(1938-03-22) Investigation Begins
Details for Investigation Begins
Summary: Graham and Gabrielle discuss mysterious events
Date: 03-22-1938
Location: Defense Against the Dark Arts Class Room
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Gabrielle, having been lucky to have been even in the dining room, will slowly make her way in. She's nervous, that's clear, so much is riding on this. Her hair is pulled up in a messy pony tale, with about 4 drawing pencils stuck through the back. She has her sketchbook clutched in her arms. Her uniform isn't the newest, or the crispest, but the colors do indicate Ravenclaw. She'll fidget once with her right sleeve before timidly calling out from the door, "S-sir? You send for me?"

Graham looks up to the door at the sound of a voice and spotting the one he sought out. He closes his notes replacing them in a file, but does keep out a note pad and something to write with. "Ah Miss Evans, come in, i'm Graham Cohen from the auror's office." He introduces himself before continuing "Please come and have a seat if you wish." he offers trying to make the other comfortable and perhaps calm nerves if he can.

Gabrielle nods, and will slowly make her way over to where he is. She'll take a breather, doing nothing to calm her nerves, "Are you an Auror?" She'll take a seat, opposite of him, keeping her back to the wall, so she can see the door. She's not subtle about it, it's clear she's been spooked, and is trying to keep some kind of control of her environment.

"Yes, the auror office was contacted by a professor here who was worried about an object they'd come into possession of." The young man says he can tell his calming didn't work but he must press on the best we can. "I need to know exactly what has happened recently in regards to this wand." Graham figured this may be a touchy subject and is trying to approach lightly if it's possible. "I was informed of a message contained within this item?"

Gabrielle frowns slightly, she assumed Merrythought would have told them all of this…"Uh…yes. My wand…my mother's wand. It had a memory bound into it…protected by Fiendfyre." She'll unconsciously start pulling at her right sleeve again. "Through Divining, I was able to tell there was a memory…and that it was about something important." Her voice is low, almost like she's afraid to even be saying these things.

Graham watches the other as they speak but is listening as well nodding in understanding "That's a powerful bit of magic." He says before trying to decide how to continue "I'm afraid your professor might have stayed some of the details in the rush for help. What exactly was the message?" He decides the direct approach for the moment but does add "We are trying to get as much detail as possible we need to find out how this came to be."

Gabrielle’s nervousness disappears for a moment as her face pales at the thought of having to go over that…message again, "It…It was from Callus Vengal. He was torturing some poor muggle woman. About a decade ago, and the message was for her sister, saying she had to bring the Heart of Gold to Number Four, Umber Alley, or he would…keep cutting her…It was a memory, a message, in my mother's wand." She'll look up to Graham, and there's a look of fear on her face. "He never got it…or if he did, it didn't work for him…but they're going to try again…It's going to hurt a lot of people…."

The young man nods as he listens "It's possible to have things done to one's wand without them knowing Miss Evans, if it had been repaired or even stolen at some point." Graham says trying to belay the fear of the other some though he's taking notes on what has been said and a few pieces are coming into play in his mind at least. "I've also been informed of an incident in Hogsmeade, in a wandmaker's shop." He pulls out a sketch done of the hooded and robed figures who attacked the ministry officials including himself. "Does this outfit seem to match what the other was wearing that day?"

Gabrielle nods, but doesn't seem to be relieved at all. She’ll nod again, "Y-yes. I was trying to decipher if it was a memory or not, and went to Mr. Hawthorne's. He burst in…and stupefied Mr. Hawthorne and demanded my wand. He was going to kill me…but Jackson stepped in and saved me. I…drew him…if that would help?" she'll indicate her sketch book but make no more to open it unless he indicates he would like to see. She'll tilt her head, something dawning on her "How do you know what he was wearing?"

Graham nods at the question "Yes, please it may help. Do you remember anything else about his man any features which might have shown or any accent you could pick out?" The young man asks the next question of hers brings him up short unsure exactly how much he should tell. "The auror's office including myself, ran into a group of witches and wizards dressed like this on a mission recently. I say ran into but should specify were ambushed by them is more correct. While it's nothing new for those who have gone bad to cover their features it is perhaps something to go on."

Gabrielle will flip open her sketchbook to an accurate sketch of Callus Vengal. "His hood fell some…And I think the group is most likely all Vengals…" she'll blink a few times, thinking back, "He knew my name…I think something must have alerted him that I was figuring out the wand…either the curse did, or…." She'll shrug, not sure…except, the tugging on her sleeve starts again, and her nervousness is back. She's not saying something.

The auror is still taking notes and looking back up to listen. Graham takes a good look at the sketch comparing his memory of the attackers with this one. "Hm family of dark wizards wouldn't be a first or last I'm afraid." he pauses "You have some good strong defense's here miss Evans." he says as the nervousness picks back up but something else catches his focus in her posture perhaps. "Is there something else?" he doesn't want to prod more then he needs, but many things are at stake here.

Gabrielle says, "You can have it, if it'll help…" Gabby offers the drawing. She'd rather not have it. She'll nod, knowing that Hogwarts is the safest, but it only helps some. She'll look up and search his face, almost like she's trying to decide if she can trust him. She decides on a route for now, "The wand…what's going to happen to it?""

Graham accepts the drawing "Thank you." He places it into his file that he has already started. The question brings a thoughtful look to his face as well as he tries to think in a line of events. "Well I haven't spoken to Professor Merrythought yet. I will likely have a look at the wand myself to see if anything else can be gained from it. If not then I imagine we would have to see if the wand can be cleansed of the hexes on it. I imagine it being your mothers if it can be made safe, you would wish its return?"

Gabrielle nods, "I think…I'd like to help…Not just with the wand, but with everything…I'd like to try divining on the wand again…I'd like to try contacting my mother. She may know where the memory got there…." She'll bite her lip, it's clear she's still holding something back. "I…we think she tried to activate the memory, either on purpose, or accident, and unleashed Fiendfyre…it killed both my parents when I was three…there was residue…from the curse…" She'll inhale deeply, nervous and will roll up her right sleeve. On her forearm, criss crossed everywhere, are burn marks, different lengths and widths. It looks like she's been branded, over and over and over. "It backlashed every time I cast with it…I didn't know any better, I was too young…to stupid, and it was too late, when I realized…I'm invested. I need to see this through."

The auror listens nodding though as she rolls back the sleeve. Graham sees the burn marks concern crossing his face "How long has this been going on? If the curse was activated that way, there must be reasoning which might help us." he asks though breaking his gaze on the marks not to be rude. "I can try and keep you included, but safety is my concern for you. I'm sure the same goes for the professors here." He tries once more to help the other be comfortable and calm. It's hard to tell if he can sense more information being held back and he doesn't want to pry as it doesn't seem it would be helpful.

Gabrielle 's eyes flash some, "It slowly escalated, I thought I was casting wrong, by 3rd year, the burns started…I didn't want her want taken away, so I didn't say anything." She pause, trying to think of how to explain, "I think the residue from the curse thought I was trying to find the memory…and was burning me. The more complicated the spell, the more of a burn I received….this has destroyed my life…I have to help, or I'll never be right….Please. I…" she'll look down again, "I'm meant to." Her voice gets quieter, "Otherwise I wouldn't be having prophecies about it…."

The young man's eyes widen. "That long.. how have the teachers not." he pauses mid-sentence not wishing to finish it. "Anyways, a shield for the memory I guess that makes sense but quite intense with too big spell that could have been very bad." Graham pauses again at the end as if making sure he heard correctly. "Prophecies? More so then the messages from the wand, of what nature?" new information and important information he writes more down on his note pad.

Gabrielle rolls her sleeve back, "They didn't know, because I didn't want them to.everyone just thought I was slow…or dumb, or lazy." She's looking down at her sleeve, cheeks flushed slightly. Those are things a Ravenclaw doesn't like to be thought of as. She'll nod, "things…escalated this year, I got a new wand, but…i knew something wasn't right with my mother's so I started to investigate." She'll make eye contact, but that nervousness is back, "I don't want another trace on me. I don't want to be logged or followed, or…put in a room and stared at."

Graham shakes his head "I'm not speaking of anything of that sort. We are just trying to catch the culprits and ensure everyone safety." The young man looks back to his sheet. "A slow Ravenclaw? You know I was one when I was in school I thought that'd have raised some eye-brows at some point. You must be a good actress." he sighs though as it's not really funny at all. "I do believe we will need your help as the connection to the wand past and present, but I can’t allow you to be in danger."

Gabrielle 's jaw tightens some, "I am…I once got Pringle to allow 6 students to wander outside after curfew to release frogs kidnapped from Slughorn's room by telling him it was an inter-house trust building experiment." She's sit a little straighter, "Sir, Vengal knew my name. He said it. Which means he knew my mother…which means he most likely has been watching me my whole life. Now that the wand's first secret is out, what makes you think I'm out of danger? If anything, I'm in more. I know what he's after. I know my mother was involved. I know his face. And he knows I know all of these things."

Graham listens intently to the others words but shakes his head after them as well. "I am not saying currently you are in no danger, though with the professors aware and the auror's office. You are much safer then before." He states but isn't quiet very long. "However, that's why we're investigating to get folks out of danger. If there's any information that you think will help, please tell me."

Gabrielle raises an eyebrow and will ask quietly, "And when summer comes?" she'll look down to her right hand, turning it over so she can see her palm. There's a scar, fairly new, about an inch long that she stares at. "When I actually divined on her wand, I saw…a lot…But then, I woke up on the ground….I had gone into a trace and carved up the side of a wagon with a crystal." She'll look up at Graham, "Mr. Cohen, do you know what the Heart of gold is? what it can do?"

"I'm afraid, I don't know but if it's a mystery it's likely being study for it's properties. Department of Mysteries even Auror's don't know what they get on to down there." Graham shrugs for a moment quiet while he thinks on that to say next if anything. "If the strain was enough to weaken you to the point of falling over, then there are powerful works at play we can know that much for certain. if this is still going on come summer time, I imagine we'll have to work out security of some sort."

Gabrielle makes a frowny face, "Wait..are you saying the Ministry has the Heart?…" She honestly looks confused and will blink a few times, "Are you sure?…I thought Vengal already had it…" She'll shake her head, " Of course there's powerful works at play. The Fates literally poured information into my brain, and in an ironic twist of not leaving me anything in my life that I can enjoy, had me use my best form of communication. From what I've learned, seers who speak, it's not usually as draining, but being in a trace for as long as it takes to draw something?…Being weak afterwards is normal." She'll blush a bit, looking down, realizing she's not only talking snarky to an adult, but an Auror. "I'm..sorry…this is really important. I want to help. I have to."

Graham chuckles slightly but coughs stopping it in it's tracks. "You will help." he offers the other pushing off from where he'd been leaning slightly. "That's all I have for now, I have two others to see at the school. If you think of anything send an owl or have a teacher contact me." he looks to the student "We'll catch these guys and things will calm down alright?" he offers the other a nod "Thank you, for responding to the summons."

Gabrielle sits there for a moment and then deflates some. She'll open up her sketchbook and turn it towards him , "March 4th, at almost midnight, I started drawing this…." She's almost got a defeated look to her face. The drawing is a 2 page spread, in color pencil. It's of A Golden Heart gleams brightly, casting warmth all around it. But a dark and twisted hand reaches out to touch it. From where it is touched, the heart begins to tarnish, like a disease spreading over the heart, leaving it black and cold. "Vengal's going to turn it into a weapon…I think."

The auror turns back at the lack of movement, but as the other begins to speak his attention is refocused and at the picture he winces slightly unable to help himself at the time mentioned and the drawing included. "That was very important Miss Evans. May I have this drawing as well?" Graham recovers from the shock quickly enough that perhaps it didn’t happen after all.

Gabrielle will hold onto the book, and tilt her head, "Why is the time so important?….You never answered me…Does the Ministry have the Heart?" Gabby's clearly not as dull a Ravenclaw as she's let everyone think she is, piecing together info with her visions. She'll glance down at the drawing and then back up. Her voice is soft, "He took it, didn't he?"

"I cant answer for certain, but with what i've learned here. I think the ministry had this item until the time and date you've written down." Graham decides to at least give some information but he cannot give everything out as he doesn't know it for sure only educated puzzle pieces. "I apologize, but I cant go into it further until the facts are checked wrong information can be worse then no information."

Gabrielle pales. She doesn't need him to confirm. She knows. She'll take a deep breathe, and hold it for a moment, before turning the page to a second 2 page spread in color pencil. "I did this one right afterward the other." It's of a shining knight, his battles behind him, kneeling next to a large box. He's opened it, and from within spill out numerous terrors and screaming shadows, which spread across the world, leaving darkness in their wake. "It represents Pandora's Box…I don't know if it's literally that, or just the symbolism, but I think this is a good intention gone wrong."

Graham listens and does look at the sketch, but tries to make sense of the next one not coming up with anything as immediate as the other. "Hm there are a lot of things recently that could be in regards to. Many people are moving for what they think are best these days but only may cause chaos." he motions towards the sketch. "I imagine that is important as well perhaps in time the results will become more clear."

Gabrielle nods. "Jackson Potter….he knows more about the Heart…he's been doing research….he's also the one that knocked Vengal out, so…when it's time for summer holiday…he'll need protection too." Gabby hangs onto the sketchbook for one more second before closing it and handing it over to the Auror. "If…I'd like to try to pursue this through Divinations…my mother's wand would be useful. And…if I could find out what happened the night of the fire..the records…." She'll look at Graham, "I don't understand if it was Fiendfyre, why the Ministry didn't pick up on that…"She's more confused than accusatory sounding. She'll start to stand, "If I find anything out…should I Owl you, or just tell Professor Merrythuoght?"

The auror accepts the sketches nodding "He is next on my list of interviews already. I am not sure about regaining the wand, we cannot allow more injuries that can be stopped." Graham considers a moment "I will pull the records and look into it further myself on the fire." he shifts slightly at the next question "Please send me an owl with information if it seems like danger is afoot please seek the professor's they can contact me and I can get here quickly any time of day."

Gabrielle nods, "Professor Merrythought has removed the curse…and I wouldn't cast with it, anyway." For some reason, everyone thinks she wants to cast with it. She'll give a slight shiver. "Thank you. I just..If she was part of…them…and hurt people, I need to make it right. And if she was fighting them, I have to honor her and help…Does that make sense? " She'll shake her head one final time, "I understand, I don'twant to put anyone in danger. I will Owl you if it's not an immediate threat, and tell the professors otherwise." she'll start to walk out, before turning back "thank you, Auror Cohen."

Graham listens to the others words and their intentions for the future "We'll see what happens after investigation with Mr. Potter and the Professor." The young man says nodding his head to the other "Of course." He responds taking a few last notes before he files everything back into the brief case laying on the table.

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