(1938-02-16) Planting a Seed
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Summary: Gabby and conall meet up to gossip about their Valentines dates. The conversation takes a weird turn though.
Date: Feb 16,01938
Location: Three Broomsticks

Despite the obvious patina of age, The Three Broomsticks has a warm, inviting ambiance. This character the pub has attained is, no doubt, thanks to the years it has been steeped in the environment of this particular village. Just one evidence of the village's influence on the pub can be seen in the dark paneling inside the building. The wood was once the outer walls of the home that housed Hogsmeade's founding family. Put to good use once again after the founding family bequeathed it to the pub, the paneling has served the pub just as well as it once served Hogsmeade's founders. The Three Broomsticks has flourished under its current proprietor and is always open and ready for a customer or visitor.

Lunaris has closed a bit early for the day…or at least she's shooed Gabby out early for some reason. Gabby's got a little time to waste before she can head to the wand makers, so she neanders over to see if anyone is at the 3 broomsticks. She'll walk in and immediately start to unravel her worn scarf.

Having gotten into the pub soon before Gabby and sitting off at a nearby table is Conall. A small smile showing on his face as he is drinking some kind of soft drink. Letting his eyes scan the room and landing on Gabby as she walks inside. "Gabby!" He calls out to her.

Gabrielle smiles back and will make her way over, "conall!Hi!" she'll glance around to make sure there's no one else around to over hear them talking, "How did everything go?" She'll lay her scarf over the back of a chair and shrug off her light jacket. Underneath she's wearing what looks to be several layers of clothes. First one sweater…then another. she'll pull her shirt down some, as it's become untucked with the sweaters coming off. It's just a regular uniform shirt, but she's charmed it pink for the day.

There is a sigh at her question along with a shake of his head. "I don't know. We discussed actually being together. I just… Asked for a few days to think it over. She is sweet and kind but I fear that I will hurt her." He explains and looks as she strips out of some of her clothes. His own is just a coat hanging on a chair as well as his usual school uniform, though his shirt is changed as well. One button undone which makes it more comfortable, and also show a bit of chest, as well as having the shirt in a light green color. "How did it go for you?"

Gabrielle makes a slightly disappointed face at his sigh, "Well…think on it. Don't jump to any conclusions either way. Morgana's nice…I'd hate to have to beat you up for her." she'll smirk a bit as she sits down, and then blushes, "It went really well…everything I was afraid of, he did the exact opposite. He was sweet and thoughtful and …pretty mush perfect." she'll look down at her hands for a moment,and then laugh, "Although , he did mention that he told Lucian, so that could have been out of fear…"

Conall smiles as things seemed to go well for Gabrielle. Nodding to her advice, "I think perhaps I should give it a try. I am just worried about it not working out with her." He sighs again and shakes his head. "She deserves that I try. Especially when I know that I do care for her. IT is just that. Most of us won't be with the ones we date now once we get out of here. That is something I have heard and know that it might be true." He shrugs again and then smiles to Gabby. "I promise to try and keep you around as my friend though." A wink added to the tease.

Gabrielle gives him an encouraging smile, “Well, think on it. And be honest with her." she'll frown and lightly smack at his arm, "That's awful to say, even if it's true." And then she'll laugh, "Gee, thanks . Glad I get to be on the keeper list!" Her right hand goes up to play with a charm that's on a chain around her neck. It's small, so it's hard to see what it it, but is silver.

Conall smiles and nods. "Well, someone have got to have your back, right?" He suggests with a small grin. Around his own neck is a leather cord that ends in a pendant of a wolf with celtic markings around it. Maybe silver as well, hard to say. It looks like a coin of sorts.

Gabrielle rolls her eyes, but laughs, "Yeah…I can use all the support I can get…"she'll sigh some, "I told Lucian…about what happened to me. He's offered to help me learn dueling….well, he said fighting too…but I didn't want to blurt out that Teddy's already doing that….Slytherin boys are weirdly…territorial. But he's not letting me drop Transfig…I"m about ready to fall over, I’m so tired." She'll shake her head, "I may have to stay at hogwarts longer, just to sleep."

Conall laughs and nods, "Well, I suppose that is fine." Smiling encouraging to her. "I am sure it will all turn out fine. I am not that good at the dueling part, but I do know how to deal with charms, even dark arts as well." He offers to her. Grinning a bit about territorial. "Perhaps understandable. They do like to succeed after all." He tells her. Continuing to drink a bit more while studying her. "I am glad that things seem to have turned out alright for you."

Gabrielle shrugs, she has no idea how anything is going to end. One would think if she does divinations and as a seer she'd have at least an inkling…She'll shake her head, "Yeah, but why do they have to be all successful about me? I feel like I'm their pet Ravenclaw or something, sometimes.."she'll shake her head. She's really not that upset about it, it's just silly. She'll smile, "So far…yeah. I mean, it's Ripley…I don't know how long I can keep his attention, but…it's nice." She'll drop the charm, and if Conall looks, it's a silver fox head, with some kind of green stones for the eyes.

Conall smiles as he looks at her, nodding a bit. "I suppose everyone wants a bird around." He tells her with a small grin. Continuing to nod about Ripley. "You should not have to try and keep his attention. You both should be able to keep them on your own." He suggests. Studying the charm with a small smile, "Fox then. He got it for you?" He asks.

Gabrielle rolls her eyes , but laughs. "I guess I fit that." she'll look down at the table, smile falters a bit, "I know. It's just…He's Ripley, and I'm just Gabrielle, the freak. It's not really like we're a match, or anything. We're not even really in the same league." She'll look back up, "But, it's ok. I'm going to have fun, while he still wants to, and it'll be nice." She'll give a brave smile and nod, "Yeah, isn't it pretty?" Her smile does get a bit more genuine, "I've never owned anything like this before…it's so pretty! It makes all my uniforms look so dingy…I may need to go splurge and buy a new one!" She'll laugh, cause that's never gonna happen.

Conall smiles at her, though at her comparison between herself and Ripley, he shrugs. "He is, but that doesn't really make him too special." He says and shrugs. "Or rather, you are not as bad as you think. You are great. Why else would people like you?" He asks and smiles. Nodding about the charm. "It's nice. Though… Nah, it's nothing. Is it a family keepsake?" He asks, since it has a fox on it.

Gabrielle opens her mouth to argue, but then shakes her head.Conall wouldn't understand, he's in Ripley's league…it's way different where she's at. She'll snort, "Right, there's a line of people wanting to be my friend…" she'll blink, frowning, "It's…I don't think it is…why? And what?" she'll glance down at it again, almost worried, "Is there something wrong with it?" She'll do a quick check to make sure both stones are still on it.

Even so, Conall still seem to not realize that he is in Ripley's league. "Well, I am here. So are Lucian, Theodore, Ripley and even Ophelia, despite what you think." He smiles at her. Shaking his head, "It's nothing wrong. I just assumed that it was a keepsake or so. Since it is a fox and he is a Fox." He explains. "It is nice." Not mentioning that it seems very arrogant to give something about himself more than something about her. Then again, he doesn't know the story of why Ripley chose it.

Gabrielle smiles and will trace the grain in the table with her finger. "I know.I'm not sure how I got so lucky to have any of you in my life…" She'll look up to him and tilt her head a bit, studying him. she'll frown again, "If you think something's wrong, say so."

Conall sighs and shakes his head, "We want you around, and no. Nothing is wrong. It's just…" A shrug at that as he leans back and studies her. "It seems odd that he would give something with a fox on it if it has nothing to do with his family or so. It just seems like he wanted you to have something to remind of him, rather than put down the time to learn about you." Being honest with her since it is her it concerns. "I am sure that he has a valid reason though."

Gabrielle 's frown softens, but doesn't go away, she'll absently reach up and finger the necklace. She'll quietly reply, "I don't think that's why he gave it to me…" She'll blink a few times, and then sigh, letting go of the pendant, " I think he was just wanting to give me something nice…" She'll go back to tracing the grain in the table.

Conall nods, "Perhaps so. I don't know. It just felt like he was being lazy. I'm sorry. I don't know how he thinks. I am sure that he just wanted you to have something nice. I just… I think a bracelet with divination symbols or such and a dark brown stone would be more fitting." He explains and shrugs.

Gabrielle nods, and then frowns again. That's awful…specific of what Conall thinks she should have gotten. She'll look up, and tilt her head. Gabby studies his face, not saying anything for almost a full minute. She lets her eyes go over all his features, it would probably not be unnerving, if she had her sketch book with, but she doesn't.

Conall raises a brow. "I'm sorry. I just… What?" He shakes his head a bit. "The symbols could be something else. Perhaps just something that he knows that you like." Which was what he was trying to make. "The dark brown stone to match your eyes." He explains a bit further. "I am sorry. I just… I would had been trying to learn more of you and give you something that would fit you." He seems a bit apologetic at that. "Perhaps find out what your name means. Or give you something that means a lot to him. I suppose there could be meaning about the fox. Perhaps that he is yours. I would ask him though." He smiles at that. Feeling a bit bad as she frowns.

Gabrielle now completely confused, sighs and looks down at her hand, specifically the scar on her palm. She'll nod, frown gone, but she's not smiling. "Maybe…." she'll shrug lightly, glancing around again at the room.

Conall looks a bit saddened. "I'm sorry. I just. I hope that he will keep you happy. And perhaps I should give Morgana a chance? What do you think?" He asks and tries to change the topic a bit.

Gabrielle just nods, "I think you need to be careful with Morgana…..figure out if your head is clear enough to honestly give the relationship a chance." Gabby sighs, ignoring the Rip comments totally, "I should probably get going…I"m sure he's about ready to close up the wand shop." She'll start to stand.

Conall nods, "Perhaps I should." He sighs a bit. He does want to give it a chance but not sure about now being the best time. "I like her. We will see though." He sighs a bit. "I am happy for you though Gabby." An honest smile accompanying his words.

Gabrielle nods, "Good." She'll busy herself with shrugging on her jacket. She doesn't bother with putting the sweaters on, just pulls them up into her arms. She'll give a small, almost nervous smile, "I know you just want me to be happy….I'll see you tomorrow?" She'll then turn and hurry out, hopefully not too late to catch the wand maker before he completely closes up shop. After her hurried exit, Conall may or may not notice her scarf, which slipped to the floor in her hurried grabbing on the sweaters.

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