(1938-03-24) Meeting with Mysteries
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Summary: Graham is introduced to the person from the department of Mysteries he's working with.
Date: 03/24/1938
Location: Hog's Head, Hogsmeade
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The Hog's Head is run down and probably as low as one might get in Hogsmeade without trying, but if your trying to meet without being disturb it can be a good place for it sometimes if one doesn't mind being around other such people. It's late afternoon but the Sun is still up and it's not too bad outside after all. The door opens and in walks Graham he's carrying a file folder with him and glances about looking confused a moment before he moves in and towards a table a bit away from the crowded bar. Once he's seated he begins looking about no longer looking confused but waiting patiently.

The tavern is a dive even by dive standards, but it suits Endira's purposes given the nature of the meeting. The missive was short, simple and to the point, and still managed to be mysterious by not giving away her identity. Her attire is simple, the colors muted, and the hood of her cloak is pulled up to cover her hair as she steps into the tavern; some charm or other keeps her face in shadow as she makes her way unerringly toward the Auror Initiate's table. She makes a gesture with one hand, and the sounds of the other patrons fade into little more than background noise. "Thank you for meeting me so promptly."

Graham turns as the door opens the figure who enters gets his attention immediately though with recent information he's obtained he cannot help but grip his wand a moment within his sleeve though it's not drawn and this is done not to draw attention to it. He only relaxes once the other speaks and he knows it's who he's come to meet. "Of course no problem, as soon as I was able." he responds though he is used to odd things with work. The hidden meeting thing is a bit more new to him but he'll take it at is comes.

Delicate, long-fingered hands lift, and Endira pushes the hood back, revealing her face. "You must understand, discretion is of the utmost importance in this matter." She offers a warm smile, though there's an intensity to her expression that hasn't been there on previous encounters. "Hello, Graham."

The auror is stopped in his tracks as the other reveals her face and it's one he knows, and despite only a handful of meetings trusts. Graham is unable to stop the return smile being given relief the first emotion to come through. "Endira? It's uh good to see you again." he sounds like he means it, but it comes out oddly in confusion which he shakes off before speaking more properly. "I understand, there is much at stake all around." he responds.

"If only it were under other circumstances." Endira sighs, shaking her head. "I'm given to understand that you've been doing the legwork with regard to the missing cargo? I'd appreciate it if you could fill me in on the present status of the investigation." There's still a warmth to her manner, but the fact that she's being so direct is due entirely to the importance of the situation.

Graham nods wincing slightly "That is quite true." The auror says at the circumstances as they are not good this is true. He moves on from this to the next point "Correct, I was sent to start out at Hogwarts. I was asked to speak to two students and the Dark Arts teacher." he explains the basics first. "I've only been able to speak to one of the students so far, but a disturbing picture is being painted." he opens his file real quick and takes out sketches.

"Stop me if i'm telling you information you know already?" he says unsure what she's been told "Gabrielle Evans a student drew these, she is a seer." the young man pulls out picture first of a dark and hooded figure "This is Callus Vengal, he attacked the girl here in Hogsmeade. Wishing to retrieve a wand which she inherited from her mother. The wand carried a memory and a curse, the girl has been being burned by the wand with each spell. The memory or message was Vengal hurting a Muggle about an item so that the others sister would bring it to." he checks his notes

"Number Four, Umber Alley the item in the memory was called the Heart of Gold." He sets the notes aside a moment speaking direct to the other again "The ones who ambushed us that night were dressed exactly the same, while dark wizards guarding their identity isn't uncommon. These are connected." he isn't making any assumptions of what she knows. "The girl speak of another vision, of this item and someone touching it and it growing dark and cold." He pulls another sketch done by the girl of this vision. "Notice the date and time. Same day and near enough to the time which we got ambushed and our cargo was taken."

The young man pauses as he waits nodding as she requests he continues. "The student has tried divining the wand and found out exactly how it was cursed and the message placed, but currently has had no luck." He says this with a sigh before continues "I need to speak with the teacher so I can study the wand and see if anything can be gained further from it myself, if you wish to be present let me know I'll make sure you are free as well." Graham offers "I am pulling the records on the fire which killed the girls parents as well as to see if there's been any reports on this dark wizard which might give an idea where to start.

He looks back into his file for the last sketch's pulling them out "Now this one is confusing to me, I haven't had time to study it beyond my first reactions of current events many people are acting "for good." but actually mean to work darkness." the auror explains before showing the sketch which seems to depict a knight defeating their enemies only to reach a box and once there horrors are unleashed."

"A student attempting to divine a wand? Whose idea was that?" Endira's expression turns very briefly disapproving, but then she gives a shake of her head. "You have additional information on this Callus Vengal, I presume? I'll need access to that, and I would like to examine the wand, as well. Of course, you must understand that there are things that I know that I can't discuss with you. Have you had any luck finding out how the dark wizards knew that the cargo was to be moved? Surely, it can't have been an attack of chance."

Graham sighs slightly in agreement "Hers of course, she was able to hide a great many things from the professors at the school. The wand itself was cursed with Fiendfyre, each cast and worse if a strong spell attacked her." He rolls up his sleeve slightly making criss-cross patterns on his arm "Scars from in all over there." he explains with an unhappy expression that it took place. The auror looks straight at the other "I understand secrecy, and it's okay I wont speak a word about even the manner of your work." he says sincerely and after a moment continues "I am still trying to find any information on that name if there is any. I am trying to match the vision with any reports to St. Mungo's or anything else I can find."

"Ah. The impetuous nature of children." Endira still sounds rather disapproving. "Cursed. Yes, I should very much like to examine it. I appreciate your discretion, of course, and the fewer who know of my true position in the Ministry, the better. You should be able to cross-check Vengal's name with records at the Ministry, or perhaps have a clerk do it for you. Given the timing, it can hardly be considered coincidence that all of these events happened without some sort of connection, but we must follow every lead, no matter how insignificant. Our people are working the vision, but I'll see what I can do about keeping you informed." Which isn't much of a promise, all things considered.

"I have a friend in the records office, I'll have them pulled first. I'll also work the angle of how they knew, they had advanced knowledge, knew where to setup to catch us off guard and everything." He grins slightly but it doesn't last very long as it's not really the time to do so. "Understood and I appreciate it, if I may ask a favor of sorts as well?" it's a question but not really one as he continues without waiting long. "Be careful? Send me an owl or patronus if things even seem slightly dicey? Not saying you cant take care of yourself, but these guys don't seem to care, tried to take the wand from the student here in town at the wand-makers shop and threatened worse if it wasn't given." he worries about other safety in all of this.

"Whatever records you're able to acquire, I should like copies." Endira nods toward the folder he has with him. "Copies of your notes, as well, when you're next at the Ministry." She arches a brow at his mention of a favor, but her lips quirk when he explains. "It's sweet of you to worry, but I have very little interest in taking chances with my own life, I can assure you. I may not be able to provide you with very many answers, but I will be sure to contact you in the event that something needs to be investigated further. I'm well aware that we're dealing with dangerous people." Given what she knows, she's probably more aware of just how dangerous they are than he is.

Graham shifts slightly in his chair. "Of course, I will get those to you as soon as possible. I wish to speak to the student Jackson Potter, and Professor Merrythought, as soon as I can. you can study the wand of course at that same time." He says adding "Thank you." for the promise to be careful "If there's not anything else I should know right now. I should probably get to the ministry to get those files going so I can look over them tonight."

"Have them directed through Ministry channels, they'll move more quickly that way." Endira may not make it widely known that she's an Unspeakable, but the speed with which her paperwork and requests are processed is definitely a perk. "No, there's nothing else at this time. We'll speak again when I've had a chance to go over the paperwork. If you could also provide me with the memory, I would consider it a personal favor."

The auror stands and pushes his chair in turning to listen as the other speaks still interested. Graham nods at the request to send it through ministry channels. "I will bring the memory as well." he says with another smile "I will see you shortly I'm sure." he gives a small bow of his head before he moves to leave the area and the building.

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