(1938-02-03) Curtain Closed, Act Over
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Summary: Donovan takes matters into his own hands with Deven…
Date: Sun Feb 3, 1938
Location: Hogsmeade
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It's the Sunday afternoon of Hogsmeade weekend, It's cold, but clear. Donovan is walking down the street with a determined stride, he looks at every student as he passes, clearly he is looking for someone. The cold anger in the massive Gryffindor Fifth year's eyes warns most of the students away.

Beneath a big green tree, Deven lies. He seems to be sleeping, and is spread out like a eagle. He is dressed in a warm blue coat, and black trousers.

Having arrived not too long ago Conall has run into Morgana not long ago. A small smile as they have been greeting and having some small talk. Though Conall is still pulled back inside of his shell a bit and keeping his distance, "Where did you say that you were heading?" He asks before catching sight of Donovan and let his eyes follow him, smile perhaps dropping a little.

Morgana was just idly shopping when she ran into Conall, and she is doing her best to give him a bit of space, but again they keep running into each other. "Me? Oh I was just going to fetch some chocolate before we locked into the tower again." Morgana says casually, but her eyes turn to Donovan as he seems to be on a mission, and her brow raises just a touch.

Finally, his eyes light on the sleeping form of Deven and the cold rage in Donovan's eyes takes solid form. The students that block his way move hastily away from him. Looking for the wand he knows is somewhere within Deven's reach he looms over the boy's 'sleeping' form. "Lewis." He says curtly, his hands on his hands held at his side, ready to move at a moments notice.

Eibhlin is not here, but there. And by there we mean Scrivenshaft Quills. When Donovan said he had something to tend to, she had him give her a list of any supplies he may need for the next couple of weeks and went off to tend to some shopping of her own. She's blissfully ignorant right now of what's happening further down the street, exchanging coin and waiting for her purchases to be wrapped up.

Deven blinks, at he hears his name. " Oh how nice of you to pass by. Could you move though? Your blocking my sun." Deven says, clearly not intimidated, or not letting it show.

Donovan glowers down at the sixth year, "Get up you prat, you and I are going to have some words. You've assaulted two girls, drawn a wand on a firstie and done a number of other sins I'm sure I haven't heard about. You will stand and be measured or, as God is my witness I will beat you senseless prone."

Deven stays lying, and looks up at the boy. " Interesting, Interesting. You see, if your taking God as your witness, Violence is never the answer. I know your illiterate though, but if you ever do learn to read, read the bible." Deven sneers, and slowly stands up.

Out from the shop, a glance into the mid-day winter sun. Or at least its general direction under grey, hazy skies. Eibhlin is in good spirits. Far better than she had been the previous night. Things are, by and large, improving. Or at least the first steps have been taken to such. She's not overly laden with winter clothing: just her heavy robes. Satchel bumps against hip and she tucks hands within the robes as best she can while holding the bag with purchases from the quill shop. Off down the street, heading towards the Broomsticks. Intent upon locating Donovan before she goes to the candy shop…

A brow is raised and his attention drifs, focusing on the two boy with furrowed brows. Looking to Morgana and just gesturing for her to follow. To get closer to Don and Dev, missing Evie for now it would seem. "What's going on?" Conall calls out as he comes nearer, perhaps having seen Donovan's appearance.

Morgana furrows her brows as she hears bits and pieces of the exchange between the two boys. When Conall mentions her to follow she nods her head, falling into step behind him and moving closer. Conall's already asked the question on her mind, so for now she just watches.

"Oh, I know my bible. For thus saith the LORD, Execute ye Judgement and Righteousness, and deliver the spoiled out of the hand of the oppressor." Donovan quotes Jeremiah even as his fist descends into Deven's face, it's a fast fist, perhaps too fast to do much more than bloody Deven's nose. "That is for Cillian." He says through clenched jaw.

Conall blinks at the hit. "Wha-" Though hearing Don's words. Frowning a bit at the words though and moving closer. It does get him a bit upset with Deven but it wouldn't be enough for Conall to anger, especially since it seemed that Dev had gotten his earlier already. "He deserved that, but it is enough." He tells him and is moving to try and get a hold of Don's shoulder. Not sure what is going on yet. Other than the Cillian thing.

Mid-day, Sunday. The skies are relatively clear for winter and the air is crisp. The sun is actually shining, though the earth is not warmed. Students mill the streets, socializing and spending their mad money as swiftly as possible. Nearby the Three Broomsticks, however, a crowd is forming. Loosely circling a tree and beneath that tree, two Gryffindors are squaring off. Donovan and Deven.

Down the street is heading Eibhlin still. Blissfully ignorant yet, for the most part. The crowd, however, catches her attention and she begins to make her way towards it. Her pace quickens as she hears Donovan's voice and the biblical quote he puts forth. There's enough of a press that she won't make it through just yet.

Deven stumbles back a bit, as he gets hit right in the nose. He looks at Donovan, his usually relaxed look changing into one of anger. He swings with his left hand, towards Donovan's Head. But he slips on a rock, and so the punch never makes it anywhere near Donovan.

Ducking under Devin's clumsy swing Donovan launches his own toward the shorter boy. However Conall reaching for his arm sends his blow wide he shakes Conall off. He risks a quick glance behind him to see who it was that interrupted his swing, "Leave it Quinn, this is a house matter." His eyes return quickly to Deven planning his next punch, the distraction giving Deven time to recover.

When Conall goes forward to get into the frey, Morgana takes a few steps forward herself but stays far enough back to not get hit. "Conall…" She warns, not wanting him to get hit in the process of all this Chaos.

Claire has a nose for a fight. She's spent most of the weekend in the Ravenclaw common room, doing real school work for once, not just pretending or pursuing her own interests. But an eternal need for more quills has drawn her down to the village and upon exiting Scrivenshaft's is greeting with the beginnings of a rumble. Claire doesn't have to get to the front of the circle to see, observing from the back. "Gryffindors," she mutters. Typical. "What are you, muggles? Just hex him!"

Deven has some time , as Donovan is distracted by Conall, he pulls out his wand. " Leave now." He says, " Or else I'l have to it." He says, nodding towards his wand.

Having accompanied Claire to the quill shop, Ivy is taken aback at the crowd upon exiting. "Is that… Lewis and Gallagher?" she asks, trying to see through the crowd and only really guessing by their voices.

A frown still showed on Conall's face. "Oh? I heard what he did but he also got paid back." He tells him and does pull his own wand. "So explain to me before I need to get a stop to this." He says and looking towards the both of them.

Cursing in at least two different languages erupts from the midst of those gathered and Eibhlin is stumbling over her feet a bit once she finally makes it through the crowd. She gathers herself up in time to see Deven pulling his wand on Donovan. Her already pale features drain of further color and her bag from Scrivenshaft drops as she reaches for her own wand with a shaking hand. Mouth opens to protest, but throat has gone dry.

First fists, now wands, and Morgana takes another step back. "Woah, hold on." She says keeping her wand where it is, but at least putting her hand on it in her pocket. "There is no need for this all to come down to hexing and cursing."

Donovan's temporary distraction by Conall is no where near long enough for Deven to threaten him adequately with his wand. His hands dart out, gripping Deven's wrist with one and squeezing it long enough for his other hand to pry the wand from Deven's hand. He then twists, throwing the wand over the heads of the crowd. "No magic." He sneers at the older boy.

"Mmhm, now Shine's all tangled up in it too," Claire narrates to Ivy. "Wands have now been drawn." Claire considers this an improvement. An arm snaps up to snag the thrown wand out of the air, reaching over the head of her neighbor. "Or perhaps not," she says, overflowing with amusement, waggling Deven's wand between her fingers.

Seeing them go at it again makes him lift his wand while neither is ready. Casting silently to at first just try to create a loud booming sound to try and get their attention. A simple thing so should not be needed too much. "Stop and explain!" For once in a long time he does raise his voice loudly.

Deven looks at where his wand has fallen, " Mind giving that back Claire?" Deven asks, before stepping a step away from Donovan, so that if he attacks, he'l have time to react.

"Am I a terrible person for hoping Gallagher knocks Lewis's teeth out?" Ivy asks of Claire. She casts a sidelong, slightly apologetic look at the redhead. "Lewis claims to be such an expert at Charms, let's see him defend himself without a wand."

Wand still clutched in hand like a lifeline, Eibhlin's mind races. Dissecting the situation. Seeking out who is where and doing what. She opens her mouth to speak, but Conall is shouting and it seems, for the first time, she notices the Hufflepuff Prefect is present. That's when she uses her usual go-to language for swearing: Welsh. It's a rather colorful one, too. The words tumble from her lips in a rush. She does not cast anything, mind, but her wand remains up just in case.

"Did you hear what Julian did to him? It was the most perfect thing I have ever seen," Claire says in an undertone to Ivy. Lifting her voice so everyone can hear, she says, "I believe /Gallagher/ is setting the rules for this duel," with just a hint of reproach at being addressed so familiarly.

The boom behind Donovan doesn't distract the taller Gryffindor at all. As Deven takes a step back he stumbles and it's then that Don's kick catches him in the face. The fifth year having spun around as Deven makes the distance. The kick is solid, solid enough to knock the lights out of the Sixth year as Donovan lands he leans over the now prone body and spits, "And that is for Coch and Gabby." He growls out at Deven's unconscious form. "Next time you so much as touch a girl who doesn't want it, I will break your hand off." Apparently it hasn't registered in Don's head that Deven is out cold.

Deven sure is out cold, he lies under the tree, and doesn't move one inch.

Of course, Julian had been on his way to the Public Lakeshore when he had heard yells from villagers and other students alike of a fight breaking out in the street. Tucking a copy of Faust away in his trenchcoat for the sake of safekeeping, and rounding a corner, Julian is faced with the fight in progress. Coming in at a point where he's flanking Claire, Julian reaches again into his trench coat, wand drawn and tipping his fedora up with a free hand. "Bluddy Hell!" His eyes are wide at the scene, especially at the fact there is a very out-cold Deven on the ground.

"Of course I heard. I wish I could have seen it." Ivy's convinced that's what makes this so satisfying, being a spectator.

"Don, it's enough!" About to cast something else as Conall catches Don's words. "What?" He says, knowing that he was a flirt. But that sounded like way worse than just flirting. "What..?" Moving towards Donavan is he seems to have stopped. Wand put away before moving to grab his arm. Trying to get answers as he stares at Donavan, "Tell me exactly what he did." He says, and stares. Sounding still a bit upset but not like he regret not stopping Donovan compared to moments ago.

The boom startles Morgana, but she remains where she is, and as Deven falls her eyes go a bit wide. She curses under her breath. Although hearing what Deven has done does cause her to frown wanting to know more as well. She opens her mouth to make a suggestion, but thinks better of it.

Eibhlin rocks back on her heels to simply stare as Donovan delivers the knock-out to Deven. Her features are unreadable, for the most part, but her pale eyes are settled firmly upon the Gryffindor — the one still standing — more than anyone else. Hands move, as if through molasses, and she tucks her wand away.

There's only so much commotion one can ignore before having to go look. Gabby will step out of Madame Lunaris's, nervously pullig her right arm to her chest. She'll frown, having come out after the final blow. She be quiet, trying to piece together what's happening.

Claire turns her head just enough to see Julian out of the corner of her eye. "Poor boy does attract a lot of damage to his face," she says wryly. Deven's wand is held in her right hand.

"… I'll say." Julian actually reaches up to take his fedora off, staring at the scene before him. "Bluddy… bollocks," he whispers quietly. However, he can't help himself: there's a grim sort of look of satisfaction on his face. It wasn't he that did it… but it was only so long before it was likely to happen. He begins to look around… toward Donovan, and he quietly tilts his head a little bit. He nods slowly… and quietly lowers his wand. He then steps close to Claire, nudging her and leaning over to whisper to her, placing his fedora back on his head…

It takes a moment of staring down at Deven's unmoving body for Donovan to realize the fight is over. His chest rises and falls in ragged gasps, the adrenaline in his system is slow to disappear, the blood rage in his eyes banks, a little, enough for him to have a coherent thought aside from raining down God's own wrath on Deven. He turns to Conall and then shakes his head, "He's attacked them. Wouldn't let them go. Sprained Gabby's wrist." His words are clipped, the anger preventing him from being more eloquent than that. He then turns from the prone body and walks over to Eibhlin he'll nod slowly, "Done with your errands already? I just finished mine."

"Poor boy, my…" Ivy finishes the sentence with some unkind words in Russian. "He got what was coming to him," she says, giving a firm nod. She doesn't, however, seem inclined to approach the downed Gryffindor or the one still standing. Noting Julian's presence, she gives a nod, before starting to move away from the scene. "I'm headed back to the castle."

Claire shrugs, and murmurs something back to Julian. She takes a step toward the victorious Gryffindor. "Donovan! I think you won this." She holds out Deven's wand, handle first like she's handing over a blade.

The bag at Eibhlin's feet is ignored for the moment and she reaches hands out towards Donovan. She arrived late into matters, as it were, and her initial concern seems to be for making sure he's alright. A cursory look is given to his face and hands. Her expression remains bare for a moment, eyes clinical in their examination. "Quinn or I will have to report this," she says in a strained voice. The mask is slipping. "Since… since no Gryffindor Prefect was present."

Conall nods to Don's words and puts away his wand. Frowning about the sprained wrist. Leaning in to whisper to Don before looking to Deven and just shaking his head, "Told you to stop." Then he realizes that Evie is there and he looks over, a bit wide eyed before he nods to her and forces a smile and just stands still. "I'll take care of it."

Gabrielle at first starts to shy back into the shop. She does not need this right now. But then stops and frowns when his wand is being handed around.That's…not right either. She'll take a few steps closer, not exactly sure what she's going to do, if anything.

"—I didn't see a -thing,-" Julian simply states, quickly twirling his wand once between his fingers, stowing it away in his trench coat and lightly tipping his fedora toward Conall and Eibhlin both… his eyes actually coming to meet her's for a moment, if she will. And he smiles, nodding again. Then, toward Donovan, he gives the boy an appraising glance… and nods again. "Spot -on,- Gallagher," he states toward him… He waits for Claire to finish handing over the wand, and then he would step back, waiting for her to depart with him.

Deven stirs a bit, his arm goes up, but then falls right down again.

Morgana shakes her head as she hears what is that Deven has done, and she frowns, shaking her head. At this point, she's okay with what Don has done to the boy. Watching Conall and where he is looking she frowns briefly, before she puts a pleasant smile back on her face. "We should go get this reported Conall." She says, trying to give him an out if he wants it.

Donovan glances at Claire and then looks at the wand, he will shake his head, "I don't want anything his filthy hands have touched." He then will turn to glance at Conall and nods his head, "I appreciate that. I'll… tell you later." He answers the whispered question aloud. He'll nod to Julian, "Just what was right." He then forces a smile at Evie, "I'm okay Coch, lets get out of here." He leans down and picks up the bag she's dropped, offering the redhead his arm.

"Agreed, mate." Julian nods, smiling still. As he watches the boy offer his arm toward the Ravenclaw prefect, he steps back, and looks toward Claire. "Let's get goin' before teachers start appearin'," he tells her quietly, looking toward Ivy and nodding toward her for a moment, as if to also offer her a bit of an out.

Deven rolls onto his back, a slight moan echoing around the square.

A flash of irritation crosses Claire's face, she thought it was a rather grand gesture, but she just says, "Suit yourself," and stows the wand in her pocket. Claire steps away with Julian. "Where are you off to? I was on my way back."

Ivy has already turned toward the castle, but she catches Julian's glance, one shoulder lifting in half a shrug. "Castle. I'm still celebrating from yesterday, and I have a new quill to break in." Because her idea of celebrating is to do more homework.

"Thank you," Eibhlin says to Conall, exhaling the breath she wasn't certain she was holding. "You… saw more than I did. I wouldn't be able to confirm Lewis throwing the first punch." Did she just hint that the Hufflepuff lie? It's very possible. She shifts then, eyes glazing past Julian to study him a moment, but her blue-green eyes, tempered by some grey in the wake of the events, settle primarily on Donovan. She nods slightly, placing a hand on his arm. "Let's… find somewhere for you to sit down."

Gabrielle having heard enough, steps forward. She'll drop he right arm, not wanting to make the issue more prominante.She'll ask Claire,softly, " Why do you have his wand?"

Conall nods to Donovan and then studying Evie as he seems to notice something. Furrowing brows but then nodding as they are to leave before moving a bit. Looking to Claire. "I think the wand should go to Deven, or to a prefessor to handle for now." Until it is talked through and made sure that Deven won't retaliate. Gesturing to Claire. "I'll head back and report this. Deven, your wand will be with a professor. Perhaps even the headmaster." He shrugs, not even turning to look at him. Only hearing movements.

"Ah… let's call it a meeting of minds." Julian's words are chosen carefully as he turns away with the unkindness of fellow Ravenclaws, and he quietly pulls out a book - Goethe's Faust - from his trenchcoat. He waggles it lightly as he walks with the two girls… primarilly just wanting to get down the street with them, away from the scene. He seems to be a little more upbeat now, for whatever reason… he'd split from them not too long after, a light parting gesture given. "I'll see you guys back at the castle." And so, he detours around the trainwreck… toward the beachfront.

"A wizard should take better care of his effects," Claire says offhandedly to Gabrielle's question, waving to Julian as he leaves. "Yes, sir, Quinn, in fact that's just where I'm taking it. It's safer with his head of house, I should think. He's been known to draw it… inappropriately." Claire's tone is technically poliete, and she makes a show of searching for just the right word.

With a nod to Evie Donovan leads the girl away from the Three Broomsticks and the fight, his breathing seems a little more steady but he doesn't glance back, he has no regrets about his actions on the street.

Gabrielle nods, as long as it's going somewhere proper . she'll step back some, not wanting to be in the center of attention. she will glance to see if Conall's ok though, with the display that just happened.

Deven stands up, and manages to stay standing for 2 seconds, before falling back to ground.

At mention of Deven's inappropriate wand use, Ivy sniffs disdainfully, but doesn't have further comment. For once, she's not particularly eager to see Dumbledore, either, so instead of accompanying Claire, she takes the scenic route back to the castle.

Morgana quietly watches the exchange between everyone who is there, and when she sees that Deven is at least stirring she'll slowly start to back away, and pull her hood up and over her hair again. "I"ll uh.. be around if you need me Conall." She says quietly. "We can meet in the club room later if you still want to play music this weekend."

"That was foolish. Stubborn. Rash. You could have been hurt." Eibhlin is explaining all the reasons why what Donovan did was a terrible idea as they walk off, her voice fading as it lowers and they make their way down the street.

Conall nods to Claire, "Good. I will come along to report this all anyhow." He says and shrugs. Looking towards Evie and Donovan as they continue on before he is preparing to move with Claire. Finally looking over to Dev. "Get up and drag your self to see your head of house once you are good enough." He tells him in a stern voice before he will make sure that Claire is ready to leave before leaving as well.

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