(1938-02-09) Paladin's Challenge, Round 1, Youth Bracket - Maeve vs. Arevan
Details for Paladin's Challenge, Round 1, Youth Bracket: Maeve vs. Arevan
Summary: Maeve and Arevan meet for their first round duel in the Club Room. Referee (Sally MacMillan) NPC'd by Ivy
Date: Saturday, February 9, 1938
Location: Club Room
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Club Room Hogwarts Castle

This large room has a variety of uses, and can be setup differently for each club that uses it. Large storage doors around the room each hold a different club's equipment, to be setup with the wave of a wand. When the Athletics Club is here, for example, the room is full of gymnastics, weight, and other sports equipment. When the Domestics Club is here, however, stoves and cauldrons and workstations are more likely to be found here.


It's late on Saturday morning. At the moment, the club room is set up for Dueling, as two of the Paladin's Challenge competitors are supposed to be having their duel. Indeed, one of them, a tiny firstie in Gryffindor robes, is already here. Maeve is up on the strip, actually practicing her footwork at the moment, two fingers extended out in front of her as though she were holding a wand.

Arevan has been waiting for another chance to duel. Her first tournament having been rather short The egalitarian distribution of the rosters should make this one a little more fun. She bounces happily into the club room meet her opponent. "Good morning!" She says cheerfully, checking out the room setup. "I mean, Good morrow to the my fellow noble warrior of Charlemagne's court." She says bowing, then giggles.

Sally MacMillan, seventh year Hufflepuff, is a short, plain-looking girl whose presence can presumably be chalked up to Seamus Cavanaugh's powers of persuasion. Or possibly cookies. In any case, she's graciously taken time out of her day to referee the duel, and she looks between the two younger students. "Right. Presumably both of you know the rules, but for the sake of tradition we'll go over them again." She ticks them off on her fingers as she goes through them, then draws her wand, gesturing with her free hand. "Bow to each other, and begin."

Arevan nods, but doesn't object to hearing them again, gives her a few seconds to think what to do. She bows to her partner, officially this time and pulls out her wand. She decided to copy Lucian's actions in his duel against her and start off with a the simple shield spell. "Protego." She says casting the barrier in front of her.

Maeve giggles, as she bows in response to Arevan, raising her wand in a returns the salute. As the start of the duel is announced, she immediately goes on the offensive. "Flippendo!" She manages to get the spell off, only to have it dissapate harmlessly on Arevan's shield charm.

Maeve quickly recovers from her blocked spell, and moves into a defensive stance, waving her wand again. "Protego!" Almost effortlessly, the shield goes up, shimmering from the firstie's wand.

Arevan blocks rolls her protection wand movement into the leg locking spell and flicks it at the first year, "Locomotor Mortis." She says back, sending the spell to slam into her opponents shield, blinking as the spell fails to even dispel the shield. "Good one!"

As the girls start taking potshots at each other, Sally keeps her eyes on both of them, standing far enough back from the stage to be able to do so. Thus far, at least, she doesn't need to do any more than watch them.

Arevan continues on the attack, now wanting to de-spell that shield. "Flipendo." She says, sending her sell into shield.

Maeve concentrates, once again casting Protego, strengthening that shield, although she flinches slightly as Arevan's Flipendo splashes off of it.

Arevan 's tongue rests on her upper lip as she focuses. Wanting to cut through the shield, she uses first spell that comes to mind. "Diffindo." She says, waving her wand to slice through the barrio, she jumps slightly as it cuts more than just the shield.

Maeve jumps again, startled as her shield disappears, and a lock of her hair suddenly starts fluttering apart as it falls across her face. Still, she manages to get her spell off, aiming at the strip beneath the second year. "Spongify!"

Sally's breath hisses between her teeth at the severing charm, and she makes a mental note to bring that one up to Seamus the next time she sees him.

Maeve doesn't waste any time. As soon as she has her Spongify off, she's casting again, this time directly at Arevan. "Petrificus Totalus!"

Arevan stumbles slight as she feet suddenly mush into the softened dueling floor. Ah, exactly what she'd tried to do to Lucian during her duel. Off balance, she casts "Protego Duo." Trying to step forward off the treacherous ground, she barely notice the spell that blasts her shield apart, not sure what she just avoided being hit by.

One of the other onlookers steps up to murmur something at Sally, and she waves a hand at him. "They're doing pretty well, given their ages."

Maeve is still going fast. As soon as her Petrificius Totalus is off, she immediately goes back into a defensive posture, and once again goes for the shield charm. "Protego!"

The Spongifyr reminding her of her duel with Lucian, she tries she spell that ended that particular fight before the spell could be fired off. "Expelliarmus." She says, keeping in mind that retreating is now a bad idea. "Good shielding!" She compliments, as her spell once more fails to fully remove the defensive screen.

Gage totally wants to watch his friend duel, but when the Ravenclaw is at the door he hangs at the entrance, nervously resting against the wall. He bites his lip as his dark blue eyes focus on the duelling pair.

Maeve acknowledges the compliment with a grin, but she's already casting her next spell, another Spongify. Unfortunately, her aim goes wide, and she winds up spongifying a spot on the wall on the other side of the room, which Sally dispels with a sigh and a flick of her wand.

Having no direction to go but forward, Arevan takes another step. "Petrificus Totalus!" The spell splashes against Maeve's existing shield and shatters it, but doesn't reach the firstie beyond.

Maeve flinches back as her shield shatters with the force of Arevan's spell, and there's a flash of panic. "PROTEGO!" Her volume is louder than it really should be, and though the shield snaps into place, it looks rather delicate.

Arevan really wishes she knew a few more attack spells, or maybe the shield that bounces spells back at the caster. Her reaction slowed by a moment of indecision, she finally states, "Expelliarmus!" The spell shatters the wispy-looking shield, but doesn't get any further than that.

Maeve again, doesn't waste time, and immediately goes back on the offensive as her shield is blasted away into wisps of magical energy. "Expelliarmus!" As she casts, she can't help setting her jaw slightly, concentrating on the spell.

This is a far better duel than the last competition. Arevan brings her wand up again from her last attack to give herself some breathing room with a shield, but too late. Her wand sent spinning out of her hand. "Oh blast, that spell is going to be the death of me."

Maeve grins, as she lowers her wand, and strides forward, holding her hand out to Arevan. "Tha' was fun. Ye did a wonderful job, Van Dragor. I thought ye had me there for a minute, in fact."

Sally catches the wand with the aid of a silently-cast Accio. "Well done, ladies. Maeve is the winner of this round." She turns to the younger student and smiles, then offers Arevan her wand back. "Good match."

Arevan nods, and takes a skip stride forward to offer a congratulatory hand to Maeve, "So did I, but your shields are amazing. Next club meeting you've got to give me some pointers." She turns to look for her wand, only to be given it by Sally, "Thanks."

Hanging by the entrance has its avantages, because once the duel is finished Gage takes his leave quickly. He can talk to her when he finds her on her own.

Maeve nods. "I'd love tae, but I'm nae sure there's much for me t' give ye tips on. I jus' spend plenty o' time in here practicin.

Arevan nods, "Oh, well, good luck on the rest of the tournament then. I want to see the one who beat me in the winners circle." Turning she skips to the door.

Maeve smiles. "Well, I'll do m' best. I think I may already hae a plan against Ward." She grins mischeviously. "And ye're nae eliminated yet. If I read th' rules right, ye'll be in another bracket, an' still have a chance.

Arevan opens the door and pauses, "Oh? I just assumed it was liked the last one. Is it a double elimination thing?" She breaks into a smile, "Well that's just great. Never enough competition!" On that note she goes on, "I wish they'd do an unstructured tournament some time, were you could ambush people in the hall and stuff, and have teams and things."

Maeve grins. "That'd be brilliant! Although it'd drive Pringle crazy….which is another point in favor.

"Bonus points for stunning Pringle." Arevan says with a laugh, "He'd be a good environmental hazard. Could make him happy by saying he could lock up whoever he caught indefinably until someone rescued them."

Maeve giggles. "Aye… Although I cannae see Professor Dippet allowin' it, though. Nor Professor Dumbledore.

Arevan sighs and nods, "Ya I know. None of the adults are much fun. Anyways, I should be going, good luck with your bracket!"

Maeve nods eagerly. "Ye too. Again, it was a great duel.

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