(1938-02-02) A Fond Farewell
Details for A Fond Farewell
Summary: Reece informs Nova that he's leaving.
Date: February 2, 1938
Location: Farin Braw Restaurant
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The tables at Farin Braw are sparsely filled, as it is after the lunch rush, but before dinner. Seated by the wall is Reece Jones, who is staring intently at the pint in front of him, an uncharacteristic tension furrowing his brow. Now and then he glances up from his distracted meditation toward the door.

Nova comes in, several minutes late. Nothing is where it should be in London, Muggle or wizard. She'll huff as she comes in, scarf wrapped around her head enough times yo barley make out it's her. She'll look, and once she sees Reece, will slowly start making her way over as she unravels herself, "Reece!"

It's the sound of his name that gets his attention, and he immediately rises to greet Nova with a light embrace. "Nova, it's good to see you. Come, sit." He pulls out a chair for her, seeing her settled before retaking his own seat. Having expected Reece's companion, a waitress appears to take Nova's drink order.

Nova hugs him back, slightly concerned about his behavior. She'll order a tea, honey, with extra honey. And she'll lean back some, giving him a look, "What's wrong?"

Reece lifts his brow in mild surprise. "Can you read me so well already?" He chuckles weakly. "Alright, I think you'll appreciate bluntness. So, right to the point. Nova…I'm leaving. I cannot tell you how much I've enjoyed the times we've spent together. But there are other development in my life that have made my continued presence here difficult. I mean to travel again."

Nova blinks in some surprise, "Oh…alright." She'll frown slightly, "Do you wish to speak of it?" she'll shift in her chair to face him better, head tilted.

"I don't wish to burden you with my troubles," Reece sighs. "But I didn't want to simply vanish without explanation. You have been a bright point in a difficult time, and for that I thank you. I…wish things had gone differently. I'm rather fond of you, Nova. I'll miss you a great deal."

Nova gives a half smile, "Reece, part of the responsibilities to each other as human beings is to help shoulder things for each other. If you do not wish to share, that is fine, but do not use an excuse of not wishing to burden me. That is cowardly, and you are not that." She'll sigh softly, not happy with this news, "where will you go?"

Reece winces a bit at her words. He takes them in, frowns as he considers them, and then nods. "There is wisdom in your words. Alright…my heart is broken. There was another woman, who I love dearly. I knew it was unlikely that she would choose me, and I could live with that, knowing she would be happy. But…she promised to give me a chance, and she reneged on that. Worse still, I never knew how serious she had become with my fellow suitor until I got word of their engagement from a stranger." He rubs his hands together in a nervous gesture. "I am very good at managing my emotions. I accept pain as part of the experience of life. But some things strike too deeply for even me to simply take in and flow through me."

Nova frowns, but nods, "That is…unfortunate…."She'll be silent for a moment, trying to find the right words for what she's wanting to say, "It is alright to not be in control, if that is what you need. If you need to leave, then you must leave. Emotions are not to be controlled, if it is not flowing through you, then you must go to a place to be able to allow it to do so." She'll watch him, "I will require an owl every once in a while." placing a foot on his chair rug, she'll use it to lean back her chair , "and exotic honeys." she'll smirk softly, trying to be supportive.

Reece smiles softly, his sadness faltering for a moment. "Thank you, Nova. I know this is all terribly unfair to you. But I will write. I promise. Honeys as well. I'll be sure of it." He squints conspiratorially at her. "You could come with me, you know. I know you won't…you have your team and your life here. But…you could."

Nova laughs softly,"That is tempting…but I do not think I could give up the game…at least, not yet. Maybe once I've won the cup." No mention of her team or life here though…She'll offer,"Perhaps once this season's over, I will come find you, for holiday. I've yet to have a proper one." She'll give another sad sigh, "When will you be leaving?"

Reece smirks and shrugs. "I'd have been a fool not to try. But of course you must stay. I'm leaving tomorrow. There is a boat that will take me to France. Paris seems like a good place to start an adventure, don't you think?"

Nova pushes at his chair slightly with her foot, "Tomorrow, well then…that leaves only one night. What are we doing then?" she'll grin, again, trying to be supportive, "France seems like a good starting point."

Reece lifts his brow. "What are we doing? Well, how can I pass up an offer like that?" Her support is having a visible effect on his mood. He isn't quite the same old Reece, but she's brightening his spirit. "Would you care to go to the theatre with me? I've heard so much about this Snow White film from the Disney studio. It's supposedly quite a spectacle."

Nova smiles, "I would love to….besides, it's that , packing books…I am more interesting that that, I should hope."

Reece smiles, dipping his head in a deep nod. "Much, much more interesting. Fascinating, really. I am like a moth to your flame."

Nova laughs, "I have been called many things. Fire is a new one. Although, they are all usually dangerous." She'll waggle her eyebrows at him, "At least fire is pretty." She stop, a thought suddenly hitting her, "What will you do with your things?" Not that he has a lot…but he has more than she does.

Reece shrugs. "I'm leaving them there. I'll continue renting the flat. I don't intend to be gone forever, and I rather like it there.."

Nova blinks, and then nods deciding something, "Alright. I will watch your flat for you then." She lilt her head, and see if this is acceptable.

Reece lifts his brow, a bit surprised. "Really? I thought the building wasn't suitable for Octo."

Nova shrugs, "It will be fine. You have windows. And he can fly through Diagon Ally without worry. and I can then help a friend. And save us both money. And you will have piece of mind that your things are well." She'll grin, "And then you have no excuse to not know where to send the owls."

Reece nods without hesitation once she has given him assurances about the bird. "Very well. Consider it done." Trusting, this fellow! "And thank you. I'm glad to know we can help each other in this."

Nova smiles, "So, tell me of Snow White…." She'll keep the talk light, just trying to give him an enjoyable time before he leaves.

"Well, I haven't seen it yet. Though I imagine it plays much like the fairy tale. Surely, they wouldn't change such a classic." Reece is finally smiling, a genuine smile as his troubles are momentarily forgotten. In the months to come, his thoughts will turn often to this conversation, and the evening following it. The easy, no-pressure comfort Nova provides cements her in his heart as a true and earnest friend.

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