(1938-02-22) Paladin's Challenge Round 1 - Cillian vs Cathal
Details for Paladin's Challenge Round 1 - Cillian vs Cathal
Summary: Cillian and Cathal duel in the opening round of Paladin's challenge.
Date: 1938-02-22
Location: Club Room
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He'd rather be anywhere but here, really. Annnyyywhere. Cillian is here and he wears his pirate hat, having asked! Its a Duel of course, so his hat is his comfort…even if he's gone sans feather today. He just idly fidgets with his wand and keeps his head bowed.

"One should try and relax when doing this." Cathal says looking at Cillian,"You have nothing to be worried about and you should know that." He says matter of factly,"This is all about fun." He says casually. "And the rules are set up properly."

Her heels clicking on the floor, sixth year Slytherin, Sybil Martens bustles in. Hair is pulled back into a bun, and her uniform smartly, perfectly in place, she steps up to her place at the dueling table and looks around. Her brown eyes completely overlook the first years as she scans the room. "Peele, O'Toole?" she calls out briskly, waiting for the two called to step forward.

While Morgana was in the club room for other reasons, seeing that there is a duel that is going to be happening instead, she decides she may as well watch it. She does not know the boys very well, but this should be entertaining to say the least. For now, she'll just stand next to the dueling area, waiting for it to properly start.

"Mmm. Fun." Cillian nods and takes a deep breath before…taking another deep breath and rubbing his hand over his face. He can do this, really. Inhale…Exhale..Inhale…choke-splutter on spit. He finally nods once more to Cathal and gets to his feet when he hears his name. "Oi, what was that me lady? Peele? That be me Father…just Cillian or Captain iffen ye wish…ye be 'avin pretty 'air so ye can just go with Cillian." He climbs up/or walks onto the platform thingie and gives a flourishy bow, hat being removed like a proper gentleman.

Calm face, Cathal climbs up onto the dueling stage and takes his place opposite Cillian and takes a flourishy little bow of his own towards the sixth year. "The time has not yet come to talk of many things. Soon though. We will speak of shoes and ships and sealing wax." He says in a soft polite voice as he gets his wand out and prepares to begin the duel. HIs blue eyes watch Cillian intently now.

Looking down first Cillian with a frown at his flourish, tapping her wand to her palm. Then Cillian steps up beside him, and Sybil lets out a long suffering sigh. "Why did I end up having to babysit?" she mourns to no one in particular. She exhales. "Fine. /Peele/ on the right, O'Toole to the left. Face each other and salute properly. When I count to three, take your ten steps and your best shot." She steps back… an extra step or two and watches warily, her own wand at the ready to defend herself if need be. Hoping she's out of range of stray shots, she counts. "One… Two… Three."

Morgana is amused by the banter between the two boys before the duel starts. For now she waits for the duel to start, curious to see what these younger students can come up with. She does hear some idle chatter about who is going to win, but for now she'll keep her thoughts to herself.

A wry grin and Cillian slides his hat back on, patting it down firmly and adjusting his eye patch before he brandishes his wand…all 11 1/2 inches of hazel wood and slips into a defensive stance, eyeing his opponent and nodding politely. "Be we beasts, would end this with claws and teeth, as muggles our fists would fly…but 'ave we no blades…herein our honor lies!" A wave of his wand a furrow of his brow. "Protego!" He's pretty sure the shield spell did not work, save for a couple of sparks and fsst sound but he made and effort.

Assuming his position, Cathal salutes his friend with his 11 3/4 vine wand, and adopts a more aggressive stance, even if his face remains a mask of blandness. "It is only logical that we would do honor with a wand rather than a blade, for we are wizards." Cathal says as he makes a quick wand movement and says,"Flipendo!" However his spell merely fizzles as well. He doesn't look disappointed even if he might be. "Our wands be our blades."

As both first years chatter away, then fizzle, Sybil's eyes roll towards the sky, and she crosses her arms. "Try again," she tells them wearily, tapping her foot impatiently. "Why me?" she repeats under her breath.

"Wood or steel, it matters not…the heart is where the fight is fought." If at first you don't succeed, Cillian gives a swirl where he stands and waves his wand once more. "Expelliarmus!" He declares, the magical whatever it is that comes from a wand actually succeeds, doesn't mean he disarms his opponent but no fizzles.

Managing to get out of the way of the oncoming spell, Cathal's magic doesn't seem to be doing very well tonight as he says,"Pertrificus Totalus." His wand work or accent must be off since he's not having luck and his spell fizzles rather splendidly again. Although that's not what he's trying to do.

Well, at least one of them managed to cast a spell. Sybil studies her fingernails.

"The heart is an illogical battlefield, where logic and reason will often fail." Cathal says as he moves again, pressing his friend this time as he tries to get a spell to actually WORK. "Expelliarmus!" He calls out as he moves his wand, just a hair faster than his Captain, a scarlet light shooting out from his wand towards the Captain of the Firstie Crew. There's a flicker of what looks like satisfaction for just a moment as he gets his first spell off.

"Aye…but its why the lassies love ye for yer eyes but me for me smashing good looks!" Cillian replies smoothly, shifting into a defensive stance before his wand goes flying and clatters to the ground and he gives off a 'WOO!' in a cheer, grinning to Cathal as he drops to his knees to slide to retrieve his swo-wand.

Since his friend has been disarmed, Cathal just keeps his wand at the ready. He makes no effort to cast any spell towards his friend. It just doesn't seem right to be doing so. "The lassies love me eyes?" Cathal says using his brogue a little thicker than normal, and mimicking Cillian's speech patterns a little bit.

As the pirate's wand goes spinning out of his grasp, Sybil's eyes light up, and she steps forward with almost indecent speed to raise Cathal's hand. "O'Toole is the winner. Thank you very much, people, and I'll report the results at once." She nods briefly to both students, and her heels click on the floor as she hastily departs to find something more exciting to do.

Bah, the wand be damned. Cillian just gives a bow to Cathal and then a bow to Sybil and takes a deep breath before waving a hand. "Oh thank merlin ye won. Never again Strings…/Never/ again…" He eyes his friend and shakes his head before adjusting his hat and taking another deep breath.

"Well you're not out of the tournement yet. You will be dueling again. Remember the rules. You merely need to get used to it." Cathal says as he puts his wand away for the time being. "It'd be a shame to disappoint Josie or Gabriel. They're both doing this too." He says looking at his friend,"Do not stress over it. This is just a way to practice your magic. Worrying over the outcome is illogical when you know that there's no real negative outcome."

Charlie sliiiiiides into the Club Room, ending her step with a little bounce. She scans the room and notices the indications of the end of the duel, but doesn't understand what they mean. However, on her approach, she overhears Cathal's words and looks over to Cillian, recognition that he lost, but not a care in the world about it. "You guys want to go get hot cocoa?" Because that can make everything better right? She smiles brightly at the boys. "That duel must have been legendary…and tiring. I'm sorry I missed it." A little knit of worry manifests in her brow.

Cillian just stares at Cathal with a wide eye. "M' still /in/?!?" He just falls over, perhaps in a fake faint, clutching his heart. "Whyyyyyy dear Merlin whyyy…ye'd tink losin' yer wand would be enough to get ye banned!" He gasps in a breath and then another deep breath. "Oh the sacrifices I be 'avin to make a s a captain."

William has, of course, been watching. Clad in his school robes, and sitting near the back — the young man is tall, so he can see from pretty much anywhere — he is chewing on something that looks like a stick of taffy, and has been, as evidenced by the baseline grin on his face, having great fun watching the fireworks of the duel. He rises, now, as it appears to be over, but he's more people-watching than anything, so he's not in a huge hurry to go anywhere. He carries his everpr-present, sadly dilapidated satchel over one shoulder and doesn't look like he has a care in the world.

"Because it is only logical that anyone can have a bad day." Cathal says shrugging indifferently. The boy looks to Charlie as she approaches,"It was something. I am not sure that it would deemed legendary beyond the ability to speak well of Cillian's ability to actually perform his spells. I only successfully cast a single spell." He points out to the group. "Enjoy the testing of your skills." He says looking at Cillian.

"Oh, I see. I bet it was a legendary spell!" Charlie says, oozing with positivity. She shrugs and holds her hands behind her back, rocking on her heels. "I wouldn't even know what to do in a duel. It's too much to think about at once." She looks around the room to see the people here, who she does know, who she doesn't.

Cillian is laying on the ground, really, but he has managed to scrabble and drag his wand back and he just siiiiiiighs softly. "Oi, Quartermaster…get me burlap sack, there's the chocolate…I need chocolate or me brains'll leak out of me eye. Charlie, dun look at me, its…on Curly, me dear, tell Strings why the lassies like his eyes." He points a finger towards William. "Hey! Where are ye goin'!"

Gabrielle and Conall missed getting into the room , by mear seconds, but didn't want to throw anyone by coming in late. So they waited till it was over and are now sneaking in. Gabby has a confussed look, as Cillian's laying on the floor asking for chocolate. She'll glance around to try to figure out what happened.

William is, apparently, just about to wander off somewhere, but in in mid-turn, he catches Cillian's aimed finger, the "Hey! Et Cetera," and he turns his turning around into a neatly-performed pirouette, ending up facing the other fellow and smiling amiably, "I was just ah…" he thinks about that for a breath or two, mouth opened and eyes rolling towards the ceiling as he decides, "Nowhere, really. And I do believe you said you wanted chocolate…" he begins to stalk closer on long, spindly legs, "I have some, you know. But I had to pay for it, and my family's poor." He ends up near the other fellow, and he's reaching into his satchel, "So remember me in the future, maybe, when you have candy and I…" hand emerges from said satchel, holding a bar of chocolate, which he proffers to Cillian, "…have none." And then a wink.

Morgana watched the Duel quietly, interested in what had gone on. There were a whole lot of spells that just didn't go right, but in the end, there was a winner, and Morgana even clapped at the end. She was about to gather her things and leave, since the entertainment was over, but more people are filing in. When Gabrielle and Conall come in, she'll give them both a wave and a smile. Today she is with out her cat, who is apparently skittish around duels.

Conall does look around a bit as well. Raising a brow at Cillian on the floor as well as taking a look around. Though soon enough his eyes go to Morgana as he smiles to her. "Hi." Is offered along with a simple nod. Another glance and a few nods to those still around.

Gabrielle walks over to Cillian and the group surrounding him, "Cillian, are you ok?" she's not clear on who one, so she'll look him over, then Cathal for any obvious injuries. She'll give william a smile, he has no idea what he's stepping into, clearly. She'll nod to Morgana, but is a little to worried about Cillian to stop and talk to her housemate right away.

"We do not take candy from others. We give it out." Cathal says correcting William's behavior as he does fetch the burlap sack filled with all kinds of chocolate. The dark haired lad remains with the same bland face. "He will be ok once he gets some chocolate into him. THe duel took a bit of his nerves out." He says in that same bland voice as always,"Is that why you are illogically obsessed with trade?" He asks looking at William with a slight tilt to his head.

"Yes, well," Charlie begins as she turns to Cathal, sparing Cillian the embarrassment of watching. "Girls love your eyes because they um…" Charlie doesn't know why people love people's eyes yet. She reaches…far back into that brain of her's somewhere, behind the massive mop of curls. "Because your eyes are so clear people can see your intentions, and they know they are good I suppose." She shrugs and glances towards William when he's called out by Cillian. She hasn't really noticed the others who have been gathering yet

Chocolate…the chocolate is there and Cillian reaches up to accept the chocolate from Cathal, letting his quartermaster respond to William as he takes a bite bite out of his chocolate bar, chewing slowly with his cheek pushed out like a deformed chipmunk and he closes his eyes. Ambrosia. After a few moments however his eye snaps open as he squints at the people who are around him and he blinks several times. "Thank ye Strings, Thank ye Curly…aye, m' fine me fair lady…" And then he squints at William. "By all the wizards in me Da's left boot! Ye can't be givin' candy away iffen ye need it. Ye only 'ave /one/ chocolate bar? Are ye daft!" He pushes points to Charlie. "Curly…do ye tink this young lord here should be put under our protection?" Then he squints at Conall. "Are ye just multiplyin' like flies?"

"William is more amused by Cathal's logic than anything, and he grins at the serious young man, brows raised, 'We're a single being now, eh?" He asks, falling silent as Cillian speaks, and then the shaggy-haired Ravenclaw shakes his head, looking back down at the Gryffindor lad and smiling, "Oh, I have loads, but I had to trade in my wand to get it. My old wand, that is. Just got a new one, compliments of my larger-than-life dad and the third job he picked up for it. But my young friend here…" he bobs his head toward Cathal, "..is right. This one's on the house. Eat up, and get rid of the oogeys."

ok, Cillian's not making sense. He's fine. Gabby will straighten up, smiling slightly. she'll shake her head, William's just asking for trouble at this point, and she'll try to catch his eye to give him the stop face. She does glance at the poor chocolate bar that William's trying to hand off. Poor thing.

"Hey." Morgana says with a nod, staying in her spot for the moment. She's been leaning against the table since the duel ended. Everyone else seems busy at the moment. "You missed the duel, it was quiet amusing." She says with slight grin. She is amused by all of the chocolate talk,and at this point she's wanting to go find some for herself, but she'll keep that thought to herself for now.

Conall ahs, "Well, that does sound interesting." He offers to Morgana before turning towards the others. Grinning a bit at the conversations and so forth. Not fully sure what to actually say but he does seem to be grinning wide. Though hearing Cillian's words to him he does chuckle. "What now?" He asks before offering a bow to the young Gryffindor. "Of what do you speak?" He asks and perhaps not fully sure what is going on but as usual playing along with the young ones.

Give him a feeeeew…and Cillian sighs, getting to his feet and just eyeing William a little longer before sighing against and adjusting his lovely pirate hat and his eyepatch. "Hmm, thank ye for tellin' me what you did…keep yer chocolate, for now. And wait for me instructions." Then he turns to Gabrielle, waves…waves to everybody else and after snagging his sack and satchel from where they rest…he takes off running for the exit.

William catches Gabby's look, and mouths 'Wha?' rather clearly, not at all trying to hide it. Perhaps he's the type of fellow who tends to go into dangeous terrain, as it were, and think it's all a great lark. More than 'perhaps', perhaps. But at any rate, he takes the chocolate back, surprised at the young pirate's refusal for booty before — perhaps the catalyst was that realization — his mouth turns into an 'O', and he stashes the thing back in his satchel. "Maybe you can ransack it from me later, mate." That said, straightens and reaches up to push the hair from his face before making his way over toward the girl, "That was some bloody good chocolate, I'll have you know. And to be honest, I sort of gorged myself last night. I tend to go overboard now and then, but only when it's my own bloo— I'm talking a klick per second here, aren't I? When's dinner?"

Gabrielle smiles and will give him a wave as she watches Cillian run out. She shakes her head again at William, "You're not doing it right if you gorged yourself.And yes, yes you are. How many bars did you eat?" She'll raise an eyebrow, slightly concerned.

Morgana listens to the exchange between Gabby and William and raises her brows. "Was there a secret chocolate party that I did not know about?" However looking at who all is here, she smirks before looking over to Conall. "It looks like you're out numbered for once Badger. How does it feel?" She seems fine to settle in here for at least a little while. Her instrument is still laying next to the piano, incase it is needed.

As the others leave Conall's attention stays on those still in the room. Studying William for a moment with a slight grin. Nodding as he agrees with Gabby. "Perhaps you should take it easy with it." He suggest as well before looking to Morgana. "Damn. Didn't think about that. I suppose I can't do anything but agree to it." He offers in return and shakes his head. Moving to lean against a wall.

"Four or five. Of the big ones," says William, "I honestly lost count because I fell asleep eating one. But I won't make that mistake again, believe you me." He pauses for just a tick, then, and for a breath, his eyes lose their twinkle, and he frowns at something that must have just occured to him. But that moment is gone just as quickly as it came, and he looks around before leaning in conspiratorily and saying, in a stage whisper, "Where's ah… you know who?" Then Morgana speaks, and he grins at the girl, "Well, a one-man party, yeah. " It's at that precise moment that he notices Morgana's violin, and his eyes flicker up to the piano, and he grins, "You play the violin? Brilliant…" a nod to the piano itself, and he notes, "If you ever want to play together, that should be fun."

Gabrielle shakes her head, "I wasn't invited either. Poor manners , this one." She'll point at William, shaking her head. "If cillain has another real chocolate party, I"ll make sure you're invited though." she'll give her housemate a smile, before raising an eyebrow at Conall, "Yeah, usually you corner us poor Ravenclaws and throw things at us…" Gabby seems to be in a better mood than she has been, she's only being slightly jumpy at noises,and isn't fumbling with the books in her hands. Gabby sighs back at william, "That's chocolate abuse…such a waste." She'll tilt her head at his sudden frowning and weird question."What are you talking about?"

"Nope, you are trapped." Morgana responds with a grin, and nods her head to Gabby, "Maybe it is time to get our revenge, for all the poor poor Ravenclaws who have been victims to these Hufflepuffs." When William brings up her instrument she nods her head. "I do indeed, for many years now. I'm usually around here after classes if you want to join in. Conall plays on occasion too, if you ask nice enough." She'll smirk again, looking at the Hufflepuff against the wall before smirking to her house mate again. "Please do, I could use the extra chocolate."

"Did someone say chocolate?" Medusa appears in the doorway of the club room and leans against the doorframe. Her entire posture is languid, her expression one of utter boredom, her eyes half-lidded as though she's going to fall asleep standing up any second now.

"You play?" He asks William with a smile. Not that he has any instrument with him currently, but he is still curious. There is a chuckle to Gabby's words though before he shrugs, "Nah, I'm too nice to throw things on you. I only kidnap Ravenclaws to keep in the burrows and study for me." He says with an amused grin on his lips. grins back at Morgana's smirk. "When am I not playing?" He asks in a playful voice. Though he doesn't seem as interested in the chocolate. Compared to most others at least. That is when Medusa is showing up asking for some as well. "Something about it was said." He says a bit vaguely to the Slytherin girl.

"I think I -will- crash your little mini-concert in here next time I find you and Conall hanging around with your violins. My dad calls them fiddles, and he plays, too. I never had much aptitude for the things, but love the sound they make." Then to Conall, "Well, the piano, yeah. Since I was about six. Dad tried me out on the strings first, but hey, we all have our gi— hello there," William says to the Slytherin bird who's appeared in the doorway. "Chocolate and music seem to be all the rage in these parts. Though I've learned my lesson about trying to give those Gryffindor pirates something without having it -taken- from me first."

Gabrielle gives William a bit of a glare, as he's now completely ignoring her and will turn back to Conall, " I remember a snow ball that says differently." Medusa a small smile and a nod.

"Ah yes, that is right, you are ever the kidnapper. However I have given you my demands for being kidnapped and I have yet to see them met, so I will have to remain free for now." Morgana says in a teasing voice to Conall. "Ah, well Conall plays guitar actually, but you are more than welcome to join us, you're probably far better than I am at piano. Conall will attest to that." When the other girl shows up he'll nod in her direction. "I keep hearing rumors of chocolate, and no one has delivered any yet."

"My, my. Chocolate and concerts and talk of piracy. Such juicy gossip." Medusa takes a handful of steps into the room, still looking bored. "Only not. So many people around, you'd think I'd get at least one decent tidbit out of it."

Conall ahs, though grins a bit as he listens to William. "Well, we have a rather curious combination of violin and guitar." He explains to other boy "So a piano might fit in nicely enough." Raising his brow to Gabby he shrugs. "Well, I didn't throw it right at you. I tried tossing it for you to grab it." He tells her before he seems to ponder something. "Besides, I did help you up when you fell into the snow." At Morgana's words he chuckles. "I thought I did meet the demands." He tells her with a small smirk. He smiles and shrugs to Medusa. "Well, perhaps you could. Of some sort." He just smiles for now. Letting eyes move between them all.

Charlie has been doing something, probably left the room. Well she's back, away from her pirate crew, cavity inducing curls in full bounce. Charlie has been doing something, probably left the room. Well she's back, away from her pirate crew, cavity inducing curls in full bounce. She squints as she scans the room for unknown faces. This includes walking up to people and looking them in the face. She's pretty short and can't see over the big people. The first person she goes up to is Medusa with her scrutinizing squint. "Why hello! I'm Charlie!" She thrusts out a hand and brandishes a charming smile. It's like she's /always/ wanted to meet a Slytherin.

Gabrielle just raises an eyebrow at Medusa, she hates rumors. They're never anything good. She'll turn to conall, "I had my hands full!" she'll shake her head at him. she'll turn back when she hears charlie and smiles, but will stand up a bit straight, waiting to see Medusa's reaction.

William is still considering Medusa when he notes Gabrielle's frown, and he looks at his fellow Ravenclaw, "You -know-…" he says, eyes opening wide and shifting way to the side, as if to emphasize the fact that what he's talking about is super, ultra secret, "I mean…" A pause, "I'll ask you about it later, mate. But.." his finger is raised, and he walks over to stand by the piano, sitting on the bench, facing away from it, "Chocolate… I have some, but it's been hard earned. I think I've been trumpeting a bit too much about it." And then to Conall, "I don't play the trumpet, by the way."

Medusa stirs enough to open her eyes all the way so that she can roll them at Conall. "Quinn. You remain the school's most boring Hufflepuff, which is news to precisely no one." Half-lidded again, those eyes shift to Morgana, and her lip curls in what might be a sneer if she were given to actual expressions instead of vague hints of them. She considers William for the better part of a minute before Charlie rather forcibly gets her attention, and she accepts the tiny girl's hand. "Medusa Malfoy."

"You met with most of the demands, not all. You left out the man servants and the fainting couch. No kidnapping is complete with out them." Morgana smirks before she shakes her head at William. "I won't steal your hard earned chocolate, I will just stock up the next time I'm in Hogsmeade. Hearing Medusa's comment about Conall, Morgana raises a brow and shakes her head. "I think you have him mistaken with someone else. So far he is the only Hufflepuff I have found entertaining." The exuberance of Charlie causes her to smirk, and when she goes after Medusa, she's even more amused.

Conall nods to the others before looking to Medusa with a grin, "Just because I haven't been hanging out with you lately? Now I'm hurt." He says with a wink to her before looking to the others with a grin. Conall does chuckle as Gabby mentions having her hands full. "Well, sorry then." Then his eyes shift back towards the Slytherin. Along with Charlie, since they are greeting one another. Finally he continues his shifting gaze as it lands on Morgana and he smiles brightly. "I have to get those things then." Still rather amused as his eyes continues they dance between looking at all the different people.

Gabrielle blinks and just watches William do…whatever it is he's trying to communicate with her, She'll actually give him a what the hell look, and will look over to Conall and Morgana to see if they have any idea what he's going on about. Gabby will keep the what the hell look on her face when she turns to look at Medusa as she talks about Conall.

The Malfoy's name does not register on Charlie's face /at/ /all/. "It's nice to meet you!" as if there needed to be anymore evidence. Charlie gives Medusa's hand a pump. "We should have tea some time," and before Medusa can say anything to dispel the notion of having tea with an eleven year old, Charlie moves on to Morgana. "I don't believe we've met before. My name is Charlie. What year are you in?" She's on a rampage. She holds her hand out to Morgana to spread some Slytherin germs around the group.

William takes the opportunity afforded him by Medusa's dramatic appearance to take his satchel and scoot it under the bench upon which he sits. With his feet, as the rest of him is trying to appear casual, with arms folded for a moment, and then body shifting to let him enter 'people-watching' mode. That is, until he notices Gabrielle's look and, with a world-weary sigh, he stands up — he's a tall, lanky one — and comes over to lean in close to her, whispering something.

"Boring," Medusa sing-songs, accompanying it with a vaguely dismissive flick of her hand toward Conall and those trying to insist that he's interesting. She tilts her head at Charlie, looking vaguely amused, but the girl is gone before she has a chance to respond. The Slytherin girl takes another look around and sighs, shaking her head. "So very boring. It's disheartening, really." Steely eyes settle on William again, and she considers him and that hidden satchel again. "Well. Perhaps not that one. The rest of you, however." By which she means the others assembled, with the exception of Charlie and William.

As William whispers to Gabby, she'll make a slightly annoyed face, "Seriously? It's not a secret." She'll roll her eyes at William. "Ripley's studying. I told him I'd meet him sometime after the duel." This is how drama starts.

"Morgana Rashley." She replies to Charlie, shaking her hand despite the Slytherin germs that are on it. "I'm in sixth year, the same as Conall." She says pleasantly, being polite to the first year. Shaking her head at Conall she'll smirk. "Well then, until my demands are met, no more kidnapping." She says folding her arms behind her back and laughing just a bit. However Medusa starts word vomiting again and she raises her brow toward her. "Well then, if you're so bored, and we are so terribly boring, than why don't you find somewhere else to go, so the rest of us can enjoy our afternoon." She says coldly, the politeness she showed to Charlie gone from her voice.

Conall shakes his head to Gabby as he has no clue what William is talking about. Raising a bit of a brow to Charlie on her rampage of greetings. A small grin forming as he watches his younger house mate, with amusement in his eyes as well. "Medusa, don't try to act as if you don't the singing and all." He teases her a bit. Not seeming to care ytoo much about Medusa's words. "Though either way, I suppose I can be boring." He has to admit that he isn't one to share too much of himself after all. Though as there is an answer to William's question, he chuckles. "How is Ripley's leg by the way?" He asks before Morgana's voice catches his attention. Offering a soft and calm smile of his own. Not saying much yet though.

"Brilliant," Charlie says. "Well lovely to meet you. You should come for tea as well." The little Hufflepuff bounces on towards William, continuing her rounds to end up at William. She pokes him in the side with her still slightly pudgy finger, though not hard. "Hey misterrrrrr-What should I call you? You can call me Charlie, though my real name is Charlotte, no one calls me that."

As Charlie speaks, William leans -back- on the bench, resting elbows on the lid which is closed over the piano keys. He looks up at Medusa now, "Eh what's all this about boring, Malfoy? We weren't trying to have a sing and dance contest in here… no need to be rude." He's considering her like someone might consider a beautiful — but deadly — jungle cat. There's an affable smile on his face, but for the first time in a very long time, for those who know him, it doesn't reach his emerald eyes.

Lazily, Medusa drifts toward one side of the room, appearing to ignore comments directed at her altogether now. She's more or less looking in William-and-Charlie's direction, and she rolls her shoulders in a languid shrug. "Someone has to bring a little truth to this party. I'm not sure singing and dancing would liven things up, though."

Gabrielle sighs, how is it all the Slytherin boys are great, and not one upperclassman girl is? She'll look to Conall, "Rip's ankle is better, he's been doing strength exercises, so, I'm sure it'll be fine." Gabby will motion for charlie to come give her a hug, "I actually need to go find him…Charlie, be good. Keep Conall and everyone out of trouble." She'll give a smile to the room, and an eyebrow raise to William. She'll turn to leave.

"Hello?" Charlie reaches out to poke William a leeettle harder, squinting one eye and up on her tiptoes for no good reason. She's well practiced at getting attention, it's clear. "My name's Charlie and I'm going to give you a wet willy in 3…..2…….."

It appears as if Gabrielle is about to leave. William is sitting on the bench in front of a piano, facing away from it, whilst Morgana, Connal are standing nearby. Charlie is standing right beside William, who is smiling — a smile which is perhaps teetering on slipping off his face — as he considers the beautiful Slytherin who has apparently recently entered, and is giving her opinion on the rather uninspiring 'interesting' level of the gathering. Presently, William looks at Charlie, and his smile seems to become a tad more genuine as he says, "Well, I suppose you -could- call me pin-cushion…. but I prefer 'William', or 'Hey you'."

Well since Medusa seems to be sticking around, Morgana shrugs her shoulders and resumes her spot next to the piano. Conall's smile causes her to pause, and she decides that it is probably best that she keeps her mouth shut. Turning to William she'll gesture toward the piano. "Why don't you play something William, it will be good to see where your skills are." She says politely.

Deven runs into the club room, but he was going a bit to fast, and stumbles right over a ledge. " Fuck." He mutters, as he gets up, and dusts off his clothes. He looks around, but doesn't see anyone duelling. " Did I miss the Duel?"

"Then I will call you Heyou," Charlie says with a toothy grin. "It's nice to meet you." With this, Charlie decides to sit down and pulls out a small quill stripped of its feathers. Where from? Who knows or cares. It must be self inking for she proceeds to write down things on her hand. 'Heyou, Morgana, Medusa-' and she starts to get distracted as she begins drawing things like little snakes coming off of Medusa's name, little talons to the 'M' from Morgana's…and a little pin cushion out of the 'o' in William's new nickname. "Yep. Cathal beat Cillian," she announces without looking up from her handiwork.

Medusa shifts her attention at Deven's entrance, watching the Gryffindor face-fault to the floor with a little more amusement than such a maneuver really deserves. "Smooth, Lewis. Speaking of, have you brandished your wand on any more children recently? Maybe we could find you a nine-year-old in Hogsmeade, to be a proper challenge worthy of your skill."

"Well all right then," says William, who laces his long, thin fingers together, cracking them before he lifts his legs, spins around on the bench, and pushes back the cover from over the keys. "Heyou is fine, my friend," he says, as he reaches out and looks down, and then, with a glance at Morgana, he begins to play.

The piece, stately and starting very, very quietly. Slowly. One with an ear for, and education in, such things might recognize it — especially once it shifts from quiet to a more punctuated, flowing thing, as Sonata in B minor by Lizst. As conversation about the duel continues, the Ravenclaw continues long enough to show Morgana that his skills are notable — perhaps the greatest non-magical skill he possesses, and easily concert-level. But, not wishing to drown out the conversation which is taking place between the others, he stops just short of when things would start to get truly interesting in the piece. As it happens, the music stops, gives way to a silence which frames Medusa's most recent sentence. William, for his part, doesn't look at her, but he frowns.

Deven nods at Charlie's words, before turning his attention to the Slytherin. " Im sure you would get a lot of pleasure from spreading that rumor around campus. As much pleasure as I get from spreading around the rumor, that your, arrogant dumb and hated by everyone. Oh wait that isn't a rumor, its a truth."

Morgana listens to Williams piece, trying to drown out the rest of those around her for just a moment or two. Once he finishes, at least part of it she'll nod her head. "You play well." She says with a nod as she leans over to pick up her violin. "We'll have to get together and play sometime. However I have some things I need to get done before Monday, so it will have to wait." Turning to Charlie and Conall she'll give them both a nod. "It was nice meeting you, and I would like to come to tea, just let me know when." Conall gets one quick smile before she steps away. "See you later?" She questions, but doesn't wait for an answer.

"Nice enough, but you can't dance to it," is Medusa's critique of William's playing. Her gaze hasn't left Deven, however, and those half-lidded eye glitter dangerously. "I'm a lot of things, Lewis, but stupid isn't one of them. You're welcome to underestimate me, though. It's too late for that to be your first mistake, and the way you've been going, it's unlikely to be your last."

" If your not stupid. Im not handsome." Deven replies, before turning his attention toward the others in the room. " Nice playing, William. I once tried to play the Piano, but my parents told me it sounded like the cruciatus curse was being used."

William slides the lid back over the keys with a "Thanks," and a smile which looks perfectly at home on a face that was built to smile. He stands up, then, and then leans over to snatch his satchel from underneath the bench, all the while looking over and — oh, he had to have heard Medusa's comment, though he doesn't look at her right now. No… he looks at Charlie, and then Deven, perhaps to gague the fellow's mood, for the bloke is sparring with Medusa and it doesn't seem friendly. not friendly at all. Satchel is slung over his shoulder, and he walks over to stand out of the line of fire. "Thanks, Mate," he says to the Gryffindor, who he has at least known for the six years they've both been at the school together, if only in passing, "And I'm sure you're a damn sight better at quidditch than me, so we all have a little of this and a little of that we're good at." He looks at Medusa again, and finally asks, "How can someone so pretty be so mean?"

Charlie, by now, has actually rolled up her sleeve, and has continued her amateurish skin doodles on the new canvas! At Deven's words, she looks up finally, and over at the boy. She's /never/ though a man, let alone a boy closer her age was handsome, save for her father. "You look like a weasel, so yeah, she must be pretty brilliant." She says it without malice. Just a mere hey, that's how it is tone, and completely unaware. Then she goes right back to her doodling.

"My brother says that the beauty has to be balanced somehow." Charlie adds.

"Well, you're not exactly a looker by anyone's definition, so that must bloody well make me a genius," Medusa shoots back at Deven. Her head turns long enough to single out the tiny Hufflepuff and flash an approving grin in Charlie's direction before she resumes that almost-bored-to-tears expression. "I'm sure your family must have been thrilled to hear that you were proving your worth by threatening firsties and making unwanted advances on girls so far out of your league they might as well be part of the NEWT Astronomy curriculum."

" Most people would disagree with you, but then, at your age, there are more interesting things than boys."' Deven says towards Charlie, but he looks at Medusa. " And Im sure your family was happy that you were dating Lucian, oh wait, didn't they forbid you from dating him?" Deven then looks at William, " You know mate, the problem with these ladies is, if there pretty and they know it, there evil."

Waking up from his slumber, Conall finally blinks. Somehow having found a bench and apparantly Morgana is gone. Raising a brow at those there before seeing Deven. Keeping a neutral look. "Sorry lad, you gotta take a look in the mirror." Said flatly before rising to his feet. "Sorry Medusa, think you put me to sleep this time." This said playfully and with a wink though. Still trying to figure out more about what they are talking about, other than Medusa's love life and Deven's looks.

"Well, one of those things is true," Charlie says with a shrug and a little smile. She really doesn't care to reveal which. If someone doesn't stop this girl, she's going to get skin poisoning or something. The drawings aren't even /good/. They've turned into rudimentary battles of beasts on her arm. A bird is clawing out the eyes of a serpent. Yes…once she knows she's pretty. This is how it starts.

"Indeed," says William, who is standing there right now, tall and gangly and bouncing lightly on the balls of his feet. Charlie's comment earned a wide-eyed, 'did-you-just-say-that??' look, and he just… laughs. "Blimey," he exhales, "The love in the air right now is so thick I could cut it with a knife. Or is it a wand? Muggleborns like me tend to forget when we're supposed to use one or the other sometimes." Conall wakes up at about that point, and William turns his attention back to Charlie, and his smile takes on a much more genuine cast as he considers her arm and just decides to let the war of words go on without him, "You have… quite the imagination there," he points to her arm.

Medusa waves a hand in a languidly dismissive gesture. "Old news. No longer important or even interesting." Her eyes are still glittering dangerously, and her lips curve in a sudden, dangerously sharp smile. "Then again, at least I've had a relationship or three, and I'm not so desperately hard up that I'll hit on anything on two legs." She drifts closer to Charlie, inspecting the girl's artwork, then ruffles the corkscrew curls with one hand. "You've got that wrong, child. The serpent always wins." There's a hint of a smirk at Conall's words, but she's already drifting toward the door. "It's a knife, Greene. They're useful for such things as cutting tension, or stabbing in someone's back."

" I cant look in the mirror. It breaks, overload of beauty." Deven replies, towards the Prefect. " Oh Medusa, your words, very unlike a lady I must say. No wonder no one wants you in your class. Even good old Dumbly didn't want you."

Charlie just giggles at William. "Oh no, silly. This really happened." She turns her arm and tilts her head, "Well maybe not quite like this." Terrifying. "It was amazing! The bird just came down and stabbed it in the eyes!" Her snake is very big and not proportionate to the bird at all. "Then it flew away and the snake dropped to the ground. And the snake was all like, 'Augh! My eyes. You bloody bird! I'll never trust you again!' And the bird laughed." So that's a yes. A big imagination. "My brother was crying for weeeeks." Is it a metaphor? "Have you ever seen animals fight?" She smirks at the ruffle of her curls and twists her head up to smile brightly at the Slytherin, "Oh the snake wins. He's blind, but he wins. He met another snake and they have babies. Eggs /everywhere/." Just try and follow it. "See?" She peels back her other shirt sleeve…yep, eggs everywhere. She doesn't know how to draw 'making babies.' The snakes are just 'wrestling.' One of the snakes has simple 'X'es for eyes. Eggs everywhere.

Seeming rather intrigued by what Charlie is doing, Conall does drift there as well. Tilting his head. "It does look nice." As for Medusa's words, he raises a brow. "Is that really true? I thought I heard something else about it all." Speaking in a rather matter of factly tone of voice. Tapping his chin with a finger before looking to Medusa as she makes her retreat, grinning a bit about Deven. Though his though goes back to the beast battles, "Perhaps you could show explain how they win each time some time." He says and smiles sweetly.

Though a brow does get raised about stabbing people in the back. Smile faltering a bit. He does look to William, Only having caught Medusa's reply and not his words to her. "Did I miss something?" As for Charlie's imagination, he nods. "She does, and it's sort of cute." Eyes does look over towards Deven. Perhaps feeling himself being a bit harsh towards him. Then again, perhaps he had it coming. Either way a small smile is given to the Gryffindor. Though again it vanishes at his words. "Well, Medusa is kind of fun at times. It's fun to see her and Kalyx dancing." He suggests. Attention going back to Charlie's arms and he tries to suppress the laugther, without success.

"It breaks, overload of ugly," Medusa corrects, shaking her head. "And if Dumbledore didn't want me in his class, I wouldn't be there. Only the best students are accepted into NEWT levels, after all." She is taking Transfiguration, still. "I'm also… not a lady. Point for the Gryffindor, he's almost on the same page as everyone else." She reaches the door, waves vaguely at those she's leaving behind. "Ta."

William is silent as Charlie explains the drawings on her arms, his expression colored by a mixed hue of amusement and abject… oh my god. And then, to Medusa, "Oh yeah. So knife.. not wand. Got it." He's back to easygoing mode now, and when he speaks to her, he could easily be speaking to a friendly acquaintance, by the little grin he has slapped on his face — real or not. "And on that note, I do think I must be going. I hear tell there's food in my future, and I'd like to see if that prediction's true." That said, he begins to make his way from the room, all long limbs, second-hand robe, and beaten-by-long-use satchel.

Charlie starts to blow where the fresh ink has been laid. "I wouldn't want it on my uniform," she explains to the boys as if this is nearly everything is perfectly logical. "I should find Cillian. He'd /love/ my tattoo!" Interwoven in the 'tattoo' are people's names who she's met and somewhere it says 'tea list.' Once her arm is dry, she tucks her quill away, hops up, and plants a kiss on Conall's cheek, as she's apt to do. It's a sweet little thing he might have seen her do to her brother's too. It means she thinks he's grand. Then she hops off out of the room.

Conall smiles at Charlie as she plants the kiss and then hops off. "Stay safe Charlie." He offers. Watching everyone leaving. Grinning and nodding to Medusa's words, "She has got a point actually." He offers before shifting his eyes to Deven. Not sure if he should be staying alone in the room with him really. Biting his lip. But soon enough he seems to decide to at least leave the club room. "Might catch you later."

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