(1938-03-04) Victor and Lucian
Details for Victor and Lucian
Summary: Victor tries to get some brotherly advice about Medusa.
Date: March 4, 1938
Location: The Armoury
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Victor is in his usual thinking place. The armory. He's standing for the moment in front of his favorite suit of armor that is fashioned very much like dragon scale and is quite the suit indeed.

Lucian doesn't frequent the armor gallery, himself. He wouldn't even be here now, save for the note he received requesting his presence. He's wearing the usual we-are-not-amused frown that Victor is so familiar with. He stops just inside one of the doorways, hands in his pockets, scuffing his shoes deliberately to announce his presence.

Victor turns to the noise and smiles to Lucian, "Welcome. Thank you for coming. First of all, since I know you would rather not be in my presence, I wanted to thank you for a well fought duel."

"Sure. It was a good duel," Lucian says flatly, not returning the smile. "So what's second of all?"

Victor takes in a deep breath and looks to Lucian, "I just wanted to let you know that Medusa is sniffing around me." He walks over to Lucian. "Anything I should know about her?"

"Medusa Malfoy?" Lucian asks, as if there were any other Medusa that it might be. He shrugs. "She's a great dancer. Is that all?"

Victor lifts a brow to his brother, "Got to be more than that."

"I've barely spoken to her for years. What more do you want? A warning? I can do that. Don't let her try Transfiguration around you." Lucian smirks, shaking his head.

Victor gives a bit of a narrow eye to that. "Well, thanks. Sorry that I bothered you." He shakes his head and turns back to the armor.

"Don't mention it," Lucian replies flippantly. He stops before stepping out, turning on his heel. "One thing, though. Assuming she doesn't eat you alive…if you hurt her, I'll make you regret it." With that, he gives a little flicking salute.

Victor lifts a brow once more, "Oh really? Still got a thing for her?"

Lucian snorts. "Don't be an idiot. She's a Slytherin, and better than most."

"So you feel that way about all the Slytherins?" Victor responds.

"Yes, I do," Lucian fires back without missing a beat, and giving Victor a challenging look.

Victor lifts a brow, "You care more about the people in your house… At School… Than you do your own flesh and blood."

"You're bloody well right, I do." Lucian crosses his arms defiantly. "Blood doesn't mean shite. Even the biggest prats in Slytherin stand by me better than my blood does. Besides, I'm a Prefect, idiot. It's my job to look out for them. One would think you'd understand that."

Victor lifts his brow as he looks to Lucian, "We were not speaking of my abilities here. I was simply asking you an opinion." He shakes his head, "You know… If you really thought about some of the things you say I think you wouldn't wonder why so many people dislike you." He sighs, "And why the ones that try and like you are given such a hard time."

Lucian scoffs. "I do think about what I say, and I couldn't care less if people like me. I'll worry about the opinions of those that matter. As for you…just…" He pauses to sigh, "Just stop trying so hard."

Victor shakes his head, "I stopped trying Lucian." He looks to the other boy, "I just wanted to say a good duel and if Medusa was worth going after. That is all. The same things I would ask of anyone that I trusted." He shrugs, "Good day." And then walks past and off into the castle.

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