(1938-03-26) Jackson Interview
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Summary: Graham Interviews Jackson at the school.
Date: 03/26/1938
Location: A classroom
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The early evening hours after classes have been let out seems a good time for a meeting. The summons was sent out a bit ago for the student to meet here for an interview. The sun is still up but candles have been lit so that it wont be to dark even when the sun does go down. Graham sits at one of students desks looking over a file folder of information some sketches and others which seem to be reports. The auror is setting things back in order from the meeting before and adding the new reports to his current records.

Jackson enters the classroom, his eyes glancing through it quickly before he spots the auror. He studies the auror for a moment and then moves down the row of desks to sit atop the one in the row ahead of the auror. He toes the chair out and uses it as a foot rest. He settles forward, his elbows on his knees and his hands folded in the air in front of him as he peers towards the Auror, "So, here's the deal. It needs to look like an accident. I don't care how. Don't leave anything around that can be traced back to you and I." He reaches into his bag, removing a sheet of paper and turning it towards Graham. It is a picture of a Kneezle, shaded in color with brown pencil, "His name is Mr. Mephistopheles, and he needs to be dead soon. For this service, you will be paid seven sickles and a voucher for an anyflavor milkshake for two at Ulric's Oddball Malt Shoppe." He reaches into a pocket, producing the coupon and passing it to Graham, "You will be paid the coupon up front and the seven sickles upon, what I'm sure will be, a good Christian burial." He peers shrewdly towards the Auror, his eyes narrowed, "Do we have a deal?"

The young man watches only as the young man moves in and takes a seat listening closely though he moves the papers back into his file folder as he does so. Graham cant help but his lip twitch in a smirk at the words words. "Ah, but alas it seems I've given up being a hit man before the big job it would seem." he answers returning the coupon after a moments pause to the student "I am on the cops' side and robbers beware Mr. Potter." He decides to proceed slowly. "I actually came to speak of your heroics in Hogsmeade, you seem to have done a part of my job for me in bringing down the bad guy."

Jackson blinks once, his head tilting to the side as his eyes widen, "You're with whom?" He waves off the return of the coupon and it takes a moment for Jackson to compose himself, at which point he nods, "Oh yes, right. Forgive me. I've seem to have gotten my appointments mixed up." He then adds, "Sorry for the confusion. Who are you again?" He frowns at the mention of Hogsmeade, shaking his head, "That wasn't heroics. That was daft blind luck. The only way it could have been less heroic is if I had preceded my stunning spell with a swift kick to his rocks." He then blinks, repeating himself, "Who are you again?"

Graham grins again shaking his head "Every move has it's place, even that one." The grin fades though as he seems to have forgotten to introduce himself "Ah, my apologies I am Graham Cohen. I am an Auror with magical law enforcement." The young man says in greeting "Accidental or not, you saved a life, it's important. I need to ask a few questions about that incident as well as more current events." he explains.

Jackson nods his head, "Ah, Auror Cohen. Thank you." He then tilts his head to the side, "You'll forgive me, sir. I know you probably presented your credentials to the professors and various staff here at school, but may I ask for them one more time? As I'm sure will come up, I have every reason to be concerned for the lives of my friends and I." His hands shift, waiting for

Graham likely doesn't see the movement towards the sleeve or not equating it for wand even though it's a common place for it. Perhaps he's not really looking for dangers here within the school or just tired from research. "Of course" he reaches for his badge not moving quickly and shows it to the other allowing them to look closer if they require it.

Jackson glances towards the badge, his eyes not lingering long. The tenseness in his shoulders that could have been simply mistaken for a broad shouldered youth eases away, leaving a stocky yet slightly stoop-shouldered young man in its wake. He nods his head slowly, "Thank you, Auror Cohen. As it turns out, I have a very old family of powerful wizards who would like nothing better than to see me and those I love shuffle off the mortal coil. Plus, it's been a very long day."

"I assure you, I seek quite the opposite for all involved." The Auror says after listening to the others. Graham replaces his badge in it's place before he continues. "I've already spoke to Miss Evans, but was also interested to see if you had seen any more details on the attacker that might be useful an accent? She mentioned his hood might have slipped at the time of the fighting?" he stops here awaiting an answer.

Jackson nods his head, "Well, that's a pleasant change. I hope you're good with a wand." He then nods his head, "Oh, did you? I wonder what she told you, as she seems quite intent on her own demise." He then shrugs, "At the expense of the Vengals, of course, but by then there's no point to fighting them anymore anyway." He frowns, shaking his head, "I didn't really hear his voice very well. I could just barely make out his threat to Gabrielle when I silenced him. After that, we weren't dueling in a conversational manner. Sorry." His eyebrows knit together, "As for looks, well… He was tall. I don't think I could have actually misaimed my spells if I had tried. He was wide as well, but not fat at all. Muscular. Pale eyes, brown hair, squarish face and jaw. Horselike nose that's been broken a few times. Ears so big your could maneuver them under a flying charm. I hope that helps."

Graham takes notes on the conversation as anything can help with putting a puzzle piece into place. "It does help, sounds like I'd be able to pick him from a crowd. One question, why do you say there's no point in fighting the Vengals?" He asks interested in if any more information has been learned that what he has currently.

Jackson frowns, "If Gabrielle dies, my fight with them becomes purely recreational." He then asks, "How much did Gabrielle tell you? Did she mention the Heart of Gold and its purpose, which is the reason they are going after her?"

The young man sighs slightly at the others words seeming so sure that someone will not make it out of this issue. "My department and I are going to protect Gabrielle, she's taken enough risk in all this." Graham says explaining a bit further "She mentioned the object and provided this sketch." He pulls out a sketch of the item in question given to him by Gabrielle. The item is being touched by a figure and tarnishes."

Jackson nods his head, "I have some insight into that, if you like." He then points, "That is the Heart of Gold. There's only one reference to it in all the Library here at Hogwarts in a book called the History of Alchemy." He frowns, "The Heart of Gold is an artifact that could take the very power of love itself and turn it into tangible energy and amplify it through transmutation. It was created by a Romanian alchemist named Dragostus and a British artificer named Opifex or Opiferus or both depending on who you were and if he owed you money. Anyway, they believed they could use it to study the magical powers of love, long thought to be one of the most primal forms of magic. Of course nobody knows where it is, but the Vengals seem to think Gabrielle does." He then points to the sketch again, "Look at this… Here's a bit of background. Gabrielle is actually a very talented Seer. She fell into a trance and painted this and two other sketches. This sketch she gave you is representative of the Heart of Gold and the Vengals influence upon it, I think. It's imperative that we find it. For a number of reasons, least of which to keep me out of Azkaban."

Graham listens and takes notes while he does so, learning more about this item seems important to him as well as finding the criminals. "She did let me know that, she provided me sketches of a few different things which will help me. Including finding out the wand's history and finding the group of Vengals." He looks about confused. "Why would you be put in Azkaban?" he cant help but ask of the other.

Jackson nod his head, "Start with Oran Hawthorne. He knew exactly who Vengal was, and that he wouldn't be alone. He may be able to provide more details to you. All I really know is what I've told you and that he is a ridiculously good duelist. As I said, my victory was the benefit in luck and luck alone." He then frowns, "Auror Cohen, if someone tried to put someone you loved in the dirt, would you allow them to escape with their lives if they tried twice? I don't think you would. I surely wouldn't. I would very much murder them in a manner not conducive to an open-casket funeral before they could do harm to me and mine."

The auror writes the name down though he'd already decided to speak to the wand-maker he is given more incentive if he'll know who the attackers are. Graham listens further and "I hope never to be faced with that, but I'd like to think that the person would understand me not wishing to kill anyone unless absolutely necessary." It's hard to read the look on his face at the moment. "If I can help it in anyway it wont come to you having to fight again." he glances about a moment before placing sketches and his notepad back in the file. "I have an appointment I must meet with, I will have a few more questions for you though." With this he gets up and prepares to exit.

Jackson shrugs his shoulders, raises his hands in a shrug, "I'll be here, Auror Cohen…" He remains seated while Graham packs his things, and doesn't move until the auror has left.

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