(1938-02-08) In Broad Daylight
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Summary: Surprised at seeing a vampire at the library, Annie gets a quick lesson from Tim to tell fact from fiction.
Date: 08 February 1938
Location: London Wizarding Library

Another work week is coming to an end, and Annie actually has the next two days off. The lengthening shadows are starting to darken the library, as the already fairly dreary, dim light is further surrendering toward evening. With a wave of her wand, the magazines held in a rack by the main desk straighten themselves. Another charm presses any pages that got bent during the course of their handling during the day. With two more steps toward ending the day completed, Annie turns a watchful eye to the last of the patrons being checked out by other librarians at the desk.

Ever feel like you're going the wrong way? That's how Tim is feeling as he is heading into the library as everyone files past him going out of the library. He nods and gives a shy smile to everyone he passes. The last patron that passes by the vigilante does gain a second look. Pale and gaunt, looking like what some would imagine a disrobed Dementor would look like stares straight faced at the man from the famous Auror family. The Vampire seems to have a sixth sense for who Tim truly is. Those dead eyes seeing right past the shy exterior and straight into his vigilante heart and soul. The vampire licks his lips and the lengthening shadows draw towards the creature and he vanishes into the shadows, the creatures own sort of 'disapparate'. Tim's pace quickens. "Yee alright m'Annie?" He looks into her eyes and then at her neck, fawning over her.

With her attention on the desk and the expectation of no one entering the library this late in the day, Tim rather unwittingly sneaks up on Annie. She turns suddenly at his voice, surprise melting into a warm smile. "Tim, darlin', didn't expect t' see yeh here." His 'inspection' of her and the concerned look on his face pulls her lips into a puzzled frown. "I'm alright, love. Yeh look like yeh saw a ghost." Although that isn't uncommon in the wizarding world, still, she pulls the expression from her muggle life.

Tim gestures to the door, "Happen ta notice that yer last customer was a Vampire?" He knows she's a bit oblivious to some things sometimes, especially when she's busy with work. He's got a smile now though and leans in to kiss her cheek. "Just got a bad sense. Like 'e knew me. Fraid he came 'ere to 'arm yee."

Annie's eyes follow Tim's gesture, shifting to the exit where no one now stands. "I did notice a fair skinned bloke, sittin' at a table doin' some readin', it looked like. Was in for quite a bit of the afternoon." Her smile returns as his does, blooming for him as she tilts her head to accept the kiss. "Why would a vampire ever want t' hurt me? We've done nothin'." Of course, not that she knows enough about vampires to know if she'd raised the ire of one in the first place. This is shown in her question, "Aren't they supposed t' sleep in coffins in the daytime?"

Tim just grins, how he adores her! Reaching up he pets her hair and leans in to give her a more proper kiss. "Cause yer me wife, tha's why." He gestures about the windowless section of the building. "No windows, an' it's winter in London, did yee see the sun shinin? Long as they keep out of the sun, they can move about out o dere coffins."

Now Annie's eyes go first to the darker section of the library, then upward to the gloomy sky seen through the large glass dome. "Hm, I hadn't thought of that," she murmurs thoughtfully. There's a call from one of the other librarians, drawing Annie's attention for a moment. "It's alright," she calls back, defiling the sanctity of the library's quiet. But's it's technically after hours now. "Go on and I'll take care of the closing. G'night, Mandy." With a brief wave the departing Mandy calls farewells to both Moodys, and Annie's eyes are immediately back on Tim. "What about silver? An' wooden stakes? An' can they really hypnotize someone?" She's got all kinds of questions, now that she's actually seen a real vampire.

Tim waves and gives a shy smile to Mandy. Then he can't help but laugh and pull his wife close and wrap his arms around her. "Garlic, the garlic ting works. So does a steak to the heart, but I tink that'd kill most anyting." He winks and leans in for another kiss. "Dey got somethin' similar to imperius, all natural like. It's why dey considered Dark Creatures. Among other tings." He taps her nose and finally steps away. "Let's get this place closed up. Tought we could get some Indian on the way 'ome? In da mood fer some Coconut Chicken Curry."

Annie steps in easily, hands raising to rest lightly on Tim's arms. "What about crosses? Perhaps I ought to wear one, if yer gonna be makin' vampires angry." The words are half tease and half actual question. "Oh, that sounds lovely. Let me get my coat, love." With a pop up onto her toes Annie gives Tim a quick peck on the lips before pulling away to head to the staff room, already letting her work robe slide from her arms as she walks. It's only a minute before she returns, coat on, fastening the buttons as she nears.

Tim returns the peck on the lips and still looks to be enjoying the after affects of the kiss when she returns to him. "Have I told yee yet that ye are everything to me? Tha I love ye more than anytin?" He gives her one of his boyish smiles and holds out his hand to take hers. "Crosses dinnae work. Just rub a bit o garlic on yer neck like perfume an' ye should be alright."

The young witch all but skips her way back to her superhero, smiling broadly at his words. "Yeh tell me in a million ways, love." Slipping her hand into Tim's, Annie wrinkles her nose. "But then I'll smell of garlic," she complains lightly. "It's all well and good for a Sunday joint, but I don't think it'll make me any friends here at the library." A light tug gets them both moving, making their way without hurry to the exit. "An' holy water?" Nope, she's not done yet.

Tim smiles and leans in and sneaks a kiss to the side of her neck. "Aye, yee'll smell as delicious as yee look!" He kisses her cheek and then holds the door open for her before they step out onto the street. He shakes his head with a chuckle. "It'll gettim wet an piss'm off. Nae much else." He grins, "Look't m'lil vigilante in trainin'…" He lifts up her hand to kiss her knuckles and then flips up his collar to protect against the wind and leads her to the Indian place down the road. Got to love SoHo!

Annie laughs softly at Tim's tease. "Not hardly, love," she tosses back lightly, "But I'm no good t' anyone believin' a bunch of myths. I'm a…. sidekick in trainin'." She sounds pleased with that thought, and nods her head once to confirm it. Her steps are light as they move up the street together, and she manages to avoid most of the slushy puddles. At least she has her boots on, so no wet foot for her tonight!

Tim kisses her cheek and says very proudly. "Aye, my beautiful, sidekick." Then he opens up the door to the Curry place and steps in after her. Once they get a table he pulls out the chair for her and waits til she's all tucked in before he takes a seat himself. He orders and then smiles and takes a drink of his water. "How was yer day M'Annie? Besides bein' hostess to a pasty dead ting?"

"I'll have the same," Annie says, settled with her coat draped over the back of her chair, making it easy on the waiter. "Well, had I realized that earlier, it would have been a much more interestin' day, my darlin'." She pauses to brush a crumb from the table, making no fuss about it, before looking across to Tim directly. "It was a quiet day. An' yers?"

Tim takes up her hand in his on top of the table after she's insured it's clean. "Aye, Ah can imagine. Mine was eventful in so much that I spent most of it taking pictures of tings other people told me to take." It's the one downfall of his job for the man that loves photography. Tim is an artist so being confined and being told what to take pictures of often makes him feel rather constrained and oppressed. "So Ah thought we could go out to the country for the weekend?"

Annie gives Tim's hand a soft squeeze, sympathetic to the confinement he has spoken of in his daily bread job. "Yeh make even the most borin' things they give yeh a work of art," she says, half teasing, half sincere. He really does have a talent that even banal subjects can't entirely destroy. She perks at the suggestion of some time away from town, "I think that would be lovely, Tim. Where shall we go? The cottage in Hogsmeade?" She doesn't think big, but she does thing cozy and comfortable.

Tim actually blushes a little when she gives him that compliment, "I try. Hardwick's often barking that not everything need to be a damn masterpiece." He gives a little shrug. "Cannae 'elp it. Ah got certain standards of composition. If Ah can get them lookin' good, Ah will dammit." He says in a mock bravado that he even gives a little fist bump down onto the table. "Aye, the cottage would be grand."

The light theatrics bring a soft laugh, and Annie agrees readily, "An' good on yeh for carin', my love. The man is obviously a barbarian." She pauses to sip her water, speaking again as she sets it back on the table. "Have yeh heard anything of late from Miss O'Shea at the apothecary? She'd mentioned wantin' t' get in touch with yeh, t' make sure the potions yeh have aren't gettin' old."

Tim chuckles, "Mrs. Hardwick actually, but aye. She's as hard as the name portrays. Good heart tho, fierce but good. Ah am prolly due for a restocking, aye. When we get back from the cottage Ah'll go an' visit."

Annie's laugh is louder this time, and infinitely more amused. "All this time, an' I never even thought t' actually ask. Cor, sometimes I've got the sense of a turnip." There is a thoughtful pause. "Perhaps I'll make some scones for yeh t' take t' the O'Sheas," she offers amiably. She's grown quite fond of the family in general, knowing the trust Tim has in them, and the ginger healer in particular. Not only is he trusted by Tim, but he's helping Rhyeline as well.

Tim tickles one finger in her palm as they wait for their food and enjoy conversation. "Yee can bring them along yourself if ye like." He gives her a big boyish smile.

The young witch doesn't even try to hide her eagerness at Tim's suggestion. She wasn't going to invite herself, but she's clearly delighted he's thought to include her. "Cor, Tim, I would like that. I think I'll make them with sultanas, if I can find some and they're not too dear. Still, it would be well spent on friends." This will occupy her for a little while, before she lets conversation move on to plans for their weekend away up at Hogsmeade.

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