(1938-02-14) Unforgettable Delivery
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Summary: Eibhlin has recruited Cillian to deliver Donovan's Valentine's Day gift… It's an unforgettable experience for the elder Gryffindor.
Date: Feb 14th, 1938
Location: Gryffindor Boy's Dormitory
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Traveling up the stairs with a slight grin on his face, is Donovan, the tall Gryffindor's features are full of mischief. Although this seems to be more the good kind than the malicious. He is wearing his quidditch robes, but doesn't have a broom on him. He even starts to whistle a little.

"AAHHAA!" Cillian doesn't exactly pop out from behind anything but he bounces at the head of the stairs. "Giant! There you are! Oooh, I thought I'd have to find you and knock you out! Hello Hello…I have something for you!" He holds a simple paper box with string and attached to the top is a card and a small, plush teddy bear in dark brown, with a cream-toned belly and face.

Donovan responds to the scream with the finely honed instincts of someone with excellent reflexes. The fist he sends Cillian's way changes course just before hitting him the wind of it's passage close enough to move some of the first year's hair. "Cillian! Don't jump out at me…" Donovan says putting a hand on the kid's shoulder, to make sure he didn't actually hurt him.

Cillian ducks a bit as the fist just barely hits him and he blinks, clutching his chest. "…yer fast." He holds up the package once more. "There's a stuffed toy for ye here! Take it!"

"Thanks…" Donovan glances at the box, "This from Shine?" He asks taking the box and the bear, He smiles when he sees Evie's handwriting though, answering his own question he picks the little first year up in a bear hug and then smiles, "Thank you Cillian."

"If…Shine is Lady Eibhlin then-" Then Cillian is yoinked up and his little legs kick as his eye widens and he squeaks and gasps in a breath. "Dun kill me! M' sorry! I…Here…I shall give ye a kiss on the cheek for her two cuz M' not kissin' ye in the mouth! I've never done this sorta work before for free! Dun take out me spine, I beg ya!" And yes, he'll try to kiss Donovan's cheek desperately. "M' too young to die! I 'aven't even had real whiskey yet!"

Donovan will set the little first year down, with a laugh, glancing at the box and the bear, "She told you to kiss me?" He is somewhat confused, especially if Evie kissed the little firstie on the mouth as a pass it on. "I'm not trying to kill you, you little… pirate."

Cillian just stares at Donovan for a moment, breathing and clutching his chest. He bends over to rest his hands on his knees as he takes a deep breath and another. "…oh no, not at all. That's terribly inappropriate I just know after ye turn 14 and ye lose your mind and all, kissing and all that bollocks becomes popular. Mebbe she kissed the bear?" He exhales softly. "A-and thank ye for not killin' me. I just…oh I just started readin' the bible and it says on the seventh day the great wizard named God, he rested and I was hopin' today wasn't the seventh day cuz if I had to say…'GOD 'elp ME' it wouldn't work…oh goodness."

"God isn't… " Donovan just shakes his head, he isn't about to try to explain to a wizard the vast and complex nature of the trinity. "Right, I think it's safe to assume I'm not going to kill you… unless you curse again." He says with an arched brow at the use of, 'bullocks' by a first year.

Cillian blinks and peers at Donovan for a moment. "Did I…" He slaps his hands over his mouth, eyebrow shooting up. "Oh! M'sorry!" He takes a deep breath. "Sorry, they say when ye get near death, ye lose control of yer senses. I 'eard my Da say it once but he was mixin' a truth potion with his scotch and was doin' cartwheels at the time." He drops to his knees, widening his eye. "I plead for me life…and I thank ye for savin' me…m' but a humble captain and I've given ye yer package of love from the young lady who tinks yer um…" He tries to think. Aha, a song. "And…now, a beautiful love song for the delivery, he clears his throat, "Ooooh the hills, the hills are green out yonder and I sit in the pub and eat toffee and ponder…yer 'air is like silk and yer sweeter than miiilllk so I love ye dear bonnie wee laaad. Ooooh, the rain, the rain it falls in me face but I dun care cuz yer walkin' with meee. Sooo me dear giant…big lover boooy, Iii truely love theee."

Donovan just stares at Cillian. For… quite some time actually. By the time the song is done he is absolutely sure that the first year is completely, utterly nutters. "Right. Well… all's forgiven then… uh… thanks again for delivering it."

Cillian takes a deep breath and nods before he gets back to his feet and brushing off his pants, tugging a piece of parchment from his satchel and a stub of a pencil as he scribbles something down. "Good. Now, I promised her I'd make the delivery memorable, would you rate this experience as Memorable, Unforgetable, or I wish I could forget it." He looks to Donovan.

"Definitely… unforgetable." Donovan says, trying not to hurt the little first year by not relating how much this moment will probably haunt his nightmares for years to come, in fact, 30 years from now he will probably come across some poor sap with a cloudy eye and punch him just to take out his frustration at how tragically scarring this event actually was to him… or he'll just be a boy and forget it next week until someone brings it up.

Cillian whews softly and nods, giving another bow. "Alright then, 'ave a happy day." Then there's a sincere smile. "And m' sorry for cursin' and makin' ye give me the 'Don't move or it might bite' look. I just want receiving that present not to be forgettable. Iffen ye love somebody, all the memories should be good." A sad smile. "If me fathers had good love, they'd still be together, but I messed that up. So! I'll not mess up again." He bows and bounces off.

Donovan watches the boy go with a look somewhere between pity and confusion. "Happy Valentines day." He calls out to the firstie, before shaking his head and heading to the Gryffindor commons to store his new belongings, and have a cake before the rest of school.

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