(1938-02-02) The Resistance
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Summary: Eibhlin has an encounter with Deven… and it doesn't go very well.
Date: Feb 02, 1938
Location: Hogsmeade
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It's early on Saturday, well into the Hogsmeade weekend. A steady trail of students makes their way along the streets, going this way and that. From the direction of the Campus path meanders one Eibhlin Shine. The lack of snowfall enables her to be less bundled up than usual. She still wears a winter robe over the wool skirt and blouse she wears, but the only winter accessory she wears is a scarf. The girl's long, red hair is left free and it falls behind her, rippling in the rare wind. She's walking at a slow pace, seeming to more be taking things in than actually heading anywhere in particular.

Deven is walking along, in a brisk pace. He is dressed in black slim fitting pants, and he is wearing a heavy coat. His hair is styled as it always is. He seems lost in his own thoughts, as is apparent, when he walks right into Eibhlin, and pulling himself, and her with him, to ground.

Being as unathletic as she is, Eibhlin has no chance. She's unable to move swiftly or react quickly to larger, oncoming students. "Wat-" Not even a full word escapes her lips before Deven barrels into it and she's crashing to the ground with a grunt upon impact, air knocked out of her.

Deven lands plop on her, and he quickly stands up, and his hand goes out toward the girl. " Im so sorry. I was minding my own business, and well, knocked into you." Deven is smiling that charm of his, and his brilliant white teeth come to show.

There's a bit of a cough as air floods back into lungs and Eibhlin starts trying to right herself. She blinks a few times, his hand coming into focus. There's a brief hesitation before the Ravenclaw accepts the assistance to her feet. Once properly upright, she sets to arranging her clothes. "Might not want to make a habit of that," she offers, in lightly accented Irish, glancing up from brushing dirt and grit from her winter robe.

Deven helps the girl up, pulls his wand out, and mutters something. " Scourgify." He says, and her clothes are all suddenly spotless. He then puts his wand back in his pocket. " Sorry once more."

Eibhlin appears to be content enough with the results. Hands raise to finger-comb through red hair, smoothing the long locks out. Half falls to either side over her shoulders by the time she's done. "Apology accepted," she offers, lips curving faintly at the corners in mild amusement. "Might I ask what has you so distracted as to barrel into unsuspecting students?"

" The general gist, School, and Women." He smiles, and then looks at the girl, " We should head off somewhere a bit warmer, wouldn't you agree?" Deven asks. Moving a bit nearer to her.

"I find it helps my attention to take things one at a time," Eibhlin offers, slim shoulders rising and falling in a shrug. She glances up to Deven, watching as he steps closer. Pale eyes holding a thoughtful gaze. "I was still debating where to go first, today. I have a few purchases in mind to make."

" One at a time takes to long though, who has the time?" Deven responds, " I will go with you then, at least to keep you company for our little bump in." Deven smiles at the Girl, and waves in a theatric gesture, fit for a Shakespearian play, " Lead the way."

"Time management is a valuable skill," Eibhlin points out, but seems well-enough inclined to leave that particular subject be. There's a raised eyebrow at the gesture, but she seems amused enough. For the moment. She starts off at a steady pace, tucking hands into sleeves of her robes to ward them against the cold. "You did not by chance spot how busy the candy shop is today, did you?"

Deven follows suit, walking along the girl's side, close, uncomfortably close, some would say. " I dont go to the Candy shop." He says, and points at his belly, " Got to stay fit, for Quidditch, and the Ladies of course." He grins that grin of his, " Im an actor you know. Been in the Arts club for 3 years."

There's a sidelong glance at Deven and the Ravenclaw seems to try to angle her path to give a wider berth. Perhaps assuming he's just not paying attention again. "A few candies won't ruin your…." She seems to search for the word. "Physique." There's a small nod at the latter, "I believe I've seen you on the rosters. There's been attempts to get me to join the club, but… I do not think a writer is quite the right fit."

" True, but once I get going, I will eat more than a few." Deven says with a smile, and he gets the message and moves a bit further away from her as they walk down the cobbled road. " Writing is a bit different I must say. Looking for a daily prophet job?"

"So what you're telling me," Eibhlin says, with mildly contained amusement, "is that you lack self-control?" She keeps her pace once there's room again, seeming satisfied enough for now. "Ah, no. I've considered an internship and I believe I'd be good at it, but I don't wish to be tied to a desk in Diagon Alley like that. Perhaps as a travel writer, if I don't take to novels or poetry instead."

" I do lack self control. Especially around beautiful ladies." Deven says, a playful grin apparent on his face. " Ah. When I was a child, I lived in India for a few years. Travelling is a very nice thing to do. YOu can experience so much."

There's a glance over to Deven, steps halting slightly. Perhaps dissecting what Deven is saying. "India? What is it like there? I've read up on it, but… I've not been outside of the United Kingdom, unfortunately." There's no room in the small farm's budget for Eibhlin to travel. She's comfortable, but only barely.

" Its beautiful. The Culture is very different though. I must say, at start there's some culture shock." He says, as they move down onto the Crook Road. " Very nice People Indians. Im sure they will help in the battle against Grindy."

"Different, despite England's influence?" Eibhlin seems a bit surprised at that. Perhaps having expected instead the utter takeover of all traditions, as was done to her home country. The redhead casts a sudden glance to Deven. "…Do you mean Grindlewald?" Perhaps taken aback by the nickname used for the wizard.

" Yes. The Influence is apparent, but its still a totally different thing." Deven responds. " Yeah, Grindelwald. Grindy does sound a lot friendlier doesn't it?" Deven smiles. And his arm moves out, and interlocks with hers. A brash move? Yes, but will it pay off?"

"Interesting. Perhaps I'll be able to visit someday…" Being sixteen now, Eibhlin's future is largely in her hands. Provided she can get the money. "Grindy sounds… overly familiar. For all he's been stirring up trouble, he is still a great Wizard. It'd… be like calling Professor Dumbledore 'Dumble' or similar." Eibhlin gives a small shudder at the thought. She halts as he puts his arm through hers, blinking at the Gryffindor. "I'm sorry?" Perhaps giving the opportunity for him to explain.

Gabrielle , still being a delivery girl more than anything else, has a small envelope to go to the three Broomsticks. She'll slow as she sees the two in the street, not sure what to make of it, especially with what she just figured out. Cue internal war.

Deven smiles, " Lets hope you will." He walks on, " Dumbly. Not a bad nickname, not bad at all." Deven shrugs as she asks for an explanation, " Feel't like the right thing to do." Deven says, and walks on, arms interlocked.

There's an attempt to extract her arm. Not forcefully, mind- Eibhlin likely couldn't be physically forceful even if she tried. "I really don't think you want to call Professor Dumbledore by any sort of nickname."

Internal stuggle…to help or not…ugh…A comprimise! Gabby will come bounding up, and give Evie a smile, "Oh Evie!There you are! I have to deliver this, but I know you wanted to go over our Arithmancy notes, so I have those back at the shop. If you'd want to come with me, I can get them for you!" She'll nod to Deven but not say anything.

Deven lets her arm go, shrugging his shoulders, You win some you lose some. Especially when your as cocky as Deven is. " Dumbledore is a man you don't want to mess with, thats for sure. But to us Gryffindor's he sure is helpful." Deven says, still smiling, but once Gabby comes it turns sour. " Why don't you go fetch the notes, and then bring them back here."

Eibhlin rubs at her arm slightly once it's released. She's left looking rather awkward where she stands and perhaps a little out of place. Confusion greets Gabrielle initially, but it fades into another expression. A bit of understanding and even some appreciation. "I was going to pick up a few things, but if you've got the time after this delivery-" she pauses to stare sidelong at Deven.

Gabrielle 's jaw clenches slightly at the "fetch" comment from Deven, but she'll smile again at Evie, " I do. It's your call. I can try to get you later in the common room…but I'm awful busy this weekend. Or you can come get them now, if you'd like."

Deven glances between the two girls, looking along, not saying anything.

"I've that essay still to write, so sooner is better than later." Especially with the Astronomy essay still looming. Eibhlin casts a look to Deven, managing a polite smile. "Thank you for the walk, but school work does still call. I'm sure you understand." Her words are careful and guarded.

Gabrielle , knowing this is going to end up biting her, doesn't look at Deven. she'll just nod to Evie and offer "I need to run into the 3 broomsticks first. Would you like to come with? We can talk about the essay some."

" I understand." But his tone and body language tell a completely different story, he walks off, without saying goodbye or waving.

There's a study at Deven's departing form and Eibhlin hugs herself. There's a slight shudder in the cold air. "I owe you one," she admits quietly to Gabrielle.

Gabrielle stands there as well, feeling a weight settling on her. "Just….be careful around him." Once she's sure Deven's out of sight, she'll sigh and turn towards the 3 broomsticks.

"How he…" Eibhlin shakes her head, leaving the rest unsaid. She glances towards the Broomsticks and makes to follow Gabby. A butter beer would be rather good right now.

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