she quickly pulls it away, to her lap. "Name game? I haven't the slightest clue what you a-Eek!" The moving armor makes her jump and scuttle back, crashing into a suit of heavy iron armor, her left hand holding her wand in front of her at the ready. Of course, when she sees Jackson, her face colours even more, the Delacroix scion dying of embarrassment as she clears her throat and shifts into a more graceful position, smoothing her skirts over. "Why on earth would one sleep in a set of armor?"

Charlie doesn't really notice that Gabrielle grabs her, because that's as far as she wanted to go. She just chuckles when one of the suits of armors literally wakes up. "Just like Cillian said!" she says, doubling over with giggles. She would go and meet the suit of armor, but Gabrielle does have her hand on her shoulder.

"—what the seven blue Hells, Jackson?!" As the body of armor begins to ambulate itself, Julian also seems to sort of startle, taken aback. When he realizes, though… that it's just… someone. Well. He calms himself. Quickly. Probably slightly more quickly than Alice. … And she drew her wand? Really? He glances toward her a moment… then realizes his own wand is out, in his left hand. "Well."

He stows his own, quickly. But keeps his hands in his pockets. The fact that Alice had been blushing over the handbump seems to also dawn on Jules, and he glances toward an amazingly interesting piece of armor for a moment. Deven's forgotten about for the time being.

Deven looks shocked as the Armor starts talking, but then laughs as he sees his housemate in it. " Oh Jackson." He sees Julian and Alice pull there wands out, but as none of them is turned on him, he seems content to leave his in the pocket of his robe.

Gabrielle 's eyes dart around the room at everyone. She'll swallow lightly, not sure if Jackson just helped the situation, or not. There is a moment of a ghost of a smile as Alice and everyone spaz, a memory passing in her mind for a moment. She'll keep an eye on Cillian and a hand on Charlie's shoulder.

Eibhlin glances over to Conall as he whispers, briefly distracted from Deven. "Hmm? Sure. Whenever you want." There's something of a smile before she looks back to the cocky Gryffindor. "I'm guessing she doesn't see the point in remembering your na-" there's a glance over towards Julian and Alice. Her eyebrows raise.

From within the suit of armor, Jackson picks up the arm and flips open the visor once again. His head turns towards Alice (*squeek*), his eyebrow raised, "Let's just say that this suit of armor has a certain aroma of jais ne se balls that I may or may not find appealing." He then asks, "Does it matter? I was in the middle of a really nice dream involving a really dull girl when you lot started making noise." He then looks around, imploring, "Can we keep it down to a dull roar?"

There is a bright smile on Conall's lips. Somewhat satisfied with Evie's words as well as amused at all that is going on around him. Except for Gabby as he starts to worry for her as usual when Jackson shows up from the suit of armor. Not really sure what to do for a moment.

As everyone is distracted with Jackson's antics, Deven quietly slips out.

"I am not sure what happens at your homes, but my family's manor has no such thing as moving armor. I consider my response entirely rational," she says with a huff. "And you really out to actually learn proper French sometime if you are intending to attempt to actually speak it. Votre prononciation est compltement incorrect. Not to mention your foul language in the company of women."

And /that/ goes right over Charlie's head. "Eww," well kind of. "What is jais ne se balls?" she struggles to say it quite correctly.

Jackson shakes his head towards Alice (*squeek-squeek*) and then continues, "Listen, I'm sleeping in a suit of armor. Are you sincerely attempting to have a rational conversation with a Fifth year taking a nap in a suit of armor? Really?" He then adds, "Oh, don't worry. If I wanted to speak French, I would learn it, so I asway alkingtay aboutay histhay armoray mellingsay ikelay ballsbay. So otay ellhay ithway itay. Kay?"

All in all, the gallery had become decidedly unpleasant. Alice gives Jackson a scornful glare before she stands. "Your pig Latin could do with some work, too. I believe you meant to say allsbay, though why a suit of armor would smell like rubber is beyond me. Perhaps you ought to have your nose checked. Julian, Eibhlin, Gabrielle." She bows her head slightly, a small smile on her face as she looks at them each in turn. "Do have a good night. And… Curly, was it?" She hadn't quite picked up the rude first year's name. "Do take care of that mouth of yours. I would simply hate for it to land you in trouble." She flexes her springy wand a little, almost absent-mindedly as she says, "There are some in this school who are not as gracious as I am." And with that, she turns, leaving the group and finding someone else to antagonise.

Gabrielle closes her eyes and grimaces slightly when Charlie asks for the translation. She'll look over and seeing that Deven is sneaking out, she'll visibly relax some. Her jaw tightens up again when Alice talks to Charlie, but won't say anything. She'll drop her hand from Charlie's shoulder after Alice leaves, but doesn't move away from the first years.

Conall is just keeping silent and looking around. Perhaps something is bothering him even if he doesn't say much about it. But he will lean towards Evie soon enough and whisper. Then glance to the others while offering his arm to her.

As Conall offers his arm, Eibhlin is already reaching towards him. She tucks her hand into his elbow and tugs slightly, jerking her chin towards the other end of the hallway.

Gabrielle exhales, relieved that Alice and Deven are both no longer there. And then she'll look up, and Evie and conall are clearly having a couple moment, which leaves her with the Charlie and …Jackson. She'll turn to Charlie, "You ok?"

Jackson peers towards Alice for a moment before he simply shakes his head, responding to Alice in a rising voice that matches her distance, "You're riding your broom wrong. It's supposed be between your legs, not up your…!" He trails off as she departs, continuing to shake his head (*squeek*-*squeek*-*squeek*). Jackson, now completely awake, begins looking around with a disconcerted expression on his face.

Conall grins and smiles, nodding to the others. "I will see you all later. Be well." Not able to help a last worried glance to Gabby though. Just getting pulled along by Evie after that though it seems.

There's a nod from Eibhlin to the others before she starts off down the hall. Gently leading Conall as she goes.

"Me? I'm fine. That was hilarious," Charlie says, completely unfazed by the whole ordeal and perhaps unaware of how tense it was. She's not a good meter yet for these things. "Are you upset at me?" she asks randomly, more a general probing since Gabrielle seems concerned.

Gabrielle sighs, "Not upset…just worried. I don't want to see you get hurt. Don't make enemies unless you have to." she'll try to give the girl a reassuring smile before frowning over at Conall and Evie leaving. "I…should probably get going too…" Cause, staying would just be…awkward…

Jackson glances around, then between Charlie and Gabrielle. Finding himself largely ignored, Jackson slowly reaches up and closes the visor of the armor, trying extremely hard not to make a sound and draw anyone's wrath.

"I'm just stating facts," Charlie says with a shrug, her brow crinkling up even more. "Okay," she chews a little bit on her lower lip and says, "Well I'm going to stay and have supper with Cillian. I'll see you later?" She shifts her weight from one foot to the other.

Gabrielle will look over, as there's no moving any of the armor without squeaking and gets a sad look on her face. Dismissed without even being acknowledged. She'll nod, "Yeah..have a nice super. I'll come find you tow later to talk about the portraits, ok?" Her voice is soft near the end, and warbles slightly as she turns to leave.

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