(1938-02-24) A Spark of Interest
Details for A Spark of Interest.
Summary: Victor encounters Medusa in the armor gallery, and they discuss topics of interest.
Date: Sunday, February 24, 1938
Location: Armoury

Hogwarts Castle - Armor Gallery
Unnerving - that's the atmosphere that permeates this room. Empty suits of armor stand guard along every wall here, to either side of every door, across small islands in the middle of the room. All eras and nations are represented, including many that would definitely be unfamiliar to any muggle history book. From the shiny metal of Medieval knights to bamboo spikes of the warriors of the Chinese Dynasties, it's all here. Some of it is practical, some of it is ceremonial, some of it is downright silly-looking to some … but all the empty shells that once housed long-gone protectors silently stand watch around you on every side.

The sets of armor are all about and stand like the silent sentinels that they are. Victor walks in front of them and smiles up as he looks at each of the suits, stopping before them and looking up to examine their joinings and all the way that the armor flows. He stands in front of one suit, looking at it for a long while. It looks to have dragon scales in it's making and he just stares.

One of these things is not like the other. In between two suits of armor, leaning against the wall and almost unnaturally still, Medusa watches the Gryffindor's progress with half-lidded eyes. She doesn't stir, except for the slow rise and fall of her chest as she breathes; she looks to be about three seconds away from falling asleep on her feet. This is deliberately deceptive, however, as she's well aware of her surroundings, and the Prefect, and she waits until he's well and truly absorbed in his study of one particular suit before addressing him. "Proudmore." Her voice is a smoky, lazy drawl of sound that cuts through the silence like a knife through butter.

Victor stops in his gazing and his eyes close for a second as he regains where he is and then they open as he looks around the room. His view of the girl is blocked and he purses his lips to look about, "I am afraid you have me at a disadvantage." He turns, hands placed behind his back as he looks about. "come out, come out…" He sing songs.

Medusa gives voice to a low, purring little laugh, and still doesn't move. "I have everyone at a disadvantage, but I won't hold it against you." A beat pause, and then she adds, "Unless maybe you ask me to." She doesn't rise to his sing-song-y bait, however, her lips quirked in a brief smirk. "I could come out, or you could take three steps to your right."

Victor takes three steps, deliberate and counted. Then he turns and looks towards the voice. "There you are." He smiles brightly and bows to her, "Medusa. It has been a while since the days that you tortured my dear brother."

"I never tortured Lucian, at least not on purpose." Medusa pushes herself languidly away from the wall once he's spotted her, taking a few sauntering steps toward him, her hips swaying. "Unless you count teaching him to dance, but that was more torturous for me than it was for him."

Victor leans back on the heels of his feet and grins. "Have you seen him dance?" He then winks and laughs. "No, truly. It is good to see you."

"Of course I've seen him dance." Medusa takes another couple of slow steps. "I taught him." She quirks a brow at him, her head cocked in a manner that almost suggests interest. "Is it? Why? I wasn't aware you enjoyed the company of anyone who's not predisposed to worship at the altar of the golden boy." As sharp and biting as the words are, there's no malice in her tone, only curiosity.

Victor just gives her a wry grin at her words, "Aw. Jealous?" He says to her and chuckles low in his throat. "Or are you just looking for your own place in the harem." He winks to her, smiling all the while and showing just as much cheek as she does.

"In your dreams, maybe," Medusa drawls, shaking her head. "I'm not sure you're up to the task of holding my interest that long, and besides…" Her voice trails off, and she saunters the rest of the way toward him, going so far as to reach up to pat his cheek, unless he moves away from her. "I'd break you."

Victor doesn't fade away from that touch at all, he actually leans his cheek into it. "Really now." He comments and smirks to her as he turns and walks around her, eyes looking her over, "A possibility. But I know that I am as good as my brother and he doesn't really seem broken now does he?"

Medusa's eyes are still half-lidded, and her lips quirk again in a smirk as he moves around her, shoulders lifting in a shrug. "Give me some credit, Victor. Lucian was three years ago. I've had a lot of practice since then." She tilts her head back, to better be able to look up at him. "Is that the extent of your interest in me, then? That I dated your brother before either of us really knew what sex was?"

Victor purses his lips and shrugs, "I was simply playing the game that you were laying before me." He comes back around in front of her, "Or was there something more pressing that you had in mind for me?" And then something alights on his face, "Or were you simply spying?"

"Victor." Medusa gives the prefect an almost pitying look. "It was a fair effort, I'll give you that, but that's all you get points for." His suspicion that she might be spying draws another shrug. "I was bored. I'm frequently bored, as it happens."

Victor chuckles a good bit once again, "Always the nice simple pitying tone, Medusa." He looks to be thinking about something for a bit before he rocks back and forth on his heels once more, "Bored. In a place like Hogwarts. There is studying and all manner of things to be done."

Medusa gives a theatrical shudder at the mention of studying. "Boring. The only thing remotely interesting about this place, after five and a half years, is the people, and even that's not a given." As evidenced by the long string of ex-boyfriends she's acquired in the last three years.

Victor runs a hand across his hair and looks to her with a smirk, "Maybe it's you." He says and looks to her, "You go through boyfriends like a hot knife through butter."

"My standards aren't so very high," Medusa says, heaving a very bored-sounding sigh. "All I ask is for the boys to be interesting. That shouldn't be so terribly difficult, and yet somehow they all manage to disappoint."

Victor walks over and leans against the wall with a wide grin on his face, "Obviously they are… Otherwise you would not be so bored." He winks to her.

What Medusa learned, three years ago when dating Lucian, is that Proudmores are rarely boring. She watches Victor move toward the wall, and she saunters after him, hips swaying with each step. "Boredom is a terrible, terrible thing."

Victor turns to look at her and grins wide a bit, "Some say the devil can be found in woman. I think I just found it in those hips." He grins back at her, leaning against the wall still. "And yes, boredom is a terrible thing." He smirks.

"Do they? I haven't heard that one, but I can do amazing things with my hips." Medusa pauses, lifting her arms over her head, and gives a slow roll of her hips to the rhythm of some beat that can only be heard in her head. Then she drops her arms and looks at him, half-lidded eyes glittering. "So. Why the armor gallery?"

Victor watches and doesn't give anything more than just a smileto the girl as her hips grind about. When she asks, he looks about, "It is interesting to see how war advanced. To see how people thought they could protect themselves." And then he looks to her, "Not to mention it's usually quiet."

Medusa waves a hand in a dismissive gesture. "War. I wasn't aware you had an interest in such things, but I'm not particularly surprised." She smirks at him. "Wouldn't have pegged you for the quiet type, either, what with the harem."

Victor chuckles a little bit and shrugs, "Not that I am quiet, no. But a quiet moment here and there to think isn't a bad thing, no?" He looks about the suits in the room, "Call it part of muggle studies." He pauses, "But it's not just muggles. I can only hope that with war looming in the distance that it doesn't come to roost here."

"I prefer to fill the quiet moments with activity, to avoid thinking for as long as I can manage." Medusa's not stupid, despite what some people may say of her. She makes a face at his talk of war. "Now you sound like my brother," she complains.

Victor shrugs a bit, "We must be honest." And pops off the wall to walk back towards her. "It seems to be looming over our heads."

"Oh, I'm always honest." Medusa has some skill at deception, but she's found that truth makes a much more effective weapon than even the most elaborate lies. "War is looming, so what? What would you have me do about it? Care?"

Victor lifts a brow to this and nods, "Yes. Care." As he walks over to her, "We may have our own worlds and our own wants but we all live on this same plane. If war comes, it affects all of us. You want to go into London and eat at a nice muggle place, might not be possible. Someone's muggle mother loses her muggle son to war. We have our people in there as well. War affects the whole of the world."

Medusa's shoulders lift in a shrug. "I'll care when it gets closer to home, maybe. It's not a behavior I'm predisposed to, however, and I'm reasonably sure that people would rather deal with disinterest than insincere concern. At least, if they have any sense."

Victor shrugs his shoulders, "If that is how you see it. But you never know when it will come knocking at your door. A bomb could hit your family home."

This hypothetical earns a snort from Medusa. "That's what magic is for. To keep such things away."

"And you know they are coming?" Victor fires back.

"It's called being prepared, Victor," Medusa sneers. "Like the defenses on Hogwarts."

Victor gives a little smirk. "True. But the rest of the world doesn't have things like that." He shrugs, "I may not be a part of the muggle world but I don't want to see them all die."

"Everyone dies, sooner or later." Medusa shrugs again. "Taking the weight of the world on your shoulders, while presumably quite noble and very Gryffindor, rather less than practical. You can't be responsible for the world, Victor."

Victor looks to her, "Oh, I am not. But I am practical when someone I met might die because someone wanted more than they were entitled to."

"Even so. Once we're of age to be considered adults, we're responsible for our own actions. You can't get caught up in worrying about everyone you meet, that's a fantastic way to drive yourself crazy." Medusa lifts a hand and gestures at her head. "Those of us who are pure-blooded have a tenuous grasp on sanity, anyway. Look at the Blacks."

Victor gives a little nod, "I am not worried about everyone I meet. There are things in this world that are uncertain and cause a touch of trepidation." He laughs a bit, "But I am not worried about it to the point of going crazy. It passes now and then and I wonder of friends."

Medusa smirks, lifting her hand again to pat his cheek. "Ah. Not something I have to worry about, either. What few friends I have are perfectly capable of looking after themselves."

Victor smirks to that pat, "Indeed." And then he gets a little grin as he reaches out and pinches her cheek.

Medusa's head turns, and she snaps her teeth at his hand, though not serious enough about it to actually bite him. "Careful, Victor."

Victor looks to her, not shying away, "Why? What are you going to do to me?"

Medusa's eyes glitter, and her lips quirk in a smirk. "Oh, I'm open to suggestions. What would you like me to do to you?"

Victor just gives a little grin and a small laugh, "Wouldn't you like to know." And then he turns and walks from the room.

Watching him go, Medusa's expression is appreciative, and then she nods to herself. "Yes. Yes, I believe I would," she murmurs. Then she turns to head in the opposite direction with lazy, languid steps.

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