(1938-02-02) There Is No Fury...
Details for There Is No Fury…
Summary: Morgana has Words for Eibhlin about breaking up with Conall, but it doesn't go as well as she'd hoped.
Date: Feb 02, 1938
Location: Three Broomsticks
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It is only barely afternoon on Saturday and already, the Three Broomsticks is filling up. Not so much as when dinner time rolls along, as most students are still out in the shops or enjoying the lack of snow on this mid-winter day. Eibhlin has been posted up at a table near the back for quite a while now and she's nursing what appears to be her second ale by the empty mug nearby. The one her hands are wrapped around is about half-empty by this point. The redhead is staring forward with unfocused, blank eyes.

Just when Morgana had starting feeling back to normal, like she could go though a whole day of classes with out thinking of the whole 'situation', she had a bomb dropped on her. Her intention after leaving the cafe was not to get drunk, but the allure the burn and the numbness that follows was just too strong to pass up. So she'll slip into the pub and order herself a shot. Just one shot, that's all she is allowing herself, than it's back off to go clear her head. However something catches her eye as she reaches to drain the shot, Eibhlin. For a moment, she stands frozen, with the glass half way to her mouth. Part of her knows she could take her shot, walk out and no one would know the wiser, however, once again something causes her to be bold. The shot is drained and the glass is set back on the bar with a few coins laid out for payment. With that finished she'll come to stand at the end of Evie's table and look down at her. "Shine."

While there's nothing that resembles crying in Eibhlin's countenance, there's a definite strain in her gaze. Her movements are slow, like she's moving through water. Eyes come back into focus and she slowly turns her head towards Morgana. The usually bright blue-green seems dulled today. Lackluster. "Rashley." She can't even bring herself to fully regard the elder Ravenclaw. Instead, she looks back to her drink and lifts it, downing a fair portion.

Morgana's eyes are cold, with most of the blue faded away, leaving just the grey behind. For a moment she is unsure of what to say, than she finally just shakes her head and speaks her mind. "I never had a problem with you." She starts quietly. "You made him happy, I could see that and I was accepting that. But this…" She says gesturing around. "This I cannot forgive."

Eyes waver, becoming watery. Eibhlin closes her eyes tightly to recover somewhat. Trying to regain her composure, or at least keep what threads of it she has intact. Hands tighten around the mug of ale, as if it'll keep her grounded. "I wouldn't expect you to," she says finally, voice breaking.

"Why." Morgana says, still standing and letting her fists ball up at her sides. "Why accept him, put him through all of this, only to cast him right back out?" Morgana may be angry, but her voice is not raised, just a harsh whisper.

Eibhlin stares into her drink. There's a flinch with Morgana's words. Almost as if she'd been hit. Rapidly blinking, the redhead is barely containing her tears. "Because," she says, voice coming out in a rasp. She chokes back something, shifting in her seat. Still trying to contain herself. "Because," she tries again, "I was… I knew… I… I'm not good enough for him. He deserves far, far better than I can be."

Morgana watches as she flinches, but stays impassive, or at least as impassive as she is able to at this moment. There's a tiny voice in the back of her head that says stop, walk away and end this, but she does not. "I could not agree with you more. Maybe one day he will find that girl, I can only hope she brings him far more happiness than you did."

"You don't know how much I agree," Eibhlin says softly, voice cracking as she struggles through the sentence. Chin drops and though hair obscures most of her face as she stares into her beer, it's fairly obvious by the faint shake of her shoulders and the droplets that hit the table's surface that she's crying.

Morgana watches as she sees Evie's shoulders shake and part of her is satisfied, but part of her feels a souring in her stomach. She's not normally this cruel, but seeing how Conall has reacted to this has got her a little riled up. Quietly she rubs her hand over her face and shakes her head. "I.. I don't even know what to say any more Shine. We could have been friends at some point, when all of this blew over but.. not now."

"You would have hated me either way," Eibhlin says in a spare moment. Her voice harsh, now, in the wake of the tears that still fall. She lifts her chin, staring at Morgana. Eyes washed of color, even with the tears that still shine there. A few streak along her cheeks, leaving bright points amongst the freckles. "Whether I hurt him now or later. It was going to happen and I wanted to spare him as much as I could."

"Would I have?" Morgana says, hearing the tone in her voice. "I hated the situation, but how was it your fault that he chose you? I should have hated him, I wanted to hate him and you both, but I couldn't. Everything was just bad timing." Reaching up she'll pinch the bridge nose and close her eyes. "How noble of you." She replies quietly.

Eibhlin lifts an arm, scrubbing at her eyes with her hand. It doesn't stop the flow of tears. It just moves them around and brings out more red in her eyes. "What do you want of me?" she asks finally, hand falling back to her drink. Clutching at the mug to halt the shaking.

"What do I want?" Morgana comments and thinks about that for a moment. Several things come to mind and one or two of them are not pleasant, however after a moment she settles in on her thought. "I want you, to never hurt him like that again." She finally says, figuring that it's a simple enough request.

"As I'm sure he'll never want anything to do with me again," Eibhlin says, clutching at her mug. Dealing with that. Or trying to, at least. She knows what she's done. She knows the fallout of what she's done. She knows what is like to come. "I don't see that being a problem."

"Very well, than I suppose I have nothing more to say to you then." Morgana says curtly as she puts her hands into her cloak pockets and shakes her head. "You have a good afternoon, Shine." She says, however there is no polite tone in her voice, and it's almost as if she is trying to convey her ire through politeness. She'll take a few steps back, still not feeling any better than she did when she walked to the pub but the damage has already been done.

There's no attempt from Eibhlin to get in a last word. Or even a last look. She merely dips her head in a small nod and lets Morgana depart. As the older Ravenclaw walks away, Evie downs the rest of her ale, shoving the mug aside.

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