(1938-03-01) Paladin's Challenge - Youth Bracket - Round 2: Maeve versus Cathal
Details for Paladin's Challenge - Youth Bracket - Round 2: Maeve versus Cathal
Summary: Maeve and Cathal face off in the second round of the Paladin's Challenge
Date: March 1, 1938
Location: Club Room
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It's after dinner on a friday night, and once again, the club room is set up for a duel, and Maeve is on the strip, working on her footwork.

Since he's still a first year, Cathal cannot go to Hogsmeade yet. That said he was scheduled to take part in a duel. The dark haired quiet Ravenclaw boy arrives in the club room sans robes but the rest of his uniform in tact.

Most of her classmates are down in Hogsmeade, but Diana rarely goes, and she doesn't mind refereeing a match, especially when it involves a fellow Gryffindor. The seventh year girl stands on the floor near the center of the stage, looking between the pair. "I'm going to cover the rules, just because it's tradition, but I expect you don't really need them by now."

She inclines her head to make sure there's no correction from either before reciting the dueling rules, as well as the additional conditions of the Paladin's Challenge. When she's finished with that, she back up another step, nodding at the pair of firsties. "Bow to each other, and then you may begin."

Bringing his wand up in a proper salute, Cathal observes the niceties of the duel. Once again much like in his match with Cillian, Cathal decides to go ahead and begin trying to stay on the offensive. As soon as it's appropriate the boy's wand moves quickly as he says,"Flippendo!" Not exactly a duel winning type of spell but he is happy that unlike last time the spell actually manages to succeed.

Maeve smiles, as she returns the salute with a crisp motion. As she sees Cathal start to move, she immediately moves into a defensive stance. "Protego!" she says as she flicks her wand. The shield comes up, but just a hair too late, as she ends up on her bum at her end of the strip.

Diana winces in sympathy as the small girl is knocked down, but she has to admire the little first year's determination.

Maeve grits her teeth, as she once again waves her wand. "Protego!" The shield grows a bit brighter, and definitely stronger, as she builds up her defenses, biding her time.

Not one to allow his opponent time to rest, Cathal's fairly aggressive style of dueling might come as a surprise for some given his normal demeanor,"Expelliarmus!" THe boy calls sending a burst of red light from his wand which does little against Maeve's shield.

Since Diana can't openly show encouragement, being an impartial moderator, she can't commend Maeve on her decision to strengthen her defenses. There's a trace of worry in her expression, though, as Cathal doesn't seem to be backing down.

There's no anger. No frustration at Maeve's being able to block him from the ground. Truth is that Cathal's just glad that not a single one of his spells has fizzled on him this time, unlike in his duel with Cillian. Instead Cathal presses on taking a page from his Housemate Claire's rulebook on dueling. "Petrificus Totalus!" He says as he waves his wand towards Maeve, hoping he'll be able to get through her defenses this time.

Maeve manages to get to her feet….just in time to be hit by the Petrificus Totalis, and topple right back over…

Drawing her wand, Diana gives it a wave to release Maeve from the spell. "O'Toole is the winner. Congratulations, Cathal." She gives him a warm smile before turning to offer a sympathetic look to Maeve. "That was well fought, Maeve."

Maeve smiles, as she stands up, and offers her hand to Cathal. "Good job, O'toole. Good luck in th' next round." She turns and nods in response to Diana. "Thank ye.

Shaking the girl's hand, Cathal says,"Good job O'Brian. You put up a good defensive shield. If you'd defended again I doubt that I would have broken through that time." He says matter of factly. "Against a duelist who isn't offensive it would probably have served you even better."

Maeve nods. "Aye. Ye got me off balance. I was tryin' t' get back, so I could go on th' offensive. Ye jus' got th' better o' me before I could."

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