(1938-11-24) Pub Purchasing
Details for Pub Purchasing
Summary: Nathan purchases the Cethin Seether Pub and strikes up a brief conversation with Phil afterwards…
Date: Sun Nov 24, 1938
Location: Cethin Seether Pub

The Cethin Seether pub is not very busy at the moment. A tall darkly dressed man steps inside along with two other rather burly men and the three of them head straight for the man who runs the establishment. Nathan as a smirk on his face and a leather briefcase in hand which he opens and pulls a paper from. Setting it down on the bar he waits patiently examining the room while he waits. He says something to the men and they nod and begin to circle the room examining it. The owner sighs and signs the paper handing it back to the dark stranger who smiles charmingly and tuck it back into the briefcase. "Very nice doing business with you. I expect my people will be able to start remodeling day after tomorrow at the earliest. Can you clear out before then?" "Aye Mr. Eldritch, everything will be cleared out by tomorrow night." Then man nods goes back serving customers while Nathan circles the room with a critical eyes taking note of everything.

Seated at one end of the bar is a dark haired witch. She is nursing a drink of some sort and speaking with a twitchy man with spectacles and a tatty set of robes. As the trio of men come in Phil sighs, knowing her contact is going to split. Sure enough Twitchy gets one look at Nathan and his muscle and makes a sharp exit, beady eyes darting around behind the thick lenses of his glasses. "Well just great," mutters the reporter to herself. She picks up her drink and looks Nathan over, eyeing him and the man everyone knew before as the owner.

Nathan watches the shifty looking man flee with amusement. He turns studying Phil with a faint smile. Slowly he approaches her. "Sorry about sending your company running Ma'am. Those men are contractors not hired muscle though…he really had no reason to be skittish. I'm Nathan Eldritch by the way. Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with." He gives her an easy smile and studies her pulling up a seat to settle beside her while the men who came with him do their work.

Because she is here as herself rather than in disguise the young woman is honest, "Phil Rowle. Marsh is just touchy, thinks everyone is a secret dark wizard." She offers her hand to Nathan. "So your contractors are going to do some remodelling are they?" Her gaze drifts around the small pub before returning to the man seated beside her. "What sort of changes are you hoping to make?"

Nathan accepts the hand with a smile and shakes it firmly before releasing it. "Nice to meet you Miss Rowle and yes. I just finalized the deal and bought the place. I plan to make quite a few changes. New floors, fresh paint, new tables and chairs quite a few things will be different when they are done." He glances around at the men as they work and then looks back to her. "So what is it that you do? You seem much to polite and well mannered to be like so many of the regulars around here." His eyes show curiousity now but there is a hint of caution there as well.

She tries to imagine the changes Nathan is speaking of. "I will be interested to see if some of the clientele also clean themselves up to fit in better." Phil picks up her drink, it smells like port because it is, and sips it. "I work for the Prophet. Sometimes I come in to meet people, soak up the atmosphere." Listen to the drunks with loose tongues. "What made you decide to go into the pub business, Mr Eldritch?"

Nathan laughs. "I doubt that will happen but they will still be welcome all the same." He chuckles softly and glances to the men once more who are just finishing up thier work. "I have several reasons. Mostly I wanted more…social job than my previous one and I thought this would be a good investment. Besides if one wants to know all the good gossip then listening to those who enjoy thier drinking is a good way to do that isn't it." He smirks and gives her a knowing look.

Phil throws her head back and laughs. "Yes, that's very true. I will have to watch out for you, Mr Eldritch. You're a little too clever." She sips a bit more of her port. "It will be interesting to see what you do with the place. Will you be renaming it too?

"I try Miss Rowle. After all a sharp mind can be a great help in both avoiding trouble and finding it as well." Nathan grins and offers a nod in answer to the question before he elaborates. "Yes the name will change as well. I plan on calling it the Drunken Dragon once its ready to be reopened. Hopefully it won't be too long until the renovations are complete." He looks to the men who have finished thier work and nods to them rising from his seat. "It was nice to meet you. Hopefully you will come by once I'm offically in business."

She finishes off her port, it was a small drink to begin with. "Good luck with the remodelling, Mr Eldritch." Phil flips up the hood of her purple cloak. "I shall try and stop in in a week or so and see how you have turned the pub into a trendy hot spot." An impish grin on her face she makes her way out.

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