(1938-02-04) Harsh Discipline
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Summary: In the wake of their fight in Hogsmeade, Deven and Donovan are summoned to the Headmaster's office to face repercussions for their behaviour.
Date: February 4, 1938
Location: Headmaster's Office
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Headmaster's Office, Hogwarts Castle

This three tiered tower houses the Headmaster's Office and living quarters. The headmaster's office itself is a large circular room lined with solid mahogany bookshelves crammed to bursting with books and scrolls and interrupted from time to time by one of the many windows that give light to the office. The only break in the books that does not contain a window is created by a fancily carved niche in which rests a battered old leather hat with a floppy brim, its folds and crevices bearing a suspicious resemblance to a scowling face.

Two flights of stairs, one running along each side wall, meet at an unseen point in the middle which leads to the tower's living quarters. The stairs' landing is hidden behind a wide expanse of wall defined by a triple set of Doric columns on each side that meet in a peaked decorative arch. On this wall reside the portraits of past headmistresses and headmasters of Hogwarts with the biggest portrait of them all belonging to the immediate predecessor of the current Head and always occupying a place of honor right above the office's throne-like chair. In front of the portraits' wall lives a large gothic desk carved out of mahogany to match the shelves on the walls and always crammed with paperwork.

Monday afternoon. At the end of their final class of the day, Deven and Donovan were greeted at the door by the Hogwarts Caretaker, the fearsome Mr. Pringle. He had that look in his eye, like a wolf that has cornered its prey. "Follow me," is all he said, and he guided them to a place rarely seen by students: the Headmaster's Office.

Stepping into the office, the boys find themselves under the examining gazes of countless Headmasters and Headmistresses, watching curiously from their portraits on the walls. Rising from a chair is Professor Dumbledore, head of Gryffindor house. Across from him, still seated, is Headmaster Dippet, his fingers steepled and a stern stare leveled at the students.

"Come in, boys," says Dumbledore, gesturing to a pair of chairs on either side of him. "Sit down."

Deven knew this was coming, and was not surprised when he was summoned. He was surprised though, when instead of just his Head of House, the Headmaster was sitting there! He takes his seat. He is dressed in his Hogwarts robes, and his hair is done up as it always is, the only difference from his usual appearance is the bandage on his nose.

Donovan seems, almost serene about the whole thing, he nods to Pringle as he tells them to follow him. He doesn't even look over at the other boy the entire trip to the headmaster's office. He does pause when they get to the door and he sees both the head of house and headmaster there though. He pulls his tie a little more firmly in the direction it is supposed to be and then takes his seat as well. "Good evening Headmaster, Professor."

Mr. Pringle takes a post standing by the door, shoulders set as if ready to pounce.

The Headmaster gestures to Dumbledore, and the Transfiguration Professor turns to address the boys, still standing. "I'm sure you two know why you are here. I hope that you realize how serious this matter is. I was given first-hand testimony by a Prefect about the incident. Moreover, I am given to understand that there were other events that may have served as the spark to this fire." He looks over each boy discerningly. "Mr. Lewis, I'll hear from you first."

" Well Sir. I was laying beneath a tree, minding my own business, when this crude little boy attacked me with his fists. What was I to do but defend myself?" Deven responds, looking straight into the Professor's eyes. " He claims that I broke Gabrielle's wrist, that I attacked her, but that's a lie! All I did was fall on to her and it accidentally broke!"

Donovan glances over at Deven as he makes his, 'defense' and snorts. A shake of his head and he turns his gaze back to his hands, running them over his trousers in an attempt to insure that none of the anger he felt this weekend boils up again.

Dumbledore glances to Dippet, who shakes his head. Professor Dumbledore continues, "We've heard this rumour, but Miss Evans never checked into the hospital wing for a broken wrist. I should very much like to hear someone explain how she has managed to perform all this time with a broken wrist."

Deven looks at Donovan. " Let him explain, I know naught of this."

"I never claimed he broke her wrist. She sprained her wrist." Donovan says with a shrug, "And Gabby's had issues with her wrist for a long time, I imagine she just… pushed through it."

"Actually you did. You Said, you assaulted two girls, now you'll pay. Forgetting your own words? Are you a idiot, or just forgetting some facts on purpose?" Deven quickly responds.

Headmaster Dippet taps his desk lightly with his wand, which causes a deafening CRACK, as if an enormous gavel just struck a plate. "You were not brought here to speak to one another. You will address only Professor Dumbledore and myself."

"No, I'm being accurate." Donovan says before Headmaster Dippet makes his statement he closes his mouth and goes back to watching his hands.

Dumbledore clasps his hands behind his back, maintaining a neutral, calm expression. "Mr. Gallagher, it's your turn. Explain what happened."

"A fortnight ago, Lewis made unwanted advances on Evans, In the process of doing so she pushed away from him and he fell on top of her, spraining her wrist." Donovan looks up for a moment, "That is one of the three reasons I had words with Deven."

" I know im not supposed to speak, but he is blatantly lying! I fell on her because it was icy, give me truth serum if you don't believe me!" Deven says, enraged at these accusations, his face reddening

Headmaster Dippet interjects, rapping his wand for the Gavel Charm a second time. "Silence, Mr. Lewis!" Calming immediately, he looks to Donovan. "I should also like to know what these other two reasons are. It seems you had quite a list of grievances you wished to settle."

Dumbledore quietly adds, "You will have your chance to refute his claims, Mr. Lewis. Keeping a calm head will serve you better than outbursts."

Donovan sends a glance of contempt at Deven as he accuses the larger Gryffindor of lying. "The habit of making unwanted and often violent advances on girls at school is quite well known. I know for a fact he did it to several other students, I would prefer not to name them as I think their humiliation at his hands already punishment enough before adding further insult to them by questioning them about it." He pauses, "And he drew a wand on Cillian with the intent to scare the first year at the very least, although from what I've heard of the event… his intent was more malign that that."

Dumbledore shifts his gaze to Deven, showing no sign of displeasure. He is simply inquisitive. "Mr. Lewis? Your commentary on these accusations?"

"I talk and flirt with women, indeed. But I have done nothing physical. As to the little first year, he was annoying me, so I pulled out a wand to scare him off. What is so bad about that? Nothing in my opinion. Not near as bad as beating up a fellow housemate." Deven sneers the last part towards Donovan, but then looks back at the two Professors.

Headmaster Dippet frowns, causing his face to take on a fairly menacing countenance. "You wield a tool that can conjure fire, wipe the mind clean of memory, and sever stone like cheese…and you think that drawing it against an eleven year old boy is 'nothing'? Albus, what have you been teaching this young man for the last five and a half years?"

"I know of, at least, two girls that complained of unwanted, and painful contact, I believe there are more I do not know about." Donovan adds, as Lewis dismisses that particular charge. However he'll allow Dippet and Dumbledore to deal with the wands against first years accusation.

"Does lying come natural to you, or is it a skill you learnt?" Deven answers, before turning to Dippet. " Professor, I clearly did the wrong thing, but clearly such a punishment is way out of line? Especially administered by him." His hand waves at Donovan.

Dippet frowns at Deven. "Mr. Gallagher will be dealt with. But it seems you have a great deal to learn about respecting the power of a wand. Perhaps Mr. Pringle can show you exactly what a wand is capable of 'accidentally' doing."

Pringle lifts his chin with a wolfish smile. "I'd be glad to, Headmaster."

Dumbledore's brow creases, and he turns to face Dippet. "Armando, be reasonable. The boy is out of line, but this is extreme. He needs guidance. I'll personally take care-…"

But Dumbledore is cut off by a sharp wave of Dippet's hand. "You have had many years to instill discipline in this boy, Albus. A new tactic is required."

As Deven accuses him, yet again of lying Donovan's hands clench in a fist. His reputation for telling the truth is quite well known. His lips press into a thin line and his fists unclench, he sits up straight in his chair and ignores Deven.

Deven squirms as it seems he is getting all the negative attention, instead of the the boy who broke the rules!

"As for you Mr. Gallagher," Dippet continues, "It is not for students to take justice into their own hands. You will also serve detention in the dungeon. Also, seeing as you apparently cannot use the freedom of a Hogsmeade Weekend wisely, your Hogsmeade privileges are revoked for the remainder of the school year."

Donovan frowns as the sentence is delivered. He merely nods, his teeth clenched. His hands pressed flat against his pant legs to prevent them from forming into fists no doubt.

Deven looks at Donovan, and then looks at Mr Pringe. He shudders a bit, and falls back in his seat, but does not utter a word, perhaps scared.

Dumbledore turns to face the boys, sighs sadly. "I'm disappointed, boys. Godric Gryffindor stood for bravery, not bravado. Boldness, not bullying. Now you must face your punishment with another of his virtues: courage. But I am sure that the punishment will fit the crime." He lifts his gaze above their heads, looking back to Mr. Pringle. The Caretaker stiffens for a moment, and were anyone else looking, they might see him swallow silently. "Go now with Mr. Pringle. Headmaster, I would like a word in private, if I may."

Dippet simply nods assent, while Pringle steps forward to beckon the boys along, sidelining his usual rough grab of a collar or sleeve.

Donovan glances at Pringle, he may still be only 15 but he is large, large enough that he is physically more imposing than the caretaker. He will nod to the two professors before he leaves, "Thank you." Before exiting the room.

Deven is more of a pretty boy then a physically intimidating guy. He stands up and swallows, and follows the man and the fellow student. He turns before he exits the doorway, " Thanks Professors." Before heading out of the Office all together.

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