(1938-03-10) Paladin's Challenge, Round 2 - Ivy vs Luke
Details for Paladin's Challenge, Round 2 - Ivy vs Luke
Summary: Ivy and Luke have a duel. Ivy wins.
Date: March 10, 1938
Location: Club Room
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Tommy Atkins is stationed in the club room to adjucate any duels scheduled for the evening. The dueling stage is set up and chairs line the opposite wall for spectators. The seventh year sits on a stool at the front of the room by the stage, drumming his heels against the stool and staring blankly off into space.

On one end of the dueling stage, Ivy stands, looking perfectly calm. Her eyes close, and she takes a couple of deep breaths before giving her hands a vigorous shake and drawing her wand. She leaves it pointed at the ground, however, awaiting the start of the duel.

Luke dashess in a trifle on the late side. "Did I miss it? I'm so sorry! I fell asleep studying!" Skidding to a halt, he gives a look around and exhales a deep breath before walking over to Ivy with an extended hand. "Here I thought we'd have a go for fun first but now its serious, huh?" He smiles big. "Good luck!"

Sitting amongst the moderately-sized crowd of students that've piled in to watch the duel is Julian, arms across his chest as he watches the dueling stage from a relatively normal distance. Friend versus girlfriend… should be interesting. But at the same time, a conflict of interest. Trying to catch Ivy's eye for a second, he'd flash her a quick smile… and mouth something out toward her. It's probably just a 'good luck.' We'll go with that, perhaps?

Levi enters into the room being free of classes he's not been able to catch any of the duels which have taken place so far due to homework or other obligations. The student moves towards the spectator area to find a good place to watch from among the crowd. The hufflepuff is able to find a fairly good place near some of the others from his year. He nods in greeting to a few of them but settles in to watch.

Claire is here too, sitting next to Julian and looming only slightly.

Ivy's head tilts slightly to one side as Luke comes rushing in, and she accepts the hand. "Well, you're a bit late, but you can't exactly miss it altogether. I mean, you're a participant, and I don't know that they're allowing forfeitures." Her head turns, catching Julian's smile, and she flashes a quick one back at him before returning to Serious Mode. "You should probably get up to your side of the stage, though."

"Luke White?" Tommy asks, springing to his feet when Luke arrives. He steps to the middle of the stage and waits for the duelists to address each other and take their positions. "I want a good, clean duel. No dirty tricks. You represent your house, your school, and yourself here. Very well," he raises his hands dramatically, "And begin!" Tommy finishes, dropping his hands with a flourish and stepping back.

Randy slips into the room and off to the side, for once in her life, unobtrusively. Her hands are stuffed into the pockets of her robes as she pushes off from the doorway a moment later to take up a spot in a corner off to the side. She smiles when she realizes she hasn't missed /too/ much action.

The dueling rules call for a bow to one's opponent, and Ivy does that, with a bit of a theatrical flourish for the sake of the audience. She's quick to straighten and give a flick of her wand, however, snapping out a rapid-fire, "Stupefy!"

Luke laughs. "Well. True." He gives a shrug then looks about with a start. "Right!" He dashes back down the line and takes up a duelling stance with his wand given a quick flick as if loosening up his wrist for the effort. When Tommy suggests 'no dirty tricks', he almost looks affronted at the notion. Begin?! Woah! Caught offguard, he jabs his wand at Ivy and throws the first spell that comes to mind. "Flip-" It seems he's too much the gentleman to go for something harsher against the Ravenclaw and it proves a near fatal flaw. He goes end over end and hits the ground hard. Shaking himself, he gets back to his feet.

Ivy looks a little annoyed when her spell fails to do what it's supposed to, but she gives herself a shake and narrows her eyes a little at the Hufflepuff boy. "Protego!" She can practically feel Claire's disapproval from where she stands, using a defensive move, but she needs a little bit of breathing room. Luke seems to take a whole new regard of Ivy at this point. She's proven herself a very aggressive duellist so notions of friendship, hard as it may be, are pressed from his mind as is evidenced by a sterner expression on his face as he draws a shield before him. He can't help but smile though as she casts a shield of her own.

From the spectator area, Claire groans. Double shields causes her physical pain.

Levi watches back and forth between the duelers. It is rather something to see he looks about those also watching to see others reactions to what's happening. He doesn't waste to much time on this however not wanting to miss anything.

There's a forehead slap and Julian rubs his forehead for a moment. However, he finally looks up and just groans at the double-shields… and he yells out, "IVY! GO FOR IT!" Should Luke look, he's giving him this awkward, apologetic look. They may be mates, but Ivy's his girl.

There is something to be said for brute force.. but then Luke is also a Hufflepuff and the notion of blasting Ivy off of the duelling line is apalling to him. Instead, he opts for a feint of sorts. He bobbles his shield as if trying to keep it up but just as suddenly drops it with a flick of his wand at Ivy. "Silencio." There's a twist of his wrist at the end as though he's willing the magic to quiet the witch with a squeeze of her vocal chords. After all, if she can't speak, she can't cast spells.

Claire and Julian aren't the only ones groaning at the double shields: Ivy does, too, casting an apologetic glance over in Claire's direction. She remains on the defensive, however, snapping out another "Protego!" that brings a shield up just in time to intercept the spell coming at her. Which is a good thing, because a silent Ivy would just be wrong, given how much the girl talks.

Randy sort of tunes out on the duel at the double shields and looks about the room at other spectators. "Wow, exciting," she mumbles under her breath. "Shields all day."

Now that Luke has the measure of his opponent, he stands a little more confidently. There's nothing haughty about his magic. Far from it. Right now, though, his expression is one of resolve. Still, a moment of indecision on his part has him resorting to his last spell cast. He's also a little wary of the assault he got last time. "Silencio." There's just something not right about yelling the incantation of that spell. So he doesn't.

"Stupefy!" Ivy twitches at the last second, so that instead of her spell being launched at her opponent, it meets the Silencio coming at her instead, the pair of spells fizzling out together in midair. She mutters something under her breath in Russian, just to make sure she can still speak, but there's nothing wrong with her voice.

"Sorry, White, but no one silences Ivy Winterbourne," the Ravenclaw girl declares with a toss of her head. Another sidelong glance at Claire, followed by another, "Stupefy!" It's the Claire Cameron school of dueling tactics at its finest. There is something to be said for a fair fight but there is also something to be said for not giving it up either. Luke resolves himself but there is also something of a peaceful demeanor on his face when he gives a slash and jab of his wand at Ivy. "Confundo!"

The spells cross in midair, both striking true. The strength of Ivy's Stunning Spell sends Luke tumbling backwards, out of bounds and also unconscious. Just after, however, Luke's last spell lands and Ivy is left dazed and confunded.

Tommy bounds to Ivy's end of the stage, and throws his hands up again. "Ivy Winterbourne is the winner! Oh, ah, should probably go revive him." He scampers away again to crouch next to Luke, muttering "Rennervate," and pointing his wand at the Hufflepuff.

As Tommy announces her the winner, a look of confusion is settled on Ivy's features. "Wait, what?" She looks wildly around, spots the prone form of her opponent, and goes bounding off the stage toward the newly-revitalized Luke. "Julian! I'm so sorry!" She drops to her knees beside the Hufflepuff, takes his face in both hands, and smooches him.

Someone should probably fix the poor girl.

Randy watches the display and just rolls her eyes. "Is anyone going to help that poor girl?" Then she tilts her head to the side and shrugs, realizing she certainly isn't. "What a lovely aphrodisiac," she smirks.

Luke blink. Blinkblink. Oh.. that hurts.. He's just coming around when he hears Ivy crying out about Julian and his eyes pop open to go to the aid of.. heywaitaminute! Luke's eyes go bugeyed as Ivy plants a liplock on him. His lips are far to occupied to protest beyond a wild 'mrflmurr!'.

Of course, once the duel's announced over, Jules is one of the many Ravenclaws probably surging forward to wanna give Ivy a pat on the back. There's a firmly set smile on his face as he begins to move forward, and he begins to call out, "Ivy, that was bri-"

Wait a tick. Where's she go—


"OY!" The boy's voice is a little harsh as he calls out, and he then seems to realize what's happened. He had … yeah. Okay. Luke's confunding charm had apparently hit home a little too well. That would explain it. So, he just sets his face, albeit beginning to look a tad annoyed… and he moves forward

Jules begins to reach into his robe, moving toward Ivy and firmly grabbing her by the shoulder to tug her back, before firmly jabbing her in the forehead with his wand, muttering something that could very well be a countercharm.

Levi watches the end of the match. His eyes widening at the display at the end "Uh." he says trying to see if anyone will clear things up. It seems someone will after all and he relaxes a bit standing and stepping out of the spectator area "Good match, you both." he says not really sure what else to say as he steps aside to lets others move by him.

Claire lets out a whoop at Ivy's utterly -smashing- stupefy, standing at the pronouncement of victory. She is halted, however, when Ivy falls all over the downed Hufflepuff. Her normal reaction of revulsion to public displays of affection is trumped by confusion. That's… not the target she would have predicted. She looks to Julian, to see how he's taking this event. "Ah, the lasting effects of confundo." That's just hilarous, then.

Fortunately, Ivy is easy enough to move away from Luke, though it's telling that it's Julian pulling her back and not the Hufflepuff pushing her away, and she puts a hand to her forehead. "Ow! What was that fo—" Her words die abruptly as she puts the pieces together, and she looks between Luke and Julian for a handful of seconds before pushing to her feet, a little too quickly. "I have to go." It's too late for everyone in the room not to see her looking mortified, but she's going to opt for fleeing, anyway.

Luke is on the ground and looking up at.. well.. he /was/ looking up at Ivy.. now he's looking up at Julian. The shock on his face wears off with a sort of resigned sigh and he rolls over onto his hands and knees before pushing himself to his feet. He watches Ivy dash off but doesn't go chasing her. Instead, he takes a deep breath and stuffs his wand into his pocket.

Randy tries /tries/ to stifle a snicker at Claire's comment, but fails spectacularly. "That was not what I expected," she says, catching on to the drama. She shakes her head at all the drama and folds her arms to watch it all unfold from her corner.

Claire is smirking with amusement, barely holding back laughter. She leans towards Julian and mutters something low to him. "Good duel, White. I appreciated the lack of endless, stalling defense," Claire says loudly, drawing the words out to convey her deep distaste of the tactic.

It doesn't take a charms theorist to really… put two and two together on what happened. As Jules unconfunds Ivy and she flees, Julian's nose twitches slightly as his face crinkles up. He looks toward Luke for a second. The face he's wearing at this point… is… hrm. It's kind of unreadable, really. Right now, he's trying to figure out which he should be peeved at Luke or not. As Claire moves in, he nods… and quietly points at Luke.

"White. You. Me. Words. Later."

This is not what Jules wanted to deal with on his birthday. And so, he takes off.

The hufflepuff is definitely not laughing knowing the awkwardness going on. Levi doesn't how ever know how to be helpful at the moment and so he also heads out to move back to the common room though not moving to quick as to not catch up with the others for the moment.

"Yeah." Luke offers quietly. "Good duel." Or something. The conciliatory 'good duel' commentary from Claire seems to improve his mood as much as tending to a flobberworm might. Now Julian? Julian's words have a little more effect. A bit like a dementor might such the happiness out of someone who doesn't have much left to bleed. "I'll see you." With that, he hops off the duelling stage and starts walking for the exit.. turning the opposite way Ivy went.

Randy simply slinks out after all the retreaters, because, "This is going to be good."

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