(1938-02-06) How To Train Your Ravenclaw
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Summary: Gabrielle comes to Lucian to apologize for missing his lessons, and try to explain what's been happening to her.
Date: February 6, 1938
Location: Club Room
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The Dueling Club has been meeting more often. With another dueling tournament going on, club members are making a point of brushing up on their skills. Naturally, Lucian Proudmore attends every meeting he can, offering what coaching and counsel he can. More than anything, he tries to hammer into every duelist's mind the notion that dueling in an honourable art, and deserving of the utmost respect. "There is strength to be gained from honour," Lucian explains to a Second Year as he walks her out of the club room. "When you know that what you are doing is right, you can act without hesitation or doubt. That can make all the different in a duel." The younger student nods and hurries along to get ready before dinner. Lucian takes his time, however, seeing all of the other students out like watchful lion tending his pride.

Gabby stands off to the side, not wanting to interfere, although she's listening. There's a small sad smile on her face while he talks to the 2nd year. She'll wait till almost all the students have gone to step forward. She's not been hiding per say… In a soft, almost timid voice, "Hey Lucian, do you have a second?"

Lucian turns at the sound of his name. The sight of Gabrielle causes his crow to crinkle, but a frown doesn't quite reach his face. "I hope this is good," he says flatly.

Gabby takes a deep breathe, "Yeah…I…I'm sorry I miss our lesson. some..personal things came up.."She's looking rather nervous, but for the first time, it's the palm of her right hand she's fussing with instead of her sleeve.

"Lessons, plural." Lucian corrects her. "Or did you show up after the first one? I wouldn't know." Now the frown comes. He's displeased. "I told you I wouldn't waste my time if you weren't serious. You always have personal things coming up. Doesn't matter. You either want this or you don't."

Gabby looks upwards some, and can't keep a bit of the bitterness out of her voice when she responds, "This was a little bit out of my control, Lucian." She'll take a deep breathe, "Look, I came to apologize…if you don't want it, just say so, and I'll leave."

Lucian sets his jaw, staring hard at her. "You know what I want? I want someone in the world to actually mean what they say. I want someone who will follow through, and give a damn when I go out of my way to help them. I don't need thanks or apologies. I need someone to show me that what I'm doing matters."

Gabby pulls out the pencil that she's got stuck behind he ear with her left hand. and then will pull her wand out with her right. Lucian's pretty observant, he may notice she has a fairly new scar on the palm of her right hand. It's only about an inch wide, but looks like it was deep. After looking him in the eye for a moment, she'll roll her wand in her hand for a moment, too loosen her wrist,and then she casts. The pencil turns into the Dragon Fly she had been trying for the first time he stumbled in on her. It's stay in her hand for a moment, then take flight.

Lucian crosses his arms, nodding in acknowledgement of her spellcasting. "Well done. But that isn't what I meant. I know you can do the magic. But you made a deal with me, and you broke it. You wasted my time. Give me a good reason why I should bother anymore."

Gabby's clearly getting frustrated, but it's not really at Lucian, "I didn't break my word…something happened beyond my control. Things happen , you know that… I'm sorry that The Fates wasted your time! I wish they hadn't wasted mine either! But I'm stuck now, and I need help. But if you're going to be like this, I'll find someone else for the next month and a half!" Gabby's eyes are flashing, and he can seem unshed tears. She's angry, but it doesn't seem to be directed at him…or even herself(which is odd).

"Fine," Lucian says sharply. "Find someone else that will put up with your attitude." He starts to walk off, but stops and turns back on her. "You know what your problem is, Evans? You talk like you want to be a loner, but you act like you're waiting for everyone to come to you, pleading to know what could possibly be wrong. I'm not one to go chasing after your problems. You either want my help, or you don't. But my help doesn't include guessing games. I think I've earned the right to be exempt from Gabrielle Evans' great mysteries." To punctuate his point, he holds up his left arm, tugging back on the cuff just far enough to show the edge of his scars. With that, he turns sharply to depart, his mouth pinched in frustration.

Something snaps. He's going to use that against her?!? She'll take off after him, "Fine..You want to know?You think you've earn the right?!?!" She'll move to get in front of him, tears are already flowing down her face, but she's moving to roll up her sleeve, right there in the middle of the hallway.

Lucian stops when she gets in his way, putting his hands on his hips. "Yeah, I do," he says firmly. But a hand goes toward hers, not touching, but held out in a staying gesture. "If that's why you didn't show up to the lesson."

Gabby's gotten the sleeve rolled , but there's a weird, gauntlet type cloth wrapped around her forearm. "Gods, it's all connected to this! I can't get away from it if I wanted to!" Her left hand hesitates though, like she's just realized where she's standing.

Lucian shakes his head. "Of course you can't. It's part of who you are." His tone has softened, though it still isn't exactly warm. "Just like me."

Gabby huffs, but it's almost that hysterical huff, "No..it's not like that. It's…"She'll look around, wide eyed, and then motion to the nearest empty room, "Please?" she's got her right arm against her, almost cradling it, unconsciously.

Lucian sighs and pushes into the nearby empty classroom. "Just don't waste my time."

Gabby doesn't even bother rolling her eyes. she just follows him in. And as she's kicking the door closed, she's unraveling the cloth. she's pale, clearly upset. "My wand …my mother's wand has been backfirng on my since I first started using it…I was too dumb…and too young to know that it was, till it was too late.And it's all I had of her..I thought it could be fixed, so I kept quiet…." The cord is gone, adn she's pulling back the cloth. It's burn marks, but not like Lucian's…theses are deliberate…criss crossing all over her arms, different lengths and widths. Covering her entire forearm. There are some fairly new ones, within the year, and others that look older. she'll not look up at him, "Every time I cast…"And she'll swallow…

Lucian watches, arms crossed, his expression neutral. The appearance of her burns does raise an eyebrow as he notes the difference from his own. "So that's why you got a new wand," he observes. "And why you fell behind in your wandwork."

Gabby nods, breathing heavy. "Mabel knows…and she, she said my mother may have been a dark witch…for her wand to do this…So…I. I needed to prove her wrong." She'll look up for the first time, trying to read his face. "I …Saturday , I divined on my mothers wand, to try to understand…To prove Mabel wrong…" Gabby's arm goes to her chest again, and she'll look back down, almost ashamed.

Lucian snorts. "Mabel is a pompous prat. You shouldn't listen to a word she says. Bloody arrogant Gryffindor to the core. So? What did you find out?"

Gabby's lower lip trembles slightly, but she'll blink and , while still not looking at Lucian, will raise her eyes to look in the corner of the room, "That..she may have been? she's was either one, or fighting them…" She'll wrap her other arm around her torso, hugging herself,and softly say,almost to soft to hear, "…and that I"m a seer." Her expression stays neutral…well, as neutral as it can be with tears. She does swallow once though.

Lucian nods along as he listens. It takes him a few moments to realize she's done talking, and a few more to register what she said. "What? A seer? You mean…you have visions and prophecies and such?" His eyes widen with growing surprise.

Gabby's shaking a bit, and will flinch slightly at his questions. "I…guess…I didn't mean to…" Her eyes go down , not to her arm, but the scar on her palm.

"Merlin, Evans. Why didn't you just say something?" Lucian sighs, dropping his hands to his sides. "Why would I hold that against you? Are you okay?" He dips his head to try to catch her attention.

"It's not like the universe gave me a manual when this happened…" Gabby's able to pull a bit of her normal snark out, but it quickly fades,"I…I have no idea what to do…and , it's not like I can just ignore it…" She'll not look up, and will actually close her eyes, "It's why I'm such a freak…"

Lucian shrugs, "I have no answers for you. I don't know the first thing about seers. But I do know about being a freak. It's what we are. You can either try to hide from it…and fail, because that's impossible…or you can say to Hades with the rest of the world."

Gabby laughs a bit at how Lucian says that, cause, easy for him.the Universe didn't name him a freak. But she'll nod a bit, "I…I do need help. I think…I think I need to be ready to go…soon.It's going to be bad…and my mother was part of it.So, I need to be.If she was a Dark Witch…I need to right the balance, if she was fighting it, I owe her to keep up the fight.I have to help stop it, but…I don't have any tools to, besides divinations…and potions. I need to be able to fight…" she'll look to his face, for the first time. Not quiet begging, but she's definitely imploring him. "I can find someone else, but you're the best…"

"To fight?" Lucian says, taken aback. "You're only just getting your wandwork down. Learning to duel is another matter. Who are you going to fight, anyhow?"

Gabby, feeling a bit foolish, as it just sounds ridiculous, looks back down to the ground. she'll start rubbing at her palm again. "I'm..not sure yet…but, just in case…I'd like to not die stupid, at least. Do some good." there's no sane way to say a giant dark heart of evil that's corrupting everything.

Lucian groans. "You want to learn to fight? Here's rule number one. Don't start a fight you can't win. If you don't even know who you're fighting, you've handing your enemy the advantage just be entering the fight."

"Lucian, I"m not starting this fight…my mother did.I have to try to do something to help…It's the right thing to do, weather I can win or not…It's not about me winning, it's about helping so others don't die…." She'll huff softly. "I just want to be able to protect myself."

"Merlin, Evans. Stop trying to show me I'm wrong and just listen to me. You're looking forward to getting involved in a fight you can't win. Simple as that. I can teach you to defend yourself. But that just means living long enough to run the hell away." Lucian gesture emphatically as he makes his points. "But taking the fight to your enemy means knowing who your enemy is, how they're vulnerable, and what it will take to crush them so they can't come after you again."

"Looking Forward?!?! Gods, Lucian, I know I'm going to die. I can feel it. And I don't want to! Don't act like you understand what this about! I don't even know. something is dark and horrible is rising, and if I can't figure out what to do, I need to go somewhere where I can! "Gabby's voice wavers some, but she pushes on, " I'm asking the people I have access to for help, once I've exhausted that, what am I supposed to do? sit and do nothing? People are going to die! And, what if it's my fault? I can't just do nothing!" She's shaking some, this has been an awfully stressful week.

"Merlin, you're exhausting." Lucian runs hand down his face. "I am helping you. If you'd stop harping on every tiny word choice I made and listened to what I'm actually saying, you might get something out of it. You said you want help learning how to fight. This is my help. Fighting isn't just about knowing the right hexes or how to throw a right hook. That stuff is easy. Fighting is a state of mind. If you're all panicky and unbalanced — like you are right now — you will lose against anyone that knows what they're doing. Period. End of story. But if you learn some discipline and strategy, you don't need to be a hot shot with a wand."

Gabby blinks…that was him helping? and he thinks she's exhausting? she'll take a deep breath and hold it for a moment before slowly releasing it, "I'm sorry…everything's been…rushing so fast, and I'm not really sure what's happening anymore…" She'll work on getting her self calm, and will unconsciously rub on her exposed forearm, not used to having air hit it.

Lucian sighs, leaning up against a desk. "Look, you're in the safest place in the world right now. Whatever fight is waiting for you, it's out there. Not here. You have time to learn. I'll keep teaching you, alright? But you've got to let me know if something like this happens again."

In a small voice, "Everyone keeps saying I have all this time…but we don't know when it's going to happen, hell, it maybe have already started for all I know." Gabby sounds like a scared 15 year old…which she is. she'll smile though, "Gotcha. I'll let you know when anything the magnitude of the Fates reaching into my brain and pouring awfulness out…I can do that." She'll even manage a small smile before bending over to retrieve the cloth guard she had wrapped around her arm, "I wish I could just go back to the problems of the fall…I can see now how they were just so silly."

Lucian smirks, chuckling softly. "Yeah, well, when the Fates start screwing with my schedule, I get irate. So tell them to shape up or I'm going to have words with them." He stands upright and starts for the door. "Oh, and you should start coming to Dueling Club. It's the best way to learn how to defend yourself."

Wrapping her arm, and looking more calm for having done just that, Gabby nods, "I'll see what I can do to reverse a message back to them. " she doesn't laugh, but some of the tension is gone. She'll look up,not sure what exactly he's offering, but will nod. "ok…I will." she'll take what she can get.

"Good. Then I'll see you here tomorrow for Transfiguration tutoring. Don't be late." Lucian gives her a curt nod, and steps out of the classroom, leaving Gabby to her thoughts.

Gabby blinks..Transfigurations ? and then she'll sigh…she'll fight him tomorrow on it.

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