(1938-02-22) Like Me? Check Yes
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Summary: Randy gets Helene to meet her on the outskirts of the grounds. They talk about Medusa's blackmail. Randy becomes smitten.
Date: Thu Mar 21, 1938
Location: Forest Fringe
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Forest Fringe, Hogwarts

It is a spring night. The weather is warm and raining.

This large patch of open ground at the Forbidden Forest's very edge is covered in pumpkin vines giving the ground a dark green look with sudden and festive splashes of orange in places where the pumpkins can be seen through the leaves. The pumpkin patch is protected from vermin incursions by three large scarecrows randomly set on large poles throughout, dressed in brightly colored rags and floppy hats the wave and snap with the slightest breeze. The Forbidden forest to the north looms grimly even on the brightest of days. Many trees that should have brightly colored leaves here seem to only have the darkest of green leaves, so dark they nearly look black. Hanging and posted from many trees along the fringe are signs that read:

The Werewolves will eat you, the Bugbears will suck your blood, the
bowtruckles will stab out your eyes and the School will not be held liable
for anything that happens to you beyond the tree line. Not to mention it will
most likely end in your death. Good news, if you don't die, you'll only be
suspended or expelled.
Thank you,
Hogwarts Administration

Randy's been trying to figure out a way to talk to Helene without alerting Medusa. She finally had someone else slip a note into Helene's bag after one of the classes. Why couldn't she do it herself? Randy might be a bit paranoid when it comes to adversaries. It said simply, "Hey, can we talk?" and then indicated the time and place. "I'll be at the pumpkin patch after supper." And here we are, after supper. It's warmed up a bit, but it's the kind of night where because it decided to start raining on Randy while she was waiting, it's kind of colder for her right now. She's sitting on one of the overgrown pumpkins. By the looks of it, she didn't account for rain but she's making the best of it. She's kicked off her shoes and peeled away her socks to squish her toes in the forming mud instead of getting her shoes wrecked.

Helene tries to plan for all things. Or perhaps she left late enough to catch sight of the skies wanting to open up and spill upon those below. The brunette is holding an umbrella as she walks. Why bother with a spell when you can have such lovely accessories? It's a black umbrella edged in silver and green lace. A bit silly for a heavier rain, but suitable for the drizzle of spring. She's wearing boots against the mud, but they have a slight heel and blend well with the stockings she wears. The Slytherin picks her way across the grounds as she makes a leisurely way to the pumpkin patch.

Randy starts to kind of kick her legs out, gently bumping them back on the pumpkin she's sitting on to make a silly hollow thumping noise and leaving muddy residue behind on the splash of bright orange. She checks her pocket watch, hooding it from the rain with her free hand. She really isn't sure how long she should wait. She raced out of dinner early, because…well, she really couldn't eat a thing being so nervous and distracted. She rests her hands on her knees, leaning forward a little. When she finally sees the Slytherin, she hops off her spot and trots out to meet her, leaving her shoes and socks behind as if the thought flew the coop. Despite her nerves, she's got a small smile tugging anxiously at her lips, it's mixed with a wonder, a hope, and a little fear of the worst. What might have Medusa said already? Was Helene avoiding her till now? So much. "Hi." She really doesn't know how to physically greet the girl.

Oh yes, Helene had been avoiding Randy. Because of Medusa. Who else? She had to sort out her own emotions without either of the other girls tangling things further and she had to manage this whole… favor issue. Unfortunately, that's in the blonde Slytherin's hands now. Still, the brunette cannot help but offer a bit of a smile towards Randy. It's still edging on a smirk. "Whatever happened to your shoes?" Mustn't let secrets slip.

The smile Helene affords Randy causes the girl to visibly loosen up a little, her shoulders dropping a touch, easing her anticipation out of her body, and allowing the smile to become a little more sure of itself. At the question though, Randy's eyes twinkle with a bit of mirth. She can't help herself. Ugh. Pathetic. "Oi! I left them back in the patch," she says as she looks down at her muddy feet. "Didn't want to get my shoes mussed," though now they are collecting rain. Deep breaths now Randy. She just looks at the other girl without a word.

In a smooth, measured movement, Helene closes the distance between them. She does not touch the Gryffindor, no, but it does allow her to the position over them both. The brunette tuts softly, "Do you ever think ahead?" She pulls out her wand and casts a drying spell upon Randy. While she may have not joined Domestics — why would she stoop to that — she is talented at Charms. Some of the Domestic charms -are- useful to someone like her. "Why did you want to meet out here anyway? The weather is rubbish."

"Thanks." Randy's head tilts softly to the side and a smirk plays about her lips. "I don't want to. Why spoil the adventure?" She steps just a touch closer, as if trying to get under the umbrella fully. "Well I don't know how to predict the weather," she says cleverly, though the truth of it is, she had the note slipped into Helene's bag the very day after Medusa threatened Randy. It probably took Helene a little while to find it…and Randy's been doing a lot of hanging out at the pumpkin patch, and skipping off from dinner earlier and earlier. "And I have my reasons…Though, sorry about the weather." After a measure of silence, "Do you think any less of me?" She doesn't know /what/ Medusa told her, but she does know they must have talked.

"The adventure will always be spoiled by a cold and no one enjoys a pepper-up potion," Helene says in a softly chiding way. That way when you're lecturing someone that you care about. It's fond, but firm. When Randy steps in nearer, Helen shifts in towards her side, snaking an arm around the shorter girl to put the umbrella over them both that way. "You're not to blame for the weather. If you were, I'm sure you'd be strung up by your toes in the dungeon already." This, of course, said brightly like the dungeons are just another spa visit. There's a glance to Randy, however, as Helene mulls over the last. She stares out towards the Forbidden Forest, brow furrowed. "I do worry about you if you're running around without shoes when it's barely spring, but I do not think less of you, no."

"You can always have a shot of firewhiskey instead," Randy offers as another remedy and then blinks lightly at Helene's technique of making sure the umbrella is under them both. "I actually quite enjoy the rain sometimes," the Gryffindor says with a bit of a shrug…sure she does if it means getting closer. And then Helene answers her semi-question. "That's not what I meant." Just let that sink in.

"Firewhiskey won't tend to any sniffles," Helene offers in a quiet voice, an edge of humor within her tone. The brunette turns slightly towards Randy, studying her. Her gaze is fairly intend and for the moment, she dissembles to keep her calm. An actress always. Or at least when she wants to share something, but cannot. Of course she knew it wasn't what Randy meant, but in this case simple misdirection did not work. "Do you mean for trying to learn the secrets of Slytherin?" Lips quirk somewhat and she leans in, keeping the umbrella steady. Bringing lips near to the Gryffindor's ear to murmur: "Everyone wants those."

"On the contrary, it makes you forget them," Randy says with a smirk, "And it warms you a little," but then Helene turns towards her. The Gryffindor searches her eyes for something familiar…some sign of life…some evidence that Helene has a heart…well, not at all. She's just captured in silence at it all, stomach poised to do somersaults. As Helene leans in closer, she closes her eyes softly like someone being tickled with a feather about to suffer goosebumps. "I don't care for secrets," Randy murmurs in return, not quite aware of how apt her words are. She twists her head just so, that she might just barely brush against Helene in the most imperceptible of touches, holding it there in silence, so that it could not be misunderstood yet is incredibly discrete…almost seductive in its own subtlety.

There is a silent swear directed at Medusa and Helene lets her eyes close. With their heads so near, Randy may not notice the gesture. It gives the Slytherin that moment to shelter herself from the world, to regain her senses. There's loyalty and there's desire. When the two cross… She finally opts to bring her free arm around the Gryffindor, trying to draw her in closer. "Why seek them out, then?"

Luckily, Randy does not. She relishes in the perceived silence and tense closeness. When Helen ensnares her with her other arm, she doesn't lift hers, a Slytherin's prey, completely placid, yet completely in control. Like the Lion laying down with the Lamb. Now facing the Slytherin, she reaches up to entwine her fingers with Helene's jumper, coat, what have you and she lifts her head to look the girl straight in the eye, her head tilting off a little to the side in laziness. "To banish them," she says softly, before drawing the girl down for a kiss.

It's a lovely coat, really. Wool, well-made, even with some light silver embroidery at the cuffs and neckline. Helene's eyes flicker down to Randy's hands where they grab the material. There's a soft laugh in response to the Gryffindor's answer, but it's cut off when their lips meet. The Prince lass curses silently within, but submits to the gesture. She keeps the hand holding the umbrella carefully poised, but the other slides to the small of Randy's back to pull her in closer.

Randy is not used to being the one being…well, frankly put, handled, but for some reason, it suits her just fine. Not a peep from her as she's pulled this way and that. Helene's consent to a soft laugh warrants a soft slime in return after the kiss. As she's pulled closer, she cozies up against the girl. "You never answered my question," she pursues, albeit somewhat gently. As for the quality of clothing, Randy's once have might had a coat somewhat near that finery, but it seems as year and year pass, the measure of her things slowly sank. She's certainly not in anything so fine now.

There's a soft sigh, but Helene tries to bury it within Randy's hair. Still, it's noticable like as not. The Slytherin casts a look out into the forest again as she collects her thoughts. After a moment, the Howell pulls back to regard the Macmillan. "I do not think less of you, but I'm afraid there's more yet to come." Cryptic. Of course.

While burying the sigh in Randy's hair might hide it from onlookers, it doesn't from Randy. When Helene looks at her, Randy tries her best to keep her expression a mask. It's a defensive mechanism. Of course there's more feelings than anyone could count bouncing around in her eyes. She searches Helene's for some kind of understanding of her statement. "What do you mean? I didn't do anything with that girl."

Thankfully for Helene (though perhaps not Randy), her acting has gotten her to where she can hide much of what might be visible in her eyes. It's almost a vacant look she takes on- the one she uses around the boys, to get them convinced she's not smart. Just pretty. There's a small shake of her head at Randy's words and she squeezes her briefly. "I know. It's just one of Medusa's rumors. There's…" A brief sigh and she looks up into the umbrella. "You need to talk to Medusa."

And this is a classic Macmillan trait. Trying to get to the heart of the matter, not really giving a shite about things that seem to muddle that up or confuse them. It's not that Macmillans aren't intelligent, it's just that some of them don't have a taste for these things and so have never developed the ability to cope with such ambiguity. It's frustrating, and sometimes painful, and in the case of Randy, she looks like she's on the verge of both, which leads us to…something she might not want to say if she were not in this state, "What in Godric's name does /Medusa/ has to do with me and you? I don't care what she thinks. I care what /you/ think." She's agitated, and a little bit rigid in her frame after Helene's words to talk to Medusa. "Talking to Medusa is the last thing I want to do." If Helene is observant, she might notice that Randy tends to open up when she feels safer…the physical signals have certainly led to her speaking her mind more, being more daring/open or maybe just impulsive. It's hard to say.

Those hazel eyes close and Helene draws in a long breath. It's so difficult to not just reveal it all here and now. Why did she let this happen? Emotional connections that cross between two who clash so well. She releases the arm around Randy and shifts to face the girl fully once more. Hand with umbrella is raised slightly to better position it over them. Her eyes, open now, do hold emotion. Clear as day: it's a blending of a kind of pain and frustration, causing creases at the edges of her features. The hand, now free, is brought up to cup Randy's chin. "I'm sorry," she says softly. "It does have to do with us, but I've made a promise to her that I won't explain it. I know I haven't got the right to ask, but if you can trust me… everything will make sense once you talk to her."

The ragged edges to Randy's phrenetic energy seem to melt away a bit as she stares back into the Slytherin's eyes, like the hairs on the back of a big cat settling down. Although at Helene's words, Randy doesn't seem to excited about the prospect of having to talk to Medusa, she's always been rubbish at hiding her emotions to people she cares about and when her chin is taken and it should be clear to Helene that Randy /does/ want to trust her. "Okay." Oaths. That's something she understands deeply. "I will talk to her," she says softly.

The Slytherin is unable to hide the relief in her visage when Randy agrees to speak to Medusa. She had been worried. Worried she'd made these promises and offers all in vain. That she'd let herself be ensnared by her own friend for naught. For now, at least, Helene's own nerves are soothed. The smile she offers Randy is not practiced nor put on in any way. It's a soft, genuine smile that spreads across her features. That hand, cupping the Gryffindor's chin, does not move. It's used to produce an angle, if Randy is willing, so that Helene can kiss her again.

Lucky for Helene, for all of Randy is prone to paranoia, she's actually a very trusting individual if given you can press the right buttons…accidentally. The Gryffindor smiles in turn and the enthusiasm of the kiss can only come from one thing…twitterpatedness. She tightens her arms around Helene to draw her in as closely as possible. It's like a hug kiss almost. There's no thought behind it, just an exuberant kind of emotion. MEDUSA BE DAMNED, because right now, Randy is in the clouds. However, when the kiss breaks, Helene is set to witness what that feeling can do to a Gryffindor, specifically, a Macmillan. Randy, feeling untouchable, "I should go talk to Medusa!" with not a fear dancing in her eyes.

The hug aspect may be a bit awkward because Helene is holding that umbrella. Unfortunately, at one point in the kiss her vigilance falters and the umbrella dips. They both get rained upon for a few seconds before she rights it. There's a few blinks as they part and the Slytherin takes a moment to regain herself. Her hand falls away from Randy's chin and she adjusts her coat a bit. Blinking a few times at the Gryffindor, she bites at her lip briefly. Finally, she asks softly: "Are you certain?"

Randy doesn't seem bothered by the rain, the prospect, anything. Yep, invincible. She tilts her head to the side a little in that patented way and a big fat smile appears as she gives Helene the room she needs to adjust her coat back to its very proper place. "Yep! Why wouldn't I be?" she says just before bouncing up to her tiptoes to place a an affectionate little kiss on Helene's forehead. "I'll see you tomorrow. I better get a move on if I'm going to squeeze in all her glares before bedtime," she teases. Then she pulls away from Helene and starts off in the direction of the castle with a spring in her step…completely barefoot. See, being twitterpated can kind of screw up your memory. She wouldn't care if anyone pointed it out to her anyways. It doesn't take long for her to start sprinting. Wee!

It's a play of opposites, really. In mannerisms, at least. Helene turns slightly to watch Randy depart, concern showing in her eyes. She's alone now, there's no need to be so guarded. So the Slytherin stands for a moment in tableau: a lone girl beneath an umbrella in the rain. This lasts until the Gryffindor begins to sprint and she spots those feet. Helene sighs and gives a small shake of her head, turning to delve into the pumpkin patch. She'll find Randy's shoes, have a house elf clean them and deliver them to the girl's dorm. With a vial of pepper-up and a note: 'If you can't keep your shoes on, at least carry this with you.'

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