(1938-02-23) Beating the Beaver, Flipping the Bird
Details for Beating the Beaver, Flipping the Bird
Summary: Eibhlin stumbles upon Randy having some "quiet time" and then Medusa stumbles upon them. As per usual, the Malfoy seeks to capitalize on the situation.
Date: Sat Feb 23, 1938
Location: Broom Closet

Broom Closet, Hogwarts Castle

It is a winter night. The weather is cold and overcast.

The brooms and mops are arranged neatly on hooks against the wall, with buckets on the floor below. Shelves lined with cleaners and sponges and other tricks of the cleaning trade cramp the already tiny closet even more. There's just about enough room for two people to stand really close in here, but other than that, something will have to be removed. Interesting, the fact that there is room for two people, no matter how old or what their size.

It's pretty quiet right now…that is, the halls are filled with the white noise of students shuffling towards whatever they want to do just after dinner. Which made in the perfect /dangerous/ time to take advantage of the broom closet. Randy slipped in, alone, and even after everyone's scuttled away to their various activities with the slither of free time they have right now, she's still there. Randy's chosen activity doesn't really lend itself to the dorms, or the common rooms, and the bathrooms are busy after dinner at this time. She's trying very very very hard to be quiet, and she's succeeding, except when she steps into a bucket and falls, causing some stuff to fall on her, but not nearly enough stuff to hide the fact that her hand is totally down south. "Bloo-"

The broom closet is a strange place to go for some quiet time, but it totally works. You duck in there and no one else follows- they usually assume you're meeting someone. In Eibhlin's case, it's becoming fairly well-known who she is likely to be meeting. The redhead has a book tucked under her arm as she backs into the closet, keeping an eye out for anyone that may try to sneak in after her. Randy is mid-fall at this point and the Ravenclaw Prefect lets out a small, faint shriek of surprise as she turns rapidly, falling back against the door. "I-" and whatever she was about to add is cut off as she spots Randy's state and turns a furious shade of pink.

Some students are heading to wherever. Medusa isn't one of them, because her gait is far more languid and relaxed; effortlessly graceful, of course, even in what could almost be described as movement in slow motion. The flash of red hair draws her eye toward the closet, and her lips quirk in sort of a smirk for a fraction of a second before she turns her steps that way. Precisely who she's expecting to find when she opens the door is anyone's guess, but it's certainly not the scene she's actually confronted with. She looks almost vaguely disappointed to discover that the redhead is Eibhlin, but when her half-lidded gaze shifts to Randy, well… that more than makes up for her disappointment. "Ladies," she drawls.

Randy's cheeks fire up into a bright red as she immediately yanks her hand out and uh…wipes it on a rag. Eww. She blurts, "It's not what you think!" Yes it is. "It's not a crime!"…what? She's still sprawled on the ground looking up at the Ravenclaw by the time Medusa makes it there. It's really not a good position to be in. When she hears Medusa's drawl, she sighs.

"I'd bloody well hope it's not a crime!" Eibhlin's voice turns a bit shrill as she exclaims her response. Sudden and certainly a bit louder than intended, she claps her hands over her mouth once it's out. The redhead makes to back up a step, but unfortunately Medusa is there in the door and she's likely to be able to stop her motions in time to avoid a collision with the Malfoy. "Oh! Ah… Ex-… excuse me?"

Medusa has fairly good reflexes, ordinarily, but she's far too wrapped up in thinking of all the ways she can put this information to good use to be aware of Eibhlin's backing up until the other girl has practically run her over. Steely eyes flicker over Evie, and Medusa cocks her head slightly to the side. "Shine." Her attention flickers back and forth, and then there's a hint of a smile that can't possibly bode well for either of the girls the Malfoy has come across. "I wasn't aware you were into girls, Shine. Maybe there's some truth to the rumor that someone's been spiking the drinks of the Ravenclaw fifths."

Randy manages to scramble to her feet fairly quickly and she takes a moment to straighten out her hair. "Hey Malfoy. Wait a second. We weren't…I'm not. Leave her alone," she finally says sternly, stepping up to put herself in between the girls. To do this, she would have to pull the Ravenclaw back, if she lets her. She's standing tall (as tall as she can), a chivalrous flare possessing her that probably…well no one here has seen before. She certainly isn't known for it even though it may run in her bloodline.

Though she'd been blushing furiously just a moment before… All color drains from Eibhlin's features at Medusa's words. "I… this isn't…" Her words are much the same as Randy's, but Randy isn't frozen in place by them. The Prefect is handily moved aside by the Gryffindor girl and she stumbles back a few steps into a couple of the brooms. They knock around and she grabs to a hook to keep herself upright and balanced. Mouth opens. Closes. Opens. Then a click as she chomps teeth closed and lets Randy take point.

Randy's response has Medusa's eyes glittering for a handful of seconds, but she draws herself up and looks down at the Gryffindor. "Leave her alone, hm? What'll you give me for that, Macmillan?" Why yes, she is a conniving Slytherin beneath that facade of laziness.

"I'm sick of playing this game," Randy says with equal sternness and possession that she had a moment before. It's like, she's a woman, not a silly girl. "Whatever you want. Let this be the unnamed favor you were wanting from me the other night. I don't give a shite," she says, in a foul and serious mood. Her feet are firmly planted as she stares straight into the Slytherin's eyes. She only glances back towards Eibhlin to ask, "Are you okay? Sorry," for the manhandling.

It's always difficult to stand up to the elder students, but Eibhlin is a Prefect. The redhead folds her arms under her breasts as she stands up straighter. Trying to hide the fact that they're shaking. She's shaking a bit, even. "Don't demand anything of her," she says suddenly to Medusa, trying to meet the Slytherin's eyes. It's not easy and the color still hasn't returned to Evie's cheeks. "I… I won't stand for any blackmail," she decides, voice wavering.

"Tsk. Chivalry. So very boring." Medusa shakes her head, easing back just a bit from the doorway and slouching. "And so very disappointing." The steely gaze lingers on Eibhlin. "Little more steel in your spine, Shine, and you might almost sound like a Prefect. If you want respect, it has to be earned." She steps back, waving a hand in a bored gesture. "No one would believe it anyway."

Randy has to counteract the fact that Medusa is /hot/ somehow. "Well I suppose it's not half as interesting as a long tradition of pricks," how dare you insult a long family tradition of sticking up for the little (slightly taller) person. "Maybe if you had something to do with your life you wouldn't be so interested in everyone else's."

Swallowing, Eibhlin tightens her grip on her robes, arms remaining folded. Squashing her poor bust between arms, but it's keeping her from visibly shaking. "I think the badge is earned enough," she says, voice evening out a bit. Perhaps the two against one helps.

Medusa lifts a hand and makes a rude gesture with it. "Guilty. Ta, Shine. Next time, Macmillan." She turns her back on the pair of them and saunters away with lazy grace.

Randy doesn't turn her back on Medusa…She waits till the Slytherin is out of hex range before she turns. It's not that she suspects it. It's engrained habit. Then she pivots towards Eibhlin and steps forward to grasp the Ravenclaw's arms gently. "Are you okay?" staring her directly in the eyes. All that fire from a moment ago molten into warm embers of concern. She really /does/ seem concerned for the Ravenclaw.

Eyes are clouded, steel blue rather than the usual bright blue-green hue. Randy will be able to tell that Eibhlin is shaking slightly once she grabs her arms. Hands do slowly release the fabric of her robes and the Ravenclaw exhales all at once. Her eyes shift to Randy and she blinks a few times. "I will be," she decides finally, drawing in a slow breath. "I… hate dealing with people like her."

Feeling and seeing that the girl is still a bit worked up, whatever thoughts of embarrassment that were once present, they might as well be a million miles away right now. For a moment, Randy says nothing, but feels compelled to step forward and give the girl a hug. "Well, unfortunately, they keep breeding." She gives the girl a comforting hug and then returns to her prior position. "Are you going to be okay? She rubs the girl's arms. "Do you need chocolate?"

Eibhlin's first instinct upon being hugged? To stiffen up. The redhead just isn't quite sure what to make of it! It's not like comfort is a standard part of the British arsenal of comforting people. However, when she realizes that Randy isn't trying to harm her or do anything uncouth, she relaxes a bit. There's a soft, breathy sort of laugh and a slow exhale. "The Malfoys, you mean? I noticed that." She lets her arms drop to her sides and shakes her head slightly, "I don't need chocolate. I just wish people didn't think it was so readily acceptable to be bullies."

Randy's family aren't your typical Brits. They're intrusive, wildly carousing ale drinkers who still celebrate things other people have long forgotten, if only to have an excuse to drink excessive amounts and have contests, cook lots of good food, and generally let chaos ensue. "Well, I'd say you held your own pretty well," Randy says with a grin. "And, if there weren't bullies, there would be no need for people to be protectors. And if there aren't any protectors now, where will we be when the bullies grow up and actually start learning some magic?" It's chicken and egg logic…a bit like Randy's brain, chicken and egg. "Look, if you ever need any tips or anything, feel free to find me." She ignores the girl's stiffness and finally releases her when the Ravenclaw's hands drop. THIS IS THE STATUS QUO WITH A MACMILLAN EIBHLIN. GET USED TO IT. She smiles brightly.

"Uhm." Eibhlin is having trouble following this logic. She blinks at Randy a few times as she tries to process things. The redhead shoves hands into the pockets of her robe, shoulders hunching a bit. She shakes her head a little, "Tips? On… dealing with her sort?" Brow furrows and lips purse. "That might be good."

Randy doesn't seem fazed. She's cheery again, eyes crinkled and glittering at her smile. "Ya, there are words, hexes, defensive spells…and simple things like spells to tie their shoelaces together. Words work best if you know what hurts them the most. Shoelaces during mealtime are great for their pride. But above all, you should really know how to defend yourself if things ever get physical."

Something in Randy's words catch Eibhlin's attention and she takes a half-step towards the Gryffindor. "You know how to defend yourself? I've… I've been wanting to learn a few things. Or at least how to throw a punch. Just, uh… just in case." It's clear it's less 'just in case' and more 'I have someone specific in mind', but she's asking nonetheless. "I'd love to learn. I know some hexes, but I'd rather avoid using those if I can help it."

"…." Randy is refreshingly surprised that there is someone who doesn't know she was a terror. She looks a bit shocked for a moment and then shakes her head as if to wake herself up. "Aye. I do. I can teach you to fight…wand or wandless. But…we'd have to be discreet. I don't know how much the professors would like it." Because it feels about that time. She checks her pocket watch. "Merlin's beard. You're going to have to dock me points if I don't leave!" It's nearing curfew. "I don't want to have to explain that one!" she says with a chuckle as she bolts from the broom closet. Eibhlin can hear her as she calls back, "Let's get together later!" She's quick. By the time the Ravenclaw leaves the broom closet, Randy is nowhere in sight.

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