(1938-03-12) Paladin's Challenge - Josie vs Arevan
Details for Paladin's Challenge, Round 2 - Josie vs Arevan
Summary: Josie and Arevan duel
Date: March 10, 1938
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Josie has been distracted lately, spending a lot of time up on the cold roof or hidden away with homework. That distraction seems to be gone, though, as she arrives at the club room in time for her scheduled duel. She's not only smiling, but practically bouncing in excitement.

Arevan steps into club room, her spirits just as high as if she'd won her first duel, "And good morrow to the my fine palatinus." She says happily, "Tis a fine day to display our talents to his majesty the emperor of this far flung province of Rome."

Tall and thin the seventh year Ravenclaw boy that comes into the club room wearing his school robes looks perhaps a trifle unhappy, Jonothan Breakwater's voice when he speaks is a rich baritone,"Ladies. Let's get this moving. I have an essay that will not write itself." Since the room was setup for the duel already he was able to just take his place upon the dueling stage.

Josie doesn't seem to quite get Arevan's reference, blinking, "I thought Rome was a city?" Then, though, she nods quickly to the seventh-year and pulls off her robe, hanging it up before moving quickly to take a position at one end of the dueling stage.

"It was an empire too, wasn't it? The dictionary just said Rome." Arevan says, breaking character. She hops into place on the far side of the dueling stage. "Either way we are noble warriors, ready to perform an exhibition bought for, uh, him." She finishes lamely. She extracts her wand and holds it high in front of her.

"Rome was both a city and an empire back eons passed. However, they were foolish and squandered things and eventually fell apart." Jonothan Breakwater says casually, his gets out his wand,"Ladies let us have a good and proper duel. If you do anything outside the rules I will be forced to end it and make sure that you spend some time in detention by reporting you to your House Head. Now take your places, and salute."

Josie ohs at Jonothan's explanation, and says, "My mum just told me about how beautiful it was, she never said anything about empires and stuff." She shrugs then and bows and salutes Arevan, then taking her stance.

"So, Summoning a Titan to tear apart the castle would be against the rules, right? So If you know that spell, you should totally tell me what it is so I don't accidently use it." Arevan says with a grin. She takes bows to her opponent. "I'n ready."

Josie smiles as she waits for the signal to begin the duel. As soon as she does, she launches on the offensive right away, her speed once again coming to her advantage as she says, "Expelliarmus!"

Intending to get the feel for Josie before really getting into the duel, Arevan decides to starts off with a shield, but before she's even able to cast the spell, her wand is yanked out of her hand by Josies first spell. The second year blinks in surprise, "All ready?" She asks, looking a little hurt. "Oh, uh nice one. You've got a really good quick draw."

Josie looks just as surprised as Arevan as that actually works. "I didn't think it'd work. I usually mess up with that spell." She smiles, happy to win for sure, but then says to Arevan, "Sorry. I'm fast but I'm not very good except for my shields, so I thought I'd try to win fast. But it would've been more fun if it lasted longer."

"Very good. Well, off with you both. THe Winner is Miss Davies." Jonothan calls out before he strides off thankful for a short delay.

"It was a winning strategy." Arevan, giving her a little smile, "It's the problem of being lower years I guess. The seventh years and stuff can be throwing around tsunami's and calling down lightning and stuff. We don't really have many spells yet." She goes to retrieve her wand, "Good luck with your next one. Maeve, is really good with shields too if you end up against her. Had a heck of a time breaking them."

Josie nods quickly at that, pocketting her wand and stepping over to retrieve her robe again, and says, "Yeah, I can't wait until I know more spells to use! Only other attack spell I know is the knockback jinx."

"Ya, some transfiguration stuff would really be fun to use. I'm not sure turning your house bin into a mouse would be all that effective in a duel though. Unless you're afraid of mice… are you afraid of mice?" Arevan asks, "Should have asked that before the duel, hu?" Not that it would have mattered with the speed of the conclusion. She heads to the door, not really wanting to hang about.

Josie shakes her head and grins, "I like mice. Rats I don't like… I'm not scared of them, I just don't like them. They bite." She too moves to head out, though, and says, "Thanks."

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