(1938-02-02) Divining the Wand
Details for Divining the Wand
Summary: Gabrielle wants to perform divination on her mother's wand to prove she wasn't a Dark witch. But she gets much more than she bargained for.
Date: February 2, 1938
Location: Hogsmeade
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This is the main street and venue for Hogsmeade Village, the central portion of High Street. The street is always occupied by someone either out for a walk, loitering, or tidying up the outside of their business. OPEN signs hang in windows, shutters and drapes are open wide so display windows can be peered into to view some of the shop's wares. Bustling with life the forest surrounding the village is as active with wildlife as the village is with civilization, however quaint and country it might be. All of the buildings along High Street are very acute when it comes to their roofs. Each roof outfitted with one or more extremely tall brick chimneys that sometimes are twice the height as the actual building.

Ripley is limping along on his crutches but had to get away from the castle for a time to stop the cabin fever. "Just wanted to get away. Tired of looking at the walls." As they come from the west of High Street. "Maybe grab a bite or something."

Ophelia, after starting and then stopping herself from offering Ripley any help, falls in step beside him with a small nod. She's unable to keep the worry from her eyes, but she tries to keep it to herself and smiles a bit. "I can understand that. Are you going to the Three Broomsticks, then? May I walk with you? I was going to go see if Phae was there… "

Gabrielle comes out of Lunaris's, bundled up, and her eyes light up when she sees Ripley, "Rip! you're out of the castle! Should you be out of the castle?" Her tone goes from happy to worried.

Gabrielle also sees Oph and smiles, "Hi Ophelia, he not letting you help him?"

Ripley chuckles as he sees Gabby come into the scene, "I'm fine and can take care of myself much like I took care of myself when I broke the ankle." He winks a bit to Gabby. "And both of you, stop looking at me like I am helpless."

Ophelia looks up to see Gabrielle, and tries to smile in greeting and frown worriedly at the same time. This comes out looking a bit strange, of course. She manages to switch to an apologetic wince for Ripley, and ducks her head as he makes his request. "Sorry. I'm, ah… not used to friends with… broken things."

Gabrielle rolls her eyes, "Right. If I hadn't been there, you'd still be up ther." She'll throw him a smile, "Don't apologize to him Oph. He's should be thanking you." She'll give him shake of her head. "What are you two up to? Doing something?"

Having mostly just wandered around Hogsmeade for most of the day it does seem like Conall finally dared to go into the Three Broomsticks. Coming out once more and has a small smile on his face and satchel over his shoulder. Walking along, if not fully steady. It takes a moment but finally his eyes settles on the injured boy. Followed by looking to the two girls. "Hi." Still seeming to try and pull his smile on. A bit easier but still there is that hint of sadness.

Ripley gives a nod to Conall and grins easily at the other boy, "Was thinking of grabbing a bite." As he wavers there on his crutches a bit. "And yes, thank you Gabby. I don't know why that rumor of you breaking my ankle is still about. Been squashing it all around." He chuckles, "Ophelia and I were headed somewhere, not sure where yet."

Ophelia looks up at Gabby, bewildered. "Thanking? Why? All I did was… walk… " She glances back toward Hawthorne Wandworks, trying to figure out what she did. "From there. And I just… like he said." Noticing Conall as she turns back around, she offers a wave and a small smile. "I was thinking about looking for Phae before I went back to the castle."

Gabrielle shrugs her shoulders, "Between that and me knocking Teddy out, your whole house must hate me."She'll glance a bit worried at Conall, but nod . Gabby will look up to the darkening sky, and bite at her lower lip, "…I need to do something, before I lose all the light….I…"she'll look between everyone gathered, "I need a place to cast though…"she'll look to Rip's ankle and then sigh. "I was gonna go to the beach, but is there anywhere else ?"

Conall raises a brow and just moves along over to them. A bit of a strained smile as he keeps it on his face but at least it is coming easier than earlier on. Looking between them and nodding. Raising a brow at Gabby's words. Not sure what is thinking of doing. He tries to focus. Not going to stop her or anything but he will wonder. Nodding to Ophelia's words as well as Ripley's but staying silent.

Ripley lifts a brow as he looks at Gabby, "Cast? To do what?" He shrugs a bit, "We are in a wizarding village… Who would look at you for casting something?" As he balances on his crutches.

"Cast?" Ophelia asks just after Ripley, though in worry. "Aare you certain… that's a good idea?" Clutching her cloak a little more tightly around herself, she bites her lip, and glances at Conall, then Ripley, then Gabrielle again.

"I have to prove something…Mabel , she…I need to divine something,and I don't want to do it at the castle….None of you have to come, I just thought…"She'll shake her head,cheeks flushing in embarrassment, "It's dumb, never mind. I'll catch you all later. " She'll start to move down the road, head tucked.

Conall raises a brow to Gabrielle as well. Though at her words he shakes his head and moves along, "You helped me a bit so I might as well help you." He offers before looking over to the two others to see if they will join as well. "What are you casting?" He asks and seems to be able to focus rather fine. If not a hundred percent.

Ripley blinks a little more and moves off after Gabby, "Wait. What are you trying to do? This seems a little strange, Gabby…" He hobbles along with his crutches, "And when you say, 'It's dumb' us when I get worried."

Ophelia blinks. Then frowns. She turns to follow Gabrielle along with the boys, saying nothing. Though she nods with Ripley at his mention of 'its dumb' causing worry.

Gabrielle will turn to talk as she starts walking, "I just meant it's dumb, no one needs to be with me. I'm just being …sensitive."she'll shrug,and answer Conall "I'm just divining an item." she'll start moving towards the road, preferable towards the Gypsy Caravan.

Conall nods his agreement, but would rather follow along to make sure that things are as they should. And if they turn out not to be then at least he will be around to help out. Looking to them and nodding that he agrees about being worried. But he also knows that Gabby probably won't be convinced to change her mind. Nodding a bit to her words and it might ease his mind a bit at her words of divining, but something about the time she read him makes him not drop the worry fully.

Ripley stops for a bit and watches Gabby, "An item?" And then he quickly catches up with his crutches, "Wait. What is going on? I get hurt and I'm out of it for a day or two and stuff happens."

Ophelia sighs, but doesn't stop or slow down. Her eyes dart about to the different shops they pass, as though looking for someone, or something. She continues to worry her lower lip between her teeth, and fidget with her cloak. But she keeps silent a little longer, wanting the answer to Ripley's question as well.

Gabrielle stops and moves behind the Gypsy Caravan. She'll immediately start pulling out items from her pockets. A piece of cloth she lays on the ground, small crystals she lays on each corner. She'll look up at Ripley and give him a pleading look, "Mabel said..she said my mother was doing Dark Magic…"she'll swallow, "I can't let her say those things…so I'm going to divine, and prove to her she's wrong." She'll glance to the other two, almost like she's waiting for them to go running.

Conall continues to nod a bit. "Gabby, the same item you talked about yesterday? You figured out how to do the divination? Which item is it?" He asks as well, only knowing that there was an item but not fully abouy which. Though as Gabby explains he does get worried, "Careful Gabby." He offers but will be there with her. Hand slipping inside his coat and stays there for now.

Ripley looks to Gabby and the look in his eyes is one of the sympathy. He doesn't run, instead he props himself against a tree to watch. he blows out a low breath but doesn't say anything to try and stop her as he knows this a thing he'd lose the argument.

Ophelia's eyes fly wide open as Gabriele finally explains. "You /what/? Are you mad? Without a professor or /anything/? What if something goes wrong?" But she's not leaving. Maybe she knows its useless, too. Maybe she just hopes someone will come along and stop Gabby. Maybe she's just too curious.

Gabrielle shakes her head, "Nothing's going to go wrong." Famous last words, "I'm the best student at Divinations….and any of you would do the same, if it was about your family." She'll pause for a moment and then kneel down next to the cloth on the ground. She'll slowly reach into her jacket and she pulls out a rather short wand, made of willow. she'll lay it down, with almost a reverence on the cloth. And then will quickly pull out a second wand, this is the wand she's been currently using.

Jackson moves down the main street of Hogsmeade, carrying a box under his left arm. He moves purposefully, his eyes sharply scanning the area until he comes across who he means to come across. Catching the last snippets of conversation, Jackson angles away, sliding the box behind one of the wheels of the caravan. Drawing his wand, he peers with narrowed eyes towards the proceedings.

Not having known about that small wand he does raise a brow, "Didn't know that you had a second wand." Though doesn't seem to be worrying much about the wand other than curiosity about it. Where it comes from and so on. Since that seems to be the item and should therefore have something to do with her family. OR so Conall assumes at least. Looking over to the others and Ophelia's words does cause some alarm, but will just stay where he is and let Gabby try it out. She did say that things should be fine after all. Choosing to trust her.

Ripley takes in a very deep breath as he sees the wands. Still, he stays quiet as he realizes that arguing will do nothing.

Ophelia shakes her head, already biting her lip again. She leans to one side as the wands are brought out, looking them over. Especially the Willow wand, which causes her eyes to widen even further. "Is… is that?"

Nadya cannot help but notice the gaggle of students gathering near her caravan. It's only natural to investigate. She slips out the wagon door quietly, closing it behind her with a light touch. Children are much more likely to speak honestly about what they're doing if they don't know there is an adult around.

Gabrielle closes her eyes for a moment, trying to block out outside noises.She'll take a deep breath, trying to calm her heart. She'll pull out a small Crystal Ball, anyone that's taken the class wold recognize it from the school, and nestle it next to the wand. she'll pull out her wand, and start casting.

Perhaps not having noticed Jackson, Conall at least seems to notice the adult arriving. Glancing over and furrowing his brows. But it seems that it only makes him gesture towards her for now. To get attention to her. "Hi." He offers and tries to force a polite smile. Not sure what to do as he still feel a bit tipsy. A glance going to Ophelia as well as she seems to know the wand. Standing and now turning to fully focus on Gabrielle.

Ophelia doesn't even seem to notice that her question goes unanswered. When the crystal ball is brought out she gasps, and one more time starts looking around to see if there's anyone around to see and perhaps stop what is happening. But she looks in the completely wrong direction. "I really don't think this is a good idea. Why can't we just ask someone for help with this? Madame Lunaris, or Professor Mopsus?"

There's a touch of blue light, like there always is when Gabby Divines. Her eyes focus on the crystal and her breathing is shallow. She just watches for almost a minute and then her breath hitches, She's clearly seeing something.Her head tilts slightly and she shiver visible.

Gabrielle , still shivering frowns, something's not right. She'll even shake her head some. Her voice is soft, almost timid,"No…That's not…"

Nadya looks over the children present, but it is Gabrielle she takes note of. On silent feet, she steps into the midst of the other students, watching with a concerned frown. But does not interfere.

Ripley watches, his breath quickening a little bit as he does so. "Gabby…" His breath catches as he speaks but then quickly silents again to keep from interrupting her and causing some kind of damage.

And then Gabby's head snaps up, anyone one looking at Gabby's face can clearly see her eyes have gone completely white. Her face is blank, none of the emotion that was on it moments ago. Her right hand drops to the crystal on the corner of the cloth and she grips it, hard enough to make her knuckles go white.

"I /knew/ it." Ophelia whispers. She looks to the boys, first Ripley, then Conall, and takes a step forward. But what can they do? Afraid to interfere, she hovers in place, then freezes when Gabby's head goes up. "Oh, oh no… this is bad… "

"Don't interfere," Nadya hisses, lifting a hand in a cautioning gesture.

Having been standing with his hand inside his coat it is easy enough for Conall to pull out his wand just in case. Seeing the oddness upon Gabby and does look towards Ophelia at her words. Focusing on Gabby again, not sure what to do. Nodding as Nadya speaks. Still gripping his wand though.

Jackson moves now from behind the caravan, pointing his wand directly towards Gabrielle and calls out strongly, "Fin-!" When Nadya speaks, he whips his wand around, pointing it towards her for a moment and then narrowing his eyes. He lowers the wand, "What's going on? Do you know?" He looks back towards Gabrielle, his body leaning forward as if ready to move towards Gabby quickly.

Ripley looks to Gabby and shakes his head, "No… Gabby. No…" As he begins to move forward to see what he can do to stop this. Then the words of someone different come to him and he looks towards Nadya with a look that questions who she is.

Only then noticing Nadya, Ophelia scurries back as quietly as she can, nodding fast enough to dislodge her little hat. and not stopping until her back bumps softly against a tree. She holds herself there, hands wrapped tightly in her cloak, eyes darting from Nadya to Gabrielle.

Nadya gives Jackson a wry smirk. "Put that away before you do somethin' foolish, young man. Look at her. She is in a trance. If you stop her now, you will only bring her pain. Let it pass."

With a fluidness that is not in Gabby's clumsy nature, she stands quickly and turns towards the nearest flat surface…which happens to be the caravan wagon's wall. She steps to it, not acknowledging anyone. She raises her right hand, and with a strength she probably does normally have will start to carve into the wood. It's hard to tell, but first there's a heart, in the center, divided into 4, almost like a crest. There are things around it…reaching for it. the ones at the bottom are different , with their hands on it, twisted, violet. As she chisels them the crystal cut her hand , and her blood is smeared on to the creatures, almost as in on purpose. And as suddenly as it started, she stops. And the crystal drops from her hand, as her eyes roll back into her head and she follows the crystal down.

Conall isn't really sure who called the warning as he is focusing on Gabrielle, but a warning is a warning and everyone seemed to listen. Finally glancing there and for now will continue doing as he is told but looking back to Gabby. Worry and a slight anger. Keeping from doing anything but prepared to if needed.

Ophelia just watches. Completely stunned. Gabrielle may have cost her some serious house points, and probably hours of detention beyond counting. But she's also most definitely secured Ophelia's belief in Divination.

Ripley blinks.

Jackson peers towards Nadya again, his eyebrows furrowing. He does not, however, put his wand away. When Gabrielle begins to collapse, his wand is up and pointed towards her again, "Arresto momento!" A moment later, he closes the distance to catch Gabrielle and lower her the rest of the way to the ground. He looks around, peering towards people, "What the hell was she thinking?"

Ripley blinks a little more and tries to close his jaw dropped mouth.

Nadya makes no motion to stop Gabrielle from carving up her caravan. Rather, she looks on in fascination. When Gabrielle goes down, she steps near, briefly checking on the girl, but she doesn't look especially worried. Rather, it is what Gabby carved that has Nadya's attention.

Conall moves as the others do. Nodding appreciation to Jackson. Going close and checking on Gabrielle. Glancing to the carving but keeping his focus on the girl. "What is that. Is offered though." Giving it another look then.

Ripley keeps looking at the design on the wall of the caravan. "What is that?" He also offers, hobbling over towards Gabby, "She okay?"

Ophelia swallows and just continues to stare, completely and utterly stunned. As Jackson and Conall go to check on Gabrielle, though, she finds her eyes drawn to the strange image on the wall as well. But she still doesn't speak. She's thinking to hard to waste time with talking.

Gabrielle is breathing a bit shallow, but seems ok. For being unconscious.

Nadya tilts her head, examining the carving. "I don't know. But Gabrielle might. It came from her, after all. Hm." She turns suddenly and heads into the caravan.

Conall nods to Ripley's question, "She seems fine." He offers and looks to her as well as shifting it up to the carving occasionally. Mostly wanting to make sure that she is safe for now.

Ripley still rests on those crutches and watches after Gabby, mostly helpless.

Jackson reaches up, clutching at something around his neck before being careful to place it down his shirt once again. He tilts his head to the side, placing his ear near Gabrielle's mouth. After a moment, he reports, "She's still breathing." He lifts his head, shaking her by the shoulder, "Gabrielle. Gabby!"

Slowly, as she starts to calm down a little from 'omg we just totally sat around while Gabby did magic in front of an ADULT and did nothing and now she's all passed out on the ground,' Ophelia moves toward the wagon and the others clustered around Gabby. "Should we move her somewhere? Um, perhaps… inside?"

Nadya soon re-emerges from the caravan, holding a pencil and a notebook. She looks up at the carving, then down to the book. "Hm…I don't suppose anyone else besides Gabrielle can draw?" She asks in her Irish lilt.

Gabrielle 's eyes flutter open at the shake, she seems to have a moment of not being able to focus before blinking and looking at Jackson. She'll groan softly, and opens her mouth to say something, but just coughs lightly instead.

Conall nods as Jackson confirms what it seemed like. Shaking his head to Nadya, "I can write but not draw." He says and seems slightly apologetic about it. Worrying for Gabby despite hearing that she is fine. Then looking around to make sure that everyone else is doing alright. Then hearing the cough. "Gabby?" He asks and glances to Jackson for a second before going back to her. "Rest." He offers.

Ophelia, still hanging back a little from the group, frowns thoughtfully over at Nadya. "Not as well as she can. But I think… I can copy that well enough?" She gestures to the carving in the wall, looking to the woman questioningly.

Nadya nods, pushing the notebook and pencil into Ophelia's hands. "Do that, then. I don't intend to leave that on my caravan forever." She steps back toward Gabrielle and crouches down. "Hello there, little one. That was quite a dance."

Gabrielle 's eyes swivel over to Conall, slightly confused. And then back to Jackson…who wasn't there before, right?things are kinda blurry. As Nadya comes over, she'll try to sit up, clinging to whoever is closest. "Wh-what happened?" She kinda sounds scared.

With another hurried nod, that this time makes her hat slip completely off and fall to the ground behind her, Ophelia takes the notebook and pencil, scoots around to find a spot where she can see without being in the way, and starts sketching. "We were waiting for you to tell us that." She murmurs in responce to the girl's question, her eyes and hands already focused on their task.

Jackson nods to Gabrielle, reiterating, "Don't worry. You're safe." He looks towards Nadya, waiting, as she seems to know something of whats happened to her. He then looks down to Gabrielle, "You and I are going to talk later about what you just did. I know why you did it, but I wish you would have waited until you were a better Diviner…" He stands, setting Gabrielle down. He stands, moving over towards the second of Gabrielle's wand, the much older looking one. He crouches down next to it, carefully studying it as if attempting to discern the very nature of it. Pointing his wand towards the other one, Jackson mutters a 'finite incantatum' beneath his breath before picking it up.

Nadya makes a sort of maternal cooing sound. "It's alright, Gabrielle. You just experienced something extraordinary." As she speaks, she gathers up a ball of snow. "Show me your hand, dear one," she commands, ready to place the cold snow in Gabrielle's sliced hand.

There is an offer of support to Gabby from Conall. No matter if she is clinging to himself or Jackson, since them both seem to be close to her with Jackson. He will offer to help her as he can, nodding to Jackson's words. Helping her while Jackson moves to the wand. Holding her as Nadya deals with the hand.

Gabrielle blinks, utterly confused, "What do you mean? I…The divining worked!" She'll look down at her hand, clearly baffled as to why she's bleeding. she'll offer it to Naya and hiss slightly as the snows put on it. She'll lean against Conall, but looks over towards Jackson, "Is it ok? It has to be ok…" She'll then start to try to stand to get over to the wands.

Ophelia sketcvhes out the heart and divides it into its sections, but takes a little more time to focus on the surrounding images. She glances over at Gabby's question, but looks back again almost immediately to draw again, not understanding. Its much, much easier to have a task to focus on.

Nadya helps Gabrielle to her feet, walking with her to support her if needed.

Conall will move along with Gabby, helping her to stand. "Take it easy." He tells her. Then he will help her towards the wands and Jackson. Seeing him having things dealt with. Letting Jackson answer about the wands, since he went to the wand. Appreciating Nadya's help as well.

Jackson peers towards Gabrielle, a frown settling on his face, "Are you kidding me? This thing has almost killed you twice, and you're worried about it?" He shakes his head, a frown on his face as he tucks his wand into his back pocket, "It's fine…"

With a little more time, Ophelia manages to get a fairly decent copy of the carving down. Its not perfect, but everything is there, and mostly in the right place. She pauses, though, before adding the finishing touch to look up sharply, "Twice?"

Gabrielle takes a moment to get her land legs underneath her, "It did not almost kill me."She'll try to get over to the wands quickly, and will sue the support of both on each side. She'll shallow, and look to the one person who would know more than anyone else, "Ophie, can wands hold memories? Can they be placed in them…locked in them?" Her wording is rather…deliberate .

Conall frowns as the pieces starts falling into place for him. Getting the realization about it all and seems surprised. At least to some bit. "Gabby…" He says and shakes his head, looking over to Ophelia as well as it was as surprising for her as for him. Listening to the question by Gabrielle. Raising a brow and seeming curious as well. Waiting to hear if she knows.

Ophelia is still for a short while as she considers Gabrielle's question. Then, slowly, she turns back to look at the carving. Her answer is slow, as thoughtful and far-away as her expression. "Wands have memories. They remember spells, and their witches and wizards. So I suppose its possible. But… I've not heard of a wand with a specific memory locked inside. I… I can ask Wandmaker Hawthorne?"

Gabrielle looks to Oph, but then follows her gaze back to the carving on the wagon. Her eyes go wide and she'll actually pull her right arm to her chest, protectively. She'll stumble a few steps away from it, closer to Jackson and her wands, "What the hell is that?!?"

Jackson glances towards Gabrielle's wand in his hand, a frown settling across his face. He looks up towards Gabrielle, and then finally shakes his head, "Nevermind. It's not my business anymore…" He holds out the wand, offering it back towards Gabrielle.

Nadya tilts her head in a sympathetic look to Gabrielle. "Don't be afraid, Gabrielle. You entered a trance. I believe you saw something beyond mere sight…and you expressed it the best way you know how. You drew it."

"That is pretty much what we want to know. But indeed, it seems alright." Conall explains and moves along as she stumbles. Listening to Nadya and raises a brow at her words. Thinking about all that. He looks between Jackson and Gabrielle but studying the man for quite a bit. Something about his words and then he does just try to study each of them.

Ophelia adds a smudge to the copy, to represent the blood smears, then glances it over to ensure that it's as close as she can get it. She keeps hold of the notebook and pencil for now, though, letting Nadya focus on Gabrielle, and remains in her spot, expression still withdrawn and thoughtful.

Gabrielle will glance down at her now snow numbed hand and then to Jackson with a pleading look. She's clearly confused and scared, no matter what Nadya says. she'll slowly raise her left hand to take the wand . As she does this, she'll glance back at the carving, "I..I think the wand knows what that is…It's something that was stopped, but not destroyed." Her whole jaw starts to tremble, "I couldn't tell if my mother was…stopping it or..or helping…"She'll look down, not wanting to finish the statement.

In that one moment, as Gabrielle takes the wand from him, the indomitable Jackson Jacob Potter, Junior seems defeated. He simply shakes his head again, turning from the results of the divination to begin walking away from the gypsy caravan. He glances down towards the box he left there before, considering it for a long moment and then finally shrugging his shoulders. Continuing his walk down the street, Jackson begins to fade from view.

"I think everyone has had far too much excitement," Nadya says softly. "Gabrielle, come inside and I'll make you some hot cocoa. You need to be calm before you can make sense of this. Then we will go see your patroness. I believe she will have some answers for you."

Ophelia blinks as Jackson just leaves. With a small frown, she nods to Nadya in agreement, and steps forward to offer her the notebook and pencil. "Here, ah… its the best I can probably do. I hope it helps." Once the woman has the items back she steps away again, offering Gabrielle the most encouraging smile she can.

Gabrielle watches Jackson walk away, with a pretty pitiful look on her face. She'll swing he head around to look at Nadya, but won't really say anything either way. She has her right arm clutched to her chest again. she'll meet Oph's eyes, but there's just confusion and hurt her in her's.

Conall keeps supporting Gabby and watches Jackson with a raised brow as he leaves. Though not sure what to do for now. He will help Gabby to get inside though, if she needs help. Glancing towards Ophelia though. At least one thing was positive for Conall out of this, he's forgotten his own troubles for the time being. Looking between all and really not sure what to do.

Nadya is already heading for the caravan, expecting Gabrielle to follow. She pauses as she nears, peering curiously at one of the wagon wheels. She crouches and lifts something from behind the wheel. It's a box, which she opens, blinking curiously at the contents. "Gabrielle…I suspect this is for you."

Ophelia gestures for Conall to join her, once Gabrielle has been settled in the wagon. "Come on. I need to see if I can catch Wandmaker Hawthorne before I go back to the castle. Will you walk with me?" Assuming Nadya would rather talk to Gabrielle privately (and that Gabby will be wanting the same), she turns to head back up the road, pausing to see if Conall will follow.

Gabrielle goes with Nadya, cause , what else can she do. She'll stop to look at what Nadya is showing her and tears just start pouring down her face. The damn has broken. She's done. Over. Leaky faced. She'll hug her right arm closer to herself and follow Nadya inside.

After helping Gabrielle, Conall does turn towards Ophelia and nods. Moving over towards her. "That might be good." He says and moves to follow Ophelia but only after making sure that Gabrielle is fine and does wish to talk in private. Then heading for Ophelia. Not sure what else to do.

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