(1938-02-28) Paladin's Challenge, Round 1 - Lucian vs Victor
Details for Paladin's Challenge, Round 1 - Lucian vs Victor
Summary: Half-brothers, Victor and Lucian Proudmore, face off in the first round of the Paladin's Challenge.
Date: February 28, 1938
Location: Club Room
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Club Room, Hogwarts Castle

This large room has a variety of uses, and can be setup differently for each club that uses it. Large storage doors around the room each hold a different club's equipment, to be setup with the wave of a wand. When the Athletics Club is here, for example, the room is full of gymnastics, weight, and other sports equipment. When the Domestics Club is here, however, stoves and cauldrons and workstations are more likely to be found here.

Getting the Proudmore boys into a room together is often a recipe for volatility. But an official duel is one way to make it happen. Lucian's robes hang from a peg on the wall. He isn't one to hide his movements beneath the flowing cloth. Preparing for the upcoming duel with his half-brother, he warms up by the stage, stretching and practicing wand-movements with an empty hand.

Victor makes his way to the club room and as he walks in he moves to the pegs and puts his own robe up on a peg. He moves towards the stage and gives a bit of a stretch as he does so, "Hello, Brother." He says and gives Lucian a warm smile. "A good day for this." As he moves around to his station but doesn't get on the stage just yet.

Victor makes his way to the club room and as he walks in he moves to the pegs and puts his own robe up on a peg. He moves towards the stage and gives a bit of a stretch as he does so, "Hello, Brother." He says and gives Lucian a warm smile. "A good day for this." As he moves around to his station but doesn't get on the stage just yet.'

Coming into the club room carrying two wrapped packages, Seamus places them on a chair before getting up on to the dueling stage,"Proudmores to the stage." He says cheerfully, as he stands there with his wand out and looking relaxed.

Lucian is in that calm, meditative headspace he enters when preparing for a duel. Out in the halls, he might give Victor a glare. But here, he nods respectfully, with a quiet, "Victor." Then again, ever since the two of them ended up wrestling in the courtyard, Lucian hasn't had much to say to Victor. Not even a growl. At Seamus' command, he steps up onto the stage, waiting for Victor to get into place before lifting his wand to his face in salute, sweeping it down to the side as he bows.

Gabrielle quietly comes in to the room, and will make her way to a nearby wall to watch from.

Victor gives a little bit of a laugh as Lucian calls him by name. As Seamus speaks, he moves to the opposite side of the stage and hops up on it. he pulls his wand out and looks across to Lucian, "Best of luck to you, Sir." With a small bow of his head as the wand comes up in salute.

Briar enters about the same time Gabby does and with that same sort of quiet pace to not distrub the proceedings. She finds a patch of wall out of the way and then claps in applause for the duel about to begin and cheers, "Good sports!" Yeah, Americans and their vocal cheering.

"Alright gentlemen, take your positions. Salute properly and we'll begin. I want a clean match." Seamus says as he stands between the two. He looks from brother to brother. "Good luck to you both!" He says cheerfully as he relaxes his body.

Claire is positively gleeful. She's been looking forward to this duel ever since the listings went up. More a fan of impressive displays of power than strictly one side or the other in this duel, Claire stands at a respectful distance. It's still close enough to have a good view, disregarding anyone shorter's view that might be interrupted.

Right now, Julian is mingling amongst the rest of the crowd, his arms crossed across his chest as he watches the duel begin to kick off. As he mulls through the crowd, he comes to stand shoulder to shoulder with Claire, whom he nudges slightly upon approach. Just to let her know he's there. "This should be good," he leans over to tell her, grinning a little bit.

Briar sounds like she's at a baseball game in Yankee stadium the way she cheers on both of the brother's. "Think before you act Victor. Gotta figure out how to get through that amazing Defence. Fight smart! - You got this Lucian, this is it. Keep it together and it's yours." She claps along with her cheering. Eeeeey batter batter batter suuwing batter!

Victor finishes his salute and bows a little to Seamus before he takes a stance to be ready. He waits a little bit, judging Lucian's movements for a bit before he moves slightly to one side and then gives a flick of his wand and announces, "Silencio Lucian." With a grand flourish.

Lucian is, indeed, known for his near-impenetrable defense. Though Victor is no slouch, and Lucian barely gets his Shield Charm up in time, dissipating his half-brother's spell against the flash of white light. Undeterred, he immediately slides back into his ready stance, preparing his next spell.

Victor watches as his spell falters to Lucian's shield, "Nicely done." He speaks out and then shifts his stance a little to turn a slight bit differently as he flicks his wand and announces, "Incarcerous Lucian."

With a flourishing swish, Lucian thrusts his wand and shouts, "Avis!" The wand issues a burst of smoke and a loud bang, and a flock of ravens appears, flapping madly toward Victor, and colliding with the conjured ropes, sending a flapping, cawwing mass of entangled wings and beaks to the stage between them.

"Very," Claire concurs with Julian. She glances askew at Briar's vocal cheering, but as the duel gets underway she's too focused for it to bother her much. Claire's wand arm twitches in time with the duel.

"Nice! Ooo, awww, wow! ooooo! Well done! Get him! Daaw the poor birdies!" Goes the Yank in the back of the room.

Victor straightens once again and reforms his steps. He grounds himself once more and gives Lucian a long look as he waits to see what his brother will do before he finally draws his hand in a little bit and then sends out, "Stupefy!"

There's a bit of a glance also given toward Briar for a moment as Julian's nose crinkles at the extra noise. He goes back to watching the duel without much remark otherwise, though, arms crossed across his chest as he watches the two boys go at it. The birds going plomp on the stage as they're bound gets a bit of a snort-chuckle.

Lucian's defensive stance must have given him away. He counts his breaths, trying to time it right to deflect Victor's spell back at him. But he underestimate's his half-brother's speed. The Stunning Spell bounces away from his shield, but his aim is off, sending it high over Victor's head.

Gabrielle 's being rather quiet, just watching, although when Lucian deflects the stupefy up she does flinch and her hand moves to grab her own wand. She stops before getting that far.

Victor gives a bit of a chuckle and paces about a bit as he tries to read his brother once more. He sets his stands and waits a little bit before the wand goes up, "Good work." He says out to his competitor and then flashes out with his wand, "Ascendio."

Lucian permits a slight change of expression: he smirks. He aims his wand not at Victor, but at the entangled birds. "Vestiarifors!" Light arcs out from his wand, encompassing the squawking mass, which suddenly shifts and reshapes. He has transfigured the birds and ropes into…a wardrobe. When Victor's spell strikes it, the furniture is launched right off the dueling stage, ricocheting off of a rafter above, sending it crashing down atop a cabinet full of art supplies. Lucian will undoubtedly catch hell for that later.

Briar goes from Spectator to Prefect in the time it takes a flying wardrobe to crash. "Hey hey hey now! That could have been a firstie's head, keep it safe Proudmores!" But then she's back to fan girling. "Nice moves though, danger aside, quick thinking! Very creative! Just kill each other, not the spectators!"

Lucian can see that Victor's reflexes are just too fast. He can't let this drag out until his opponent finally gets past his defenses. Changing tactics, he decides to take a risk to end this quickly. He lunges forward, twirling his wand like a fencing blade. "Expelliarmus!" Red light arcs out toward Victor's wand…

Claire gives a low whistle at the bird-cabinet transfiguration. Transfiguration in the heat of a duel is always impressive. When it goes flying, she tracks the trajectory, taking a small step to be sure she'll be clear of any collateral damage.

Victor moves a little bit more, eyes still on his brother and and as he sees the move go he moves just as fast as the other. "Stupefy!"

As the duel rages on, Julian's eyebrows steadily creep up his eyebrows, and hrms a little bit. When there's a… Dresser, of all things, suddenly involved, he begins to sidestep with her. "You've gotta be kidding," he grumbles lightly, watching as it crashes. "Maaaaybe this is getting a little out of hand," he remarks lightly toward Claire, giving her a glance.

"Are you kidding?" Claire says, without tearing her eyes away from the action. "This is the best one yet!"

As soon as Victor finishes saying Stupefy, the red light from Lucian's wand strikes Victor sending the wand soaring through the air in a nice arc landing well outside the dueling area. However, that wouldn't be such a big deal except that as Lucian finishes saying Expelliarmus the light from Victor's wand strikes him squarely in the chest knocking him outcold. As the duel is now over, Seamus gets out a small notebook and makes some notations before he performs the charm to rennervate the fallen Proudmore,"Alright. Since both of the duelists managed to render their opponent unable to continue dueling, and we do need a winner in order to continue on properly, we will now award points for originality and skill. Ok. In round one, Lucian Proudmore made use of an excellent shield charm, and Victor Proudmore performed an excellent version of the Silencing Charm. Thus both earn a total of three points. Not terribly original but well done. The next round was avis versus the incarcerous charm. Lucian Proudmore earns five points bringing his total to eight points, and Victor gains four for his use of incarcerous, bringing him to seven. Then we have Lucian Proudmore performing transfiguration on the birds to turn them into a wardrobe. This is quite impressive and gives him a score of six for the round, bringing him to fourteen. Victor Proudmore performed an expelliarmus charm for four more points bringing him to eleven points. The next round Lucian proud more earned four points for his shield charm bringing him to eighteen and Victor Proudmore gets another four for his expelliarmus this round bringing him to fifteen. Finally both participants earned five points each for the final round. This brings it to Lucian Proudmore with a total of twenty-three points and Victor Proudmore with a total of twenty points. That means by decision the duel goes to Lucian Proudmore."

As his wand goes flying off and out of his hand Victor watches and takes in a bit of a sighs as he looks to his brother just in time to see it hit the other square in the chest. he stands there at a loss for a bit as he looks about and then moves towards his brother to see if he's all right as Seamus revives him. All the next bits are watched with his eyes on Seamus and then at the end he gives a look down to the ground and then walks to Lucian and offers a hand, "Well done." With a nod of his head.

Briar applauds and wolf whistles and all manner of cheer for both of the brothers again. But since the crash she's made her way through the crowd to begin cleaning it up as best she can. Some papier-mâché… thing is gingerly lifted between two fingers, "Proudmores, I think you killed… the Easter Bunny?" She says uncertain as her head tilts off to the side as she continues to look at the destroyed craft.

Lucian pulls himself slowly to his feet. The Stunning Spell wasn't too powerful, but taking any blow when exerting oneself tends to knock the wind out of a person. He rubs his chest where Victor's spell struck as he listens to Seamus explain the points, avoiding his half-brother's eyes until he becomes aware of the offered hand. He turns to face Victor, and puts his hand firmly in the other. "Thank you. You were really something."

Gabrielle stands in the back. This wasn't what she was expecting. It was rather…polite. She didn't know points were given…

Victor shakes the hand for a bit and smiles to Lucian, "So were you." And gives a bit of a sigh, "Just lost out in the end. But it was good to finally face you like that."

Lucian lifts his eyebrow at Victor, uncertainty playing on his features. "Yeah…cheers." Unsure what else to say, he gives one last salute with his wand, and hops down from the stage, stepping over to collect his robes from their peg on the wall.

Victor watches after Lucian and slowly shakes his head. "Damn." He mutters low and shakes his head as he goes to get his robes off the peg as well and after that retreats off into the castle somewhere.

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