(1938-02-08) Civil Discourse
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Summary: Ripley and Lucian have a relatively polite chat about Gabrielle.
Date: February 8, 1938
Location: Slytherin Boy's Dorms, Sixth Year

Even though it isn't a Hogsmeade Weekend, there is plenty of mischief for the students to get up to on a Friday evening. That means the dormitories are sparsely populated, fact that Lucian is taking advantage of. He's been a busy boy lately, and a little peace and quiet seems like just the thing. So he lays on his bed, propped up on his side, lazily flipping through a library book laid out beside him.

A cold Ripley makes his way into the dorm with a slow gait as he makes sure to not turn his ankle so soon after getting off the crutches. He flashes a look towards Lucian and only gives the other boy a bit of a nod of his head. "Lucian." He speaks and moves over to his bed to pull out a textbook and open it to look over what is inside for a bit.

Peace and quiet. That's all Lucian wanted. But that never seems to come when Ripley is involved. Then again, the other boy seems to be behaving himself. Perhaps his latest injury humbled him a bit. "Fox," he mumbles back, at least paying lip service to civility.

Ripley draws in a deep breath, "Thank you for what you are doing for Gabby. It means a lot to her." He speaks, still looking at the book in front of him. "She needed that confidence and says you are really working hard for her. Thank you."

Lucian blinks, arching an eyebrow suspiciously. "She wants to learn. I'll work hard as long as she does. What's it to you, anyhow? You sweet on her now?"

Ripley turns to look at the other Slytherin and then simply nods his head, "We are going out on a date on Valentine's Day."

Lucian swivels his legs around and sits up, squaring his shoulders. "What about Carrow? I thought you two were an item."

Ripley takes in a deep breath, "Pretty sure he buried himself into his studies and forgot me." he looks towards the book he's studying again. A side glance is given to Lucian. "It's okay."

Lucian winces in actual sympathy for Ripley. "Ouch…that's cold. Sorry." But he's soon back to a stern gaze. "You sure you're ready to get back into a relationship? Gabrielle's…special. You can't bring more trouble to her door."

Ripley gives a little smile and looks to Lucian, "Even if it seems like I am the only one who can calm her down when she gets so manic? The one who hugs her and tells her it will be all right. I work for her, Lucian. I do what others don't. That matters to me."

Lucian nods solemnly. "Just keep doing that, then. Good. She needs someone." It's a remarkable amount of concern toward a non-Slytherin from Lucian.

Ripley lets out a bit of a held breath, "She does. Needs someone stable." He chuckles, "So you approve?" He casts a sidelong glance to the other boy.

Lucian smirks. "I didn't say that. You're still a right arse. But so far you haven't said anything foul to me today, so I figure you'll do even better with someone you actually like. Just treat her right. I don't want it to become an issue between us."

Ripley lifts a brow, "Been nothing but nice to you for a while." he shrugs his shoulders, "Been nothing but nice for a good long while." He looks about the room, "Even been studying. Hoping I can actually help my brother in the tournament."

Lucian snorts. "You've been nothing at all to me since you tried to ream me over the dueling tournament. So, if not talking counts as nice, I guess so. But every time I offer a hand, you bite it. So I don't exactly trust you not to break Evans' heart."

Ripley lifts a brow and looks to Lucian, "When do you offer me a hand?" He chuckles a bit, "You never have. And as far as the tournament… I still think what I said before. Are you in the new one?"

Lucian rolls his eyes. "I helped organize the new one. And don't tell me I've never put myself out for you. I took you in when you asked me to teach you, and I forgave you for punching my girlfriend. That's all after everything else you put me through." He holds up a warning finger. "Don't open that door again, Fox. I'm not interfering with you and Gabrielle, as long as you treat her right. But that's as much as I'm going to go out of my way for you."

"I put all of that behind me, Lucian. All of it." Ripley shakes his head, "You know, you put me through a lot as well and I am still here in the same room with you." he chuckles, "I think we both need to just get over it all and start fresh."

Lucian stares, unwavering. "Yeah, well, easy for you to say. You had nothing to lose. But you tried to take away the one thing I did have to lose, and still treated me like shite afterward. So forgive me if I don't just forget all that and become best mates."

"Would you stop keeping score, Lucian. We both screwed up. Yes." He rubs at his face, "I'm dating Gabby now and I have no wants for anything else at the moment." He chuckles a bit, "She's a good kisser." And then some thoughts run through his brain a bit, "You gotta let some stuff go."

"No…I don't." Lucian grumbles, leaning back on his pillow again. "That's exactly when people take the chance to stick a knife in your back."

"Right. And you can keep looking for that knife or give someone a chance. Look. All I want is to not be reminded of everything I have done to you every time we meet up." He shrugs, "I just want a Slytherin friend. That's all."

Lucian holds his book up over his face to read now, leaving his voice partially muffles. "I'm your Prefect, not your friend. You need someone to watch your back, fine. I'm that guy. But I already gave you a second chance, and that's a hell of a lot more than I'd give most anyone."

Ripley rolls his eyes, "And I'm your peon." He says and shakes his head as he looks back to his book.

Lucian mumbles, "Whatever gets you through the day, Fox." In spite of the sniping at each other, it might be one of the most civil conversations Lucian and Ripley have had yet.

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