(1938-03-04) A Memory Unveiled
Details for A Memory Unveiled
Summary: At last, the memory bound into Gabrielle's mother's wand is revealed.
Date: March 4, 1938
Location: Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom
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Defense Against the Dark Arts, Hogwarts Castle

The large cathedral-like windows in this room provide plenty of illumination to work by at the rows of old fashioned wooden desks, which seat two people each. The rooms itself has low, wooden beamed ceiling but still feels open and spacious thanks to the ample lighting and the large size of the space. Towards one end of the room an open space has been left for the instructor to walk about in, a blackboard covering most of the wall in that section of the room. In a corner of the instructor's area there is a small spiral staircase carved out of white marble that ends in a small balcony from which the instructor can observe the whole room without impediment as well as serving as the entrance to the D.A.D.A. office.

"Yes, I imagine it might work, given how the memory is bound into an actual enchantment." Oran Hawthorne, hands a wand back over to Professor Galatea Merrythought. "You're…sure about this?"

Professor Merrythought nods sagely. "Trust me, Mr. Hawthorne. All will be well. As soon as Miss Evans arrives, we can get under way." In spite of Hawthorne's fidgeting, the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor teems with confidence.

Gabrielle and Jackson walk in together. Gabby has a nervous anticipation about her and will be unconsciously tugging at her right sleeve. She'll have a slightly relieved look when she sees Mr. Hawthorn, "Professor Merrythought, Mr.Hawthorne." She'll give a glance to JAckson and then back to the adults, before she scans the room for her mother's wand.

Jackson glances towards Gabrielle, nodding to her before he looks towards Merrythought and Hawthorne, "Professor, Sir…" He pauses for a moment, turning to the side and tightening the knot of his tie before he returns to Gabrielle's side, "Please let us know how we can help."

Merrythought turns to greet the students, arching an eyebrow at Jackson. "Mr. Potter, you were not expected. Miss Evans, are you agreeable to his presence? What we are to discuss could be of a highly personal nature."

Mr. Hawthorne smiles brightly to both children. "I'm sure it will be alright, Professor. Were it not for young Potter here, Miss Evans and I would not be standing here today."

Gabrielle nods, "Yes, absolutely. Jackson knows everything." With another twist to her sleeve,the poor thing is going to be so wrinkled, "Mr.Hawthorne is correct. He saved us both."

Jackson smirks, "I get that a lot, Professor." He glances towards Hawthorne now, "Good to see you again, sir." He glances towards Gabrielle again and then responds, "I do."

Merrythought nods respectfully to Jackson. "So, you are the brave young man that faced down this Callus Vengal. That was very brave. A Dark wizard is no simple opponent. Well, let us get right to it, come." She gestures the students to follow her further into the classroom, until she is standing in front of a large mirror. It's a familiar enough sight, as she has used the mirror on a number of occasions in lessons to display realistic images of Dark creatures that were not safe to actually bring into the classroom. She displays the wand in her hand, which is decidedly not her own, but Gabrielle's. Rather, it is the wand of Gabrielle's mother. "The curse was a nasty piece of work. Dark magic of the worst sort. Insidious and stubborn. But," her growing smile toward Gabrielle creases the lines of her face, "I have broken it. Your mother's wand is curse free."

Hawthorne nods in agreement. "It's true. I can find no evidence of any curse now. Though…I should cautious you, Miss Evans. There was still some fire damage. Besides which, this was your mother's wand, not yours. I would not recommend using this wand any more."

Gabrielle lets out a breathe she didn't realize she was holding . Her right hand twitches, almost like she's going to reach for the wand, but doesn't. Gabby will nod lightly a small smile on her face. It's clear she believes Merrythought…just it's hard to believe. Gabby will turn towards Hawthorne, a small frown on her face, "I know…It was never my wand."

Jackson nods in response to Merrythought, "Thank you, Professor. I was taught very well." He listens for the moment it takes to deliver the news, then looks towards Gabrielle with a broad smile, "Well, there's some good news at least." He then looks back towards the Professor, "There's still the matter of what makes the wand a target for the Vengals, Professor?"

After passing the a messenger in the halls who had been looking for Gabby, and hearing that the message had something to do with wands, Ophelia was in a race to change her plans. Quickly she ran back into the dormitories to drop off her study things, before venturing back out. There were a few stops along the way, a quick message for Phae and a few other pauses to speak with students wanting to borrow her notes. But finally, she has made it to Professor Merrythought's classroom! She bursts through the door like a late Gryffindor, only belatedly pausing to make certain it doesn't slam loudly behind her. Then, more quietly, she steps around to stand behind Gabrielle, offering the Professor and Wandmaker Hawthorne each a small smile, which slips into a curious frown as Jackson speaks. But she keeps quiet for now.

Mr. Hawthorne lights up when Ophelia bursts in, quickly quelling the concern of Professor Merrythought. "Miss Summerbee! Excellent, I had hoped you might get a chance to witness this. Don't worry, Professor, Miss Summerbee is a good friend to Miss Evans."

Professor Merrythought nods, but her eyes shift to Gabrielle before answering Jackson. "Indeed, Mr. Potter. That is precisely what we are here to discover. It seems to me that this memory that is purportedly bound into the wand is what the Vengals are after. We must see it for ourselves to know why it is important to them. I called upon Mr. Hawthorne for his expertise in the matter of wand enchantments. He concurs that I can likely use my mirror to display the memory."

Gabrielle turns around to nod to Ophe, giving Jacks a small smile at the news of the curse being lifted. Gabby will nod to Merrythought, acknowledging that Ophe can be there. Gabby will bite her lower lip a moment then just simple, quietly say, "Yes…It's time to know. Please."

Jackson turns to peer towards Ophelia, raising an eyebrow lightly before he nods his head and turns his attention back to the Professor and the wandmaker, "A mirror?" He ponders it for a moment, then adds, "Now that's ace magic, right there."

Ophelia's bright smile returns in response to Hawthorne's greeting, and with a quick nod to the professor she steps a little to the side, trying to stand by Gabrielle and Hawthorne at the same time, while also getting another look at the mirror. Her attention is drawn to the Professor again as the wand memory is brought up, and she looks quickly from the woman to Gabrielle, and then to Hawthorne again. "How will it work?" She asks, ever curious.

Hawthorne leans toward Ophelia to explain, though loud enough for all to hear. "Normally, the mirror couldn't display a memory. It's just used to capture images and recreate them later. Essentially, the mirror has its own ability to remember. But, you see, the memory in that wand is bound to an enchantment that was designed to release upon the casting of a specific spell. Naturally, we don't know the spell, but we posit that the damage to the wand has weakened the bindings on the enchantment, and that any Memory Charm of sufficient potency could release the memory into the mind of the charm's target. In this case, that mind is actually the mirror."

Professor Merrythought nods, "At least, that is the theory. Now it is time to test it." She stands back, facing the mirror. Lifting the formerly cursed wand, she points it toward the top of the mirror, where two crystals stare out like eyes, and incants, "Mnemos!" A jet of multicoloured light streaks out into those crystals, and the surface of the mirror fogs up, shapes slowly coming into focus.

As the Professor points the wand towards the mirror, Jackson makes a knee jerk reaction of reaching out to take Gabrielle by the arm and pulling her back as he steps forward with his wand drawn. Rebounding spells pose a serious public safety hazard. Please, when casting spells, watch out for ricochet. This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the hyper-reactive fifth year with the wand interposed between himself, his ex, and a mirror.

Ophelia takes another few steps toward Hawthorne to listen, eyes going to the mirror again in interest. She nods slowly, eyes widening as the explanation proceeds, a small 'ah-hah' moment flashing across her eyes. Her gaze is then drawn again to Professor Merrythought, eyes widening even further as she see the wand in the woman's hand and makes a quick guess as to what it is (having never actually seen it before). A few seconds pass before she looks to the mirror and with the impatience of any knowledge-seeking child steps closer and narrows her eyes in an attempt to make the images focus more quickly. She doesn't even notice yet Jackson's heroic attempt to shield Gabby from the potential dangers.

Gabrielle nods, although it's not clear if she's understanding fully or not.Her eyes are glued to the wand in Merrythought's hand. she'll inhale sharply as the rainbow streaks out of wand and then holds it, clearly terrified, but has to watch.She'll gasp as suddenly Jacks in front of her but will just side step to watch, almost bumping shoulder with Ophe.

In the surface of the mirror, an image takes shape — as of an event being viewed by an observer presence at the scene.

A dark room with a slanted ceiling, lit only by the light of a half-moon visible in a tiny, circular window. Right in the center of that moonlight is a brunette woman, bound with ropes to a chair. Her head is lowered, but her hair is pulled back so her face is visible. She has clearly been crying. Her lip is split and bleeding, and a purplish bruise mars her cheek.

Another figure steps into view from the darkness. A heavy hood conceals his face in shadow. He is tall, but otherwise inscrutable under his robes. He looks toward the observer, speaking in a deep, commanding voice. "I am sure that you realize by now that this memory is not your own. But pay it heed, for your sister's life depends upon it." His hand touches the woman's chin, lifting her face to be better seen. She lets out a quiet sob. "As you can see, we've already begun our work on her. This is just the beginning." He reaches into his robe and produces a thick, curved knife, which gleams in the moonlight. He draws it slowly across the woman's arm, and she screams and cries in pain. "Once this message is delivered to you, I will cut her every three hours. Each cut will be deeper. I'll be honest, I don't know how much blood loss shell survive."

The woman looks toward the observer and pleads, "Don't do what they want! Forget about me! Just…"

Her words are cut off by a backhanded slap to her face. "Filthy Muggle! Be silent!" He draws a twisted wand and gestures toward her, "Silencio!" With a sigh, he turns back to the observer, chuckling. "She's a fighter. That just means this will be more fun. Now then, to business. If you want to see your sister alive again, you will acquire the Heart of Gold. You will bring it to Number Four, Umber Alley, where you will await us with the Heart. If you attempt to involve the M.L.E., or if anyone else is with you, your sister dies. If you arrive without the Heart, your sister dies. If you try to cross us in any way…your…sister…dies. Once the Heart is in our possession, she will be returned to you. Do hurry, the human body only has so much blood."

Then, the memory blurs into darkness.

Merrythought and Hawthorne exchange silent looks, both paling at the scene they just witnesses. The professor gestures with her own wand, dispelling the darkness and restoring the mirror to its natural state. "Children…I am so sorry that you witnessed that. I should have known it would be something disturbing." She gives the three students an apologetic frown, clearly unsettled at having exposed them to the sight of torture.

Jackson peers towards the mirror, leaning forward just slightly as he watches the memory play out of the mirror. He seems almost captivated by the image until he breaths, "Merlin's crooked cock, that was Callus Vengal. Or someone who sounds a lot like him." He stows his wand in his back pocket, glaring towards the mirror again, "Gabrielle's vision was a heart, bisected twice."

As the memory plays itself through Ophelia goes still. She also pales, flinching as the knife cuts the poor muggle in the memory and for a moment reaching out as though she'd step forward and try to help. But she remembers in time that its not real, and pulls back, wrapping her arms around her middle. She continues to stare at the mirror even after the vision is gone, looking quite shocked. All the same, her mind works rapidly through the events and running through every book she can remember for any possible remembered reference to the things she saw and heard in the mirror. The only reaction she makes to the others is a wince at Jackson's choice of words.

Gabrielle 's pale. And breathing shallow…she'd been carrying that around with her for four years…She'll nod to what Jackson says, "Yes…it was…" Her voice is calmer than she looks, "Who was that? that poor woman…"Gabby blinks, trying to calm herself, "That was…about the time of the fire…why would that be stored in my mother's wand?" OK, maybe she's not coping with this as well. she'll glance to Merrythought, "What is the heart? Do you know?"

Hawthorne nods in agreement. "Yes, that was Callus, or I'm a puffskein's uncle. Stars…that poor woman." His hands go to his mouth as he takes a shuddering breath.

Merrythought shakes her head, "I'm afraid I don't, Miss Evans. But it is clearly of great importance to these Vengals, whomever they are."

Jackson narrows his eyes, "I know what that is…" It is said low, at first, but then he repeats himself a little louder, "I know what the Heart of Gold is. I've seen it before. I've read it, but I just can't… put my finger on it." He then adds, "I need to go to the library. It's in a history book." He then shakes his head, "I'll look later." He then frowns, "There's too many unanswered questions."

Ophelia, with no real knowledge of the people in the vision, slowly rouses herself from her thoughts and looks to the others. She steps back over to Hawthorne, placing a hand on the man's shoulder in an attempt to comfort, and looks from Merrythought to Gabrielle worriedly. "What… what can… " She breaks off with a frown as Jackson speaks, pressing her lips together and falling silent.

Hawthorne lifts his brow curiously at Ophelia. "Speak your mind, my dear. What can what?"

Merrythought clasps her hands together, prayer-like, in a thoughtful pose. "We know where the Heart was supposed to be delivered. But who can say if there is any evidence remaining? I shall send an owl to the Auror Office immediately, and I must alert Headmaster Dippet to the situation."

Gabrielle 's head snaps over to Hawthorne, "Tell me about the Vengals." And she'll look to Jackson and nod.And then to Merrythought, "I know this was foiled…they didn't get it.Or if they did, it didn't do what they wanted. They want to try again…Which means they needed something in that memory…or needed people to not know something ."

Ophelia looks down at her feet, "Oh I just… wondered what… what we can do. To help." Or if they will even be allowed to, given the apparent danger of the situation.

Merrythought was ready to fly out the door to see to her tasks. But Gabrielle's request to know about the Vengals has her attention, and she waits for Mr. Hawthorne to answer.

The old wandmaker sighs with resignation, though Ophelia's response brings a smile to his face. "Oh, the enthusiasm of youth. Just wonderful. You are helping. Do what you do best, and greatness can be yours. Now then…the Vengals." His features turn grim, and his voice takes on a weary and melancholy tone. "I suppose it's best that I tell you now, rather than letting you find out on your own. You see…I am a cousin of the Vengal family. I suppose it is one of the only reasons I retain any memory of them. They have a very strict code of honour when it comes to blood."

As Merrythought starts to leave Gabby will call out after her, "It's a witch, who Callus was talking to…That I know….my divinations showed The Matron, engaged in a betrayal, provoked by a love of family." Her voice warbles a bit and she'll look over to Hawthorne, and nod, paling again, "They obliviate people, then?"

Ophelia lifts her head to look to Hawthorne again, worry returning to her eyes. "Is that… why they came to you, then?"

Jackson peers towards Hawthorne, raising an eyebrow, "I was wondering how you knew about a wizarding family that nobody else seemed to. It would make sense…" He then looks towards Gabrielle, "That is one of the interpretations to your divination, Gabby. Yes."

Hawthorne tries to give Ophelia an encouraging smile, but his own worry troubles his eyes. "I suspect that is why Callus made his move to claim Gabrielle's wand when he did. Perhaps he believed that I would share his sense of familial loyalty, and that I would not interfere…or worse, that I would help him take the wand." He turns his attention more directly to Gabrielle. "I wish I knew more to tell you. But, yes, I do know that they have spent considerable effort on making themselves disappear. Obliviation, destroying records, even altering history texts. They are the forgotten shadows of the wizarding world. I suppose, in my naivete, I had hoped that they truly had finally died out, or at least abandoned their Dark ways."

Gabrielle gives Jacks another nod of thanks for the support. She'll try to look a little more calm, for Ophe's sake. Gabby nods nervously, "I understand sir, and I don't hold anything against you. You tried to help me, and I"m sorry that this was brought to your door.If I had family like that, I'd want to not deal with them either." She'll shutter slightly, "Do you know anything that can help us? What are their goals? What do they //want?"

Ophelia smiles back up at Hawthorne, though (for different reasons) her eyes are also troubled and her expression quite mirrors his own. She turns to Gabby as he does, offering her friend a similar smile, "Do… maybe I can ask Mum to look for it in the books? There might be something there, they collect some of the oddest things… "

Merrythought remains for the time being. "Mr. Hawthorne, I'm sure that the authorities will need a statement from you as well. If we are to have any hope of apprehending these people, your information will undoubtedly be of use to the Aurors."

Jackson frowns, then glances towards Gabrielle. He leans towards her, whispering something in her ear. He leans back, peering towards her intently, before he looks around, "Please excuse me. I'm sure Gabrielle will relay any further information, but I do believe I have some hunting to do in the Library." With no further word, Jackson turns, walking towards the door as he reaches up and yanks *hard* at the knot of his tie so it is loose once again.

Gabrielle blinks, having thought Ophe had already asked her mother to do so, but she'll nod. "Yes…I think that couldn't hurt." Gabby will frown slightly as Jacks whispers to her and then give him a sad look and nod back to him. As he leaves, she'll turn towards Merrythought, "Could..could you replace the curse? If we put something different in the wand…and allowed the Vengals to get it…could that work?If instead of a memory…it was a locator spell, or something like that?"

Merrythought shakes her head, frowning. "That was Dark magic, and I shall not attempt to recreate it. Besides, if that was Callus Vengal in the memory, then they already know what it contained. I imagine it more likely they were trying to prevent this knowledge from passing into anyone else's hands."

Hawthorne spreads his hands helplessly. "I wish I had more to tell you about their plans. All that I can say is this. They have never shied away from the Dark Arts, and they are the worst sort of pure-blood family. Firm believers in wizard superiority. Muggles are no more than cattle to them."

Ophelia watches Jackson leave with a nod of acknowledgement, but little more. Her attention remains on the others. Her eyebrows lift as Gabrielle makes her request, surprised and a little worried, but she nods, "Not a bad thought, in the end. And I wondered, too, if some extra protections might be put on… on Gabrielle and Wandmaker Hawthorne? Just in case they try to come back and get more information out of them…?"

Gabrielle sighs, but nods, she knew it was a long shot. She'll wrap her arms around herself some, and look up to what Oph says, but just look to the adults for their reactions. "I want to be involved…my mother's connected to this…I'm fairly certain the wand is what killed my parents."

Merrythought looks between the girls and Hawthorne, finally settling her gaze on Gabrielle. "Miss Evans…I didn't want to heap everything upon you all at once, but you deserve to know. The curse that was causing your burns…it was merely the remnant of a much more potent curse, the power of which had been mostly spent." She approaches and lays a gentle hand on Gabrielle's shoulder. "I think it very likely that when this curse was first triggered, it would have done much more than burn the wand's user. It is reminiscent of Fiendfyre, devastating Dark magic that resists extinguishing…and could have very easily started a considerable blaze."

Hawthorne looks on with a sympathetic frown, patting Ophelia's hand comfortingly.

Gabrielle 's lower lip trembles slightly and she nods, "I was assuming that…Do..Is it she just tried to use the wand, or access the memory?" Gabby's left hand sneaks over and is gripping her right forearm, causing her knuckles to go white.

Merrythought gives Gabrielle's shoulder a motherly rub. "The curse was such that it was triggered by any attempt to use the wand, as you experienced. But Mr. Hawthorne was able to tell me more." She glances over at the wandmaker as he steps closer.

"Ah, yes," Hawthorne starts. "A spell like that can lay dormant for some time. Forever, really, if it is never triggered. So, she could have used the wand freely, up until the curse was activated. Then, her next casting would…ah…release the curse."

Gabrielle makes confused face,"…but…the memory can't be much older than 10 years…the Lady's clothing…" Gabby will look down at her arm, and bite her lip, "I don't understand why someone would place it in my mother's wand to begin with?…Would the person who laid the curse be the one to activate it?Or would it be activated by someone trying to remove the memory?" Merrythought would be able to feel Gabby shaking slightly.

Merrythought kneels down, wrapping her arms around Gabrielle like a worrying grandmother. "Yes, dear heart. The one who placed the curse could activate it, or anyone that was given the activation spell. Given the nature of the spell…I suspect the intention was to destroy the wand, and the memory with it." She frowns, hating every word coming out of her own mouth, knowing how they must pain Gabrielle.

Hawthorne looks down at the floor, face pinched to hold back the threat of tears.

Gabrielle nods again, she doesn't pull away from Merrythought, but doesn't lean in either. She seems a bit in shock, maybe. She already had an idea f all this, but to have it all confirmed…"Why wasn't the wand destroyed?" she'll look first to Hawthorne and frown,although it's not an accusatory tone she uses,"Did my mother get this wand from you?…" then Merrythought, "I need to help with this…It…I need to. It can't happen again….I'm supposed to help…"

Ophelia remains at Hawthorne's side, taking comfort in Hawthorne's actions even as she watches Gabrielle, worried she cannot do more for the girl. "We'd both like to help." She asserts. "And… and Jackson too, it seems." Squeezing Hawthorne's hand when it is placed over her own, she starts worrying her lower lip between her teeth.

Hawthorne shakes his head, "No, it is no wand of mine. Judging by the workmanship, I would say that wand was crafted by Gervaise Ollivander. He had a particular talent for working the grain of the wood into the design of…well, that isn't important right now. Suffice to say, it looks like his work."

Merrythought looks to the wand, still in her hand. "I cannot say why it wasn't destroyed. If there were any charms to protect it, they have long since worn off. I suspect any answer to that question will have to come from whatever records may exist of the fire." She glances to Ophelia, nodding. "Hogwarts always looks after its own. I know that you will find a way to help…even if I wanted to deny you." She smirks weakly.

Gabrielle nods, already plotting on how to go talk to him.Gabby will give Ophe a small,thankful smile, and then look to Merrythought, "Can you get the records?…I never asked..My aunts don't like talking about it."

Ophelia smiles sheepishly, though it still doesn't quite reach her eyes. She may not be a Gryffindor, but she'll do what she can. She looks over at Hawthorne, nodding in agreement with the man, "And she wouldn't let him see it either, when she got the new one. Would it be safe, do you think, to take it to him and see who he sold it to?"

Hawthorne furrows his brow in confusion for a moment. "Oh, you mean Ollivander? It is Garrick Ollivander that runs the shop now. Gervaise's son. Though, perhaps he has some records. I'm sure that if we could reach Gervaise, he would know. But the man has been retired nearly as long as I was. He values his privacy now."

Merrythought adds, "As for the records of the fire, that is beyond my reach. That will be up to the Ministry."

Gabrielle steps away from Merrythought,looking at Hawthorne, "I'd like to know. Can you ask, or should I send an owl?" Gabby will look over at Merrythought, "I'd like to talk to the ministry…if they come here.I want to be involved…" she'll look down to the wand,and sigh sadlly "I'll not get that back, will I?"

Ophelia nods, watching the floor as she continues to think. "He… might be able to write to him? To his father, perhaps. Or perhaps not, it just… seems worth trying." At the mention of the ministry she glances up, looking to Gabrielle, "Miss Strudwick might know someone?"

Hawthorne eyes the wand, then nods with determination. "Let me take the wand. Gervaise is an old friend, as is Garrick. I will find out who the wand was sold to. We've already seen that Callus won't kill me. He could have already, but chose to stun me instead. My blood relation might protect me long enough to get away from him if he guesses my intentions."

Merrythought pinches her lips dubiously at this plan. "The wand would be safest here in Hogwarts. There is no place more secure." She looks sadly to Gabrielle. "I think it best if you are not in possession of the wand for now. When all of this is over with, and the Vengals have been dealt with, of course it will be returned to you."

Gabrielle 's jaw tightens a hair, "Is there something else in the wand?" she'll glance over at Hawthorne and Ophe before looking back to Merrythought, "If I'm not suing it…and not leaving the castle…"

Merrythought sighs, pursing her lips. "Once the Aurors become involved, it will be up to them, I'm afraid."

Hawthorne shakes his head. "There is nothing else in the wand that I have seen, and I have inspected it thoroughly. If we wish to ensure Miss Evans' safety, then the Vengals must be made aware that we have seen what is in that memory, but not that Gabrielle has seen it. Let them think it is out of her hands entirely."

Ophelia continues to listen, nods, and steps over to Gabrielle's side. "Of course, sir. And of course you'll keep it safe for Gabrielle. Safer than Gringotts." She gives her friend a reassuring smile, and readies herself to take the girl wherever she needs to go next.

Gabrielle 's jaw stays tight, "Then…may I have it, till the Aurors show up?" She'll hold out her hand, "I'm not going anywhere outside of the castle, and I expect they'll come tomorrow….And it will ensure I get to at least see the wizards who will be doing this." It's not a demand, in fact she has a pleading look in her eyes. She does take a half step closer to Ophe.

Merrythought sighs, the lines in her face looking deeper than before. "I must speak with the Headmaster. His wisdom is needed here. For now, I will keep the wand safe, pending the decision of the Aurors. I'm sorry, Gabrielle. I realize how difficult all of this must be for you. Come, Mr. Hawthorne. I'm sure that Headmaster Dippet will have questions for you, as well." She nods to the girls. "Miss Summerbee, take care of Miss Evans. The two of you should be off to Ravenclaw Tower now, late as it is."

Ophelia nods, and steps closer to gently lay a hand around Gabrielle's shoulder. She glances from the Professor to Hawthorne, nodding to each as she murmurs, "Come along, Gabby. I might have some leftover biscuits from Mum's last package… "

Gabrielle closes her eyes, and her shoulder slumps in defeat. Somehow, she feels like she's losing something big here. she'll allow Oph to lead her away.

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