(1938-02-26) Head Boy Perks
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Summary: What does a Gryffindor do in the face of being cornered by Slytherins? Laugh. The Head Boy dispenses some elderly snakey wisdom.
Date: Tue Feb 26, 1938
Location: Reception Chamber

Randy is in the antechamber for some reason. It's that room that the first years have to come through. She's feeling along the stone, squinting. It's late afternoon, after classes and pre-supper. Not a lot of people really come in here since it isn't so comfy or anything. It's a good place to do things like grab a quick kiss or spread some gossip without getting points taken.

A good snog is often Helene's reason for finding herself within the antechamber. Unfortunately, her snogging partner had netted themselves detention and it's a third year of all people who brings word. So it's a few paces before the Slytherin is in the room proper that the cry goes up: "You have -got- to be kidding me. Detention, again?" There are a few swears muttered under her breath as the Howell girl stalks into the room… and halts. She blinks a few times and straightens, opting to watch Randy for the moment.

Slipping into the antechamber from the outdoors, Medusa is bringing word (albeit delayed thanks to getting hung up in the greenhouses) of Helene's snogging partner, her steps only slightly less languid than usual. She halts in the doorway, catching sight of the Gryffindor essentially trapped between them, and a corner of her mouth twitches. "Hel. I take it you've already heard the news?" There are so many ways that statement could be taken, which is presumably why she uses that particular turn of phrase.

Randy seems to have thought that Helene was a passing student in the corridor since the yelling stopped. She doesn't turn around until she hears the Click Click Click that tickles her ears…in an irritated sort of way she can't ignore. She only turns halfway, in profile to the Slytherin girls, keeping an eye on them as she picks at her nails.

"I did," Helene says with a distant sigh, hazel eyes rolling to regard the ceiling. "I should have known. He was being a fair bit more mouthy today…" A glance to Medusa and the Slytherin girl's lips curve into a slow smirk. "And now how I'd like him to be." She turns to regard Randy once more, but it's clear the Gryffindor girl has caught sight of them. Damn Medusa and her heels. Helene prefers the quiet approach… and that's just what she does. She descends the stairs fully into the antechamber, beginning her path towards the other girl. "Did you lose something?"

Medusa is capable of stealth, but in those cases she generally has to remain still; the heels are, of course, a dead giveaway, but they also tend to ensure that she's the center of attention, which is always a win for her. "Mm. I'd heard that, yes. It's a habit that really ought to be curbed, but perhaps the detention will teach more than just the lesson the faculty intended." She steps further into the room, sidling toward Randy from the other direction. "Perhaps you were looking for somewhere out of the way? To indulge certain… habits."

Did someone mention certain habits? The doorway Randy is apparently looking for opens and out steps Leonardo, apparently he's making use of this particular secret passage since he just discovered it. Stepping away from the passage and glancing at the three girls, "I've been told that three is an unlucky number." He says with a slight hint of a smirk, "Hello Medusa, Helene, Randy…"

Randy's eyes fall into a deadpan stare at the two girls, which for the Gryffindor means, actually somehow making deadpan seem dramatic. Her eyes twitch to Medusa at her words, a fierceness in them, then flash back to Helene, "Nothing of your business." As the passage opens, she glances up to find Leonardo. "Zabini." When she turns her head up towards him, she flashes him a smile.

"If boys learned anything from detention," Helene says, turning slightly towards Medusa, "school would be a lot less interesting." The brunette takes a few more strides towards Randy, faint curls in her hair bouncing around her shoulders. She's about to say something, but the Head Boy is appearing. Eyebrows rise somewhat and the Howell lass folds arms across her stomach. In that perfect spot that only serves to enhance her… assets. "Leo," she draws towards her elder housemate, lips pulling into a slow smirk. "I find the unlucky numbers tend to be my favorite."

"It depends entirely on the detention." Medusa's final word on that topic, as a far more interesting one arrives shortly thereafter. She halts in her progress toward Randy, one hand on her hip, slouching lazily. "Hello, Leo. Is three supposed to be unlucky? I've never had much use for superstition." Which is among the reasons she did so poorly in Divination.

Allowing the passage to close behind him, the headboy surveys the three girls, "Perhaps I should say, you three together is unlucky for whomever happens to get caught in the web?" Leonardo would never be caught in said web of course, is the implication of course. He quirks an eyebrow at Helene, "Unlucky numbers are never a good, happily, my being here makes it four which is a number with excellent omens." Leo never took divinations, why would he when there are more… precise things to study.

"My web does not cross with their's," Randy says and pauses a moment, "Well, Medusa's, and what's her bird's name by association." How many years has it been? And yet, still, Randy says that. As far as she shows it, she could think Helene to be a stubborn growth on the side of Medusa's hip.

"Three, four. Either way, it's a party." Helene does not seem bothered by the addition of more- sure, it broke into her Randy-watching, but Leonardo is far more interesting in many ways. Fingers curve into the fabric of her robe and the Slytherin rocks back gently on her heels. Keeping a level eye upon the Gryffindor and the Head Boy. The former, however, catches her attention and there's a slow curve of her lips. Not in a smirk, no. This expression nears a sneer in quality.

"Randy, Randy, Randy." Medusa tsks, sauntering closer to the Gryffindor girl. "Her name is Helene. Really, such manners. Even if you couldn't be bothered to remember after five and a half years, Leo just said it not five minutes ago." Her lips curve into a sharp smile, and her eyes glitter. "You should apologize."

With a tilt of his head he nods to Randy, then he glances at Medusa his eyes narrowing slightly as she demands an apology from the Gryffindor. Leo's robes are in his typically perfectly manicured state. "We should all remain civil, it serves no purpose to be openly hostile." He glances at all three girls, his eyes narrowed slightly, it's clearly a warning.

"Oh no. Don't worry about it Zabini," Randy says before her eyes roll down to Medusa. "I'll apologize. It will only take a moment." She steps forward, in front of Zabini to try and clasp Helene's hand. "My Queen!" she says, quite loudly, enough to draw curious people from the hall, if they were so inclined…or there. "I deeply regret that I may have suffered to have regretful-ly intended" she flourishes a bow to bended knee, staring straight up at Helene, "…not to have forgotten your name, but maybe perhaps." She lowers her head slowly with a little smirk, bringing the girl's hand to her lips for a soft kiss.

"Civil was almost my middle name," Helene says loftily to the elder Slytherin. The sneer has even dissipated, only to be replaced by her usual half-smile. "But they felt Xanthe was more suiting a woman of my station." Eldest Prince daughter, of course. She's her daddy's little girl, after all. The one who can do no wrong- as such families often go. Randy is watched intently and she lets her hands fall to her sides- in time to be taken by the Gryffindor. If the look in her eyes was one sparkling in amusement before… they are positively gleeful now. "Ah, my dear," she says, making to bring Randy back to her feet. "You are, of course, forgiven… provided it does not happen again." No threat there- simply a pragmatic statement befitting the title she's been given.

"I've never been openly hostile a day in my life," Medusa says, tossing her head and giving Leonardo a vaguely offended look. Her expression returns to "bored" quickly enough, however, and she tracks Randy's progress toward Helene along with the apology. There's a faint smirk as Helene mentions the aptness of her naming; Medusa, after all, was very well-named, at least according to rumor.

An eyebrow is raised fractionally as Randy makes her melodramatic apology. "I think you crown to early the head upon which your laurels do stand, and apologize too grandly, we should not stoke the air which fills such pretty heads with unfeigned ambition." The words are soft, just loud enough for the girls to hear if they strain, he turns back to Medusa, "And what good gossip do you owe your mood to?"

Randy is more than happy to be pulled up by Helene, but the Slytherin might have had to bodily pull the dead weight up a little. When's kind of floppy on her feet, a silly self-satisfied grin on her face as turns her attention to Leo, her whole body playfully off kilter just a touch. "Oh I didn't know Helene had a head full of hot air." She laughs a bit to herself at this. "I really need to teach you a thing or two about making shite up off the top your head."

At the very least, Helene remains in place until she's certain Randy is on her feet. There's a soft pat to the girl's head before the Slytherin disengages from the Gryffindor. She moves easily towards Leonardo, pausing a few paces from her housemate. Hazel eyes take him in, offering a full sweep from head to toe. Thoughtful. "Perhaps you ought to focus more on the pretty aspect rather than insinuating things you surely don't mean." A brief glance towards Randy and Helene's expression becomes more of a smirk. "Macmillan knows well-enough…"

Shifting her attention from Randy and Helene to Leo, Medusa closes in on the elder Slytherin from the other side. "Wouldn't you like to know. I'm not so sure I'm willing to share, though, if you're going to imply that Helene doesn't have the brains to go with her beauty. We wouldn't be the very good friends that we are if that were the case."

"I said she had too much ambition, not that she was stupid." Leonardo doesn't seem at all unnerved by the three younger girl's attentions. He doesn't quite stop the eyebrow arching at Medusa's comment, "You speak of her beauty as if, any less would be an insult. It is rare for the two to match and when one is so highly valued in the first place, you can hardly take offense at the other being lower."

And yet, Leo's words produce…a guffaw from the Gryffindor. "Oh wow," she holds a hand to her heart for a beat…then starts up again for one more round. "You snakes are too good," she says, having taken a step off to the side to catch her breath. "I know someone who might not have the brains to match their beauty," she coughs.

"Oh, Medusa." Helene's hair slides over her shoulders as she turns her head to regard her friend. "I appreciate it, but I think… our Head Boy might get the wrong thoughts from your valiant defense." The Prince girl steps in closer towards Leonardo, reaching a hand lightly out towards his arm. Should her fingers land, her touch is feather-light. "Is ambition not the reason we are who we are? Did the Sorting Hat not whisper in your ear of greatness years ago?" Her voice has lowered and though words are still spoken loud enough to be heard by the other two girls, Helene says things in such a way to imply a shared moment.

"Hel," Medusa counters with a smirk, "you don't think that rumor's already going 'round certain circles? Consider my reputation." The things that are said about Medusa's proclivities are only partly true, but there's plenty that isn't said. "There's no such thing as too much ambition, Leo. It may manifest differently in each of us, but Helene has the right of it. It is why we're here." Though few have any idea of what direction Medusa's ambition may someday take her.

Tilting his head towards Helene as she whispers into his ear, he shakes his head softly, "The sorting hat whispered naught into my ears." He corrects the brunette, he doesn't move away from her though. Glancing at Randy he smiles, or at least his mouth does, "Only one? I know any number of them." He'll ignore Medusa for now as well, the naked ambition that most Slytherin's express has never been one of Leo's traits. Always at the forefront but he never seems to be striving for it.

Randy gets a hold of herself so she can gather what Helene says, but there's a distinct pause of silent shock before, Randy doubles over again. "I've never heard such dragon shite in my life," she says, her voice getting high pitched and her face turning a bit red, now really getting a case of 'the giggles.' "Greatness?" She laughs her head off. "Oh bloody hell, I've been chosen for greatness!" Hahahaha.

"I'll have to do the job the Sorting Hat forgot," Helene says, managing to weave a certain level of sympathy into her words. Fingers upon Leonardo's arm settle into a soft touch. A brush along the skin before she's turning to Randy. There's annoyance evident in her gaze now and a tightening at her jaw. The Slytherin teen retracts her hand and it falls to her side, nails biting into palms. Lips press into a thin line and she simply levels a -look- upon the Gryffindor.

Arching a brow at the Gryffindor, Medusa sets both hands on her hips. It's an unladylike posture, but then there's really nothing at all ladylike about Medusa. "We were chosen for our ambition, but it's ambition that will change the world, at the end of the day. Some might call it greatness. The history books are unlikely to do so."

A sigh as the three girls start into each other again, Leonardo grabs Medusa and Helene's arms, turning towards the stairs, "Prince, Malfoy I think it's time we have some words." He totes the two of them away from the laughing Gryffindor, "Have a good day, Macmillan." He says without looking back.

Randy manages to get the giggles under control so she can enjoy the sight of the Head Boy dragging his two prattling big headed Housemates off by their arms like little bratty girls. "This is nice," she says to herself softly before she calls after them with her hand cupped around her mouth, "Make sure to keep going till their rears turn red. I'd recommend 12 lashings for the prettier one!" she'll let the girls try to figure out who that is.

If another reply is brewing, it is cut short. Helene glances to the hand upon her arm before brown gaze takes in Leonardo. Lips curve into a smirk and she falls into step, letting the Head Boy lead the way.

"Words?" Medusa arches a brow, though she falls into step on Leonardo's other side, glancing sidelong at Helene before smirking up at the Head Boy. "Is that what we're calling it now?"

"Yes, yes it is." Leonardo says as he releases Medusa long enough to open a secret passage in the great hall. He gestures for the two girls to proceed him, "Straight and then left at the first fork." He steps through when they've entered the hidden passage, making sure that Randy doesn't follow along after them.

There's a bright laugh out of Helene at Medusa's words, though Leonardo's reply may have something to do with it. When he releases the pair to go ahead of him, the Prince girl steps in closer to her friend's side, looping an arm companionably through hers. "Don't dally too long," she calls over her shoulder as they start down the passage. "I would hate for you to miss out on the first words…"

Humming rather tunelessly, Medusa smirks at Leonardo's response, her steps still languid despite his insistence on a fairly brisk pace. Arm in arm with Helene, she starts down the passage, and a wicked grin flickers across her expression for a moment. "Oh, I think we can wait a few minutes, surely? After all, it would be rude to start without him, since we're here at his invitation."

The room that he has directed them to is a rather empty room, a single window shows that they're still somewhat near to the walls. Leonardo enters the room directly after the other two. "Honestly you two… I have half a mind to do as she said and paddle you." He frowns at them, his lips compressed, "You are Slytherins, not …Hufflepuffs. She was baiting you and you… let her. You want power, you want control… stop giving it away every chance you get."

"You could have told me more about Proudmore," Helene points out to Medusa, jostling the elbow of the other girl. She takes a look around the room they find themselves within, taking it in. The lay of the place- perhaps trying to remember it for future endeavors. There is a response upon her lips of paddling as she disengages from Medusa to turn to Leonardo. His words earn a frown in response and she folds her arms across her chest. "You assume much."

"Later, darling," Medusa replies to Helene, smirking at her and disengaging her arm so that she can give a slow turn and inspect the space. She quirks a brow at Leonardo when he returns and starts to chastise them, then rolls her eyes. "Don't be ridiculous. You make it sound as if I was giving away Ministry secrets, rather than laying bait for a trap of my own. After all, Macmillan is quite easily to manipulate."

Quirking an eyebrow gives way to a grin, the first full featured expression Leo's had of the evening. "Well then, in that case I guess I'll just have to spank you for other reasons." He glances between the two girls for a moment and purses his lips.

"Medusa has ther ight of it," Helene says with a small roll of her shoulders. She takes a few steps towards Leonardo, reaching out to take his arm if she may. Letting hands clasp his, to turn it over and inspect his palm. "Macmillan… well, she reads like a book. You let her play and have her fun and she reveals so much to you." There's a glance up to the seventh year and lips spread in a broader smile, revealing her teeth. "You certainly have the hands for it."

"She's a Gryffindor, of course she reads like a book." Medusa nods at Helene, smirking as the older girl approaches the Head Boy. "I'm sure, Leo, that you can find plenty of legitimate reasons for the both of us. Though Hel's bad behavior is far less widely known than mine."

Glancing at Helene's hand as she takes his hand. Leonardo allows the girl to play with his hand, "Yes, but you put her on her guard, as feeble as it is the attack is noticed. And that gives you a reputation which means it sets others on their guard… others who aren't as easy to read. It's about more than just one girl, one battle, you have to win the war."

Helene casts a glance towards Medusa. Lips curve in a semblence of a pout. Perhaps at mention of bad behavior- it's not like the Princel views her own behavior as bad. The expression doesn't last long before she's looking back to the seventh year. "Oh Leo… I think the little Gryffindor knows better than to try to spread rumors of her own." She lifts his hand to study it closer, holding it in one while the other traces against his palm. Her eyes lift, watching for his reaction. "Spreading misinformation is vital in a war," she adds, almost as an afterthought.

"I already have a reputation," Medusa reminds Leonardo. She steps up to his other side, catching Helene's glance and smirking again before turning her attention up to the Head Boy. "If they're on their guard against the threat they think is coming, they'll never bother considering the other threats arrayed against them. And you must admit, I make a very pretty distraction."

"I never admit anything." Leonardo says with a smirk that doesn't quite touch his eyes, extending his other hand to Medusa pulling her into a kiss. "Now," He says when he is finished, "I would feel like I wasted a perfect good unknown secret room if I didn't adequately punish you both for your… indiscretions."

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