(1938-03-25) Reviewing Briefs
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Summary: Requiring a MLE lawyer to weigh in on an IMC matter, Thomas takes some briefs to Emrys.
Date: Monday, March 25 1938
Location: Emrys' office
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It's after lunch, enough time having passed that even those who take extra time or have a few drinks over lunch are back in the office now. Emrys is in his office, working away on something or other, the door partially open. It's a sparse office, with the only personal touches being his professional qualifications framed on the wall and a picture of Jocunda Sykes in a black leather frame on the desk.

When one is an intern and as dedicates as Thomas may be, they rarely partake in those drinks. The man is often seen taking his meal in locations very close by, as well. He may go via floo to his restaurant of choice, but he's never far. Often, Thomas is also one of those who remains late, taking extra notes and going that extra mile. He clearly has no intentions on staying an intern forever. With a couple of folios — identifiable as briefs by the markings on their covers — in hand, he moves purposefully through the halls of the Law Enforcement division. Stopping outside the door to Emrys' office, he lifts a hand to knock lightly upon the door a couple of times, waiting without for indication to enter.

Emrys pauses at the knock, putting aside the papers he was working on. "Come in." is called out after a moment, once he's satisfied he's ready to recieve a visitor. He's watching the younger man intently as he comes in, as though he presents a puzzle of sorts. A sizable chunk of his attention is, of course, on the briefs.

Once within the office, Thomas pushes the door back closed to where it had been. Open just enough, but not widely so. Their conversation will not carry out, nor will the noise of the corridor affect them over much. The young man steps up to the desk and extends the briefs towards Emrys. "I do believe word was sent that you were requested to look these over? We have a case building with that supplier out of Italy, but as it involves as local apothecary, it was felt that your department ought to be aware." A pause as he adjusts the cuff of his shirt and jacket briefly. "I am sure it goes without saying that we sought any thoughts you had on the matter as well."

"Ah yes, the Italy business." Emrys agrees, taking the briefs as they are offered over. "I was indeed informed. Please, feel free to sit." There's a pause, as he searches through his memory for a moment and matches faces to younger faces. "Lewis-Steele, isn't it?"

"Good. I do know how those memos," the ones that fly overhead, charmed to hopefully reach their destination, "can go missing from time to time." With a practices gesture, he undoes the lower button of his jacket to take a more relaxed position once he sits. Not overly so, but there's a certain measure to the lean he adopts once settled. There's an incline of his head towards the other man. "Thomas Lewis-Steele, yes. I'm certain you would barely remember me, Snowdon. You were a busy man during school."

"A very busy man." Emrys agrees with a wry smile. "I'd probably remember rather less had you not been involved in dueling club, it's true. But it being a great passion of mine, well…such things stick in one's memory. You must be fresh out of school, or close to. And interning with the IMC. Impressive. Not that I'd expect anything less."

"I had little care for Quidditch. I am more a reflexive man than one with brute strength." As his skill in the dueling club was wont to show. Thomas' lips quirk in something of a smirk. It's an expression that sits well upon him and he wears it like an old friend. "Almost two years since I finished, yes," he says with a slight tilt of his head. "I had worked with the IMC some during the summers, so they made it swiftly clear that if I wished to begin my career there, I was more than welcome."

"Well, Quidditch can be a very reflexive sport depending on the position." says the man who never played any of it. "But I take your point, yes." There's a nod then from Emrys, as he considers the younger man. "I can't imagine you plan on remaining an intern forever?" It's part statement, part question.

Thomas chuckles softly, shaking his head a bit. "Regardless of position, one has to deal with those nasty bludgers and while reflexes aid one in evading them, I fear I decided early on that I would rather not be on the receiving end regardless." Plus, he found his studies far more engaging, never mind the dueling club. There's a small shake of his head at the last, "Certainly not. I am assisting on as many cases as I may and I hope to be promoted to managing my own at some point down the line."

"That is good to hear." Emrys nods thoughtfully, beginning to leaf through the briefs idly for a moment before returning his attention back to his Housemate. "You will have to let me know if there's anything I can do to help that along." Slytherin stick together, after all, when they can.

As Emrys looks over the briefs, Thomas observes. It's not an overbearing thing, just what you do when you want to keep track of where a person is in what they're reviewing. In case the lawyer were to have a question about this report or that record, Thomas would immediately know which one is in question. He chuckles softly at the offer, adjusting a lapel as he sits up a bit straighter. "I will certainly keep that in mind. Thank you."

"Good." There's a nod from Emrys, as he places the briefs down on the table. "Obviously it will take me some time to review these fully, but I should have a preliminary response for you by the end of today." He relaxes a little then, done with them for the moment.

"I understand," Thomas says, getting smoothly to his feet. The button is redone as he does so, other minor adjustments made to his appearance. He extends a hand towards Emrys, "Thank you for your willingness to assist, Snowdon. I'll be in the office late working on some filing, so I'll make sure your response gets to the proper desks."

Emrys likewise rises, taking the offered hand and shaking it. "Not at all. I'll be in touch. It's good to see you again." And then he'll show the other out of his office, and get back to work.

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