(1938-03-26) On the Subject of Ghosts
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Summary: Gabrielle seeks some advice from Xander about contacting ghosts.
Date: March 26, 1938
Location: Great Hall

Gabrielle 's been avoiding the Great Hall during meal times, as much as she can, but does come in during study hall. It's quiet, but not Library quiet. And it's not segregated into houses as badly. Which is good, as she only has a small hand full of Ravenclaws that she talks to anymore. She needs some time to figure things out, without her "helpful" friends staring at her like she's going to explode. She'll flop down at the nearest empty table, and will set her sketchbook to the side, opening it to the design for the Ouija board she's thinking of making, and open the advanced Divination book on speaking to the dead…which isn't as helpful as she thought it would be. The Library must keep the good gooks on that in the restricted area…maybe Mopsus could get her one…

Xander gave up studying some time ago. But study hall is a good time for quiet reflection and reading. For now, he's got the Daily Prophet laid out before him, open to the Obituaries section. Beside him are a pair of library books: "Spirits & Spectres," and "Lichyards," a photography book full of images from various cemeteries around the British Isles.

Gabrielle will sigh softly and pull her legs up, underneath her. She feels like she might be her awhile. She'll look up, on the off chance one of the school ghosts are in the room. she's not really sure how she would ask them, but it may come down to that…and then her eyes settle on Xander Tully…Gabby doesn't think she's actually even talked to the 6th year…but there's something tugging at the back of her brain….He's important, she knows, but can't remember why….she'll bite her lower lip, and look back to her drawing, making a few lines to smooth one of the letters out.

Completely unaware of his own supposed importance, Xander remains focused on recent deaths, even taking notes in a small ledger about the details on how the poor souls passed on.

Gabrielle looks down at her drawing…and then back up at Xander….then back down again. Oh…duh. She'll shake her head at herself, and pull her feet out from underneath herself. Time to go make a friend…hopefully… she'll stand up, smooth her skirt. No need to look like a crazy person. she'll grab her books and make her way over to where Xander is, "Uh…hi.You're Xander Tully, right?" And if he looks up, she'll give him a hopeful smile.

"Yyyyyyes," Xander replies, finishing his last couple of notes (…strangled by lawn after a Growth Charm went awry…) before looking up. He gives Gabrielle a lopsided smile. "Evans, right?"

Oh..good. a smile, that makes this easier, "Yes, Gabrielle Evans. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions…I'm not finding the books in the Library to be very helpful…at least the ones I'm able to get to." she'll glance at his books…maybe the good one were just checked out?

Xander follows her gaze to his books, and a slow nod of understanding comes. "Sure," he gestures to the bench and turns to better face her. "Let me guess…you want to know something about spirits?" That's usually the easier topic to start with. Opening with death tends to put off those who are only asking about spirits.

"Well…not exactly…" Gabby'll sit down, suddenly getting a little nervous. "I need to know about… ghosts…" She'll open up her sketchbook to the only thing in it. Plans for a Ouija Board. "And if this is right…"

Xander shrugs, "Ghosts are a kind of spirit. So that counts," he comments as he leans over to look at her drawing. "Hm…looks about right. You've got everything it needs. Alphabet, numbers…I'm pretty sure the main thing about a Ouija board is having all the symbols to communicate with. As long as you understand them, a spirit should be able to use you to talk through it." He tilts his head at her.

Gabrielle nods, she thought so, but it's good to have conformation, "Is…is there a special wood I should use…or a special item for the mover?" she'll lay the sketchbook down on the table and turn to give him her full attention.

"Not that I know of. To be honest, I haven't really used ouija boards much. I don't think they're all that reliable." Xander gives an apologetic shrugs. "What are you using it for? If you want to talk to a ghost, I think it's usually easier just to go find it and talk to it."

Gabrielle will look down, "I…I'm not sure there is a ghost….and I don't know where she would be, is she was.Is there another way that would be better to try to communicate? From here?" She'll tug at her right sleeve a little and then look up.

Xander sobers suddenly at her reaction. "Oh…I see. Well…in my opinion, a seance is more reliable, but using divination to attract ghosts is tricky business. Anything might answer, especially if the ghost you're looking for doesn't even exist."

"Is there a way to tell? If she'd become a ghost?..I don't want to invite anything bad, but she has … information that I need." She'll take a deep breathe, she hadn't even thought of a seance. That's a whole new level of studying she's going to have to do.

Xander sighs sadly. "Short of seeing her? Not that I know of. You could talk to the Hogwarts ghosts. They know a lot about other ghosts."

Gabrielle will nod softly,trying to not show her disappointment, "Ok…I'll do that. Do you have a recommendation on a book about seances?" She'd rather have as much info as she can before going to Mopsus.

"That's all restricted section stuff," Xander explains. "They don't want us accidentally calling up another poltergeist or something. But you'll have to have Professor Mopsus' permission to do one. I tried a few years ago." He bites his lip, a show of uncertainty. "Are you sure…you really want to contact the dead? It's often not what people expect."

Gabrielle sighs again. Stupid restricted section. Why do they even have that at the school, if students can't sue it? She'll nod, "I'll talk to Mopsus…maybe he can get me a book." She'll look up at his pause, slightly curious. And then he asks the question, "No…I don't want to….She really does have information I need…and I can't think of any other way of finding it out." She'll be look at her right palm, there's an inch long scar she's studying. "I know it wouldn't be the same…" She'll shake her self, "It's a long shot anyway…13 years is a long time." She'll smile sadly, and then look up, "Sorry for disturbing you." She'll start to make to leave.

"You're not disturbing me, Evans," he insists. "Hey, if you want my advice, go find your ghost personally. Best place to look is usually where they died…or someplace important to them in life. Ghosts have a hard time letting go of things."

Gabrielle grimaces slightly, "That's kinda hard…I don't have an address…I was 3." She'll not mention she can't leave the castle…She'll nod again, standing. Giving Xander a smile, "Looks like I have a ton more research to do then."

Xander nods, rubbing the back of his neck. "Ah…that's rough. Well, let me know if you need any more help."

Gabrielle nods, "Thanks….which ghost do you think would be most helpful?" Gabby knows next to nothing about the ghosts in the castle, besides to stay away from the Bloody Baron.

Xander furrows his brow. "Well, among the House Ghosts…I'd stay away from the Baron," he echoes her thoughts. "The Grey Lady doesn't talk much. So, the Fat Friar and Sir Nicholas are probably the best options. If they don't know, chances are they know a ghost that might. Do you want me to talk to the Friar?"

Gabrielle pauses for a moment, then slowly nods her head yes, "Her name was Jennifer Evans…she was a Slytherin, when she went to school here, if that helps….I'm sure Sir Nicholas will be willing to talk to me…Maybe I'll see if Mabel will help me with him…" She's still not as chipper as she was when she came over, some of the wind having been taken out of her sail, but it's something to do. "Thank you, I appreciate this…if there's ever anything I can do for you, please ask."

"It's no problem, really." Xander cracks open his little journal and jots down a few notes. "Jennifer…Slytherin…got it. I'll let you know if he knows anything."

Gabrielle will shift the books in her arms and then nod goodbye. she'll not go sit down, but start to make her way out the door. She's got stuff to do.

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